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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct"    
Victorious America

May 17 , 2006





By Stanley Zir

Everyone would love to be the recipient of a one million dollar check until they find out it is a forgery. Such was the nature of the negotiations with the Palestinians where Israel and America were making concessions for fool's gold. It is now obvious that both the Palestinian people and their leaders knew that keeping any promises with Bush and Sharon would only be a minor inconvenience, for soon they would be free to act with impunity

President Bush's' surprise that 95% of the Palestinian people who went to the poles and excised their God given right to freely elect a terrorist backed organization speaks volumes

After all it was President Bush that assured the American people in “ These elections are further proof that when given a choice, all peoples seek to live in liberty and to choose their own government's” His statement on Palestinian elections 2005

Now President Bush is again making concessions for fool's gold and investing in security bonds in Iraq that will be worthless in 2006. In his frantic push for a national unity government he again is trying to assure the American public that once a unity government is established in Iraq, a new milestone will have been reached, and a victory for democracy is on the way

It is becoming increasingly apparent to me that while options for some sort of cut-and-run policy may not have been included in our present administration's objective to create a democracy in Iraq, this is precisely the strategy that is emerging, the principles of democracy are being sacrificed there to serve a shortsighted

In Iraq where the Shiite majority like the Palestinians give their allegiance to a Allah, over their allegiance to protect people inalienable rights, e stablishing a democracy in Iraq without America first mandating the principles that a Constitution in a democracy must embody first, is the equivalent as giving a flashlight to a blind man to help him find his way out of the dark

While you can disguise a zebra as a horse by painting its black stripes white, you cannot disguise a Constitution that is compromised by tyranny at its core by calling it a democracy. Why? Because the stain of tyranny that will be the by produced of this constitution will immediatly  re surface to soil the very fabric that guarantees the blessing of liberty to the people of Iraq in every generation to come

Thus while a national unity government in Iraq might temporally quell the sectarian violence, a national unity government founded on a constitution that support principles that uphold a governance of Religious Tyranny will not be a victory for democracy in Iraq, and w hen the dust settles only another form of tyranny will emerge in their future: "A new age forgery conceived in the womb of ignorance and bathed in the sacrifice of our soldiers' blood." Then what would be the reward for their sacrifice - a time bomb waiting to explode in our children's future? We must not permit this to happen.

For those in the administration who say that it will take time for democracy to grow in Iraq or that Iraqis will develop their own brand of democracy because of cultural differences I ask what democracy they are talking about. Certainly not the one our founders fashioned over 200 years ago America did not come all this way to endorse a second rate document in liberty's name

There is only one brand of democracy and only one culture under its domain- the culture of freedom

The Germans and Japanese are now reaping the benefit of liberty's blessings because America insisted that they first establish a constitution of our choice to end their cultures of tyranny at the end of World War 2. Iraq can be the exception to this rule

You cannot treat cancer with aspirin and we cannot secure a victory for democracy in Iraq unless all the remnants of tyranny are severed first.

Lincoln knew this when he burned down the south in the civil war to end America's attachment to slavery. Truman knew it in order to win the war with Japan and liberate their people from the grip of tyranny evils. In Japans case, it took the atomic bomb to demonstrated to them that their was something more powerful than their blind allegiance to a God that had been enshrined in the temple of Religious Tyranny On the contrary in Iraq it will only take a constitution that is free form the full menu of tyranny evils that will set the stage for a new free democratic Iraq

We did not go to war with Saddam Hussein so Iraq could establish another form of tyranny. America's sacrifice of our soldiers' lives to secure Iraq's freedom is more than enough proof of our sincerity Therefore, it is America's rightful duty to insist on the removal of any tyrannical agendas in Iraq's new constitutional form of governance before we leave in order to honor those Americans that gave their lives for the Iraq peoples liberation, and in order prevent any attacks form Iraq on us or our allies the future. A ny thing short of achieving this goal before we leave Iraq, would be nothing more than an act of surrender to the Religious Totalitarian nations of the Arab League that are the breeding grounds for terrorism.

In a region where free speech could lead to the questioning or disapproval of a state-approved religious mandate what will the pledge of allegiance of in Iraq's new democracy be: “ One Nation Under Allah” or “One Nation Free Tyranny” with Liberty and Justice for All?


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