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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct" 
                                                    Victorious America


We thank you for entering our Web site, the reference library for an empowered membership in the SGI. We wrote the essay Victorious America in 1998 as the philosophical foundation to support the proposed grassroots level solution to perfect our organization. Please read the essay Victorious America first, followed by the Remonstration. All other documents on this web site are supporting documents. Without reading Victorious America, which is based upon President Ikeda's guidances below, the subsequent documents might appear confusing. We assure you that your time spent reading them will be well worth your while.

Our thanks go out to all those who continue to spread Victorious America  throughout the SGI by word of mouth, helping to make it's message available to all SGI members. We especially want to express our appreciation to those who are courageously standing up for this change and continue to press forward for accountability. We apologize for the spelling and grammatical errors in the essays, which were written in spite of busy schedules, and appreciation to those who have pointed them out. We ask for your continued patience.

Please visit the new Alert page. It contains news of an urgent nature as well as notifications of major updates and new information. This page will maintain a continual enlightening process, since the function of the current organization is to suppress any information that would put forward an inquiry into the actions, decisions and accountability of the leaders. This will be a refreshing change from the censorship and controlled view of the World Tribune.

Please visit the Page of Courage. It contains the submissions of those who are courageous enough to write experiences of their ordeals confronting injustices to the members within the organization. We welcome  experiences from our readers who are willing to come forward and express what has likewise happened to them, to give courage to others and be part of this historical change.

"Mr. Makiguchi insisted that the constituent members of a body or organization must direct the actions of the leaders."

President Ikeda, World Tribune 4/17/98

"The human revolution and social renaissance of the SGI are particularly distasteful to those whose authority and power is rooted in a weak and dependent people. The practice of Buddhism produces a happier and more aware populace; a socially responsible and politically involved citizenry; a people who know what true leadership means, whether religious or secular, and who are perceptive and courageous enough to unmask self-serving authority."

Questions and Answers on the Temple Issue, page 4

Victorious America was written as a declaration for the organization to become a vessel to produce a membership of individuals who are courageous enough to stand up and point out self-serving behavior from within the organization in order to protect it and ensure its eternal prosperity, and in society at large where the majority of the people remain silent and apathetic in the face of injustice.

"The ideas expressed in the Declaration of Independence have spread worldwide. Today there is a need for a profound, reliable philosophy to support its ideals and to ensure their universal promulgation."

President Ikeda, Seikyo Times, March, 1990, page 29

In order to have an organization that fully embraces these fundamental principles of freedom and individual rights that we are charged to promulgate throughout the world, our organization must perfectly align itself with these democratic ideals else we would betray our own stated purpose. In order to protect and uphold this noble quest we wrote Victorious America.

The essay Victorious America was written to pay tribute to Tsunesaburo Makuguchi, the founder of the Soka Gakkai, and to realize his vision for the type of organization that would be a suitable vessel to protect the Gohonzon so the Mystic Law may flourish and produce individuals that would protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of all people and fight authoritarianism wherever it may appear. Through a succession of events and experiences, it was revealed that such a lofty vision now finds itself at odds within the organization as it now exists. Victorious America was written to the people whose mission it is to preserve and uphold such a lofty vision of Makiguchi and all those who fight for the preservation of human dignity and the fundamental rights and equality of all people. In our passion to respond to Mr. Makiguchi's sacrifice, we now raise the banner of this noble quest to once again embrace these properties of freedom and fundamental rights he fought for, which are the very essence of enlightenment of the human condition.

Please keep checking into our site because we are modifying, updating and continuously adding new information.

Now please proceed to Victorious America the essay......



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