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Unlike Nikken and a priesthood that would never allow themselves to be accountable to their members or equal on any level, Makiguchi in his guidelines almost 50 years ago instructed that the people oversee the actions of the leaders. President Ikeda's guidances over the past 10 years have also confirmed this vision.

For those in the SGI who condemn us because you think this remonstration would give an advantage to the Temple, we pondered this for over a year before we went online. There would have been no need to have proceeded this way except that the essay Victorious America was censored by the leadership in 1998. See Section 2 for details.

We were denounced when we challenged the actions of cunning and deceitful leaders. We were denounced when we challenged the system that affords a safe haven of  protection to such leaders. The admonition of breaking unity was falsely leveled against us to discredit us in the eyes of the members. We were labeled as malcontents so our protests would be discredited and silenced. Thus they effectively used the righteous name of the organization based on the sacred trust of the people, from whom they gained personal support to sanction their actions against anyone who would challenge their authority. In this cunning fashion they thought they could silence us completely knowing that we would fear to take our protests further by threats of being denounced as the enemy of the Buddha. The actions of  leaders behaving in this way dishonors the tireless efforts of the three Presidents and abuses the trust of the people. Thus they had an effective way to completely close the door on us. 

Because of this process many people become disenfranchised with no place to go. Must they sit there and suffer while evil is going on in the organization and remain silent while it continues to go undetected? Refusing to accept the notion that they have to remain silent, then the only means left to them is to go public since there is no other way left to point out what must be changed.       

It is this system of unchecked authority that forces people to go public as their last resort that is now causing an ever increasing pool of disenfranchised members to be created. So make the change now, because the protests are going to grow. It is the enemy of the Buddha, which is in actuality the evil of unchecked authority inside, that makes people go public as their last resort for justice. 

Therefore we had no other choice but to make this known. The leadership wouldn't listen. The leadership cannot hold us responsible for the actions they made. Our responsibility is to protect this organization. If the truth doesn't come out, then this evil will continue. Since we were censored, the Internet is the only vehicle left to us to raise the members awareness so there would be enough pressure applied to gain attention for the immediate call to change. 

Now the choice is yours. If  the same outdated system continues, we will be giving the Temple the advantage by showing that we cannot change. But if we make the change, we will silence the Temple forever and gain the support of the public in our fight to reclaim the Dai-Gohonzon for the people of the world.

Quoting from Victorious America:

"It is for this reason that this letter is being written. Not just to point out what is wrong, not just to criticize, but to offer a solution - because if we ignore our weaknesses, thinking it is a threat to our strength and unity to address them, we put ourselves in an unending defensive mode, unable to change and grow when we must. If something is wrong we must be able to admit it and open up every avenue to correct it. We cannot afford to put ourselves in an unhealthy situation thinking that if we look at it or talk about it the Temple will gain an advantage. The strength of the SGI can only lie in the fact that we can openly criticize things and make changes. This is a process unheard-of in the Temple. It is our greatest asset. It makes it possible for us to continually develop, to be in a state of perpetual renaissance."

Our remonstration is with the leadership of the SGI-USA who have ignored these guidelines to simply empower the membership at the grassroots level. We have never suggested anything else, just this one change. As a result we have been accused of starting a "parallel organization", of being traitors, devils and our names have been smeared with lies and accusations and finally being dismissed from our positions. Now that you have read Victorious America, what do you think? Does it sound like we were trying to destroy the organization?

We put Victorious America on the Internet for the SGI membership, at in order to make a change and set the record straight.

December 29, 2000