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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct" 
                                                    Victorious America
   SONG OF LIBERTY            


September 10, 2002

This is the poem that was never written by Daisaku Ikeda or anyone else within the SGI to commemorate the courageous New York City Firemen, Policemen and others of September 11th 2001,  the real Bodhisatvas who gave their lives so others may live in security and peace in this great country.  In Commemoration of the Anniversary of September 11, 2001, this poem was written to honor our great American heroes of Ground Zero and Enduring Freedom.

With appreciation and gratitude deep in our hearts
to our brave-hearted heroes
who rose up in this time of peril
and demonstrated the true spirit of America
the courage to live
to give one's life so others may live

We salute our great American heroes
we deeply mourn our tragic loss
New York's finest
New York's bravest
they went rushing into the collapsing towers
giving their own lives to save others

We salute you
our brave young American servicemen and women
the soldiers of Enduring Freedom
who continue to put themselves in harms way
to protect the great privileges of freedom
in our beloved country
Our prayers continually go out to them 
for their protection as they carry out their duties

We salute our construction workers
toiling day and night
who plunged into the 10-story mountain of destruction
sleepless and exhausted
this was their home
they worked for America
providing a sense of hope and rebirth
they rekindled the flame of our great inheritance

We salute the heroes of flight 93
who fought back
and saved Capitol Hill
form the terrorist attack on Americas soul
this is the spirit of Victorious America
the spirit of flight 93
is forever engraved in our tradition
with the blood of our heroes

The stout hearted New Yorkers
the generous and caring souls
from every corner of our land
transformed Manhattan
into the island of compassion and tears
bringing warmth and hope
patiently waiting on long lines to give blood
bringing more than enough clothing and accessories
offerings for the firemen at Ground Zero
only to be turned away
while trying to play a part
in the sudden drama of America reborn

These are our great American heroes
who gave us courage
who revived us after the horrific attack 
that blighted a still morning in September
we will never forget
we will never be the same
Ground Zero
the open wound in humanity's soul
the free world grieves
and advances against tyranny's offspring:

Now a groundswell of voices
echoing across this land
shouting in unison
raging in the defiance of white hot freedom
with our love, our pride
proud to be American
freedom liberty and democracy
shining above all
all races, all religions, all national origins
under the stars and stripes

Not a passing fashion
but the hot magma of human voices
the white-hot fury
the boiling blood of pride and rage
issuing from below the surface
erupting like a volcano
flowing underground for over 200 years
waiting to finally surge forth in molten lava
of the sacred inheritance of America:
freedom, liberty and democracy
flowing forth throughout the world

The bell of liberty is ringing again
as it did some two hundred yeas ago
this time silencing the shrill sounds of terror 
and piercing the deafening clamor of tyranny 
that has plagued humanity throughout the ages
the restless sleep 
that has been thrust upon us 
will now come to an end 
as we empty all the corridors of evil that would afflict us

We are blessed with this eternal document 
The Constitution of the United States of America
to take us through
the last threshold of world history
into the ultimate realm 
where "liberty is the only passport issued 
to preserve what is most noble in man.....
The eternal pilgrimage for liberty has begun."

Copyright 2002




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