A Tale to Tell

  Subject: A Tale to tell
Date: 01/02/01


Hello to whomever receives this, My name is Kevin Higgins writing from Boston. I am a district chief that has never formerly been removed from my position even though my district itself was "disbanded" July 1, 1998 bt the New England Regional Board. It really is a tale I would gladly share since the last thing we have been doing is sitting idly by with a spirit of acceptance of injustice. It all began with the spirit of speaking out and letting leaders know they can't behave any old way they feel without being held accountable for their actions. Since that time we have been petitioning national leaders to step in and correct this injustice which to this point has been friutless. Also sitting down with the local leaders and attempting to open their eyes to correct action based upon the standards of our practice has been equally futile. 

So we continue as disciples of President Ikeda and Nichiren Daishonin, refusing their decree to disband and at the same time not being allowed to participate in any regional activities . For example we can't give an experience at a Kosenrufu Gongyo. I as a leader cannot attend chapter planning board meetings as a voice of my members,ETC.......The issues of Protest you raise on your website are so similar to our experience I said to my wife "Whoa"!I don't even have to ask if your experiences are true. I KNOW THEY'RE TRUE.It's funny. We have also noticed that about the "Mailbox". It left soon after members started speaking out about authoritarian leadership in SGI-USA. Incidentally I noticed Dave Evangelista is with you guys. His letter to the World Tribune was an inspiration for me to write one.Mine was published in March of 2000.I didn't want to be too in depth until I know there is some interest. Please anyone feel free to write. Let's form a solidarity amongst us and give this org. back to the people. It's kinda of weird writing in this format. I apologize for any typos. Kevin Higgins 

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