My Name is Christine


My name is Christine Agostini and I joined NSA in 1983 which later became SGI. I gained many benefits from my practice to the Gohonzon and was able to change many situations in my life for the better. 

Unfortunately, the SGI has become a place where dedicated members have been scolded and their positions taken away because they suggested new ideas to try to improve the organization and empower the members, based on President Ikeda's guidance.

These members were not only scolded but labeled devils and slanderers, and accused of breaking the unity of the membership. I myself have been blacklisted because I stood up for my friends and we were even told not to come to our own district meetings if we spoke up.

These friends have supported me throughout my practice and continue to encourage me without wavering.

From my own experience, it is evident that these leaders of SGI have become close-minded and pumped up with authority. They have become pompous and arrogant and feel that they do not have to answer to anyone. They want to keep the members obedient and under control.

I am praying for the day that the organization makes a change to empower the members. The leaders should be answerable directly to the members whom they have the responsibility to serve, not the other way around. I pray that my experiences and those of my friends have not been suffered in vain.

Christine Agostini

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