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We wish to thank our readership, especially those of who have taken the time to send in numerous messages. Victorious America is an advocacy forum. It is solely dedicated to a workable plan of action to revise the SGI organizational structure from within into a system based on democratic ideals where the leaders are accountable to the people as outlined in Victorious America.

If you have encountered abuses or unjust treatment through the actions of the leadership and your attempts to protest have been suppressed and covered up, causing excessive anguish to you, then your experiences are what we are calling for. Courageous members who love the SGI enough to speak out and expose the injustices to the members that are corrupting our organization, can help by writing your experience for this Page of Courage. Many members, from general members to top level leaders have written to us in secrecy and confidence. Of course we respect this confidence, and will not betray it, but we urge you not to be afraid to speak out, because the Gohonzon is absolute. Don't be afraid, trust the Gohonzon. Opening up and exposing the injustices of this present outmoded top-down system will not make you a traitor, it will help to make the change you so deeply desire, until we realize the dream, "the miracle of the SGI" as one member has put it.

Have you had a personal experience in a situation involving any individual or leaders, whether on a local or higher level where you felt you were treated unjustly? If after going through the proper channels, your issues were met with denials, you felt that you were suppressed and your concerns were dismissed or you were asked to back off?  If you  have been denounced as being negative or breaking unity for pursuing your concerns for a fair resolution, please have the courage to submit your experience so that others may come forward as well and we can make the necessary changes in the present organizational structure.  Your story will be the catalyst for change. This is true Buddhist compassion. Do you have plans to start a grassroots committee such as the People's Representatives Committee, so you can hold your leaders accountable if necessary?  Do you feel that if such a grassroots committee was in place in your Area, the outcome might have been different in your situation? Please submit your experience and fill out all the fields below. Or you may email your experience directly to the webmaster at the email address below. We do not accept attachments. Please send your email submission in the body of the message, with the required information as noted below.

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