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                                                       July 4, 2003

Message from Victorious America, the "Home of Nathan Hale"

I wrote this message, because I wanted to make sure that especially on this occasion, before the upcoming Victorious America Day Rally, I would leave nothing unsaid.

The support for our troops in Iraq is faltering in the polls and the economy is in trouble. Now with the anti-America demonstrations about to start again in our own country and around the world this summer, it is obvious the enemies of Liberty will take this as a signal to increase their assaults on our troops. With autumn approaching, the presidential election campaigns will be in full swing and with it will come the emergence of Americas summertime patriots and the generation of Clinton brats, who will test Liberty's resolve to its very core.

That is why it is now crucial to present to the American people a "Scepter of Liberty" that is simple, clear and consistent with her mandate of freedom, so our citizens can immediately recognize when our leaders are not following the only standard that can keep our boat of freedom on course and prevent it from being ship-wrecked on the shores of tyranny.

At present our foreign policy in the Middle East is not consistent with such a standard. The door we have opened honoring negotiations with terrorists to achieve peace, combined with our continued policy of embracing tyrannical nations as our allies who support and harbor such terrorist groups, can only bring hesitation and confusion into the minds of even the most patriotic Americans. As we proceed in our war against terror and keep our commitment to achieving a world draped in Liberty, a change in our present foreign policy must now become our first priority. 

Most of the Democratic politicians have turned their back on America and freedom by turning a deaf ear to tyranny's evil intentions. That is why we must now provide a platform where President Bush can freely give the only speech we all need to hear, so we can truly be emotionally and mentally equipped when our destiny to secure a world free from fear and terror is fully tested. 

We are in a World War against terror and tyranny we can no longer ask our President to baby-sit our economy. He must be able to ask of all of us to become a new generation that is willing to even sacrifice our inheritance of prosperity handed to down to us by the blood of our patriots, in order to pledge our lives and fortunes, like our forefather before us, so we are all able to face the economic burden that will be levied upon us by our enemies. Only this commitment will eternally preserve liberty's blessings for all future generations.

Never again in our land must we hear the words "Our economy will falter if the terrorists attack us" from the lips by any of the constituents representing either end of the political spectrum. This is an open invitation to attack, because it is divulging our weakest position to the enemy in times of war. Americans need a belief and a conviction that is so strong that if we are ever attached again, the stock market will go up, because we have absolute confidence that investing in the eternal prosperity and the steadfastness of Liberty that has proven time and time again, that the starving horse called tyranny, will eternally finish last in its race against freedom.

Such a confidence is needed to literally laugh in the face of our enemies and completely demoralize them. Without this resolve, we will be forced to continue to call many false allies our friends. These are the nations who support and embrace tyranny and use the threat of an economic and terrorist backlash if we don't meet their demands for equal treatment in the civilized community, a community they wish to enslave. 

After August, Labor Day will be here and this will be the last chance for a massive patriotic gathering to overcome the outcry by the "tyranniks" and the anti-war crowd undermining our democracy in the name of peace. We cannot let these summertime patriots gain the advantage. 

So on August 17th 2003 in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, we will have our last chance to meet before the fall when this window of opportunity finally closes. On that day, "Victorious America Day", the true American Patriots will clarify for our media and for our political leaders the real grassroots cry of the people to preserve, protect and defend Liberty in the Middle East and around the world in our fight against terror and against those nations of secular and religious totalitarianism that are using deceit and lies to rob us of our liberty. 

Please consider the great significance of our Victorious America Day rally at this time in your decision to co-sponsor and help us promote this event. We would deeply appreciate the opportunity to work with you toward this historic occasion and look forward to your response. 

My Best Regards,
Stanley Zir
President, Victorious America, Ltd. 

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