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   PRESS RELEASE.........................
"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct"    
Victorious America


A special report issued for the Cult Information Service conference
 "Cults and Terrorist Groups"

Holiday Inn, Newark, NJ, Sunday November 3, 2002 

When we first started writing Victorious America in 1998 in order to make changes in the structure of a major religious organization that we were members of, we had no idea that our insights borne out of a confrontation with religious tyranny would prove so prophetic.

When we connected the dots, we found that the essays, especially the original essay "Victorious America" on our Web site which we launched to promote our ideas publicly, had a self-evident common denominator leading to the perfect segue towards understanding the root causes, shedding light on the unparalleled issues of our time that are now challenging humanity: the War on Terror, the conflict in the Middle East, the sex abuse scandal in the Church and many other issues. In order to fully understand the value of our site, you are taken to the frontier where the root cause of evil germinates and brought directly into the nest from which it feeds to gain its power.

In the end it was our own experience with religious oppression inside the SGI, a worldwide Buddhist organization that helped us to pinpoint precisely where evil displays its greatest power to corrupt and hide - in the realm of the sacred and the spiritual. Why? Because passing judgment on religious and spiritual institutions and their leaders has always been considered a taboo by the majority, an offense to the sacred or an obstacle to salvation or enlightenment. When a taboo is protecting evil under the name of the divine is the time we must summon up the courage to open the door and protect what is truly hallowed. We did just that! 

Only then could we easily expose its most fundamental applications of deception in all other areas by clarifying its basic attributes making them transparent. Through this simple process of recognition and exposure we have in essence fingerprinted evil. This process ultimately opened the door to a wider focus that we could never have imagined.

Since the attack on our country on September 11th the connection between the infestation of religious tyranny in the nations of the Middle East and the spread of religious cults in the world can no longer be ignored. If we carefully look at the thread that weaves the tapestry of oppression, we can clearly see that all the strands carry the same properties: the suppression of fundamental rights and absence of accountability of the leadership to the people. The list of iniquities spirals on and on and can be traced like DNA back to the original source, tyranny and its latest mutation, homicidal terrorism. Victorious America is dedicated to further the education of our population against this most virulent new cocktail that threatens to undermine the integrity of our future, our youth, through deception.

The leading factor for the loss of fundamental rights and freedom in the nations of the Middle East is the destruction of the balance between religious and secular institutions in their civil governments through dominance by religious tyranny.

The growing acceptance among our youth and on our college campuses of new ideologies for achieving peace and utopian visions by compromising their freedom now finds a common ground with the influence of these nations.

In these new movements the definition of what is evil, what is ethical, and what is faith, is dictated by the leadership with impunity. This is the new plague. 

How is this possible? The manipulation of language and the control of the dialogue is utilized in such institutions based on the dynamics of a complete reversal of reasoning to justify some higher ideal that they are in reality destroying. Such an insidious process of deception is used in order to maintain complete control over people. 

As we learned in our experience in the SGI, those who obtain uncontested control, ultimately determine the outcome of discussions of major significance because they are in the position to define the only acceptable meaning of the concepts that can be used as the basis for dialogue.

By establishing a process where the meanings of words now go uncontested, the very language of reasoning is extracted from the interchange between human beings. This is the dynamics of deceit that we experienced in the SGI.

You can read testimonials about ours and other's experiences within the SGI organization, on our Web Site, about how we triumphed in breaking through the chains of tyranny and freed ourselves after being entrapped in this web of iniquity for more than three decades.

The following sections are particularly relevant to the topics covered in this conference.

The SGI Reference Desk: ( In depth analysis of the effects of organizational structures devoid of accountability and democratic ideals in the SGI.

Page of Courage: ( Experiences of former members.

The People's Representative Committee: ( A manuscript on the system we set up within the SGI to attempt to hold the leaders directly accountable to the members.

For further information, please contact Stanley Zir, the Founder of Victorious America via e-mail at or visit

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Copyright 2002 Stanley Zir. All rights reserved. 



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