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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct"    
Victorious America

 Featured in: Arutz Sheva

Liberty's Last Call - Part IV 
Stanley Zir
20 June 2004

The three previous articles in this series discuss Israel and America's shared destiny, why the Road Map to Peace in the Middle East must stop being an Arab threat, but an Israeli demand, and what foreign policy is needed to bring an unconditional victory for both our nations These articles clarified all these matters and more by using Liberty's Mandate as its cornerstone.

This last article shows the ultimate function of this mandate by ending the confusion of who is involved in this war against both our nations, because it pinpoints the exact address of the enemy. Now, we can all unite in a final push to end this war.

Liberty's Mandate provides the foundation for an indictment of criminal intent that must now be served on the Arab League by the Untied States of America The proof of their culpability in the attacks on both the nations of Israel and America is self-evident; the dots have long ago been connected. America can no longer hesitate regarding this cause of action, and think it can still protect its citizens against the terrorism in the future.

How could anyone expect Israel to survive another 20 years against a deadly disease that we are now refusing to treat? It is time for America to wake up and drop "Liberty's Neutron Bomb" - the principle of "Separation of Church and State", the ultimate weapon against the spread of terrorism - on the nations of the Arab League, and on all other nations around the world where calls for fundamental rights and liberty are considered a threat to those countries' religious beliefs.

Because the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are documents that honor and protect the people's fundamental rights, they have been able to secure Liberty's Trust Fund for over two hundred years. The American Founding Fathers' proclamation of their "Eternal War on Tyranny" now functions as Liberty's radar screen. This monitor reveals all the enemies, by identifying all the criminals, thugs and outlaw nations of the world that are at war with the people's fundamental rights in the name of absolute power.

Like past criminals that have committed crimes against humanity, they inevitably leave their fingerprints behind, identifying what tyrannical gang they belong to. The attack on September 11 gave us the severest warning about the danger of nations that violate the principle of Separation of Church and State. This can be confirmed because the beliefs and governing institutions that our enemies and detractors embrace were magnified because of their attacks on us. The fingerprints of the nations of the Arab League are on every stone that covered the dead bodies of the beloved citizens of America at Ground Zero, the very same prints found on the bodies of Israeli citizens who died in terrorist attacks on their nation over the last ten years.

Now, three years after September 11, America is again serving French toast in the White House and seeking the approval of new United Nations mandates in order to authenticate its mission in Iraq. Under what mandate does this international body act? It protects Yasser Arafat's safety and condemns Israel's defensive actions against terrorist attacks, calling them violations of human rights.

What's next on the menu? Portraying the completion of our mission in Iraq as some sort of "Turkey Wrap" before America leaves there? Any proclamations of Iraq achieving the same governing structure as Turkey in its future, where Separation of Mosque and State exits, is a wash, especially with our present administration's views on the involvement of church and state.

America, untie the hands of Israel and fulfill your mission in Iraq. The time has come to cut the umbilical cord to an international organization that has long ago forfeited their passport to liberty.

President Bush, it is time to announce to the people of Iraq, "If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!"

Iraq, America's sacrifice of their soldiers' lives for your freedom is more than enough proof of our sincerity. We did not go to war with Saddam Hussein so you could establish another form of tyranny. This would be nothing more than an act of surrender to those totalitarian nations of the Arab League that are the breeding grounds for terrorism. America went to war because there was an attack on the sovereignty of the United States of America, an attack that was no less heinous than the attack on Pearl Harbor. We must not lose sight of this.

Therefore, it is America's rightful duty to insist on a Road Map for the removal of the tyrannical regimes of the Arab League, or to issue a Declaration of War demanding their unconditional surrender if they refuse. This is Liberty's Mandate.

Don't attack this messenger if you find my solution too radical; take it up with America's Founding Fathers. They did not hesitate to take action when attacked. President Washington knew it when he defeated the British, Lincoln when he burned down the south in the civil war to end America's attachment to slavery, and Truman knew it when he ended the war with Japan.

You cannot treat cancer with aspirin and you cannot secure a victory for democracy unless all the remnants of tyranny are severed. You cannot build the foundation for democracy in Iraq on forged documents. It's time to face reality. The totalitarian governments of Egypt and Jordan, which have been suitable vessels for supporting their religious mandate, will now come under increasing attacks from their own citizens as pressure mounts on their leaders to conform to a Western standard of democracy. The possibility of the establishment of Islamic governments in these nations to defend against these demands can no longer be ignored.

What are the chances of a stabilized Saudi Arabia in the immediate future? Must we only confront the fundamentalist fanatics in the Middle-East, or are the nations of the Arab League peopled with populations no less infected with religious fanaticism than the Japanese in World War II? Are their hearts no less filled with hatred for the Jews than the Nazis in Germany? Are they the same old horse with a different jockey?

The establishment of a new equilibrium, through the establishment of the principle of Separation of Mosque and State in the governments of the Arab League, is essential for stemming the advance of the world's deadliest cancer. Only then can the elimination of the religious tyranny that has poisoned the minds of the people, and threatened our existence, be possible.

In the end, our own stance against tyranny here and abroad is what Liberty is all about. To be the sworn and unrelenting enemy of tyranny, no door must be left unopened, no corner left unexplored, here or abroad, not even in the realm of the sacred - especially in the Middle East, where evil displays its greatest power to corrupt and hide. We must not let tyranny escape our gaze, lest we ourselves unknowingly embrace it and lose the privilege to spread Liberty throughout the world. For the sake of Liberty, we must wake up and insist that President Bush demand the implementation of the principle of Separation of Church and State in the constitution of Iraq before we leave. We cannot afford to engage in a cut and run from the only mandate that will save humanity from terrorism and sustain the principles of liberty in Iraq.

Recently, Senator Biden asked Senator McLain on "Meet the Press" to place his allegiance to our nation above his allegiance to the Republican Party and run together with Kerry for president, in order to save our nation. While his idea is interesting, his choice for the presidency was incomprehensible to me. What we need is a president like George Bush, who will stand up to fight terrorism with or without international approval, and patriots like Thomas Jefferson who would declare: It's time to drop Liberty's Neutron Bomb - Separation of Church and State - on the nations of the Arab League and on other nations around the world where fundamental rights and liberties are now considered a threat to religious beliefs. However, while the Neutron Bomb kills people, Liberty's Neutron Bomb kills only the cancer of tyranny in the hearts of the people while leaving their institutions of society, such as government, the press, religion, industry and commerce, intact and healthy.

Citizens of Israel and America, I hope you hear me. This is Liberty's Last Call.

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Phil Orenstein is an Adjunct Instructor at Queensborough Community College. 


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