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Victorious America

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Liberty's Last Call - Part III  
Stanley Zir
20 June 2004

The politicians in America are siting on the edge of their seats anxiously pondering Iraq's future. They should, because America has lost the initiative. Thus, any predictions concerning Iraq have become mere speculation. Speculation is not a vote of confidence for victory.

It is becoming increasingly apparent to me that while options for some sort of cut-and-run policy may not have been included in our present administration's original objective, this is precisely the policy emerging. The principles of democracy are being sacrificed to this shortsighted policy.

Excluding the principle of separation of church and state (mosque and state) in the formation of a new democracy in Iraq would remove the pillar of liberty that was established at our country's outset to protect its citizens against the abuse of religious dogma.

With this one omission, the constitutional balance between the secular and religious that is needed to maintain an open market of ideas in Iraq will falter. When the dust settles, only another form of tyranny will emerge in their future: "A new age forgery conceived in the womb of ignorance and bathed in the sacrifice of our soldiers' blood." Then what would be the reward for their sacrifice - a time bomb waiting to explode in our children's future? We must not permit this to happen.

Is it democracy that we are promoting to replace the totalitarian regimes in the Arab League, which deny people their fundamental rights?

Creating religious democracies around the world was not the plan our founding fathers had for securing all people from the plague of religious suppression. Creating democracy free from the governance of religious tyranny was.

Going to war with Iraq after September 11 because of Saddam Hussein's violations of non-compliance with United Nations weapons inspectors, his past history with biological weapons, and his protocol for deception was more than justified. He could no longer be trusted in an era where the packaging and size of weapons of mass destruction would now provide him a viable alternative for delivering attacks against the United States. The question was not only if Hussein had these weapons, but even if he didn't, God help us all if he did get them.

As the focus of the war changed from the emphasis on finding Weapons of Mass Destruction to liberating the people of Iraq from Saddam Hussein's tyrannical regime, a platform emerged for establishing a democratic governance in Iraq; and that was in order to gain a foothold in the Middle East to fight terrorism. For the first time, our present administration provided a doctrine that stretched far beyond the scope of fighting Al-Qaeda or the likes of Hussein alone to gaining a victory over terrorism.

While the conditions that breed terrorism and its cure were now clearly established by our present administration, they never named the hosts. The conglomeration of nations of Religious Tyranny that loomed ominously on the horizon after the attacks on September 11th was no mirage. Now we can see how their appearance led us directly to the dawn of liberty, where the origins of this conflict can be traced and the resolution for this conflict is revealed.

Our Founding Fathers' decree of "Liberty's Eternal War on Tyranny" goes to the heart of the matter. This proclamation established that it was our own liberation form the forces of secular and religious tyranny at our nation's outset that clearly identifies what our country stands for, what we defend against. Now, this decree acts as Liberty's Mandate in our war against terrorism and clarifies the steps we need to take to complete our mission in Iraq.

Since the war we are in demands the "de-tyranization" of the nations of the Middle East from the grip of Religious Tyranny, we can now turn to our Founding Fathers' weapon of choice to complete this mission. The principle of the separation of church and state established by them over 200 years ago to forever protect God's name from being used by man to deny people religious freedom and their fundamental rights through religious tyranny fits the bill.

Only this serum, injected directly into the heart of the Arab governing structures, can cure their homegrown cultures of gloom that are now responsible for terrorizing the world. After September 11, it became apparent this would have to be an emergency procedure, with no time for permission slips from infected populations if we were going to stop the spread of terrorism.

At present, both parties of the American electorate are feverishly working to host intellectual dust bowls for the 2004 elections. The Democratic Party has joined the United Nations and the European Union, first to appease the nations of religious tyranny of the Middle East and now to promote new-aged gas chamber politics against the state of Israel in the name of 'peace'.

The Republican Party has taken up the fight against terrorism, but has declared war on the principles of separation of church and state, thus turning into forbidden fruit the only proper solution to religious tyranny in the Arab League.

By not insisting that the principle of church and state (mosque and state) become the anchor for a constitutional governance in Iraq, we now find ourselves discussing an exit strategy in Iraq before securing our objective: liberating the people in Iraq from a governance of tyranny, and protecting the citizens of the Untied States of America by securing a democracy in that region in order to stop the advance of terrorism.

[Edited by Jose Diaz, Librarian at the Plainedge Library.]

Stanley Zir, an author, is the Founder of 
Phil Orenstein is an Adjunct Instructor at Queensborough Community College. 


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