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Victorious America

 Featured in: Arutz Sheva

Liberty's Last Call - Part II  
Stanley Zir
20 June 2004

June 2, 2003, I had the honor of having my article "Who is Tony Blair?" published on Arutz Sheva's opinion page . At the time, I stated about the Road Map for Peace: "Everyone would love to be the recipient of a one million dollar check until they find out it is a forgery. Such is the nature of the present negotiations, where Israel is making concessions for fool's gold. First Tony Blair, and George Bush and now Ariel Sharon are telling the whole world to invest insecurity bonds that will be worthless in 2005."

Now, one year later, the Untied States is about to invest in a nation that is dictating to them the new form of government they will chose through free elections. Since when do free elections guarantee a democracy? Only a constitutional form of government, based on its American prototype, can guarantee a democracy in Iraq, especially in a region where the election of an ayatollah cannot be ruled out in its future. Civil war may break out in Iraq, but establishing a constitution first to know who the real opponents to democracy are is a must.

America is now going to upgrade, and retool Iraq's military into a modern fighting machine before an authentic constitutional based democracy is established.

Israel, where do you think Iraq guns will be pointing if there is a change on Capitol Hill? While I believe President Bush is a great president, he is no Moses. Do you think Moses would have approved of a man like Lakhdar Brahimi, who was appointed as the United Nations envoy to coordinate the turn over of sovereignty of Iraq to its people? This is the same man who recently stated Israel is poisoning the only chance for peace in the Middle East.

The following article is addressed to the citizens of Israel, so they understand the importance of the outcome of Iraq's new government in securing Israelis' safety in the future.

At a time when confusion and uncertainty still reign amongst the citizens of America and Israel as to the enemies involved in this war, the cloud of ambiguity that has laid siege to their minds must now be lifted, so all unite for one purpose - to defeat the enemy. Exposing the real enemy that has engaged in attack on both our nations now becomes critical, especially if America seeks to accomplish their objectives in Iraq.

It is time to end the confusion. "Liberty's Mandate" must now become the foundation for America's policy in the Middle East if her just purpose is to be served and the sovereignty of Israel secured

Why is "Liberty's Mandate" our guide? It embodies a decree born from the stance against tyranny that Americans made at the country's outset, a decree that breathed life into her documents of liberty and put fire into her soul. America's hatred of tyranny was only surpassed by her love of fundamental rights; an ideal that crystallized the foundation for a Judeo-Christian culture in the Western world. That is why the Founding Fathers' proclamation of "Liberty's eternal war on Tyranny" opens the door to understanding the ultimate foundation on which democracy rests, by defining what liberty stands against. That is why I call their declaration of war on tyranny "Liberty's Mandate".

When put under scrutiny, their response to tyranny reveals if the foreign policy of a nation qualifies them as a legitimate form of democracy. France and Germany have become a perfect example of the practical application of this principle. Ultimately, this decree acts as a mirror in whose reflection is revealed the true enemies of freedom from within and outside her borders, so there is no confusion in time of war or peace as to what actions our nations should take to ensure our safety and preserve our union.

Therefore, whoever takes the helm of Liberty's ship must use this mandate as their sextant, for they are commissioned by the people to steer them on sure course, through the storms of deception. Without using this sextant, no matter how well-intended the leadership of our counties are, we will be taken off course and shipwrecked on the shores of tyranny, where only the whip of repression reigns.

At this juncture, I may not have any influence on the Bush administration's plan of action in Iraq and for the Middle East. Still, it is my obligation as a citizen to alert the people of Israel and America that any violation of this Mandate in US policy for Iraq will be a victory for those who are intent on destroying the implementation of a democratic form of governance in that region. If we go down that path, we will fall short in containing the darkest deeds of terror, presently approved by people who show undaunted allegiance to their nations through their own sacred dogma - a dogma who's exclusion of individual rights has become an official mantra.

On September 11, the greatest war to undermine the advancement of democracy was set in motion. The attack on the World Trade Center was launched initially to destroy our faith in the safety of a competitive market that is essential in securing a higher standard of living for all our the citizens. But there was a greater assault on America that day, a Declaration of War was made on the very pillar of our Constitution (the principle of Separation of Church and State) that protects our citizens from the advancement of Religious Tyranny. It is this form of governance, embraced by the Arab League, which has shut down Arab economies by eliminating the very source that triggers national prosperity and secures its integrity - free choice and fundamental rights. In a region where free speech could lead to the questioning or disobedience of a state-approved religious mandate, the principles of democracy can only be considered a threat to the very foundation on which their social order rests.

Does the Road Map to Peace in the Middle East have anything more to do with the so-called Palestinians' demand on Israel to abdicate land to their terror-infected population? Or should this Road Map be a mandate demanding the dismantling of all governances of religious totalitarian tyrannies of the Arab League (nations that are collectively the breeding grounds for the disease of terrorism and therefore must now bare the brunt of responsibility for the attacks on both our nations)?

The June 30 deadline for handing over sovereignty to the Iraqi people is quickly approaching. How can we even consider handing over a form of governance that could eventually become a stronger foothold for tyranny and terrorism in Iraq's future than its past?

Will we open liberty's gate there, and consummate the mission to deliver this indomitable package of freedom untarnished and unadulterated to the world, or will the legacy of freedom be erased from history's registry by those who champion treachery and deception?

[Edited by Jose Diaz, Librarian at the Plainedge Library.]

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Phil Orenstein is an Adjunct Instructor at Queensborough Community College. 


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