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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct"    
Victorious America

 Featured in: Arutz Sheva

Liberty's Last Call - Part I  
Stanley Zir
20 June 2004

As an American of Jewish decent I have inherited the better of two worlds. The opinions that I pen here are in honor of America's Founding Fathers, who defined the common man, a scholar of common sense, by entrusting him with the duty to protect and carry out liberty's mandates regardless of his educational background. I also honor my Jewish heritage, a culture that paved the foundation for the ethical and moral advancement of Western civilization, without which the documents of liberty could never have been consummated.

What is the origin of our war on terrorism? Is it Biblical? Cultural? Or is it just about oil, money and power? Is the United States just one of many morally equivalent players in this melodrama, acting cynically in its own quest for world domination? To witness the behavior of many of our supposed allies, one might believe this to be the case. The European Union bobs up and down on the waves of indecision. Some of our NATO partners retreat as the nations of tyranny and terror advance. Peace demonstrators hold hands with dictators, joining with them to accuse America of causing the poverty and terror born of tyranny's bosom. Reporters dash madly around the globe in a never-ending (and seemingly futile) quest for the significance of every event. And many latter-day Neville Chamberlains remain in denial, ready to let evil rule the world.

It's time to put an end to this hysteria. This conflict points directly to the dawn of liberty's rising where the tide that launched our odyssey of freedom is now coming in.

America, Israel: you are the defenders of liberty and the rule of law in the world, and you must not be deterred from your just purpose. You are bound together by a common destiny, your crusade against tyranny. It began with Eleazar Ben Ya'ir's defiant stand at Massada, and culminated in America's victory over England in the American Revolution. Your partnership is best expressed by the words of the great American patriot Patrick Henry who said to his enemies, "Give me liberty or give me death."

Citizens of Israel, if you want to know your future, then look at the decisions being made today. Your decision to reclaim Israel and protect our people after our near extinction by the Nazis in World War II confirms this decree. Moses had a staff to lean on. America has one too, and it now connects both our nations in this time of war.

It is called "Liberties Mandate". It is Liberty's eternal war on Tyranny; democracy's star that pinpoints the exact address of our enemies.

Liberty is no one's mistress. Lies and deception are the protocol of tyrannical agendas. In a tyranny, truth is not relevant. Any statements issued from these governments and their supporters can never be believed or certified. The only thing that can be substantiated is the total absence of fundamental human rights in order to maintain absolute power through the sabotage of the truth. Submission and dominance is achieved through intimidation. This is the agenda of tyranny, the parent of terrorism. There can be no negotiations or treaties with this enemy, only the demand for unconditional surrender will suffice.

Now we can know with certainty if the decisions that the leaders of the free world are making today are leading us to a victory in the war on terrorism and insuring Israel's survival. Now, every citizen can see what steps must be taken or corrected in order to ensure victory in our future; this is the power of Liberties Mandate.

The coming millennium of peace is nothing other than the full manifestation of principles of democracy throughout the world by people whose faith in this mandate is indomitable, and whose faith in God gives them the courage to carry out its objectives.

This article is the first in a quartet that will be presented in succession over the next few days to lay the foundation for a Road Map to peace in the Middle East based on Liberties Mandate - a mandate the present Quartet continues to omit every time they meet.

[Edited by Jose Diaz, Librarian at the Plainedge Library.]

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