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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct"    
Victorious America

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When War is the Agent of Peace 
Stanley Zir and Phil Orenstein
30 June 2003 

The manner in which Israeli blood is being spilled is despicable. This is due to the fact that Israeli and American leading politicians have turned their backs on confronting tyranny. Such irresponsible behavior has now become treasonous. Because of their actions, a reporter on Fox News, the most conservative news station in the United States, referred to Palestinian terrorist groups as "militias" instead of terrorists.

Liberty did not survive for over 200 years based on a compromise with tyranny. This political subterfuge must be put to rest through a public referendum of citizens who love Liberty and are finally outraged by the current negotiations. It has now crossed over the line beyond which actions must replace words.

When facing the combination of terror and tyranny, war, not negotiations, is the only agent of peace. On June 8th, we wrote an essay called the "Voice of Liberty". In that essay we declared, since all common sense, reason and moral clarity had been abandoned by George Bush, Tony Blair, and Ariel Sharon concerning the “road map for peace”, they would be held to be in absentia. In their absence, we decided someone must take the responsibility to write the speeches they should now be making to bring Israel and the United States back from the brink of disaster.

Since the seat of liberty has been vacated here, we decided to take the lead by adhering to our own declaration of purpose, found in our mission statement: "We will fearlessly challenge and uncover any group, institution, or government, both in the secular and religious world, that would desecrate the fundamental principles of liberty by denying people´s fundamental rights and freedom of press in their governing institutions to promote tyranny and oppression in order to achieve absolute power."

Thus, we wrote a speech to the citizens of the United States and Israel on that day. 

Today, we write anew:

June 30, 2003 
Dear Citizens of the United States and Israel, 

Today will be Liberty´s last call. 

In our last demand to the Palestinian Authority, we stated, as the "Voice of Liberty": "Whether it takes two years or a hundred years, until every vestige of tyranny and terror is eradicated in your civil institutions, and in the minds of your people, all negotiations will cease immediately". Their only answer was an immediate act of terror on Israel and their stated refusal to confront the terrorists within their own ranks. Abu Mazen, the new prime minister, responded by saying "we will not risk a civil war", indicating that he will not take action. Abu Mazen, since you have decided that the existence of terrorism and tyranny in your country is more important than the innocent lives of the civilians you have murdered, any further declarations of your opposition to tyranny and terror are no longer valid. Unfortunately, we must now take the necessary actions to bring an end to your empty postulations of non-aggression, which have no more validity than those of Premier Tojo or Hitler during World War II.

Because Bush and Sharon are now even considering the temporary cease-fire proposal from the terrorist organizations, and it wasn´t immediately denounced by Condoleeza Rice, this folly has finally crossed over the line.

Thus, on this day, June 30, 2003, in keeping with the Bush doctrine, unless all the members of the terrorist organizations residing in your communities are turned over to the new coalition of the willing, and unless immediate steps are taken to de-tyrannize your civil institutions, monitored by the United States, within one month, then, as we did in Iraq, a "Declaration of War" against the 97% of the Palestinian people who now support Arafat and his war of terror and tyranny will be waged by a new coalition of all the willing, including Israel. This will give ample time for the remaining 3%, who would have supported your so-called civil war against terror, one month to leave their communities and seek safe haven until an unconditional surrender is achieved and democratic institutions can be put in place.

Furthermore, we will use this Declaration to put a final cap on your war of deception, by calling tyranny´s bluff in that region, to finally eliminate the true lynch-pin of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the parade of the big bully balloons of the Arab League. Their parade of intimidation must be permanently deflated by releasing the hot air that keeps them afloat. The final assault on liberty must end here, in Israel´s back yard, where the champions of tyranny have managed to stake a claim to remove the only flag of liberty in that region, thus gaining credibility for tyranny´s advancement over democracy.

Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, et al, listen closely: Liberty has no mistress. The mandate of Liberty is simple enough for every American to understand, so don´t think you can any longer escape our detection. You do not have free press or individual rights in your own countries; thus, you are in essence in violation of Liberty´s mandate in her eternal war against tyranny´s advancement. Since you are an advocate of tyranny, you cannot be an ally of democracy. It is obvious that even adding a tiny piece of cow dung to a sumptuous meal makes it all taste like fodder. 

Citizens of America and Israel, we must never mix the vile spice of tyranny with Liberty or we will all end up choking to death in our own vomit.

Old geopolitics by the United States must cease. Retaining a policy of pre-September 11th alliances in the Mideast and around the world now becomes the central issue in question. "Either you are with us or against us", as Bush has said. In keeping with the Bush doctrine, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan or Syria, if you attack Israel and if our present demands are not met, you may face the guns of Liberty yourself.

Remember this before you act. This will not be like Iraq. Not one more drop of blood will be shed in Liberty´s name. Such is the seriousness of our resolve. Until the flag of Liberty flies eternally in a region where your tyrannies once reigned, the historical cycle of religious and secular totalitarian tyranny will not cease. This is the moment in history where the final victory over terror and tyranny has arrived; we will not miss this window of opportunity and we will not waver.

Americans, it is time to face the true nature of the conflict and the only solution to the Palestinian issue: "liberty´s mandate against the advancement of tyranny". Side-stepping the original Bush Doctrine in this conflict by our present administration, by embracing tyranny´s greatest deception, is rapidly becoming their legacy of betrayal, instead of making their legacy Liberty´s true defense.

Mr. Powell, since when did you replace Kofi Annan, as the new United Nations commander-in-chief of appeasement? President Bush, by scolding Israel two weeks ago for attacking terrorists, and then insisting that Hamas must be stopped the next, your wavering now makes you the next candidate for the "Cycle of Violence" award that was given first to Israel for their 30 years of restraint. President Bush, the next time you listen to Tony Blair´s proclamations about the cries for even-handedness in the Moslem world, ask him what would be the result of even-handedness regarding terror and tyranny that they would bring to the table.

Finally, there are Israelis, pro-Israeli journalists, and pro-Israeli Americans who support the “road map”, and who are now pontificating on the greatness of Sharon´s politics in his decision to sign on to the “road map” to expose its folly. Lets make one thing perfectly clear, the fact still remains that Sharon, as well as the President of the United States, signed this agreement, and now are knee deep in it, because of the commitment they made to an international community whose majority opposed the war on Iraq. Until Bush and Sharon renounce this map of tyranny, and declare for the sake of world security that the only road to peace is the unconditional surrender of all those that support terror, they will be responsible for setting an unalterable standard that will subject the world to tyranny´s whims, by betraying America´s credibility.

In conclusion, let there be no misunderstanding, peace in this world can only be achieved with the elimination of tyranny. Tyranny is the cause of war. It is the parent of terror and poverty. It is a cancer that thrives on lies and deception. One does not negotiate with cancer, either you destroy it or it will destroy you. - "Voice of Liberty" with Bush, Blair and Sharon in absentia.
Stanley Zir, an author, is the Founder of 
Phil Orenstein is an Adjunct Instructor at Queensborough Community College. 



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