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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct"    
Victorious America

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Voice of Liberty Speech 
Stanley Zir and Phil Orenstein
08 June 2003 

Because all common sense, reason and moral clarity has now been abandoned, we will now write the speeches that have to be given to bring Israel and the United States back from the brink of disaster. We will write this to the citizens of the United States and Israel using the name, "Voice of Liberty - with Bush, Blair and Sharon in absentia".

This approach is now absolutely essential, for it will provide the glaring contrast that is needed to expose the void of liberty left in their wake. This speech will leave little doubt as to the only true road map to peace in that region. Then, all people of liberty must relentlessly put pressure on both administrations, until the current Road Map is abandoned and the necessary changes and actions are taken to lead to real peace and security. Since there is no time to waste, today we give our first speech:

Dear Citizens of the United States and Israel,

In the conflict between the Palestinian community and the nation of Israel, legitimacy is the only question, not the legitimacy of a Palestinian state, but the legitimacy of conducting any negotiations without the proper foundation being established first.

A road map to peace must be anchored in the only principle that can secure peace, or we will provide a road map for an assault on the very pillars that anchor the foundation of liberty itself and define our freedoms: The eternal pledge of war against tyranny's advancement, which is liberty's irrevocable creed. We must never forget that liberty, bathed in American blood and sacrifice, was borne out of its unconditional victory against the forces of tyranny.

Thus, the basis to achieve a permanent peace can only be accomplished when it is established that the only acceptable standard of all governments must be to honor the freedom of their own citizens first and guarantee their protection in exercising their liberties. That is the only road map. How can anyone effectively negotiate with people who are at war with these very principles in their own governments?

Prime Minister Abu Mazen, whether it takes two years or a hundred years, until every vestige of tyranny and terror is eradicated from your civil institutions and the minds of your people, the very thought of any negotiations with you is out of the question. Simply put, tyrannies are the parents of terror. Poverty and hunger are their only offspring. Abu Mazen, we will not let your homegrown cancer spread to the shores of liberty. It must be contained, even if this means only a few of your citizens will be left standing to rebuild Palestinian society. In light of this, temporarily halting terrorist attacks or removing Arafat from the picture would be like putting a band aid on a crack in the wall of the Hoover Dam to prevent a cataclysmic disaster. Abu Mazen, don´t be ridiculous, we are not tyranny´s fools. Unlike those before us, we will not let you get away with murder.

Abu Mazen, we are going to meet with a new coalition of the willing and give you a timetable to turn over all the terrorists and their weapons to us. Secondly, we will monitor the immediate dismantling of your tyrannical government and civil institutions. Your progress will be re-assessed within the same one-year timetable that we applied in Iraq after our victory over tyranny there.

In conclusion, Abu Mazen, if you do not comply, we will take the same actions we took against those tyrannical governments who chose to ignore us.

America´s eternal mandate is her war against terror and tyranny - the only standard that can determine who is our ally, and who is not. This is the soul of liberty´s doctrine, and without it, America has no credentials to lead the free world. What would make you think that we would ever sacrifice this for a handful of fool´s gold?

America will never abandon its own kind to the salivating wolves of deception, and their cronies of appeasement, by making liberty an albatross that Israel has to wear around her neck. This will never be tolerated by us.

"Voice of Liberty" with Bush, Blair and Sharon in absentia.

This is the speech that the American people are waiting for President Bush to make so we can breath a fresh breath of liberty again, to relieve the pain of betrayal that now has begun to consume us.

Please distribute this speech to everyone you know. American and Israeli citizens, you must now do everything in your power, short of violence, to alter the destination this Road Map is trying to take us to. 
Stanley Zir, an author, is the Founder of 
Phil Orenstein is an Adjunct Instructor at Queensborough Community College. 



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