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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct"    
Victorious America

 Featured in Arutz Sheva
and Israel Insider

An Open Letter to the Citizens of Israel from America
by Stanley Zir and Phil Orenstein
January 28, 2003

Because of the serious issues that confront Israel's very survival, now is not the time to mince words. The aftermath of the January 28th elections could ultimately lead to the signing of your own certificate of death. If you do so, Israel may still be seen holding the hand of liberty by day, but by night you will be holding the hand of terror.

A few weeks ago, the Arab League issued a proclamation announcing that the conflict between the United States and Middle Eastern nations would immediately cease once their peace plan is adopted and lands are returned to the Palestinians. Only months before that proclamation was issued, we wrote an article called "Israel, Palestine and the United Nations." Strangely enough, almost every word of the Arabs' proclamation was mirrored in our article before they even issued their statement. We revealed in our article that the conglomeration of religious totalitarian nations of the Middle East is the real threat to world security, not the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We put our hand directly on the pulse of this conflict and outlined how they would use their proposal to gain support for their real agenda, the destruction of the State of Israel.

In the article, we wrote, "The current Israeli-Palestinian issue is governed by the perception that this conflict alone is the underlying cause for the increasing tensions between Arab nations and the United States and that its resolution will bring peace and security to the Middle East, thus averting the strong possibility of a world war." We further stated: "The Arab world is using the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to extort concessions from the West, in order to force us to accept proposals from them that will cause us to abandon the only democracy in that region, by insisting that the choice between world security or world war lay in the balance."

Recently our present administration took their resolution on Iraq to the United Nations, and for the first time since taking office, they have remained silent about Yasser Arafat. They have signed on with the Arab League's original proposal and now, with the Quartet of Middle East mediators, is advancing a peace proposal regarding the solution to this conflict.

In a likewise manner, before the elections, Prime Minister Sharon has followed suit. With the current shift away from confronting Iraq by many of our allies, both your country and ours are now learning that building alliances with nations that appease and support terror is a fatal flaw.

Unfortunately, it is now obvious that the international community has taken the bait of fear, because negotiations with nations that support terror have become accepted as the only option to prevent world war. The pressure from the international community on America to give concessions on this issue in exchange for their full support in our dispute with Iraq has naturally led to the beginning of America's approval of diplomacy with terror-infested nations. To the international community, the idea of sacrificing Israel - by subjecting Israel to negotiations with terrorists and nations that support them - would be a small price to pay for preventing economic disaster and world war. This will inevitably result in the commencement of an era where terror becomes a viable strategy for nations attempting to institute world tyranny with a religious agenda.

Israel, wake up! The international community has already adopted the insidious mis-characterization of this conflict as one of equal culpability. This has only served to neutralize the efforts of the your country to defend her own citizens against terrorist attacks. This not only further legitimizes the actions of terrorists, but allows those nations to convince themselves that terrorist attacks are justifiable in a conflict where both sides are equally at fault. This only acts to encourage the nations of tyranny and convinces them that their ruse is succeeding.

The time to pull the plug on this deception has arrived. Tyranny is the parent of terrorism. Lies and deception are the protocol of tyrannical agendas; any statements issued from these governments and their supporters can never be believed or certified. One needs to look no further than North Korea.

We must call the bluff on the empty hand these nations are playing. Since when have democracies ever allowed the terms of peace agreements to be reached based on threats from tyrannies? Before discussing the Palestinian issue, the United States and Israel must demand that within two years, the tyrannical structures in the Middle East must be dismantled. Then, we can all start talking about the Palestinian issue.

You must also realize that the people in the United States will eventually sour on your country's lack of action to finally end this conflict. This has only led to the "here we go again" phenomenon cast by the media in response to terrorist attacks on your citizens. America will not lose any sleep if Israel acts decisively to wipe out the hornet's nest of terrorism, especially after watching the Palestinian people celebrate in their streets after the attacks on our country on 9/11, and now with their undivided support of Saddam.

Remember, the whole world, including our country, stood against you when you destroyed Iraq's nuclear power plant in 1981. The world is grateful today. Likewise, if you stand up defying world opinion and refuse to acquiesce to this certificate of death, you will be heralded as the champions of democracy by holding the line against the spread of tyranny and terrorism from the Middle East. On the other hand, if, after you sign on to them, you refuse to honor the terms of documents approved by nations that have acquiesced to terrorism, then you will be considered the enemy of mankind because of their belief that world peace is in the balance.

President Bush mounted the pile of smoldering debris at Ground Zero and, in response to a rescue worker's anger, said, "I hear you, the rest of the world hears you, and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon." Now is the time for Prime Minister Sharon to stand in the Jerusalem, capitol of Israel, and shout to all the Middle Eastern nations, "Now you hear this: not one more drop of our blood will be spilt in the name of terrorism."

"Victory for Democracy, Unconditional Surrender, Terrorism is No Longer an Option" - this must be the new "Sharon Doctrine."
Stanley Zir is Founder of 
Phil Orenstein is an Adjunct Instructor at Queensborough Community College. 

This article appeared in Arutz Sheva



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