Did Americans need a kinder gentler President Bush, to lead our country in the war against terrorism? No only Kerry, the Democrats, and the terrorists thought they we did .

The outcome of the election and debates of 2004 were already decided in 1992. That is when Clinton became the 42 President of the United States of America His election produced an era where Clinton brats, invaded the mainstream. They became the backbone of our workforce and proceeded to build an economy based on worthless paper.

In his final act of treachery Clinton defamed the office of the Presidency and insulted the dignity of the American people when looked directly into the eyes of every America on national television and purposely deceived them.

His “Proclamation of Dishonesty” sums up his Presidency Nothing short of a national holiday for the glorifications of pleasure, and maintaining a peaceful coexistence with Liberty 's Apostates could honor his legacy.

No wonder so many hard working Americans turned to faith and common decency The need for a more moral and forth right administration like a Teddy Roosevelt or a Truman in character who pulled no punches became apparent and President Bush seemed to fill the bill.

After Clinton 's fall the democrats proceeded to give their unilateral support to the United Nations stance on appeasing tyrannies to achieve peace. The actions of the Democratic Party not only dishonored and disgraced our lady liberty, but defamed all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice so we can live in a democracy freed from the chains of tyranny.

Now at a time when we were at war, the democrats spurred our enemies on, delighting them with their agenda for appeasement in exchange for peace. Thus they continued to betray America by placing liberty's trust in the hands of those that would betray her. For them Lady Liberty would be nothing more than a whore staring in European art film funded by the United Nations with Kerry taking Clinton 's place as her pimp. History would pass them by and did for good reason.

The Democrat's were in Chamberlain-esk dream state and as the scope and size of our enemies resolve are was being revealed in nations of Religious Tyrannies thought out the world; they were still looking for weapons of mass destructions to prove Bush wrong.

It soon became clear to all, how could Senator Kerry defend America if his party could not recognize that we where in a world war and worse who our enemies and allies were.

Still today they don't even realize that President Bush did not make any enemies by standing up to those that attacked us; They were our enemies long before we were attacked Most of the nations from abroad that were our allies had long ago had been defeated through years of corruption, political posturing, and turning their backs on tyrannies to protect their own self interests. These nations Germany France and Spain were now only democracies in name only, their arrogance was unending, and they had long ago overstayed their visit on liberties estate. Americans were glad President.

Bush sent them packing. The whole 2004 election campaign between President Bush and Senator Kerry was summed up in the scenario below:

Suppose a community is attacked and many people are killed. Now the people and leaders of that community gather at a meeting to deal with this situation, and find out that this same group that has attacked them has not only threatened other communities, but has ignored all demands to cease and desist in there threats and actions of violence in the past.

At the meeting two major opinions emerge. One group proposes as its solution to talk with the other communities that have been threatened and see if they can work out an alliance with them. Now even though the majority of these neighboring communities, while condemning the attack, still justify the reasons for the attack blaming the community that was attacked for provoking the act of violence that was launched against them they still wish to proceed with the alliance.

The other group says there is nothing to work out here. Appeasement for the dastardly acts of our enemies will only spur them on Thus they reject any alliance with the majority of their neighboring communities that would stifle their response they need to make, to protect their people. Knowing full well that these communities have put their self-interest and safety above their mutual interests they opt to proceed with or with out them.

Now the group that says we have to unite together with the other communities that have been threatened but refuse to move against the enemy or help us if we do was the Kerry camp.

The other group that says we have to stand alone regardless of support of other communities was the Bush camp

While Senator Kerry represented all that America stands against in defending our country, President Bush represented what our Cultural Ideology stands for in protecting our country.....a man standing alone against evil, while those in his community would rather compromise with the bad guys thinking they could avoid the Bully

This was the same character of the America hero who was portrayed in the Hollywood Westerns of the past with John Wayne Glen Ford and Gary Cooper all standing alone against the bad guys, without their own communities support, and yet still being able to gain victory over evil in the end.

It was their courage and belief that justice would prevail and protect those who stoop up against evil to protect what is best in humankind that became the standard that now gives America the moral high ground in our fight against terrorism

This stand alone spirit to face and defeat the Bully is at the center piece for Americans True Identify. One need look no further than Nathan Hale or George Washington who stood alone against all odds with our lady Liberty in the face of death, and defending what must be preserved if life was to have any value.

Did we have a cowboy in the white house occupying the seat of democracy Yes we did! Were their rustlers on the range, as far as the eyes can see? Did we need a new sheriff in town? A wannabe that would sell us out and put our families in harms way?

No, Americans knew Senator Kerry would have done all of this and more just to gain respect and support from those who hated us, all because President Bush had the courage to make them face the fact that they must take the fight to the terrorists outlaws if we are all to survive.

In the end it was that simple good old American western movie plot that revealed who was the loser here, because victory never comes to those abandoned liberty rightness to compromise with those who worship at the alter of self-interest Only destruction awaits those that choose that path.

Why did President Bush win? Because no women will ever put her trust in a man who put his trust in friends that protect and negotiates with murderers and rapists thinking with their support he can protect his home That is why so many woman in America now chose President Bush over Senator Kerry even though they might not have agreed with his domestic policies at home.

Kerry and his Democratic cohorts were drunk at the wheel. The American people intuitively knew we would have had a better chance at protecting our country against terrorism if the French foreign legion was in charge.

On November 2 the American public sat at the head of the Liberty 's table. There they made the final decision that sent Kerry and his party of fools packing G-d onto only Blessed America on that day but all of mankind.