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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct"    
Victorious America

 Featured in: Arutz Sheva

Checkmating Evil - Part II
by  Stanley Zir
Oct 26, '04 / 11 Cheshvan 5765

[Part one of this article can be read at .]

People of Israel, you have been worshiping at the altar of false hope long enough. This is not the altar of faith for the chosen people of God.

On September 9, three days after the barbaric attack on the school in Beslan, Russian President Putin and Yuri Baluyevsky, chief of the Russian General Staff, pledged to go after terrorists all over the world "with preemptive attacks... at any moment." Whom will Russia attack first, Hamas? Who now qualifies for preemptive strikes under their new anti-terrorist mandate? Will Russia continue to give support to the Palestinian pro-terrorist population, which supports and harbors terrorists who attack Israel and other non-Muslim nations? Will they continue to supply Iran, a nation that has openly declared that they will bomb Israel as soon as they have a nuclear weapon, with materials to build their nuclear power plant?

Sergey Lavrov, Putin's defense minister, answers all theses questions and more by fully clarifying the reality of Russia's new anti-terrorist mandate. He said, regarding the responsibility of any other nations for the attack on his country, "We are far from accusing the leaders of major countries... of deliberately preserving this double standard," he said, "but the inertia is still very strong."

Incredulously, after the attack on Beslan, Israel holds out an olive branch to Russia by offering their expertise in fighting terrorism.. Have the terrorist attacks by the Palestinians over the last 10 years made the Israelis forget about Russia's history of active programs to murder Jews, as well as its present support of Iran and the Arab League, who now champion the homicidal agenda?

It was precisely this kind of thinking that led the Jewish people directly to the gas chambers in World War II. At that time, the majority of Jewish intellectuals and journalists, whose sphere of influence among the Jewish people was predominant, closed their eyes to evil, even as the comfortable social setting for the Jewish people in Germany continued to deteriorate. At that time, as well as in ours, discussing the unmentionable (mass murder of the Jews) was condemned as naive speculation, the ranting of fanatics and fools, who would only bring more trouble to our people or lead to our destruction. So much for those who were in denial then.

Just as in our past, the majority of self-deceiving Jews of our era in America and Israel are still taking the moral high ground. They look down and condemn those Jews who demand that Israel stand up and take the unrestrained action needed to stop what is happening to the Jewish people in this world - again.

Jewish people no longer have to prove that they have taken the moral high ground to the rest of the world by showing our restraint in dealing with murderers or anyone else that attacks them. The Jewish people's history and legacy of compassion speaks for itself. Standing up to and defeating bullies will not detract from this fact. There is no choice in this matter. Bullies are always the same - they never stop harassing men of peace until they are beaten.

Israel, you cannot claim the moral high ground or even take a breath of freedom until the enemy you have faced for centuries is confronted and destroyed. Only a complete commitment to this course of action can lead to the real moral high ground, which is reserved for those nations who have converted their enemies with an unconditional victory.

The Japanese confirm this principle. It was their unconditional surrender to America, to end World War II, that delivered them into the bosom of democracy.

In Japan, the acts of suicidal bombers appeared under the governance of religious totalitarian tyranny. The rise of absolute power in the name of the sacred consumed the people of Japan, and in the end, produced the most egregious acts of evils on tyranny's menu. Like the populations of the nations of the Arab League today, the Japanese did not give a second thought to those among them who were committing atrocities against innocent people. In like manner, both peoples embrace the governance of religious tyranny to achieve their objective - to subjugate the people of the world with their god's incontestable mandate.

Ultimately, it became apparent that the Japanese would only respect what proved to be more powerful than what they worshiped. In the end they only made the transformation to civilized behavior through the initiation of a force that would be more powerful than the misguided faith that had consumed them. The attack by America on Hiroshima fulfilled this objective. It was so powerful that in one instant, it released the grip that their religious dogma had on their nation's civil institutions and delivered them into the bosom of democracy, ultimately transforming Japan from the enemy of freedom into one of its greatest defenders.

Thus, Israel only has to recall Japan's transformation to civilized behavior to map out their exit strategy from the onslaught of evil that now plagues it. Now, the response that Israel must make in order to put an end to the Palestinians suicidal attacks becomes perfectly clear. In this case, it's not a nuclear attack, but a full-out assault on the entire Palestinian population until a unconditional surrender is achieved. At the same time, if Israel is attacked by the nations of the Arab world, it must make it perfectly clear to them that a nuclear response would not only be appropriate, but completely justified.

When America defeated Japan, she forever established the mercy of Liberty's Mandate by ultimately delivering her enemies' souls from the House of Evil. Now, the final opportunity for Israel to claim the true sacred high ground has arisen. Israel must now exhibit the courage to stand alone against the forces of the Palestinians, Iran and the Arab League, who wish to destroy her. In victory, Israel will deliver even those that had relentlessly persecuted her, and branded her as evolution's misfits, from the House of Evil.

Finally, the persecution that the Jews had to endure for two thousand years, for the betterment of humankind, will be put into its correct perspective.

A resolution made by a block of sovereign nations that are governed by democracy stating that if one more drop of blood of an Israeli citizen is spilled by Palestine's suicide bombers with the support of the nations of the Arab League, then both will pay the ultimate price - is not forthcoming. That is why Israel now must stand alone to carry out Liberty's Mandate if she is to survive.

President Bush's silence on Iraq's firing of a interim member of their new government council earlier last month because he contacted Israel for purposes of discussions on Middle East peace only serves to confirm Israel's position as a pawn on America's chess board. Remember, pawns are the first to be sacrificed to protect the king.

A summit with the Arab League promoted by America's latest World Peace Guru, Colin Powell, will soon commence. Once again, the world will turn its attention to Israel, blaming it for the conflict between the Muslim nations of the Middle East and the West. You can bet your house on this. Time and time again, the "new Powell Doctrine" has stifled Israel from taking the necessary steps to put an end to the attacks on its people. That Israel is being "Bush-whacked" in order for the present administration to gain approval from the so-called moderate nations of the Arab League is a reality that Israel can no longer ignore if she is to survive.

With the United Nations taking the lead for the destruction of Israel in the civilized world; with the unchecked spread of anti-Semitism in Europe and the EU support for a Jews-for-Oil policy to serve its interests; with the unending support of a "blame Israel" campaign by Tony Blair, who only recently was standing in front of his parliament crying out about the suffering of the Palestinians, over and over, with no reference to their endless sponsorship of terrorist bombers and their support of Saddam Hussein; and finally, with Senator John Kerry, the "United Nations' Favorite Son", potentially being only one vote away from being elected president of the Untied States - you don't have to be a professional gambler to see that the clock has already struck 12:00 in a game with an opponent that has not only stacked the deck against Israel, but has prepared a field of death for her as the final score. Only a fool cannot see the handwriting on the wall.

For you doubters:

A few days after I wrote this article, I read in disbelief this article that appeared in the New York Post :

"Ariel Defends His Axis of Good" by Uri Dan ( New York Post , October 1, 2004, pg. 28)

An anti-terrorist alliance has been forged with President Bush, Vladimir Putin and Tony Blair, because no one has been willing to take on Islamic extremism. Sharon said that Blair, the British prime minister, should be included in the campaign against terrorism. On Iran, he said, "Iran's nuclear program has been set back maybe for several years by international control efforts led by the United States and some European nations." He further stated, "Israel is not preparing to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities to stop Tehran from obtaining the bomb as Israel did to Iraq in 1982 to thwart Saddam Hussein's atomic weapons ambitions."

[Part 2 of 3]


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