Bram Stoker the creator of the legend of Dracula remarked (in paraphrase) that Dracula gained power because no one believed that he existed. In like manner, evil advances in this world.

The doors of death that greeted the Jewish people in Germany are now being opened around the world and again no one believes the unthinkable can happen.

On January 28, 2003, I wrote an article entitled "An Open Letter to the Citizens of Israel from America", in which I stated:

"The current Israeli-Palestinian issue is governed by the perception that this conflict alone is the underlying cause for the increasing tensions between Arab nations and the United States and that its resolution will bring peace and security to the Middle East, thus averting the strong possibility of a world war."

We further stated:

"The Arab world is using the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to extort concessions from the West, in order to force us to accept proposals from them that will cause us to abandon the only democracy in that region, by insisting that the choice between world security or world war lay in the balance. Unfortunately, Europe and even the Untied State has swallowed the bait of this deception hook, line and sinker."

This ruse perpetrated by the nations of the Arab League has been the sole cause of an insidious spiral of death, where the murder of Israeli citizens by terrorists has been coupled with a restricted response by Israel.

Israel, by bowing to the pressure of an international community that thinks that a limited response to the slaughtering of Jews is justified because it will prevent World War III, you have now made the slaughtering of Jews in Israel as commonplace as the murder of Jews in Germany at the outbreak of World War II.

Israel, you have become a pawn on an international chess board, whose moves have been chosen by the whims of an international community with an Oil-for-Jews agenda.

On October 11, 2003, in an article I wrote for the site of, entitled "Israel, Palestine and the Untied Nations", I stated:

"The problem we are raising lies in the unequivocal acceptance by the international media of this assumption that this conflict between Israel and Palestine is the single most important issue that is now forming world polices in that region. It's now time to pull the plug on the defective power source from which this assessment has gained its credibility, because of the dangerous position it puts people in who cherish democracy. This present evaluation will only deliver them into the hands of tyranny and annihilation. That is why it is time to re-route this misconception and send it back to its origin, so all can see the source from where this river of deception emanates."

In the same article, I later explained:

"It is becoming increasingly clear to the citizens of our country that the state of Israel is facing a people who are in full support of terror and the destruction of your nation under any conditions. It is also apparent that they are not seriously seeking democratic reform or peace. Unfortunately all-out war is the only solution to end this terror or step-by-step, economically and socially, you will be destroyed. The majority of citizens of our country will not lose any sleep if you act decisively to eliminate this hornet's nest of terror, especially after watching the Palestinian people celebrate in the streets after the attacks on our country on 9/11 and give their undivided support to Saddam Hussein.

"The people of Israel must also realize that the people in the United States will eventually sour on Israel's lack of action to finalize this conflict. The reaction to Israel's half-measured responses to terrorist attacks on their own citizens is now greeted by the American media as old hat and is portrayed as an insufferable unending wound that refuses to go away. Israel's restraint in hopes for peace has not only led to this "here we go again" phenomena in response to terrorist attacks on her citizens, but incredulously, not even one major power even condemns the attackers anymore. Rather, they only ask both parties to exercise restraint. If the people of Israel do not unite and take the Palestinian people fully to task with an all-out attack, with the purpose of finally defeating the Palestinian objective once and for all, then the insidious description of the 'cycle of violence' will gain legitimacy in the minds of Americans and spell the end of Israel's democracy in that region.

"Remember, Israel stood alone against the protests of all the nations, including ours, when she destroyed Iraq's nuclear power plant in 1981. If she had not done so, then what would we be facing today? Enough is enough. She should get our full support if she attacks, in honoring our pledge of zero tolerance for terror and for those nations that harbor and support their cause. This one action will finally put an end to the demeaning description of this conflict represented by the slogan 'the cycle of violence'... ending what is in reality the cycle of tyranny that has been long embraced by the Palestinian people and [their] surrounding neighbors.

"This will end, once and for all, the violence in that region and the endless [posturing] from the Yin Yang Gang for Global Tyranny we now call the United Nations, which embraces and negotiates with evil, thinking this will create harmony and secure peace in the world. Someone needs to remind them we are fighting terror, not looking for a cure for the common cold."

That essay was written over a year ago, what now seems like an eternity.

Israel, the time has come to turn the tables on the nations of the Arab League.

Israel, the time to has come to announce unequivocally that you will now "bring to justice the extortionists of the Arab League who perpetuated the fraud that the Palestinian-Israel conflict has been the underlying cause of tensions between the Untied States and all other civilized nations in the world."

It is long overdue.

Only this proclamation will take the Israel-Palestine conflict off the table for any further negotiations for "peace in the Middle East" at the expense of Israeli blood. Only an immediate Declaration of War on the terrorist-infected population of the Palestinian Authority and its leaders, and the bombing of the nuclear plant in Iran, can validate this proclamation. Any hesitation here will turn Israel from a nation that is the eternal refuge of hope for the Jewish people into a dream of the past.

With this one act, Israel, you will strip the nations of the Arab League of their of power. Laying them naked in defeat, you will expose their deceptions as the only weapon they have to threaten the civilized world and the only weapon that they have that can defend their nations against attack:

With this one act, Israel, the "Oil-for-Jews" bluff of the Arab League will be called, thus providing a clear path for America and its allies to take the necessary actions to secure real peace in the world, even if it means taking over Gulf oil fields. I am sure the French, Germans, Russians and China will join in this venture.

Their is no turning back now, for the final approval of this kind of attack by the majority of the citizens of the United States of America is about to end. Articles of outrage have long ago become nothing more than tedious and boring complaints in the public's eye, and in the end, they have no more of an effect than as a catharsis for their authors.

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