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November 1, 2003


Many of the excerpts used in this background and introduction to the Referendum are taken from various articles on the site of Victorious America. 

In 2001, one month after the attack on September 11, astonishingly we were the first to declare that “Tyranny” was the real cause of the attack on our country. We said that Tyranny was the parent of terrorism and the cause of poverty in the world and furthermore, the conflict we were facing was going to be centered on nations rather than religious fringe groups. We also stated that the “eternal mandate of our war against Tyranny” will now act as the only compass to reveal the true enemies of liberty and that it is the only scepter to anchor and protect us from the onslaught of tyranny's deceptions. If we abandoned this principle we will be tricked into deserting the battlefield where the true enemies of liberty exist. We stated at that time that “A World Draped in Liberty” is now the sacred mission of the United States and we explained why we cannot abandon this credo and we must now take action to dismantle these ancient Religious Totalitarian Tyrannies in the Middle East and around the world.

We clarified that besides the reality of fanatic religious fringe groups, moderate populations cannot exist in nations governed under Tyranny especially Religious Totalitarian Tyranny. We stated then if we are to survive and secure peace and world order, we cannot close our eyes to this fact no mater how distasteful it may be. This became apparent as we predicted the doom of the "road map" peace plan because it violated Liberty's Mandate. Now were headed into 2004 and time is proving us right on all fronts.

How did we know? How did we come to such conclusions three years ago, that will shortly become the only acceptable standard to understand the conflict that America now faces in the world. Simply by using the "scepter of liberty", the real inheritance given to us by our forefathers, Victorious America has been able to see tomorrow's events unfold today and now provides the only compass to follow to finally rid humanity from the plague that tyranny brings.



Our founding fathers needed one word to brand evil so all could recognize its face and name.  They called it "Tyranny”.

In our War of Independence we demonstrated that democracy could only be defined in its relentless response to tyranny's suppression. There we fired the original shot that lead to our victory over a rule of tyranny that was secular and religious in nature. A line was drawn and from that day on the conflict between nations of tyranny and our nation of liberty was set in motion. Being at cross proposes neither force could co-exist with the other. How could it be otherwise? One system sustains freedom and the other submission. One supports an open market of ideas, the other persecution and murder. One achieves peace and unity though a democratic and constitutional balance of power, while the other accomplishes a mockery of those virtues through absolute subjugation of the individual human spirit to the will of the most ruthless contenders for power. Only one of these forces could ultimately survive and history has already validated our destiny.

Charting the road map of aggression

For me the attack on our country on September 11th points directly to the dawn of liberties rising where the tide that launched our original odyssey of freedom is now coming in. Now the final chapter of people's suffering under tyranny's reign was about to be closed for good.

On that day I realized that moment had arrived owing to the advancement of civilization and technology. The barrier that had previously protected us from the implosion of these two opposing forces had completely vanished. Now all the nations of the world, their people and resources became easily accessible to each other.

Unfortunately instead of utilizing this new superhighway for enlightenment and prosperity, the nations of Religious Totalitarian Tyranny followed the lead of Japans religious suicidal population of World War II. Together with the reconstitution of the Secular Totalitarian movement in Latin America, with Fidel Castro as their commander and chief financial officer, who is urged on by the attacks on our troops, have not only turned their backs on peace and prosperity completely, but have stepped up their efforts to promote and support tyranny and terror as their ultimate gift to humanity.

In 2001 we stated the only road map to world peace must be anchored in the single principle that can secure peace. Otherwise it will be a road map for an assault to halt the only undertaking which anchors the very foundation of liberty and protects it. This single principle is: “the eternal war against tyranny's advancement”. We must never forget that liberty was born from a victory over this malevolence and has been sustained by vigilance against its encroachment.

This singular idea clearly identifies the enemies we would be facing and the principles they embrace which is clearly revealed in their choice of governance. Thus our mandate of liberty acts as a mirror to expose the agenda of any of her enemies that stands in front of it.

Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld said there is no metric to judge the war on terror - it is impossible. I respectfully disagree and so would the forefathers of our nation. Thus the essence of evil still gains power because nobody calls out its name, “Tyranny” as the only true culprit - the cause of terrorism. So it escapes recognition and the only metric to measure the success of the war on terrorism is lost.

Its time to get it correct once and for all, tyranny is the full menu of evils, the parent of terror that converts people and their institutions into to organizations that promote darkness and oppression to the people of the world. Thus the only metric to measure our victory over terrorism is obvious - it is the dismantling of the tyrannical nations of the world one by one until the world is draped in liberty. Iraq is the first step to use this specter of liberty as our metric to judge where we stand in the war on terrorism and why we must endure and remain victorious if we are to survive as a civilization of free people. This is a must. And what is this Scepter of Liberty?

The eternal war on Tyranny, Secular or Religious in nature 

Because we are missing this point the boat of tyranny continues to slip into every port of liberty unnoticed, unloading its cargo of treachery and deception by using the very institutions that have been erected for our protection against tyranny from within our own nation especially our own free press.

Today we are inundated with information that will be used by nations of Tyranny and those groups and nations that appease them who wish to confuse us from the task at hand. A large portion of our population has already become confused and swayed by this. But once armed with the Scepter of Liberty, such attacks on democracy and on the integrity of liberty by tyrannies and their appeasers will look ludicrous even to the most pessimistic observer.

We must ever be vigilant for this assault even can put the institution of free press in jeopardy through the actions of the best intended patriots. Why?

When people of liberty are uninformed about the function of Liberty's Mandate which acts to spot her enemies and protect her against evil, even those with the best of intentions who are willing to sacrifice their lives for freedom will not be able to differentiate what is true and what is false about liberty, and what it truly stands for stands for. Therefore they ultimately do not protect and preserve her treasures meant for all mankind, but turn them over to her enemy.

Victorious America functions to make what liberty stands for perfectly clear, so all protected from her imposters.

Remember, America is the only hope for the establishment of freedom and the respect for fundamental rights in the world. We might be a little naďve as a people for it is still inconceivable to us that at this time in human history billions of people in this world are denied the privileges of freedom. Yet because or our love of liberty we have kept our shores open with the illuminated torch of liberty so all can land safely at our shores. Now there are those who use this beacon as a landmark to enter our shores and try to destroy us. This is a crime against all the suppressed. Now we must take action to protect ourselves as that beacon has grown dimmer and our Lady of Liberty weeps. We will never let this continue. The beacon of liberty will never be extinguished. You can count on this.

Once we understand that the advancement of democracy is the only way to end this cancer of tyranny then we understand America's mission for world peace. This mission becomes clear when you realize that the documents of liberty were born from the victory over Religious and Secular Tyranny.

Tyranny is absolute power based on deception and the absence of accountability. Since lies are the mandate of tyrannical regimes and nations, nothing can be certified as fact. Any statements issued from these governments, their supporters and their populace can never be believed or validated. The only thing that can be substantiated is the total absence off fundamental human rights.

Once we recognize that in a tyranny the truth is not relevant, only then can we appreciate the fact that you cannot make peace or negotiate with nations and people that honor these principles of governance. Here one finds the true enemies of mankind and the lands where the soulless are cultivated and housed in the bastions of evil.

Those who embrace tyranny as their form governments are the real cause of the present world conflicts because they will use any means necessary to achieve absolute power.

A new history is now being written and an ageless symbolism is emerging deep from within the human sprit as its' eternal compass and guide to achieve everlasting peace in this world. Since September 11, the sacred canopy of freedom has emerged from the ashes of terror as the unifying force to defend all institutions that serve and protect the people form the evils of terror and tyranny. This quest reaches far beyond all the boundaries of secular and religious institutions. Under the canopy of liberty's governance an eternal framework is provided, where both institutions can work together in harmony and enhance each other, while protecting people's fundamental rights from the advancement of tyranny by one or the other.

America must now stand alone to defend democracy as the forces of secular and religious tyrannies rise. She gave birth to these documents of freedom. She declared freedom of choice as the passport of liberty to be issued to those who were willing to defend and secure it and to keep the world free from fear and oppression. Now we are sailing thought this last great storm of deception. It is time to return to the our original point of departure as a nation where the quest for liberty first began, a war against tyranny, because liberty was born out of this and has been protected by its stance against it.

Therefore those nations and organizations that do not act to stand against tyranny and terrorism at this crucial juncture in history can not only no longer be considered our allies, but obstructionists in the noble quest to spread fundamental rights to all mankind.

Nations like Germany, France and Belgium that continue to taste the sweet nectar of liberty, secured thought the sacrifice of American blood seem to have forgotten to renew their passport of freedom. One needs to remind each of them especially France that Liberty is not tyranny's mistress and fear, self-interest and envy are not the alternatives to justify appeasement to nations of tyranny and terror, if one wishes to remain free and to be called a democracy and our ally.

The mission off this referendum is to end any confusion in the minds of fellow citizens by presenting the indisputable line between democracy and tyranny so that there will be no doubt what the United States is fighting for and who we are fighting against and who are our true allies.

With the establishment of liberty's mandate, her eternal war on tyranny as our anchor, we can use the compass of liberty to pinpoint the true identity of the enemies that are trying to destroy us thus revealing those nations who support and protect them thus uncovering the bastions of evil where they live. Then any nation or organization will not be able to pass undetected by the radar of democracy, and all can see where everyone truly stands. A choice must be made by all: Liberty or Tyranny.

Jockeys come and go but that same old horse, Tyranny still remains with us today. Now this ancient horse is being mounted by its best jockey to make its final ride and we must be there at the finish to end its run.

Who will be with us? Which nations, what organizations? We must not be deterred from our just purpose and destiny as the defenders of liberty, democracy and the rule of law in the world. We must draw a clear line with no compromise in this matter if we are to fulfill liberty's mandate.

In conclusion I would like to ends this introduction with four quotes made in 1998 form the original essay "Victorious America" on this site 

“When we penetrate and grasp the heart and soul of our county we are swept up in a vision that is so majestic that it drives us with an endless desire to pioneer its true destiny. We have carried this sublime blueprint for justice across the plains of time. We are the timeless current endlessly surging forward to complete the consummation of the historical continuum.”

“America is a land of destiny because providence has chosen every race of people to be thrown together into this caldron of liberty to be purified from hate and forged by its flames of compassion, free will and justice, so all would be strong enough to usher in the final millennium, a world draped in liberty."

“America is the forerunner inhabited by the pathfinders for justice from all lands from which we have ascended carrying the mission to brave hardships of all kinds. We have the mission to clear the road for enlightenment and harmony of the rest of the world. We should be proud we have the strength to qualify as the pioneers for liberty.”

“The meaning of a true American patriot is one who is overjoyed to have the opportunity to fulfill the dream of her timeless promise. One who has grasped this concept can truly love and fight to fulfill the commitment of this country made form its onset."

Now it is time to make our stance fully known in the world by letting all know who we support and ally ourselves with and who we do not, without reservation or compromise, so there is no confusion as to our action and our resolve to fulfill liberty's mandate and protect the world from tyranny. Remember Liberty is no one's mistress.

Please fill out the coming questionnaire on the Referendum and return it via email back to us.




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