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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct"    
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"A Declaration of War 
On Religious Tyranny in America"


May 1, 2004

It is the only the use of all the words in the pledge of allegiance that makes it authentic other wise words that did not represent our allegiance to the flag would be left out 

I grew up under Truman where belief in God was a given and those that did not were a minority who never questioned our rights of freedom of religious belief so we never needed to say Under God say that in our pledge of allegiance. I remember there was an atheist in our classroom and this girl was immediately ostracized when we all found out. The wipers from adults that her parents were also communists reached our ears 
I will never forget that I was only eight years old at the time, but I remember vividly the hurt that this little girl endured. Like all other moments in life when you are very young and something inside of you realizes that something is very wrong but against the backdrop of the current authority that sustains the army of normal at that age you hold off voicing any objections out of fear of rejection and punishment
When this issue of the pledge of allegiance first came out an irate mother said "What shall I tell my child when he gets home if we take God out of the pledge that God has no place in our country? Last week in the library that I go to I was discussing the reaction of this woman with one of the Liberians, and she said that is very interesting and then related this story to me. 
She began: " When I was a very young child I went down south with my parents for a vacation, Traveling thought some small town in Tennessee, stopped the car at a gas station because I had to go to the bathroom. I left the car and went around to the back where the bathroom was located. As I approached I saw woman of American of African decent setting in a chair besides the door. She greeted me. and said " I am sorry you can't come in here' I said" It is a bathroom why not I have to go." She looked at me with a steely gaze and said " Ask your mother" Even though she was very young she said she will never forget that, and in that moment even as a very young child she was hurt and knew this was very wrong 

To that mother I who asked what shall I tell my should child if we cant say God in thee Pledge of allegiance Tell them this. There are people that do not believe in God in our country but that does not mean God does not exist, and they should not be made fun because people in our country that have a rights to chose their beliefs and what most important is that we all protect this right, In order to respect all people equally who live under our flag we pledge allegiance to honor this difference and protect everyone right to a different belief with a pledge that will embrace all. 
Children can understand fairness I did as a child and so did that librarian. That mother using her child to defend what she herself lacks in courage or compassion to rectify the injustices she saw a child when she became an adult must not be left unchallenged In the article the power of allegiance I wrote:
" Nothing has a more powerful impact on the foundation of the social structure of humans then what people gives their allegiance to and nothing less than the instinct for survival is so pivotal in molding and testing its resolve That is why we must make sure at an early age that a pledge to fight against those injustices inflicted by any of their peers among themselves which is powerful enough to rise above their instincts of self preservation in the face insurmountable odds is reflected in the words of the pledge they give to their flag and our country so the principles of liberty will be preserved in their generation" 


When I was boy I was a boy scout no reference to God was ever made at our meeting for more than six years when I was a member. We all went to the meetings and got along very well It would have sound ridiculous if you had to believe in God in order to get your eagle badge We would have laughed that person out of the meetings along with our parents
When I heard Bill O" Riley saying to a thirteen year old boy scout you have to understand you have believe in God to get your eagle badge and why don't you considered reading the bible maybe you will change your mind I was more than shocked I was outraged What the hell was he doing embarrassing this child in front of the nation without an adult there to support him What is he some sort of Religious Petifile putting young children at the stake like the head official at Salaam Witch Trials. When we were boy scout we all patriots and loved our country we did not have a bible check at the door Soon after that program he condemned a California school board for not letting the boy scouts use their school after California school board claimed that since they were a religious organization using public property for free was a breach of separation of church and state O"Riley bitterly complained saying that this is against the will of the people 

We are a nation under democracy not a christens Islamic or Jewish nation because we left a Christen Nation under Religious Tyranny 200 years ago religious agenda used by man to oppression peoples fundamental rights
While it is true we are there is a Christian Marjory in this country and our fathers were Christian I must remind you So were the British so were the Germans the Nazis' who called themselves the Christian National Party in World War Two and so were the Italians all of whom we fought against in the them in the name of liberty alone. Roosevelt did not say what we have in common with the Germans is that we are all Christians What we all had in common was that under a Governance without a Constitution we are all venerable to using name of God or the State or the Person for the purpose of Tyranny against the integrity of man 

This argument of a Christian nation is an outgrowth of religious supremacy agenda The only thing Bill O'Reily is not burning on his show is a burning cross lawn of all non religious citizens

Arguing with fools like him is futile it's a waste of time and dishonors all that have fought and ides in liberties name It was the peoples response Religious Tyranny of the British that was the Establishments of our principles and documents of liberty. It was not confined to the form of Religious Tyranny is not confined to the persecution of the Puritan 

It is was religious tyranny in all its forms whether it be the persecutes the people who don't be in God or religious state that put faith above the peoples fundamental rights in the name of God Or the state that outlaws religious believes in the name of allegiance to the state alone All theses are forms of tyrannies and the Constitution provides the perfect balance between secular and religious ordnances so each can world together without either being use a tool to promoted in the name of God or name of the state Therefore our pledge of allegiance can only be made to our allegiance to liberty under the constitution first to prevent any other forms of tyranny not under god not under the state 

Now the new Puritans who are persecuted for their lack of religious beliefs are new target in our country This new breed of tyrannies even who have defend our principle of freedom in war but do not share our religious faith must now remain silent in our pledge of Allegiance Some who does not believe in God is a communist. This is disgraceful my brother protected this county he


In the past religion was used as a form of tyranny on us. We must teach our children and college students the only racist is tyranny and the denial of democratic rights and unless that laws in not in a nation look at the first paragraph of the Essay Victorious America about the black people

Religious reference open the door eventually to persecution In the past religions was used as a form of tyranny on us It was this kind of Religious oppression that was the prime igniters that first gave birth to liberties in our reaction in our reaction against religious tyranny came implantation from the implementation of the doctrine of Church and State and was the back bone of democracy It was the fist step to end the use of religion fro the platform of tyranny against its own people followed by the asserting of the constitution to protect us from secular tyranny as well .

America is a country where the majority of the citizens does belief in God but more important a country where people can practice their faith freely It is a country that protects all even if its one person one to have the freedom of choose in to believe in religion or not as the foundation of our allegiance to democracy and patriotism It is in the pledging of allegiance to any faith to certify the only way you that you support the constitution and democracy that is tyrannical and must end The constitution provides us with the practice and freedom of faith and does not require allegiance of any of its citizens to any religious beliefs even that of the majority that would be the institution of religious tyranny that we left behind under King George The question here is not of Washington faith as to what we give allegiance What we honor is the privilege of by the freedom of worship in our country in respect o his personal faith

The only question for allegiance is do your pledge under the Constitution as America citizen allegiance first to the principles to the protect and honor the different beliefs of all peoples belief above your own personal preference to chooses to belief in God

Do you pledge to defend against any group religious or otherwise that that put allegiance to this principles of liberty under the under the sovereignty document or principles or belief other than that of the Constitution to protect people from the tyranny of such agenda through intimation and fear.

The Pledge of Silence 
Liberty's Mighty Moslem Mussel

When you put "Under God" in our pledge and say all those who do not believe can be silent during that part of the pledge. What pledge are you talking about. How can you have people pledge allegiance to a belief in faith that they do not subscribe to show your loyalty to this nation A pledge allegiance is just that either you have allegiance to the whole pledge and what's in it or not there are no half measures when you give a pledge to the flag of our nation 

It is the only the use of all the words in the pledge of allegiance that makes it authentic other wise words that did not represent our allegiance to the flag would be left out.

So if you do remain silent at any part you are not taking the pledge there are no half measure in a pledge of allegiance Since the pledge defines what we give our allegiance to your silence will be your indictment as a non patriot one who does not only believe in fundamental rights but who has abdicated there allegiance Of course your children will be persecuted by the majority and the leaders of the nation it has already happened to the man and his daughter The source of Liberty stands on its own a universal principle a canopy that embraces all beliefs thought the support of fundamental rights If one person who does not believe in God but has served to defend our country and was willing to lay down their lives to protect liberty is forced to suffer the indignity and remain silent during any part of our pledge to accommodate the majority then we are not a democracy any longer This is no such a accommodation or a concession of this kind in a democracy it is a violation of the constitution and his fundamental rights of that person to be able to five his full allegiance to the flag of his country thought the tyranny of the majority 

This is very serious Then what about the right of the majority who want to say under God of course they have this right but not if they want to live under a democracy not a religious tyranny and give allegiance to the Constitution and the flag of our country The only possible concession that is made is to democracy so all can pledge allegiance to our flag together whether religious in belief or not.

This is outrageous No citizen of theses united states should suffer such an indignity a This is unconstitutional period for it puts people who do not believe in God in the position to be considered by the majority to have no allegiance to the constitution and an enemy of God Thus they occur persecution By forcing t them to remain silent during the part "Under God" they are chorused once again to put their personal beliefs about religion on public display under the auspices of a pledge to a Constitution that would protect every citizens right of declaration of allegiance to its principle without statement of religious preference Thus be putting Under God in the pledge of allegiance it is a f violation of the constitution based on separation of church and state based on the infringement of the rights of those of a non religious agenda thought cohesion 

This is a heinous attack on minority in a democracy who would be willing to protect and die for its principles of freedom from tyranny To put them in such a position to question there allegiance as citizens or put them in the position of opposing God being declared evil by the majority because they do not believe in God but further are opposed to God and the eventual right of freedom of worship because they oppose to having Under God in the pledge 

The people behind using God this way are the same who appeared to persecute Joan of Arch Galileo and many others They the blood relatives of the forefathers of the. Salem Witch Hunt and the Crusades not the founding fathers of our Constitution They have nothing to do with God take his name in vain, by forfeiting peoples fundamental rights under his name There acts are beyond treason by casting doubt upon the dignity of those souls who would protect us against tyranny without religious beliefs They are not only shredding the Constitution but ending any hope of the preservation of liberty at home and the spreading of liberty world wide

The war we is based on such a principle in states that are religiously controlled in the mid east If this becomes our pledge then we to are defined as a religious state that and that democracy must be under God Thus the spreading democracy around the world would be tainted to not included all theses who do not believe in God as citizens of darkness and treachery in a democracy Not only will we fail but we will lead our country and the world into the waiting arms of tyranny 

Democracy like religious dogma is also absolute an absolute allegiance to be governed under the sovereignty of its universal principle not to the not to a pimples for under its great canopy it embraces all those of faith religious faith and those with Non religious faith under its sovereignty without concessions to any majority In essence it guarantees the citizen's who live and are governed by the principles of democracy freedom from interference of any religious dogma to determine their allegiance or restrict their fundamental rights or cause persecution for their beliefs

The idea that only way democracy can exist is if all its citizens are gives their allegiance to appease the majority Using God this way is not only indefensible but despicable it represents God as an arm of tyranny

Democracy stands on only one ground a universal principle a canopy that embraces all beliefs thought the support of fundamental rights One does not need a bible or faith in God to understand when his rights violated it was the need to prevent such transgression to ever happen to them again that such documents of liberty were established to accommodate the majority 

Understanding about the pledge of allegiance issue is unmistakable self evident and simple that you cant miss it unless you want to replace democracy with tyranny In the introduction we have stated the greatness in democracy is that even the most uneducated among us can understand and apply its tenants Now I would like to add that even the most educated among us can never understand its simplicity 


To use religious belief this way will cause the conflict of with democracy and the bible therefore would represent the justification of the implementation of doctrines of tyranny to replace the allegiance to the written document and principles of the constitution to allegiance to religious faith of the church. Remember until segregation became part and partly or our culture only after is a law Laws was passed against did re confirm that our land and our civil liberties and our social ethics are all covered liberties governance found in our Constitution not in the bible toting segregationists of the south who justified their indefensible behavior with a religious mandate. If Lincoln had lost the civil war Tyranny would have become our social ethic


I grew up in the Truman era did not know that people that did not belief in God were all communists till Senator Mc McCarthy came into office Does this make sense The fact is he fired the first shot across the bow of our Constitution since the civil that is now challenging the Constitutionality of democracy itself



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