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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct"    
Victorious America

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Roots of America Allegiance

April 17, 2004

When the Puritans lived in England they were persecuted for their religious beliefs. The Church of England prohibited them from worshipping in their own way. There was no debate about the validity of the Puritans' doctrine. They were considered heretics by the absolute power and authority of the Church, exercising the power of the Status Quo.

The Church of England believed in Christianity. But was it the teaching of their founder to persecute others, lock them up and take away their freedom simply because their beliefs were different? In this case, if they had cared to see, their own professed beliefs would have acted as a mirror to expose their hypocrisy and evil.

Given the chance to resettle in America the Puritans took it. If they had stayed in England, the Church would have destroyed them because they were small in number and did not have the support from the general populace at the time.

What happened to the Puritans and their choice to settle in America set in motion a wave of determination so great it not only became the driving force of the development and character of American society but it also became the impetus for the spreading of human rights and democracy worldwide.

Why was this force so powerful that nothing and no one can stop it from gaining its own resolve in the human spirit? The Church of England tried to suppress the freedom of the individual, of his spiritual beliefs, his private domain, the seat of life where all people inquire about their own existence. It tried to imprison his mind, which is the main driving force to discern good from evil, the seat of judgment. 

The choice of the Puritans to rebel against the Church of England unlocked the gates of suppression, and triggered the flow of individual rights which then penetrated the mainstream of the British political arena emerging as the focus of a new agenda for a new world This idea of protecting individual rights saturated the American psyche from its onset and would be the moving force that shaped our history and set a standard of behavior, which has gained global acceptance.

Now the seed was planted and from that time on the given right of the individual to stand up and defend himself against any force or system that would subdue his fundamental rights was set in motion. This phenomenon where noble ideals continue to rise up even from the ashes of our own indignities is uniquely American. The fact that we continually champion the cause for individual rights under any circumstances is what makes our struggle so important to the world's social structure and its future.

As time continued, many other people came to this country, some for political reasons, some to escape prosecution and persecution, some for economic reasons, and many were forced to come here and be sold as slaves. Soon many different colonies were formed containing people from all parts of the globe, but still the English maintained an oppressive social and economic grip over the colonies. The colonists were an independent lot and there was no way they accepted the Church of England or the aristocratic social structure as something they could embrace.

This became apparent in the War of Independence, which produced documents such as the Declaration of Independence and eventually the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These would confirm that the foundation of the country was the focus on individual freedom. This was a far cry from a monarch and aristocracy where the people were neither empowered by charter or even given the right to hold their own leaders accountable for their actions. Through this struggle a government was formed by the people and for the people where the leaders would be directly accountable to the people. 

Jefferson stated in the past people were never empowered to censure or punish their leaders and those that would even raise their voice in protest were considered traitors. 

This right is of central importance because it truly defines the core of our social and ethical system, which had set us apart from the rest of the world. The Constitution provided the separation of Church and State. Now the government became the blanket under which all people could have their own beliefs, the freedom to speak out without fear of backlash from any group, religious institution or the government itself.

The government was structured to protect and defend the rights of all the people. It became the model that influenced thinking so deeply that it gave rise to the movement of humanism and the shift of religious institutions towards the enlightened structure of religious democracies in the twenty first century. 

This is in direct concurrence with the spirit and teaching of the True Buddha where the integrity of the individual is to be cherished and protected. These documents would be the foundation for the rights of each individual and would be the blocks of a new emerging civilization where the people are empowered to keep those who are in positions of authority in check, in other words, to keep the status quo in check.

Even though these documents were founded to protect the rights of the individual there was still slavery. These Americans of African descent were considered 3/5 human. Now the Church in America became hypocritical. Not only did their own religious doctrines mirror their hypocrisy, but the Bill of Rights exposed their evil. They had condoned and even protected the idea of slavery. But the force of individual rights and the integrity of individuals continued to drive forward and now that it was written into our sacred documents such hypocrisy could not last. 

With the appearance of Lincoln the status quo was challenged again and an institution that had supported social injustice was challenged by the integrity of the Bill of Rights and out of the indignity of slavery rose out of the ashes, the Emancipation Proclamation. Again the status quo was put in check by our sacred doctrines and the people who chose to speak out, protect and honor them. The gap between the doctrines of the people and their actions now became smaller.

Amazingly, this driving force keeps moving forward like a raging current that has only one purpose: to wash away all that is evil and perverse.

Throughout the twentieth century it gathered momentum, drawing into its vortex all manner of movements: women's rights, civil rights, workers' rights, gay rights - the list goes on and the roar gets louder. The strength of the people to rise to the occasion incessantly continues, for the seed planted two hundred years ago in the American psyche honoring the integrity of life and the individual must come to bloom. This is our destiny that is what truly defines us as American.

America remains the great enigma to the rest of the world. How can a country that is so young give birth to a process that is so profound and so advanced? The answer lies in the fact that all countries in the world throughout history except America are homogenous where the system's main stress had been on the group, not the individual. Within these systems many individuals have had to sacrifice themselves to save the group or save face of the community even at the expense of their own integrity. An individual in those systems rarely questions authority and in the rare cases that it happens, the person finds himself cut off or ostracized from the community where the social trends acquiescing to authority is the only acceptable behavior to keep the society unified and in harmony.

But America emphasizes the development of a strong, outspoken individual as the makeup of the group and nation, who would willingly, if necessary, give their lives to protect the integrity of the individual and their freedom first and foremost. We do not keep silent or acquiesce or sacrifice our lives and dignity to support any people or group that would trample on the rights of the individual, claiming to preserve and protect our nation. 

In this land, no group or authorities can ever silence the people from speaking out for change or standing up against injustice to the people. This process will never cease. Only you can have the choice to exercise this right and etch your life in glorious victory for all the people. This is your choice, your privilege, and not an obligation.
America knows how to put the status quo in check. This is our nature. It is in our blood. It is what keeps our hearts pure. We have taken the bold step to honor the enlightenment and the development of the individual as the key building block to a new global civilization.


America is a county that protects the rights of the minority and majority from the encroachment of tyranny by either on each other through reliance on the principles of the Constitutional exclusively 

Those in our government who claim to protect peoples rights under any jurisdiction, omit the pillars that sustain the integrity of our Constitution, they are Tyranists, and are committing an act of Treason against the people of the Untied States of America, and now after September 11, the world.

What separates the principles of democracy forms all other doctrines of governance and makes it revolutionary? The answer is found in the act of subduing the use of absolute power in all its forms to govern us. Its genius is found In its recipe of governance where one finds a perfect balance between the religious and secular that sustains the integrity of both by keeping all free from the infringement of absolute power form each and upon each other Thus the protection of peoples freedom and their fundamental rights against all agendas of tyranny that would deny the people their rights though any sort of force coercion intimidation or persecution in order to establish absolute power is assured.

Thus Democracy has power to eliminate all forms of evil because it exposes the threat of all forms of tyrannies whether religious or secular in nature that would enslave us. What makes the documents of democracy great is that those with the agenda of tyranny can not hide from the watchful eye of the Constitution

When the boundaries of the Constitution are crossed by those using absolute agendas to create a culture that supports fear and repression then the people who love liberty must stand to break this stranglehold of persecution or liberty will perish from the face of the earth

Puritans and Separation of Church and State

The Puritans outrage in having their faith, not only suspended but being forced to convert to a different religious dogma under the Kings rule, lead to necessity of a new governmental structure where the protection of the fundamental right of freedom of worship was absolutely guaranteed under its sovereignty.
The Puritans resolve to preserve the meaning of their existence from being rendered void by a governmental structure that embraced a state run religious autonomy was the reason a force emerged that was so powerful in engineering the establishment of governance would protect their fundamental right of free worship.

"Thus the foundation for a governance of protection of fundamental rights was born". 

The first of act of compassion by our forefathers to protect individuals from the persecution of the state was the foundation of a governmental structure that protected the people's fundamental right of free worship through the proclamation of the principle of separation of church and state. 
Thus because of the Puritans persecutions the idea of protecting peoples fundamental rights became the major focus for the formation of our governance from its beginning. 

"Separation of church and state was the first pillar and the imputes for the foundation of a governance based on the protection of fundamental rights."

This doctrine that protected freedom of religious choice progressed into a universal proclamation that embraced the ideal that all people's fundamental rights are to be considered sacred and deserving of equal protection from forces of absolute power. This progression is self evident to all with a social conscience.

Our forefathers demanded that this ideal be instituted as the foundation of our governance if the integrity of man was to stay in tack Thus their proclamation of Our" Eternal war on Tyranny" as liberty mandate was born. This proclamation is the sacred pledge that people of liberty honor to protect all that are noble in man from the forces of tyranny. In the end this mandate is the eternal guideline that keeps liberty on tract and is the bases of the pledge we give to our nation above all to protect our rights

Thus the doctrines liberty are a doctrines that sponsor a governance that provide protection against the establishment of absolute power that would rob the integrity of the human spirit by stripping people of their most basic fundamental rights, nothing more! Amazingly this principle also acts to protect theses fundamental rights from the infringement of any other rights on each other in the name of Tyranny 

"The implementation of the Separation of Church and State was first put into operation to forever close the door on the institution of the church and the state acting in collusion to dictate the religious beliefs on all of its citizens regardless of their religious preference. It is save to say that the principle of Separation of Church and State is an application of liberty that not only provides religious freedom, but when put under the umbrella of the Universal doctrine of Protection of Fundamental rights which our Constitution represents, its definition expands, and the true picture of its significance emerges."

"Now included in its principle is not only the protection of freedom of worship but freedom from faith ever being used to represent any element of tyranny against those who do not embrace a religious agenda."

Here understanding the principle of Separation Church of and State goes far beyond the ideal of religious freedom, for its true definition is revealed in its function to uphold liberties mandate, the protection of all peoples fundamental rights, against the advancement of Religious Tyranny, an agenda that would be used to undermine any of the fundamental rights that all the people deserve. under liberties domain

The password to unlock liberties applications here is, "Equal Worth"

Thus the Constitution not only upholds and protects the rights of freedom of worship but maintains the equally worth of those who do not embrace a religious agenda. This principle must intern be embraced by our pledge of allegiance to our nation for it defines our citizens any who would give their lives to protect the fundamental rights of all against the advancement of tyranny .irregardless of a religious belief.

Thus the Constitution not only upholds and protects the rights of freedom of worship but maintains the equally worth of those who do not embrace a religious agenda This principle must be embraced by our pledge of allegiance to our nation for it defines our citizens any who would give their lives to protect the fundamental rights of all against the advancement of tyranny by the majority or minority. 

Thus the auspicious of a universal doctrine that protects people fundamental rights the principle of the separation of church and state would also function to prohibit the use of any governance of democracy to define people allegiance to liberty in terms of any faith based reference curriculum that would exclude peoples fundamental rights who do not uphold such an agenda. 

Here separation of church and state would also prohibits the use of a faith based doctrine by the state that would demand peoples allegiance to a faith based agenda to the exclusion of people fundamental rights who do not uphold such an agenda 

It would also prohibits the rule of the majority to the use any doctrine of faith against the minority as a doctrine of exclusion to deny people fundamental rights who do not uphold such an agenda but who in tern uphold liberties mandate. Thus protecting the rights of the minority against the tyranny of the majority was established 

It would prohibit the payment of any tax funds to faith based agenda by all citizens in order in order to protect the rights of citizens of different faiths and of non religious beliefs in supporting governance based on religious preference 

Finally the principle of separation of church and state would prohibit any allegiance to the state as religious reference that deny the fundamental rights of those that do not believe in God Thus the doctrine of Separation Church and state under the Constitution of the United States of America is a doctrine to prevent religious tyranny from those who freedom of worship is guaranteed. 

Now one can easily understand when applying the ideal of Protection of fundamental rights from the advancement of tyranny our founding fathers pledge on the eternal war on tyranny is the only standard on which liberty authenticity can be judged


The Constitution can never be represented by anything other than protecting our liberties against the infringement of tyranny Sovereignty or allegiance to this document under Religious reference opens the door eventually to persecution In the past religion used was used as a form of tyranny on us It was this kind of Religious oppression that was the prime igniter that first that gave birth to liberties in our reaction against religious and made the Separation of Church and State the backbone of democracy 

The war we are now engaged in is with Religious Tyrannies in the Muslim world The essence of the conflict revolves the absence of one essential principle to protect their peoples fundamental rights and prevent the hijacking of their civil institution to be replaced by allegiance to a religious agenda and sovereignty This violations of the principle is the Separation of Church the foundation to protect democracy from tyranny in governing and overseeing her public and civil institutions and fundamental liberties

This is war is not a question for us who God is right but a war declared against us because of our allegiance to freedom of worship and freedom of choice first it is simply a war against the constitution of the United States of America which is the document for the archetype of liberty that is necessary to secure democracy among the family of man It is a war of nations who citizens give full allegiance to Religious Tyranny simple put it is a war caused by violation of the principle of Separation of Church and State in the nations that have chosen to attack democracy who is the culprit and the sole cause of their own poverty 


It's not the argument it's the source that this argument is based on must be challenged by those who wish to eliminate democracy with the establishment of a Religious Tyranny


While Gay marriage is certainly an important topic, and in no way do I mean to demean it but it is not the real story here. It is the position that conservatives have taken regarding their interpretation of the founding principles of the Constitution and part that it plays for them in rendering verdicts on a myriad of issue that is.

The issue of gay marriage in reality is only the tip of the iceberg. Their are many people who are against the concept of using the name married for gay people, but are also against favoring of a Biblical Reference to the Exclusion of Violations of the principles of Separation of Church and State in arguing this and many other issues 

Because the gay marriage issue is so highly controversial and volatile it has functioned to turn the gaze of many ordinary citizens on the part the Constitution plays in finding a solution to this dilemma. At the same time those that have been questioning the validity of the very principles that our Constitution is founded upon to determine our fundamental rights are have now taking center stage in every sector of the radio media right up to the party elect. 

While this is a good thing for controversy serves liberty's purpose in testing and proving the validity of her doctrines and keep us on course to a free society, but a more serious matter has arisen for we rapidly approaching the cross roads where a choice will have to be made by all whether we will keep the standard we will used to preserve liberties mandates, that have served us for over 200 years will be rendered heresy by those who wish to replace a constitutional mandate with a biblical mandate to govern us

That is why I said at the beginning of this piece It's not the argument it's the source that this argument is based on to get resolution that must be challenged.

Declaration of War on the Constitution

Presently there are those in our country who are clumping people who do not agree with gay marriage together with people who do, because they do not agree with every part of their agenda to replace the Constitution with a Religious Mandate Thus by putting the issue of Gay Marriage at the top of their laundry list they use the volatility of the Gay Marriage as their poster child, their ultimate proof to show the principles that our Constitution were founded on can no longer serve as a reference point to sustain our way of life as it have for over 200 years. 

It is obvious that this present administration is using Religious Dogma as a Bully Pulpit to demand that the Constitution keep in step with Gods ' Plans for us irregardless of what fundamental principles of liberty are trampled upon. Not unlike our Moslem brethren from the Mid East, and around the world they are using the Sacred as a Branding Iron to discredit and silence all those who would dare challenge their treachery. Using the sacred to install the fear of community censorship and political suicide to silence the people and their representatives is nothing new. in the annals of human history. In America this amounts to treason for it is putting the Constitution the document left by our founding fathers that deliver us from tyranny, into the hands of those who objectives now are not unlike the Religious Monarch our founding fathers so hated. This must be stopped at all costs.

Ultimately the good name of God can only be protected under the sovereignty of the Constitution. Only under its sovereignty can we curtail mans use of Gods name to promote the horrors of tyranny, and still fulfill liberties dictates


Now those that would challenge this administration stance are now all be accused by the new Conservative media as secularists, enemies to God enemies to Liberty and enemies of America even is they believe in God and would protect the Constitution with their lives. Whom will these new radio tyranites declare the next enemies of our country Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklyn George Washington all whom hated religious tyranny.
There agenda must be challenged and crushed or the pursuit of amending the Constitution until it becomes the bible and separation of church and state is declared unconstitutional without objection will be achieved

Separation of Church and State Does not make Religious belief Unconstitutional Religious Tyranny does.

This is how the Conservatives are taking advantage of the volatility of Gay marriage issues, even though I might agree with them on the fundamental issue it is obvious they are using this issue as a smoke screen to divert and cloud their objectives to secure biblical standard reference to replace the wisdom and trust our fore fathers put in our Constitution as the final judge to determine if peoples actions over step the boundaries that define our fundamental rights or undermine the function of theses rights to destroy the foundation of liberty itself.

Religious Tyranny God's Greatest Enemy 

"In the end it was our own experience with religious oppression inside the SGI, a worldwide Buddhist organization that helped us to pinpoint precisely where evil displays its greatest power to corrupt and hide - in the realm of the sacred and the spiritual. Why? Because passing judgment on religious and spiritual institutions and their leaders has always been considered a taboo by the majority, an offense to the sacred the biggest obstacle standing in the way of peoples salivation" 
                                                                 Stan Zir "The New Plague"

When taboo is used to sustain the promotion of the sanctity of the divine to the exclusion of the fundamental principles of governance that protects us against tyranny, know at that time a War has been declared on the Constitution of the United States and our way of life by those who promote such an agenda

This is the time we must summon up the courage to break the hold of this unholy allegiance in our land and expose its imposters who lead the charge, in order to protect what is truly hallowed our documents of liberty! 

This is the time when the ultimate confrontation with evil is at hand. At that time we must break down the doors of the sanctuary that theses charlatans have disguised as the God house in order to destroy liberates mandate, and reclaim the alter of freedom by exposing those who are defiling Gods name at home in the name of liberty

Only then can we finally see the real enemy and expose the most horrific attributes of this evil finally making it, and all other applications of deception transparent in all the arenas of the human endeavor

To equivocate that Gods absolute power is only generated though your political agenda is the most powerful way to summon up blind allegiance and unflagging support of the majority to church and discredit any dissenters. Put simple its a march towards fascism. The use of God to unite people in such a way is an absolute evil. It abuses the power of the ultimate to gain absolute obedience by preying on the people's supreme fear of forsaking God to ensure that their end is achieved.

So powerful is the use of such an agenda that people in many of the Mid -eastern societies come to believe that committing suicide and murdering innocent men, women and children to achieve their goals is the greatest honor and brings the greatest rewards in eternity. 

Why is this influence so powerful in every society? Because it is a mindset that deals with the absolute, with the eternity of existence in terms of reward and punishment. While the secular world deals only with reward and punishment in a limited life span, those with a religious agenda utilize eternity and the infinite realm of the divine and to take total advantage of the people in the depths of their souls if not relegated by constitutional governance.

Giving credence to the practice of absolute power under the name of preserving the order and protecting the greater glory of Gods name this way is nothing less then presenting God as a tyrant. What greater glory exists that would serve to deny and suspend such freedoms and democratic ideals to reach its goal No such greater glory exits not even for God, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Allah, or even in the name of achieving World Peace. What you are talking about is oppression not glory.

Our founding fathers closed the door on this most potent manifestation of evil 200 years ago so no government can ever again use the name of God for the purpose of tyranny by establishment the principle of separation of church and state 
Knowing this devil has entered consecrated grounds to unleash the full force of his armies in this last battle for dominance He has forged his name on Gods Passport and has marched his trogen horses into the center of our capitol, uncontested and admired. He is now even welcomed into our house of Representatives and the Senate with no opposition from within

Thus he still remains invisible and is protected, as he was at the beginning when he was using Gods name and preaching at his pulpit Now it time to finally end his reign.

Religious Tyranny now attacks us on two fronts

Across the seas in the Middle East those that now attack us use a religious agenda to declare all people that would question the validity of Allah and his teachings an enemy of the state and the world They using this agenda to deny people all there fundamental rights

Now that same ideology is trying to be established in our country It's a different jockey with the same horse Here at home the party elect is steadily pushing us to the brink of a civil war by using the name of God to claim it is Democracy greatest Patrons, while trading in our Constitutional standard for a for a Biblical one to protect our fundamental rights and preserve liberty and our way of life 

Taking it a step further the new radio tyrannists are branding anyone who disagrees with any part of this agenda is now an enemy of the bible and Jesus Christ Now who in this country wants to be branded an enemy of Jesus Christ and America to boot. The devil has come home to roast 

"Can a doctor who has been compromised by the same disease that has inflicted his patients prescribed the rights serum to cure them if it cannot cure himself. Can we stop the spread of religious tyranny in the med east if we protect and nurture it at home Spreading democracy in the Mid -East No Replacing Tyranny in Allah's' name under ours. Yes "

You can not put out a fire with Gasoline, The war we are in demands the de- tyranization the world under liberties mandate only "Our Eternal War on Tyranny" guides us to the only serum, the only weapon we must use if we are to win against these nations of Religious Tyrannies around the world and there terrorist infected psyches the implementation of Church and State in theses societies
This is not a war of us against the Muslim world. It is a war of the nations who embrace religious tyranny that we are at war with democracy. We do not fight this war in the name of God We must never let the enemy define this war for us if we will also embrace Religious Tyranny as our way of life 

Today we face an ominous opponet for the last battle for liberty is not only being fought overseas but now to must be fought at home where the Bush administration has made our only hope for the elimination of terrorism and tyranny and our final victory over evil this world " the implementation of separation of church and state in the Mid East as " a forbidden fruit 

For the sake of our Constitution for the sake of liberty for the preservation of our union we must wake up stand and fights and resist under any condition the very existence of liberty in this world is now at stake 


The eagle sits perched above the bluff her eyes peer below, A black plume of smoke arises in the distance she shutters; her fertile fields of dreams have become a blood stained blanket for the innocent souls of liberty's make. 

Now abruptly she turns, setting her gaze towards the stars on top of the world, she ascends into her garden of justice, by heavens gate 

Up among the blue flumes and vapor clusters she stops to spot the invader that has threatened her sanctuary, the only refuge for hope in the world

Now swooping down among the plains we come under her majestic scrutiny for now before she descends ascends out to sea and into the heavens to cover the earth with her golden wings of justice, she must make sure our allegiance to her mission of liberty is not alerted or sullied by compromising the very foundation and source of liberty its self the Constitution 

Citizens a choice must be made we stand on the very precipice of disaster 
Either we open liberties gate, and consummate the mission to deliver this indomitable package of freedom untarnished and unadulterated to the world or history will be downloaded into a sandy crevice, sea filled, drowned, then dispersed in the chum without a trace 

President Bush liberties new patriots are approaching and soon they will be demanding save harbor. Their eyes like the eagle defending its territory are uncompromising and all consuming. These are the warriors destined to weld the Scepter of Liberty in this world. Then the ageless tyrant will becomes transfixed as he shivers in fear pondering the eternal fury that is about to descend upon his domain and finally turn his deceitful soul and his followers to dust

Using our forefathers mandate to protect liberty "Our Eternal War on Tyranny" I have been able fingerprint the most elusive and potent form of tyranny ever to be waged against humankind


Do I think that religious values has had a great influence on our civilization of course I do but only under the Sovereignty of the Constitution, where the best of secular and religious belief are channeled through it to produce the combined wisdom of both to guide us in our decisions that protect and honor our freedom before feeding its pearls of wisdom back into the ocean of liberty that sustains us.

Luckily regardless of how many people try to redefine democracy to push their political agenda, they only end up temporarily disrupting its foundation. Luckily, the Constitution has a mechanism that acts like a catapult; and when anything gets too far a field, it releases its own bolder and the wall of false dogma comes tumbling down. The balance between the secular and religious is restored.

How is this possible? Because the documents themselves are connected to the ultimate will of mankind: liberty and freedom from all forms of tyranny. Therefore our Constitution on which liberty rests acts as a Mirror reflecting back a clear image of all that uphold its decrees and a distorted one of those that do not 

It has been the Constitution, liberties mirror of truth, that set our own house in order time and time again to break the grip of those among us that would interpret religious or secular doctrines to justify their brand of tyranny against our citizens.

Do I believe Gay marriage is wrong? Yes! Does my religious influence me probably, but have I made up my mind on this issue yes but not based on my belief in God and that homosexuality is a sin, 

I made up my mind that the term Gay marriage cannot be used simply because the definition of the word marriage was reserved for the union and partnership between a man and women. To put it simply Gay people need another word to describe their union. When women won their battle for equal rights they did not say they wanted to be called men after they won

Thus for me the issue of gay people using the name of marriage is Unconstitutional because it's a name game that functions to cross the boundaries where the word that we use to describe a particular type of relationship in our language is being challenged by those who wish to refine the meaning of the word marriage in order to accommodate a different kind of relationship so they can claim there fundamental rights 

Does the manipulation of the word marriage in this way over step the boundaries that define our civil or fundamental rights or undermine the function of theses rights that could destroy the foundation of liberty itself my opinion it does.

Why? Because the definition of the words that we use to describe the foundation of liberty and even the definition of liberty itself can be used or arbitrarily changed or in order to suit peoples agendas in the future This sets a frightening precedence and opens the way to fascism. The very thing the Gay community say they are fighting against

It is obvious that the language and the definition of the words that we have used for over 200 years have been able to sustain our liberty and protect it from the advancement of tyranny from those that have been denied there civil and fundamental rights by an exclusionary religious or secular dogmas.

The gay community must understand when the civil rights of mixed marriage between black and white were denied but finally declared unconstitutional it was still about a union between male and female relationships

But when it comes to the Gay Communities Fundamental and Civil rights we must respect and protect their claims to theses rights without reservation. If we do not we are in tern guilty of overstepping the boundaries that define our fundamental rights or the boundaries that undermine the function of theses rights to destroy the foundation of liberty itself.

They are tax paying citizens They have proven time and time again they will who will defend our freedom and our rights in choice of religious or non religious belief and as citizens they deserve all the benefits of equal rights that we enjoy

Even though we may feel and believe as heterosexuals that this kind of relationship is offense to us and God both and even unnatural and just lascivious in nature thus they should be denied civil rights we enjoy This kind of thinking also opens the door a fascism like we saw in Germany and Japan Italy in world war to and not unlike the Salem witch hunt in our own country just to name a few.

History has proven us wrong There have been many great gay people who have enriched and improved our standard of our lives throughout our history our country

The movement of the Religious Rights and the Republican has now adapted movement is not unlike those of the past fascist regimes in the past that have branded people ermines of the state using them as either escape goats to separate them from the rest to prove their superiority or a religious aged tat is the most powerful tool to isolate people who do not agree with their agenda irregardless of their believe in God

Way before this issue off gay marriage had arisen the platform that the party elect, had decided to embrace show up in their positions of the Constitutionality of the pledge of allegiance arguments for funding faith organizations out of the tax from the tax payers pockets, silence in pledge of allegiance for people of non religious beliefs the implementation of bills eliminating our judicial selective process that would eliminate checks and balances on the executive branch, and the deafening silent about the actions an institution considered almost as sacred as marriage the Boy Scouts in our country took to strip a 13 year old boy scout of his eagle badges because of his non religious agenda speaks volumes about what their intentions are : The advancement of a governance based on a Religious Mandate to replace the Constitution, now to be used as the exclusive reference for there arguments What can justify replacing the Constitution a document to protect us form the advancement of tyranny with a Religious Mandate to now lead the charge only on thing Tyranny in this case Religious Tyranny its favorite son .

It now becomes obvious in order to end this disease of tyranny that has plagues us thought the history of human kind we must now drape the world in liberty by any means and at any cost

As we stated in the first part of this article" Separation of Church and State Liberties Neutron Bomb" Any attack on liberty brings with it a warning, a warning on what principles must never be violated by us if our union of liberty is to remain standing. The attack on September 11 gave us the severest of warning never to violate the principle of Separations of Church at home

In the introduction on the site of Victorious America we explained the attack on our country signified the commencement of the final battle between liberty and tyranny for world domination is now in progress For all intensive purpose secular tyranny has been defeated and subdued Now we are witnessing the worst that tyranny has to offer Religious tyranny Taking the lead and picking up all stragglers along the way we must not let this force gain momentum for the potential of revitalizing the armies of Secular Tyrannies especially in south America lead by the devil incarnate Fidel Castro
Be assured nothing can stop the process of liberties grand design that fully protects us from being infected with the disease of tyranny? How does this work 
There is a Buddhist saying that the Ocean rides it self of Corpuses In the same way the Constitution cleanses itself and America from all forms of tyranny,.

This has been proven time and time again in the history of our own country as we have been able to rise above our own inequities time and time ( Slavery Women's rights Segregation ) again using her unrelenting mirror of justice as our only staff. 

It now becomes obvious in order to end this disease of tyranny that has plagues us thought the history of human kind we must now drape the world in liberty by any means and at any cost

How does the Constitution finally protect it self from being infected with the disease of tyranny Luckily regardless of how many people try to redefine democracy to push their political agenda, they only end up temporarily disrupting its foundation. In the end the Constitution has a mechanism that acts like a catapult; when anything gets too far a field, it releases its own bolder and the wall of false dogma comes tumbling down. thus balance between the secular and religious is restored. How is this possible? Because the documents themselves are connected to the ultimate will of mankind: liberty and freedom from all forms of tyranny. Therefore our Constitution on which liberty rests acts as a Mirror reflecting back a clear image of all that uphold its decrees and a distorted one of those that do not

Once an impropriety been established in our society that challenges the very principles on which the foundation of liberty rests its venom eventually enters into the current from whence the source of our freedom emanates the Constitution. Flowing through its tributaries it inevitably reaches the main arty that connects to its Heart, the Seat of Compassion where Liberty the only Crowned King that sits in judgment At its side is its scepter, the sword of justice cutting the vines of deception of all that would pollute and destroy its mandate thus cleansing its body of all that would destroy it before emptying its her pearls of wisdom back into the ocean of liberty.

Now the time has finally arrived to throw off the final impediment that is clouding the view of liberties beacon, only then can her majestic face span the globe extinguishing the fires of tyranny from all that come under her gaze. 

Until then we cannot see the enemy that has now entered liberties gate using Gods name on his passport to betray liberties trust here at home This last betrayal the betrayal of the sacred must be now be exposed now matter what the cost or we will be destroyed by the greatest deception to ever assault mankind, Religious Tyranny Only then can liberty finally fulfill her mission in securing liberty world wide and ending terrorism and tyranny forever

In 2003 we were attacked by nations of Religious Tyranny thus exposing our violation of liberties mandate in embracing a religious mandate in our own pledge as our sovereign What is the historical significance of the attack on our country the significance is that our victory will put an end to tyrannies advancement forever and will validate liberty as a universal document that embraces under the sovereignty of a government that is forever free from tyranny In such a victory we will end the last assault on people fundamental rights by honoring the last right that has still been denied to people under liberties domain.

People of non religious belief who would defend your rights for religious freedom be forced to portray their patriotism under a pledge that would by definition define there belief and them as sworn enemies of God the Constitution and America 


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Rescuing our Youth from Deception
Church and State 
Liberty's Jewel 
Creation of New Governments in the Mideast
Bush Doctrine Versus the Constitution 
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Abandoning Liberty's Mandate 
Downfall of the Republican Right 
Israel and Liberty's Mandate 
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Win the Battle but Lose the War
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Governance by God, Governance by the Bible 
Silence in Pledge and Mighty Muslim Mussel
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Conflict Between Faith Governance and Democracy 
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Free Elections Equal Democracy
Preemptive Action 
Church and State 
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Spreading Liberty World Wide 
What Democrats Can't Understand 
What We Have in Common with the Arab League 
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The War We are In 
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Constitution and Pledge of Allegiance Violation 
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Our Great Shame: France Taking the Lead Against Tyranny
The Return of the Big Hat Man from Salem to Government




February 1, 2004  

Liberty's Mandate is easy to understand. If you want to see what something stands for, see what it protects itself against. For democracy, it's tyranny and for tyranny, it's democracy. Any other excursion after September 11 to honor and dignify the nobility of the human spirit other than serving Liberties Mandate to rid the world of terrorism would be a violation of the very principle that protects liberty from those who are intent on its destruction. If we permit this to happen we would be destined to fall short in subduing the darkest deeds of terror that are presently approved, by people who show un-daunting allegiance to their nations as witnessed by their unending proclamations of their sacred dogma above and to the exclusion of individual rights as their official mantra. 

This is a far cry from democracy who's greatness stems form the fact that the fundamental principle that protects her very existence is found in her eternal declaration of war form the advancement of secular or religious tyranny from with in her shores and abroad to secure freedom It is principle that gave birth to a balance framework where theses two institutions of the secular and religious world could work in harmony together each enhancing each other, while protecting the peoples integrity and their dignity though freedom of choice. America is a land that continues to rise up out of its own iniquities time and time again because of its reliance on a Constitutional framework exclusively. How is this because it is her written decrees that demand her people to uphold Liberties Mandate above all everything else as her sovereign. 

When we view all of human history from this view point it becomes perfectly clear that the greatness of democracy lies in the fact that the fundamental principles of her document maintains a balance that protects us against secular or religious tyranny It is when this balance is violated in any society we see the loss of fundamental rights of people through their allegiance to a standard of governance that claims that achieving their goals is more important than preserving liberty It is the allegiance of people to theses defective systems of secular or religious exclusivity in their nations that greases the wheel of ignorance the real cause of major conflicts through out world history.
What makes our founding documents of freedom so eternal and universal is self-evident, while the principles and belief systems of religious agendas may differ, (ideas of salvation) the ideals and fundamental principles of democracy remain constant. Under its domain protecting one's fundamental rights is what is held as sacred above all else for it provides the key to offset all agendas of tyranny secular or religious in nature that would deny the people their rights though any sort of force coercion intimidation or persecution in order to establish order and rule of law 
It was our founding fathers vote of confidence to honor and trust people in all their imperfections to use this tool called free choice under the venue of our Constitution as its guiding force to determine the destiny of our nation It was their trust that this one act of free will would pave a victory for good over evil and prosperity over despair that the constraints of tyranny would deny.
The fact the democracy can only be understood in its response to "All Forms of Tyranny" opens the door to understating the ultimate foundation on which liberty rests When put under scrutiny this response to tyranny isolates the mandate that reveals if the polices of any government can be authenticated as legitimate from of liberty or not. Upon further scrutiny this mandate also acts as a mirror in whose reflection reveals the true enemies to freedom both from within and out side our own borders so there is no confusion in time of war or peace in what direction we should proceed That is why we call this Mandate Liberties Jewel because it acts as the lamp that guides us out of the darkness of deception Therefore he who takes the helm of Liberties ship must use this Jewel as his sextant for he is commissioned by the people to be the eyes of our nation to steer us on sure course through the storms of deception . Without using this sextant he would be blind and we would be taken of course and shipwrecked on the shores of tyranny where only the whip of repression reins supreme.
The coming millennium will be defined and tempered by people whose faith that the manifestation of liberty world wide is necessary to secure world peace is indomitable and who's faith that only through serving liberties mandate can this be accomplished is immovable No other standard must be used or tyranny will become the social ethic. 
Now its time to tie up all the lose ends together by putting everything under the umbrella of that which now assails us: tyranny Only then we will be able to expose our true enemies in this war against terrorism and pull clear picture out of the confusion spread by those who would distract us form the only course of action we must take for the victory of human dignity over despair: "The displacement of tyrannical regimes with democracies governments based only on the founding principles of the Constitution of the United States of America". 



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