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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct"    
Victorious America

Because of the urgency of this message we had published these excerpts without any editoral or grammatical corrections. These corrections will be made with the publications of my forthcoming book.....


The Latest Excerpt..... 

Separation of Church and State 
Liberty's Neutron Bomb 
the Ultimate Weapon Against Terrorism and Tyranny

March 12, 2004

My fellow citizens, this is the time to drop Liberty's Neutron Bomb "Separation of Church and State" both on the Middle East and on all the other nations of Religious Totalitarian Tyranny around the world where fundamental rights and liberty are now considered to be the greatest threat to their religious beliefs, if democracy is to survive. 

It has been said time is a despot and waits for no one. Unfortunately I do not have the luxury of a staff to edit this chapter but because of the seriousness of the events that are now transpiring that can transform the very course that our country will take in the future I will publish this chapter as is and edit at a future date. In the spirit of President Bush whom I voted for, I will take his lead pulling no punches - for our liberty is at stake. I have written many excerpts here with more to come. 

Disclaimer: For those who descend on this text like vultures to plagiarize what is written here or exploit its ideas to promote your own political agenda and your careers, I must inform you that I have already taken action to file this article and all articles on the site of Victorious America so I am legally protected. 


What I have written here has nothing to do with a right wing or left wing agenda. What I consider most sacred is our Constitution and Bill of Rights what I despise most is tyranny and those who promote it, for it would eliminate all our fundamental rights and strip mankind of its integrity.

America is now presenting our Constitution and Bill of Rights as its calling card, challenging the world community to honor the sanctity of liberty's governance where the sovereignty of free choice and fundamental rights becomes the foundation for spiritual and economic advancement in every nation in order to defeat the plague of tyranny and terrorism.

It was our founding father's vote of confidence to honor and trust people in all their imperfections to use this tool called free choice under the venue of our Constitution as its guiding force to determine the destiny of our nation. It was their trust that this one act of free will would pave a victory for good over evil and prosperity over despair that the constraints of tyranny would deny us. 

After September 11 we must now insist that the social, religious and non-religious origins of all citizens be fully protected against the emergence of tyranny's advancement from amongst each other and upon each other by insisting that all equally pledge their allegiance to the sovereignty of the principles of our Constitution exclusively, the prototype for a peaceful co-existence between all nations.

In "Liberty's Jewel" I stated:

"When we view the events of human history it becomes perfectly clear that the greatness of democracy lies in the fact that the fundamental principles of her document maintains a balance that protects us against secular or religious tyranny It is when this balance is violated in any society we see the loss of fundamental rights of people through their allegiance to a standard of governance that claims that achieving their goals is more important than preserving liberty It is the allegiance of people to theses defective systems of secular or religious exclusivity in their nations that greases the wheel of ignorance the real cause of major conflicts through out world history 

What makes our founding documents of freedom so eternal and universal is self-evident, while the principles and belief systems of religious agendas may differ; the ideals and fundamental principles of democracy remain constant. Under its domain protecting one's individual rights and free choice is what is held as sacred above all else for it provides the key to off set all agendas of tyranny secular or religious in nature that would deny the people their fundamental rights though any sort of force coercion intimidation or persecution in order to establish order and rule of law 

Now the fact that democracy can only be understood in its declaration war on "All Forms of Tyranny" becomes blaringly self-evident. This response this opens the door to understating the ultimate foundation on which liberty rests and what liberty is.. When put under scrutiny this response to tyranny reveals if the polices of any government can be authenticated as legitimate from of liberty or not. Upon further scrutiny this mandate against tyranny also acts as a mirror in whose reflection reveals the true enemies to freedom both from within and out side our own borders so there is no confusion in time of war or peace in what direction we should proceed That is why we call this mandate Liberties Jewel because it acts as the lamp that guides us out of the darkness of deception Therefore whomever takes the helm of Liberties ship must use this Jewel as their sexton for they are commissioned by the people to steer us on sure course through the storms of deception . Without using this sexton no matter how well intended they would be blind and we would be taken of course and shipwrecked on the shores of tyranny where only the whip of repression reins The coming millennium of peace is nothing other than the full manifestation of democracy principles through the world by people who's faith in liberties mandate is indomitable.


Regardless of how many people try to redefine democracy to suit their own social, economic or religious agendas, they only end up temporarily disrupting its foundation. Fortunately, the Constitution has a mechanism that acts like a catapult; when anything gets too far a field, it releases its own bolder, and the wall of false dogma comes tumbling down and the balance between the secular and religious is restored to prevent tyranny from upon us and upon each other .

How is this possible? Because the documents themselves are connected to the ultimate will of mankind: liberty and freedom from all forms of tyranny. Therefore our Constitution on which liberty rests acts as a Mirror reflecting back a clear image of all that uphold its decrees and a distorted one of those that do not.
This has been proven time and time again in the history of our own country as we have been able to rise above our own inequities time and time ( Slavery Women's rights Segregation ) again using her unrelenting mirror of justice as our only staff.


Because the Constitution and Bill of Rights are documents that honor and protect people's fundamental rights above all they have been able to secure the value of Liberties Trust Fund for us for over two hundred years. In order to protect this trust fund our founding fathers issued their proclamation their "Eternal War on Tyranny" to function as liberties radar screen This monitor reveals all the enemies of our Constitution by identifying all the criminals, thugs, and outlaw nations of the world, that are at war with peoples fundamental rights in the name of absolute power. Like past criminals that have committed crimes against humanity they inevitably seem to leave their fingerprints behind identifying what tyrannical gang they belong to.

Thus attack on liberty brings with it a warning, a warning on what principles must never be violated by us if our union of liberty is to remain standing. The attack on September 11 gave us the severest of warning never to violate the principle of Separations of Church. This can be confirmed because the beliefs and governing institutions that our enemies and distracters have always embraced are ultimately magnified after their attacks on us. Using this as our guide we found the finger prints of the Nations of Religious Totalitarian Tyrannies on every stone that covered the dead bodies of the beloved citizens of liberties make 

Now the weapon of choice that would eliminate these terror infested nations of Religious Tyranny from which these came criminals came from would also result in the transform there baron lands into gardens of peace and prosperity was obvious. Using the prescription our founding fathers decreed to protect our freedoms form this from this form of tyranny to preserve liberty at our nations birth became evident Thus the serum provided by the principle of Separation of Church and State that was reserved by them 200 years ago exclusively to dismantle the remaining Religious Tyrannies of this world now comes into play.

Only this serum injected directly into the heart of their governing structures can cure there home grown cultures of gloom that are terrorizing the world. After September 11 it became apparent this would have to be an emergence procedure, with no time for permission slips from infected populations if we were going to stop the spread of terrorism thought the world How could I be so sure who theses finger prints belonged to 


"After September 11th, the people of the United States were in disbelief in hearing that so many people from all walks of life in another parts of the world hated us so much. We still truly cannot understand why even today as reports from the Muslim world get worse in this regard. What's the deal here? We must truly know the answer to this question for in it lies what we are truly fighting for and what we are fighting against If we do underestimate the enormity of this negative condition because it offends our sensibilities, then we will fall into denial syndrome and put ourselves at great risk.

To find out why this condition exists we must go through a process of inquiry. Through a process of elimination, irrelevant information is weeded out to reveal the crucial questions asking what the root of the problem is and what the actions that must be taken for resolution are.

A doctor trying to cure a patient with a deadly disease uses the same procedure. First he looks at the symptoms; then he asks the right questions based on the information at hand to come up with a diagnosis or the patient will die. My inquiry into this subject of why we are hated by the majority of the Muslim world leads me to one common denominator embodied in the meaning of one word, ALLEGIANCE and the answer to the fundamental question of allegiance to whom and to what.

1 To what principles, Religious or Secular Exclusivity or a Constitutional Governance do the people give their allegiance, in governing their nations? 

2. What are these governing principles and what effect do they have on the behavior and mindset of the people and leaders of the public institutions of that nation?

Answer these two questions and you can understand the essence and the immensity of the whole conflict we as Americans are facing in the world today.

In 2001 I wrote: 

"Their can no longer be any doubt that the leading cause for incubation of terror that progressed to infest the sovereign nations of middle east, has one cause, the loss of fundamental rights and freedom This has been sustained through the absence of balance, between religious and secular establishments in their ruling governmental institutions Thus the absence of any democratic sovereignties in theses nations has lead to a prolonged history of allegiance to a faith first governance in their civil institutions that has been cultivated by the dominance of religious tyrannies in that region over the centuries, The fact that that these ideas are still embraced even among the most moderate of their populations today is of no surprise considering the lack of all fundamental rights in that region for over 20 centuries. 

As a result of this continuous imbalance, in the face of advancing civilizations, we are now facing vast populations who are mistakenly driven to think they must defend their faith from destruction, against the very thing that would liberate them from their oppression and protect the true purpose of faith not destroy it which is liberty! The establishment of a new equilibrium, through a governance that embraces an open market of ideas through free press is now essential to protect us from the advancement of the worlds deadliest cancer and only with the establishment of the principle of Separation of Church State in their governments will we see the elimination all forms of tyranny that has plagued their cultures and now threats to destroy ours .

On September 11 the world did change forever, for the course of the history, our nation and all of mankind finally reached the final crossroads where the course of history will be decided as a victory for either democracy. or tyranny. The war with nations across the globe who have denied peoples fundamental rights through the violating the universal principle of "separation of church and State had begun. Theses nations disguised as moderates have been able to sneak under the radar of democracy and continue to violate all of their people's fundamental rights in the very name that caused terrorism in the first place Religious Totalitarian Tyranny

Lies and deception are the protocol of tyrannical agendas. In a tyranny truth is not relevant. Any statements issued from these governments and their supporters can never be believed or certified. The only thing that can be substantiated is the total absence of fundamental human rights in order to maintain absolute power through the sabotage of the truth. Submission and dominance is achieved through intimidation. This is the agenda of tyranny, the parent of terrorism

In the end our own stance against tyranny here and abroad must define what we as Americans stand for We must make this our only allegiance and follow wherever it take us for to be sworn and unrelenting enemy of tyranny no door must be left unopened or explored here or abroad not even the sacred. We must not let tyranny escape our gaze lest we ourselves unknowingly embrace it and lose the privilege spread this sacred document though out the world free from terror

My fellow citizens is the time to drop Liberties Neutron Bomb "Separation of Church and State" both on the Middle East and on all the other nations of Religious Totalitarian Tyrannies around the world where fundamental rights and liberty are now considered to be the greatest threat to their religious beliefs if democracy is to survive. 


We are now facing the greatest war of deception ever waged against the soul of humanity here at home and abroad. Religious Tyranny a doctrine that uses Religious decrees to deprive both the majority and the minority of their basic fundamental rights in the Middle East, is now finding a home on every door step in our own country and even has a room at the White House

Now patriots in our own country who still embrace the principle of Separation of Church and State, the doctrine of Protection that our founding fathers issued to forever close the door on those in the world who would use Religious doctrine to deny people's fundamental rights are now being declared unpatriotic, enemies of America, and enemies of God. Who will we declare the next enemies of our country Thomas Jefferson Benjamin Franklin?

The mission of Victorious America is to end any confusion in the minds of our fellow citizens by presenting the indisputable line between democracy and tyranny so that there will be no doubt about what we are fighting for and whom we are fighting against. With this line firmly established, the essence of our conflict with religious and secular tyrannies, through out the world, will no longer be able to pass undetected by the radar of democracy. This will enable each one of us to pinpoint the true identity of the enemy that is trying to destroy us. Only then will we prevail over the obfuscation of the truth coming from within and outside our borders and avoid proceeding down the wrong road leading to the annihilation of our democracy. 

That is why Victorious America is a organization that has dedicated to the completion of America destiny By imitating a movement based on our essays articles books rallies and sponsorships to keep America on course in fulfilling liberties mandate: "Her eternal war on Tyranny" We have full confidence that this is the essential principle we must embrace if we are to secure peace in this world that can forever be free from fear and terror

Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppression of body and mind will vanish like evil sprits at the dawn of day"
Thomas Jefferson letter to Du Pont de Nemours  April 24, 1816

As an America my passion for liberty and hatred for tyranny is the force that drives my soul and defines my life When the forces of tyranny from within attacks the very foundation on which our liberties rest: The Constitution of United States of America its time to stand and fight for liberty is our only is our only refuge of hope and our only weapon we have defend our selves against terrorism and tyranny. In this battle victory is the only option for failure here is a one way ticket to hell for us all

Victorious America represents the result of an unrelenting struggle to put the source of liberties dictates into its simplest form. I did this in order to turn her wisdom into an application that can be used to bring people back to their senses in an era where the deadly disease of deception now rules the hearts and emotions of so many of our most well intentioned citizens.

For those that read what is written here they will find themselves cleansed form the confusions of tyrannies make for within theses pages lays the specter of liberty the sward of justice that all can use to cut vines of deception and free themselves from the vile death that tyranny brings when left unchallenged by good men of will

Our Significance

The significance of Victorious America is rooted in the isolating the essential principle that acts to differentiate the boundary where freedom ends and tyranny begins This one principle is the irrefutable source to protect all the great institutions of liberty for without democracy would be rendered useless Its value is immeasurable its scope endless for it functions to bring instant clarity to the objective of all human endeavors whether religious or secular in nature It is the precursor of liberty born from the conflict with tyranny who statement lead to birth of the greatest ideas of governance for freedom for all mankind found in our Constitution, a document that embraces the beliefs of all that love liberty and who's essence defines how our own dignity and fundamental rights are excised in our civil laws to protect us form those who would rein tyranny down upon us

"Our Eternal War on Tyranny"

Why do I call this principle called Liberties Mandate, democracies eternal scepter because it defines the propose of liberties doctrines by clarifying what we must defend against if we want to preserve them. 

Victorious America's greatness lies in the fact that we found this eternal key that unlocks the great wisdom of our founding fathers so all could utilized the essence of their vision, in order to move with clarity of purpose and resolve, in uncovering the source of evil and those who champion its doctrines of despair and suppression. What powers the site of Victorious America lies in the fact that we have the opportunity to give every American a chance to claim their rightful inheritance given to them by our founding fathers It is our greatest honor to unwrapped this triumphant offering in the time of greatest pearl for all mankind

What is this inheritance that represents the unparalleled wisdom of our founding fathers It is liberties mandate for it functions to elevate the minds of our citizens to view the events of humanity from the highest peaks of intelligence and wisdom, thus enabling all to view the events of humanity with the utmost clarity How do we know that this is true? 

The greatness of democracy is unearthed in its profound simplicity where even the most uneducated among us can understand its principles and put them to work No one needs an education to understand when they are being bullied or when their basic liberties are denied That simplicity is what lead us to our discovery and what the world could not fathom America and about what our founding fathers from our outset They knew " That when it came to justice the common mans wisdom is rendered equal to that and even surpassing that of even Solomon if the foundation of that which governs them is secured by the documents the of liberty Thus such a governance free all from the constraints of tyranny that enslave the mind and the body and rob them of there senses, now bring mans full potential into being.
                                                                        Stan Zir January 1 2002 

After Septembers 11 the world did change Never before has America been betrayed by so many of our allies and falsely accused by international intuitions of peace, as "The barons of poverty and the instigators of war" even in the face of tyrannies advances Never before has so many fronts of deception descended down upon us on all sides from within and outside the shores of our country, even by men of good will. Never before in our history has the fortress of liberty been left deserted by both parties of our major politic in their respective acts of appeasement and constitutional sub defuse 

What is the Present Political Climate in Untied States? 
It's raining fools with no relief in sight


It is amazing that among all the Senators of the Untied States Senate and all the Congressmen and Congresswomen of the House of Representatives to a person have turned their backs on our founding fathers decrees. While they all profess their belief in God not one among them has faith in liberty as they continue to forsake its mandate in the name of God. It time for them to reconsider their positions on God and Governance and have the guts remind to their constitutions before they run for office , that while the Majority rules the Constitution governs and that they are bound to this sacred oath in order to preserve our fundamental rights in the name of the Constitution above all .


For the Michael Mores and Ralph Naders" in the World for who ignore the fact that Nations of Religious Tyrannies are now a direct threat to the formation of an international order where fundamental rights will become the measure of our humanity. And for their position that poverty and loss of theses rights in the nations of the Mid East are the by products of Capitalism not Religious Tyranny's, I say let them give there speeches about corruption and reform to those countries and lets take a picture of their listless bodies as they are carted off into torture chambers when they finish. 

It would be in the best interest for both of them and those of their ilk, to start every speech thanking America for their Constitutional privilege to exercise their right to criticize of our political leader's actions and their rights to make enquires and to exposure in every facet of American Society if they chose even after September 11. The question I ask is where their speech is expressing their endless gratitude for the protection of freedom of speech that liberty embraces even in times of war. Let them try doing that in Cairo and disagree with Egypt's position on their worship of Islam their position on fundamental rights and there corruption in their governments institutions if they are so righteous. 

Finally it would be in their best interest to complement their stance against their claims of corruption and lies of the republican administration with a stance against those countries that deny their citizens the fundamental rights that they enjoy here, as countries who are the enemies to liberty not the victims of it 

The lack of such an agenda by them is irreprehensible They are deceiving our youth because they exclude their stance against the tyrannies of this world and blame America for their suffering and yet take the privileges that democracy affords them, to side with theses that would destroy us. In the end they both lack the fundamental quality that makes us civilized, "appreciation" and even a dog can exhibit that.

Constitutional Rapture


As for the Christian Right of the Republican Party and the Ayatollah O'Reillys of this world for whom the word Religious Tyranny brings ecstasy to their ears, the rapture you wait for is coming, but it will not be the savoir that will come to take you away it will be a Constitutional rapture that will fulfill that prophesy, where you along with the Nadirs and Mores of this world will disappear without a trace like the confederates did after they lost the civil war. As far as the institution of marriage is concerned you may make some very good points and mostly agree, but first I think it's important that declare your own marriage to Religious Tyranny null and void 

It time for you to understand in the end our own stance against tyranny here and abroad must define what we as Americans stand for We must make this our only allegiance and follow wherever it take us for to be sworn and unrelenting enemy of tyranny no door must be left unopened or explored here or abroad not even the sacred. We must not let tyranny escape our gaze lest we ourselves unknowingly embrace it and lose the privilege spreading the sacred documents of liberty though out the world 

Clinton Treason: Opening the Door to Religious Tyranny

Democrats: Party of Appeasement 

The democrats are drunk at the wheel. We would have a better chance at protecting our country against terrorism if the French foreign legion was in charge 

They don't even realize that President Bush did not make any enemies by standing up to those that attacked us; They were our enemies long before we were attacked Most of the nations from abroad have long ago been defeated through years of corruption, political posturing, and turning their backs on tyrannies to protect their own self interests. These nations are democracies in name their arrogance is unending, they have long overstayed their visit on liberties estate, I am glad President Bush sent them packing Our President did them as well as us all a favor and brought the war onto the enemy's soil before it reached ours.

The democrat's are in Chamberlin-esk dream state and as the scope and size of our enemies resolve is now revealed in the nations of Religious Tyrannies thought out the world they are still looking for weapons of mass destructions to prove Bush is wrong. Listen well you fools, if we stop looking for theses weapon they will soon find us How can they defend America if don't even recognize where in a world war and worse who the enemies are

At a time when we are at war they urge our enemies on by delighting them with their agenda for appeasement in exchange for peace Thus they continue to betray us by placing liberties trust in the hands of those that would betray her For them Lady Liberty would be nothing more than a whore staring in European art film funded by the United Nations with Clinton as her pimp. History has already passed them by They need to take shower change their underwear and get our of our house. They are stinking up the joint.

Democrats Recent History

The democrats first abdicated the right to protect liberty form the onslaught of tyranny first by posting up Clinton as our President and then after his fall giving their unilateral support of the Untied Nations stance on appeasement of evil to achieve peace. This one action only dishonors and disgraces our lady liberty, but defames all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice so we can live in liberty and secured form terror
I think we described Clinton's actions best in the essay "Victorious America" under the chapter establishing democracies in religious institutions 

"It is absolutely necessary that leaders who have been entrusted with the sacred mission of encouraging the members in faith take this mission with the utmost seriousness

They must reply to the expectations of the members that they be trustworthy and treat the members with the utmost respect They must be held to the highest possible standards of human behavior and integrity and held accountable for their action least they sully the great jewel of trust offered to them by the people and forever tarnish the teaching

The days of "I am only human or I am just a member like you" to justify negligent behavior must cease In the secular world you never hear leaders in the government who have be irresponsible to their constituency say "Hey Listen I am a citizen just like you we all make mistakes" You never hear the president of a company who has been irresponsible and disgraced the firm tell his Board of Directors "I'm only human" Tell that to Donald Trump Why would we set our standards lower than that of secular institutions? Forgiveness, given to those people in responsible positions without demanding accountability is devoir of true mercy and compassion" That was written in 1998 little did we know then what Clinton was up to and how smugly he fit into this role" 

A leader leads by example and with full responsibility If the lead duck going south for the winter decides to land and gouges himself with food forgetting about the onset of winter then everyone enjoys themselves for a while in there new prosperity but in the end loses direction and is in a position to perish before they reach their destination. That is how important the lead duck is. Clinton was the lead duck and the only destination he reached produced an era where the only patriots were Clinton brats, whose main achievement was building a work force that honored worthless paper and declared that proclamation of dishonesty should be a national holiday for the glorifications of pleasure and maintaining a peaceful coexistence with apostates.

This one mans actions and continual deceitful full behavior not only sullied the great jewel of trust that people offered to him as our president but worst of all tarnish the name of our Constitution who reputation he had sworn to uphold and protect at home and around the world 

Clinton was a Lincoln impersonator he was an impostor he was only comfortable as some guilty great white plantation owner thinking he was leading Americans of African decent out form under the cloud of treachery that has effected theses precious Americans citizens since the time of slavery Through his actions, he lead not only Americans of African decent but all of us into the open arms of tyranny where good and evil had lost any moral relevance. In the end he not only widened the racial divided in this country but through his antics, but also managed to defame the names of those in the civil war who fought and died against the scourge of slavery, by tearing down the good name of Lincoln and what he was tying to achieve by being Lincolns greatest imposter . 

When Gore and Liberian started to stress their religious moral foundation as a political agenda to distance the m selves from Clinton they exposed there anger and condemnation of his actions became apparent. But the lack of sincerity of there moral uprightness by remaining silent in the face of Clinton indignities spoke volumes. Using a religious agenda to paint themselves as upright people for political reasons was just the last act in obscene behavior 

In essences there ridicules show of piety finally solidified the position of the Republican Party to put a religious agenda at the center their platform to counteract the lose moral certitude of the democrats behavior that was already ingrained in the public consciences

No wonder so many hard working Americans turned to faith as the only answer to preserve our union instead of the constitution This was the legacy of the Clinton era an era of flagless homes and schools were the rule and where right and wrong were absolved by endless apologies but the effects of Clintons of treachery was about to fully blossom

The need for a more moral and forth right administration like a Teddy Roosevelt or a Truman in character who pulled no punches became apparent and President Bush seemed to fill the bill. A Truman did appear but unfortunately the bible instead of the Constitution to lead our country

While Clinton opened the door to Religious Tyranny, President Bush never closed it, but instead now is about to forever close the door on a Constitutional Governance to represent liberty in the name of Religious Tyranny.


"Secured within the parchment of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights lays the ultimate blueprint for world security and prosperity. It is my conviction that never in the history of humanity have such eloquent documents securing the liberty of our souls ever been written as our founding documents the Constitution and the Bill of Rights They embrace the faiths, and the beliefs of all people under their canopy They have take the best of religious and secular ideals morals and ethics and condensed their essence under one umbrella, outlying and respecting all fundamental human rights 
Therefore I consider theses documents sacred and eternal They function to take us thought the last threshold of world history into the ultimate realm where liberty is the will be the only passport issued to persevere what is most noble in man. I think it crucial at this time for all Americans to rediscover the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and read them over and over again because I believe that America is in possession of the greatest treasure ever written for the governance of all humanity and is now being threaten to be destroyed from within 

ON OCTOBER 20 2002 I WROTE AN ARTICLE called "November 5 election" I did not realize it would be so foreboding As we have stated in Victorious America in 2001 the final conflict between democracy and tyranny has commenced and the eternal pilgrimage for liberty has begun and time is proving us rights on all fronts now 2 years later even President Bush is taking up our agenda 

"With everyone now concentrating on the war and the economy as the great issues of this November election the defining issue that will challenge the very foundation of our democracy and world security is slipping away In truth when we put the enormity of this issue into historical perspective it be becomes the defining moment of our nations existence in the future and the survival of liberty in the world and now this is coming true 

We have reached the cross road where we have only one choice We will either protect the source of all liberties The constitution of the Untied States of America and the Bill of Rights whose survival is now on the table or we will be a nation whose sacred documents of liberty will be usurped by the forces of tyranny from within The present imbalance between the secular and religious that our Constitution defines is now reaching critical mass in our country Liberty is at stake The enormity of this issue is no less than of slavery which turned into the defining factor as the cause for our own civil war.

"The Republican Party" of Texas reaffirms the United States of America is a Christian Nation which was founded on fundamental Judeo Christian principles based on the Holy Bible We also affirm the right of each individual to worship in the religion of his or her choice Our party pledges to do everything within its power to restore the original intent of the First Amendment of the United States and dispel the myth of the separation of church and state We support the right of the individual and state and local government to display the Ten Commandments on public property subject to their control"

Firstly this is a nation called America, based on the principles of freedom and protected by all form of religious and secular tyranny it is not a nation that defines itself by its religious standards to identify its citizens It is our allegiance to the principles of democracy that identifies us and our stance against tyranny that protects our freedom and governs us not our religious beliefs

For the safety of our country against attacks from terror from within and abroad the resolve and forthrightness of the Republican administration has no equal in protecting us against the evil from nations of tyranny who's people and leaders fear democracy and freedom . Therefore the Bush presidency is absolutely essential if we are to survive during this turbulent time. We would have no chance under a Democratic in the White House because they choose not to admit along with the majority of our allies that there is war being waged against democracy 

Therefore since I feel that President Bush's leadership is unrivaled in our present War on Terrorism I write the following statement with deep distress "To grant a majority in the Senate to his party that would guarantee him the full power in gaining approval for his nomination of judges that would usurp the fundamental principles of our Constitution the very principles that is the foundation of our liberties must be stopped 
As a Republican it is very disconcerting for me to say that a Democratic majority in the senate is critical for the upcoming November election but there is no choice in the matter for otherwise we would be taking the first permanent step to turning our county into a nation bounded the governance of a religious tyranny not unlike in principle the enemies of democracy are now embracing This must never be permitted to happen.

We must remember the president of the Untied States takes an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the Untied States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic This is why it is absolute essential to maintain a Democratic majority in the senate that will continue to block judicial nominations until this administration can understand that their present position on Church and State and the Pledge of Allegiance is an imminent threat to the very survival of Constitutional Governance not only here at home and but for spreading liberty abroad Their ideology is threatening to replace our present system of Constitutional Governance with the implementation of a Religious Republic for discharging the duties that would serve and govern and protect our citizens This would be nothing other than a Religious Tyranny and the implications of such a scenario are unfathomable. 

The Bush administration has forgotten that the danger we are now facing is even more virulent in nature then that of the secular tyranny's of the past and of the present because of the blind frenzy of allegiance they now breeds We are now facing nations of Religious Totalitarian Tyrannies stemming especially from the majority of the nations of the Arab world of the Mid -East that now threatens to disrupt the balance that democracy provides us to preserve the integrity of humankind from the advancement of theses nations and their agenda that would strip us all of our own humanity 

President Bush by toppling the base that sustains the balance between the state and the sacred that insures liberties protection against Religious Tyranny at home in the name of in name of God, we will be no less guilty of destroying liberty than the enemies we are now facing 

Regarding the creation of new governments based on democratic ideals to end the tyranny in the Middle East and bring security and peace to the whole world, there is one principle that must be established in these nations and protected at all costs. This principle is the separation of church and state which must be instituted especially in the regions where religious influence has been the dominating factor in governing the civil institutions. This principle was not only essential in the birth of our liberties but an essential arm for the establishment of democracy. The importance of this can be witnessed in the consequences of entire nations and cultures that are literally governed by religious dictates that lack such a separation of the religious from the secular domain. We have seen the horrific results in the dire poverty of their countries and most recently in our own back yard on September 11th.

Removing the pillar of Separation of Church and State that first secured the foundation of freedom which protects us against Religious Tyranny here at home can only result in striping our Constitution of powers we need to secures the protection of our fundamental rights against such evil doers It like taking the torch out of the hand of the statue of liberty If this happens the effects would be disastrous and spell death for liberty and a final victory for tyranny in the world. Why? At time when only the implementation of liberties governance around the world is essential to saving us from the ravages of terrorism we would be eliminating the one pillar that protects liberties foundation that and is needed to eliminate governances Religious Tyranny and their legions of terrorists

As we move forward in our struggle, we will also face governments who still outlaw diverse religious beliefs, and all fundamental rights. These governments share a common theme of absolute power and suppression of the individual's inalienable rights. Governments like Cuba under Castro and other Secular tyrannies starting to appear in South America under his influence will gain confidence if we falter its time we deal with him. to. 

It becomes obvious that after September 11 a one way ticket was issued to the people of democracy and any vacillation through compromise to terror or tyrannical nations that harbor and support their movements could mean liberties vacancy by default Thus the reality of a world becoming an endless composite of infertile civilizations housing the hope shattered, baron and the dreamless now becomes a distinct possibility for we now face for another enemy to liberty which looms ominously on our own horizon and is approaching like an asteroid of doom with no foreseeable impediments to halt its progress We now face a war on two fronts 
"This is not a war for us over religion or about whose God is right, but a war that has been declared against our allegiance to freedom of choice and the freedom to worship God or not in our own manner. It is a war against the allegiance we have to the Constitution of the United States America a document that is the archetype to secure democracy and peace among the family of man. 

This is a war being waged by a conglomeration of nations whose populations are under Religious Totalitarian Tyranny. They are fearful of the power of democracy that would equally embrace people all faiths and non alike and protect the liberty of their citizens under its canopy of free choice and fundamental rights. 

With the spreading of new technology all over the world the ideas of a free market place could not be contained. Thus they could not wait any longer they had to attack us for now the doctrines of democracy would now start challenge the moral ethics of societies who for centuries have supported the dictates of religious dogma to govern them through their civil and social institutions, at the cost of peoples fundamental rights become glaringly apparent Thus democracy becomes the enemy, a poison called free choice that could challenge Gods dictates and plans for their society which they believe is essential for them to follow if they are to reach heaven For them democracy is the enemy of God. To them Separation of Church and State stands in the way of their allegiance to God 

I did not realize I was voting for Gerry Falwell as the chief executive to carry out the will for the people 

It is the Chief executive mandate from the Constitution to protect the tenets of Constitution not bible at the sacrifice of the Constitution We had enough of that under England 200 years ago He represents the constitution he was not elected to be the leaders of faith or church but to lead America and the free world The Constitution is a covenant of principles governing those who wish to live and be governed under s a system of democracy The bible is a document of faith of those who have chosen to believe in God though salvation The faith in the bible can flourish under the Constitution as the sovereign but the Constitution and freedom can not flourish under the sovereignty of faith or the bible or any other documents or dogmas of religious faith as its sovereign

Don't underestimate the power of allegiance.
 People in the Religious Tyrannies in the Mideast do not. 

Nothing has a more powerful impact on the foundation of the social structure of humans then what people gives their allegiance to and nothing less than the instinct for survival is so pivotal in molding and testing its resolve That is why we must make sure at an early age that a pledge to fight against those injustices inflicted by any of their peers among themselves which is powerful enough to rise above their instincts of self preservation in the face insurmountable odds is reflected in the words of the pledge they give to their flag and our country so the principles of liberty will be preserved in their generation. 

. In society your choice of allegiance can literally determine whether you will be praised or condemned as an outcast by your peers In trouble times it will challenge your own sense of worthiness and honor and the question whether it is better to barter away your dignity then become an outcast will come into play Thus a persons allegiance reveals their commitment to the principles that will determines there own integrity and reveal what they honor above all in their approach to life 

No nation can continue to exist without some form of oath of allegiance that identifies their protocol Why does this oath have such a powerful impact on a nation, because it provides the simplest most concise format for capturing the essence of a nations convictions that all of its citizens can rally around That is why ones oath of allegiance is such a powerful agent in determining the history of a nation and their impact on the world

Through observing the pledge of allegiance of each nation one can observe what is behind the forces that drives the currents of history Thought peoples pledge of allegiance we can determine what conflicts between nations will arise, now and in the future Why? Because the pledge that each nation makes identifies and distinguishes her existence from each other though what they wish to honor and what they will defend against In a sense the pledge of allegiance of all different nations are their fingerprints where one can trace the standards that that all under its dominion are held accountable Therefore if you want to know what polices and actions a nation will choose to embrace on an international level you can now trace back such decision directly to its source Their pledge of allegiance 

What we give our allegiance to as a people defines what we stand for and what we will defend against as a people and as nation. It represents what the individuals of our nation have decide to cast their lot their lives and their fortunes in our case even to the extent of risking their live in war to defend its principles Therefore we must not let our own oath of allegiance betray there sacred trust

The essence of this allegiance is revealed in its simplest form by the pledge that the citizens give to their country and flag This pledge leaves no doubt to what position each nation takes among the world concerning the type of governance they embrace concerning the protection of their citizens rights or lack their of. 

The individuals of our nation have decide to cast their lot their lives and their fortunes defending democracy even to the extent of risking their live in war to defend its principles s Therefore we must not let our oath of allegiance betray there sacred trust What we give our allegiance to defines what we stand for and what we will defend against as a people and as nation. And the essence of this allegiance is revealed in its simplest form by the pledge that the citizens give to their country and flag This pledge leaves no doubt to what position each nation takes among the world concerning the type of governance they embrace and their declaration in the world to secure peace and prosperity for there people and 

"Our own pledge of allegiance must now perfectly reflect what is written in our Constitution and the Principles on which it stands so there can be no confusion by any nation after the attack on September 11 what our democracy stands for and what actions we will now take to defend it If our pledge of allegiance is an oath that no longer honors and represents liberty Mandate now is the time to abandoned such a decree and change it to an oath that does or by definition honor its mandate or we are embracing a governance of religious tyranny" 

Since it became our mission to spread liberty in the world after September 11, to secure a world free from terrorism and tyranny our pledge of allegiance will now be the defining factor that will now determine the road that humanity will go down now and in the future because our pledge of allegiance reveals in its simplest form the commitment to the principles that the people of the nations of tyranny must make that will determine whether they will there in the future of the civilized world.
Again I must stress any deviation from liberties mandate found in our pledge or in our governmental institutions that support that oath must be corrected now, for if the star that we chose to guides us leads us one degree off course now, then in ten years how far will have strayed from liberties home when the world finds itself eternally encased in the winds of tyranny? 

That is why I say the issue about the Constitutionality our Pledge of Allegiance is now is the single most critical issue facing not only America at this time in history but all of humanity for in its decree lies the summation of the only blueprint for hope and justice that can drape the world in liberty that is freed from the fear of terrorism and tyranny 

For those who say I am making too much of a fuss that the issue of allegiance in this country and how it only has a minimal effect on our future economic issues I must remind them that that people who attacked us don't did not think so. They bet on the fact that peoples overwhelming drive for acceptance and social survival would unite them as a nation and eliminate minimal objections of the minority in their outlandish decrees that support a faith first governance It you want to see the eventual results of that kind of rule just look at the condition of their economies after 20 centuries and the loss of loss all fundamental rights in all areas of their civil political and social institution They closed the door on an open market of ideas and as a result have become the Do Do birds of modern civilization

Now the Bush administration is betting on the same principle by betting on the overwhelming drive for acceptance and social survival of the individuals of the majority, not to question their allegiance to a religious dogma to determine our oath to liberty because it would make them an outcast to in their communities he has managed squelch the minimal objections of the minority to achieve the objective for Religious Rule. This is now the most important issue that all Americans must face and take issue an issue whether we will decided to preserve liberty or install tyranny for all future generations


The decision if our Pledge of Allegiance is now Constitutional will soon be debated in the Supreme Court will clarify the most critical issue facing all not only Americans but all of humanity. Its outcome will determine if we as a country have declared war on terrorism based on a Constitutional mandate or a Religious Mandate to gain victory and secure a world free from terror in the name of liberty If we chose the latter we will put liberty a Constitutional decree in a secondary position, under the Sovereignty of Religious Mandate 

By Redefining liberty as a Religious mandate to protect us against the advances of religious tyrannies around the world we remove the Constitution as the first line of defense to protect us from the fiends of hell who now not only attack liberty from abroad in Gods name but at home to. Who would dare turn tyrannies whip upon the backs of liberties souls I think the Church of England was first and King George was second if my memory serves me rights 

There is a saying a little hoarse manure in a sumptuous soup makes everything taste vile President Bush Creating Religious Democracies around the world was not the plan of our forefathers had to secure us from the chains of suppressions. Creating democracies free from religious tyranny was. Maybe your time would have been better spent championing democratic reforms in religious institutions like the Catholic Church before you decided allegiance to the Constitution was an affront to God

My dear president no matter what your political agenda you cannot claim autonomy over liberties domain and abandon her soul for she is a force unto herself who's path is unmovable and who intent is made perfectly clear in her mandate, "freedom from all forms of tyranny" and here in lies the basis's for our allegiance contained in our pledge to our nation for if we now violate this mandate now we will have turned their backs on liberty and in essence embraced enemies mandate: Tyranny

Remember what is held to be true today may not be true tomorrow Proud Republicans may look like today's broken Democrats tomorrow, if they continue to violate liberties mandate here at home

Thus if we are going to preserve democracy and eternally spread its doctrines overseas we must not let a persons faith in God become the standard under which we pledge our allegiance to certify democracy We are not in the business using our pledge of allegiance to certify that only peoples allegiance to a faith first sovereignty is the only way to certify their allegiance to our county and their duty to protect its constitution
For those who can no longer stand the unbearable Stench of Suppression and lies arising form the countries of the Mid- East and from the chambers of justice here at home that now threatens to suffocate us all in the dogma of ignorance, defending our nation against any doctrine of Religious Tyranny from within and disarming such groups and nations abroad that embrace such a doctrine must be our major focus if we as a people will survive
Only with allegiance to liberty first can insure a world draped in liberty free fear and terrorism and such an oath by us must be secured here at home before the golden wings of the eagles spreads its world wide


Iraq's new Allegiance: One nation under Allah with liberty and justice for all?

On June 6 2003 we wrote an article "Who is Tony Blair?" we stated:

"Everyone would love to be the recipient of a one million dollar check until we find out it is a forgery Such is the nature of the present negotiations where Israel is making concessions for fool's gold First Tony Blair and now George Bush and Sharon are telling the whole world to invest in security bonds that will be worthless in 2005." Here they were negotiating with tyrannies who's promises could never be authenticated Now in Iraq we face the same thing approving of a New Islamic nation in the name of democracy void of the only principle that would secure religious freedom but all fundamental rights forever Separation of Church and State God help anyone in the future if they criticize Islam there

Another Constitution making concessions for liberty for fools gold another investment in security bonds by the Untied States that will be useless in 2005

The oversight not to demand that the separation of church and state must be instituted in the new governments of Iraq and the mid east acts only to affirm the position of spreading liberty in the world on the basis that only honors those who embrace religious beliefs as only those who qualify to give allegiance to democracy .Thus making the unifying factor of freedom in the world A governance based the belief in God not in documents of liberty.

Is this the message that the Bush administration is trying to sell democracy the Moslem world to gain there favor that democracy is based on our common belief based on God and that this doctrine alone will establish security from terror and world peace and end any conflict with each other. 

What do we really have in common with the Moslem world is that each of us has the propensity for governances of absolute power if not under the auspices of under a Constitutional Government. and that even we would end up with a religious or secular tyranny with out this ordnance This is something that the Arab league has never learned and something we are about to abandon here at home and abroad 

We never said what we have in common with the Germans or the Japanese was our belief in God two unite our countries before and after World War 11 in liberty It was enforcing the principles of our Constitution that succeed in doing that

So there is no confusion among those who live in the Religious Tyrannies of the Mid East what we will insisted upon as there governments of tyranny fall, we must insist that they adheres to pillars on which our Constitution rests because the security of our own country, the survival of liberty, and our mission as a nation lays in the balance. 

What separates the principles of democracy from all other doctrines of governance and makes it revolutionary? The answer is found in the act of subduing the use of absolute power in all its forms that govern us In its recipe of governance one finds a perfect balance between the religious an secular that sustains the integrity of both while keeping all freeform the infringement of absolute power from each and upon each other. 

Excluding the original principle of Separation of Church and state (Mosque and State) in the formation of new democracies to replace the Religious Totalitarian Regimes in the in the Mid- East would be excluding the pillar on which the governance of liberty was formed to protect it against abuse of religious dogma With the exclusion of this principle any new formation of a government that we claim to be a governance of democracy could not exist because the balance between the secular and religious that is needed to maintains an open market of ideas would eventually be shut down 

Thus when the dust settles only another form of tyranny remains, a new age forgery conceived in the womb of deception, Then what would be the reward for the sacrifice of our soldiers blood in Iraq "a time bomb waiting to explode in our children's future" We must not let this happen Liberties Neutron Bomb the Separation of Church and State must be dropped here first before we leave or there is no hope for democracy in the mid east and that will be the chance for a peaceful co-existence with them

The Zir doctrine verses the Bush Doctrine

What binds the 51 stars on the strips of our flag together on the stripes to form our union only the Constitution Lets raise our flag of the Stars and Stripes in the name of all those who have died to protect the fundamental rights of all regardless of religious belief or not in all the lands of Tyrannies until the world is free of ignorance . 

Why was our founding fathers declaration of Liberties Mandate "Our Eternal war against Tyranny" never used as a our guide to clarify the political position of the terrorists that attacked us from the beginning How the hell can all Americans unite together and make the necessary sacrifice we will need to make if the enemy we are facing is not clearly established? The reasons for President Bush's silence in the matters of Separation of Church and State and Religious Tyranny is clarified later in this article under the Zir doctrine verses the Bush doctrine 

After the attack on September 11 I immediately issued the statement in Victories America in the 2001 " That the attack on us could be only understood through our founding father proclamation "On our eternal war on all forms of tyranny because all the applications of liberty can only be understood and protected by our war on the advancement Its simple in this one proclamation is say what liberty stands for and who its enemies are. Just like the FBI hunts down criminals liberty hunts down and exposes all governments tyrants and peoples and nations who deny peo0ples fundamental rights in the name of Religious or secular tyranny The criminals that attacked us on September 11 came from a region where all the majority of the people of those nations even the so -call moderates all give their allegiance to a governance of Religious Tyranny where fundamental rights are suspend because they can come into conflict with Gods will and plan for the governance of their social cultural and economic structures 

Now with liberties sword in my hand and liberties mandate as my guide I could easily identify who the real enemies were, what our foreign policy should be, why we were attack ,why the attack on Iraq was not preemptive, how this war was a historical inevitability and most of all why the principle of Separation of church and state would be our most powerful weapon to end terrorism and bring democracy to a region where Religious tyranny reigns You can check out further clarifications on this issue on our site and also in our Introduction, and Scepter of liberty, Iraq Hell Yes, and Voice of liberty articles

When President Bush's decision to go to war on all fronts, for me this was a revelation, especially when presented with the fact that the United Nations had lost any creditability in taking such actions against nations of tyranny that were in violation of its mandates for over a decade and condemned nations of liberty who demanded action. He did what any one of us would do when their family is threaten by bullies, who had acted on their threats in the past and now were positioning themselves to move against us after September 11 He talked straight and laid down the law to rest of the world and in essence faced the same reception that George Washington got when he did the same with England. 

The problem is what Flag did President Bush raise to protect our freedom and fight terrorism, and present to the world what liberties stands for in order to secure a world free from terrorism It became apparent at home, and abroad in his foreign policy that that the flag that represents Liberties Mandate our founding fathers eternal war on the advancement of all forms of tyranny's to protect peoples fundamental freedoms was not the flag raised by him after September 11

In three years I only heard the word tyranny mentioned one once after two years about Iraq I did not hear cause of Terrorism and on attack on us came from people who nations support Religious tyranny thought out the mid-east. who governances are at war with liberty and who's free speech and fundamental rights are denied because it could question God will and his plan for their society It was never mentioned by our President that in the majority of the nations of the Mid- East that the doctrines of democracy to their populations are a threat to the word of God He keep stressing that our common belief of Christianity Judaism's and he Moslem belief is what we all have in common 

He kept saying that theses nations like Egypt Jordan Saudi Arabia were our good friends Did he mean friends like with Russia under President Reagan who denied all their people fundamental rights 

Not once did I hear our president mention anything about our founding fathers proclamations against Religious Tyrannies that have been flourishing there for over 20 centuries What was glaringly apparent was the principle of separation of church and state was never mentioned by name as the essential factor for securing democracies in that part of the world and forever ending the reign of religious tyranny there for ever like we did with England at the outset of our country 

What I did here was the president went in to a rage when some person questioned whether Under God should be in our pledge of allegiance Now after September 11 considering we are at war with nations of Religious Tyrannies this sound more like the raving of an Iranian Mullah not he President of the Untied States. Then he went on to say that those that did not believe in God I think that is about 10 million Americans can be silent in that part of the pledge This sound a little like that old mighty Moslem Mussel Komanie

But soon it become more disturbing to me A top general stood in front of his troops and said he told a Moslem leader in Afghanistan responding to his taunts that our God will defeat his God because our God is greater. When Bush was asked about this he said everyone has a rights to their opinion This general did not tell his troops we are hear to defend liberty this is not a war about who's God is greater for In Truman's time he would have been dismissed 

Then there is a 13 year old boy scout that is stripped of his eagle badge and being humiliated on the Ayatollah O' Reilly show on fox news because he does not believe in God and then complaining how a boy scout troop was tuned down form using a public high school because of their violations of Church and State Speaking of Child Abuse, promotion of Religious Tyranny with the idea that majority rules 

I heard nothing from the president about how outrageous that this could ever happen in America Unfortunately the list goes on and on Whether it be abortion gay rights support of faith based intuitions by tax dollars our the President makes no reference to the principles of church and state the pillar that that of our Constitution that protects us against religious tyranny He has a right to his opinion and a rights to argue his case to the American public but as President of the Untied State his only references to his position on theses issues is Biblical not Constitutional He himself has become Unconstitutional 

In essence the Bush doctrine says what all people have in Common is their right to exercise their inalienable rights given to them by God Thus he centers on God and peoples beliefs as the unifying factor to bring nation and the world together He never says that theses beliefs in God might be different He never says that only under the auspices of the Constitution of the United states of America as its sovereign can theses rights be prevented form being used be used by man for the purposes of tyranny or to divided us

Thus his implementation for democracy are based on a bible mandate not a Constitutional one That is why the principle of Separations of Church and state is so repugnant to him and why he never mentions it to describe it is the nations of Religious tyrannies of the mid east and around the world that are the greatest threat to our liberty because he would indict himself as being in violation of Liberties mandate. 

A Quote from 2002 new years message rights after the attack on September 11
"Now we are seeing war in the name of God that crosses all oceans and national borders including our own. Although we are a society grounded in religious tolerance, we can no longer ignore the facts because it offends our sensibility, because of our compassion and our tolerance for those who are of a different religious belief. Tolerance for evil no matter how it is dressed up in religious or secular garb, is not compassion but compliance. Our enemies do not consider our compassion respect worthy but a weakness of fools and infidels to be exploited. To them democracy is at odds with God's ultimate plan to rule the world. We must now learn a new lesson in order to survive and preserve our core beliefs. Religious tyranny is just another name for secular tyranny. They are interchangeable. The loses of your freedom are the same in both types of ruling regimes.

Since all non-believers are considered apostates, fabrication of the truth is permissible to achieve their goals because we are the true enemies of God. That is why we are constantly astounded by what we hear form their side. 

That is why we must be clear about what we are fighting against so our sensibilities do not betray us. Evil has many faces and when dressed up as a religion it can easily hide tyranny under its garments and can easily be used destroy our very foundation of religious tolerance by abusing such privileges to gain the advantage and destroy democracy. This will be especially true when our media is invaded by public relations drones, terrorists disguised in business suits posing as victims to hide their agenda and divide our house from the inside. Listen carefully as attacks are leveled against our integrity and that of our closest allies. This will become totally clear when we deal with Iraq, Syria, the Palestinian regime and other countries that support militant Islamic terrorists and embrace systems of tyranny.

Giving credence to the practice of absolute power under the name of preserving the order and protecting the greater glory of the teaching in the only organization sanctioned to uphold the tenets of God is nothing less then presenting the God as a tyrant. What greater glory exists that would serve to deny and suspend such freedoms and democratic ideals to reach its goal No such greater glory exits not even for God, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Allah, or even in the name of achieving World Peace. What you are talking about is oppression not glory.

The Zir doctrine honoring our founding fathers Proclamation of the eternal war on tyranny It says what all governments have in common is the tendency towards absolute power and when not under the auspices of the documents Constitution of the United States irregardless of their fundamentals rights or its origins, secular of religious tyranny rules the day 

What makes our founding documents of freedom so eternal and universal is self-evident, while the principles and belief systems of religious agendas may differ, (ideas of salvation) the ideals and fundamental principles of democracy remain constant. Under its domain protecting one's individual rights and free choice is what is held as sacred above all else for it provides the key to off set all agendas of tyranny secular or religious in nature that would deny the people their rights though any sort of force coercion intimidation or persecution in order to establish order and rule of law

Here the focus is on subduing absolute power form either the secular or religious realm govern us and yet protect the fundamental rights of freedom of worship and free speech under its canopy

Here the focus is on Constitutional Governance based on the doctrines of liberty to unify the world not a religious agenda

What separates the principles of democracy forms all other doctrines of governance and makes it revolutionary? The answer is What makes our founding documents of freedom so eternal and universal is self-evident, while the principles and belief systems of religious agendas may differ, (ideas of salvation) the ideals and fundamental principles of democracy remain constant. Under its domain protecting one's individual rights and free choice is what is held as sacred above all else for it provides the key to off set all agendas of tyranny secular or religious in nature that would deny the people their rights though any sort of force coercion intimidation or persecution in order to establish order and rule of law found in the act of subduing the use of absolute power in all its forms to govern us. Its genius is found In its recipe of governance where one finds a perfect balance between the religious and secular that sustains the integrity of both by keeping all free from the infringement of absolute power form each and upon each other

Thus Democracy has power to eliminate all forms of evil because it exposes the threat of all forms of tyrannies whether religious or secular in nature that would enslave us. What makes the documents of democracy great is that those with the agenda of tyranny can not hide from the watchful eye of the Constitution 

So when the boundaries of the Constitution are crossed by those using absolute agendas to create a culture that supports fear and repression then the people who love liberty must stand to break this stranglehold of persecution or liberty will perish from the face of the earth

Thus the birth of the Zir Doctrine "The Specter of liberty as our only guide to preserve and protect liberty found int our forefather proclamation of ""Liberties eternal war on all forms of tyranny

Now I will present the bases of the Zir doctrine that honors our forefather's decrees you can judge for yourself if the Bush doctrine is taking us down the road where our founding fathers are now not only turning in their graves but trying to find a way to come back to life to stop him

Why We Were Attacked


For us the conglomeration of nations that loomed ominously on the horizon after the attacks on September 11 was no mirage they were nothing other than " Religious Tyrannies" We were not fooled in the least they could longer hide their true identity from us we realized its was the same old horse with a different jockey 
The Understanding that the protection of our fundamental rights, against all forms of tyranny had originally emerged from Puritans encounter with Religious persecution presented us with the defining factor to understand the objectives of the nations which we would presently be engaging. Now our connection with liberties grand design was finally made, because the conflict that was about to be played out lead us directly to the dawn of liberties rising where the first volley against the advancement of tyranny was fired.

With the original blueprints of tyrannies demise in our hands, the triggering of individual rights and freedom will now be released in creating an eternal sanctuary of liberty for all, Very soon the only remnants of tyranny that will remain in this world will be in the history books of the 21 century under the tile of "The disappearance of the cultures and nations of tyrannies thought the advancement and triumph of principles of democracy"



Why are we are being attacked at this time in history? Because, like a golden mirror, those who oppose freedom and wish to destroy liberty are being exposed through the advancement of the free press and media communications in the free world. Thus it compels all those involved in such a demonic venture to rise up and destroy liberty before they are hunted down for the criminals they are. Freedom exists because it is based on compassion and is embraced by those that have the privilege to taste its sweet nectar. It cannot be stopped. It spreads like a hot potato that never gets cold, passing from hand to hand and is never dropped



Regarding the creation of new governments based on democratic ideals to end the tyranny in the Middle East and bring security and peace to the whole world, there is one principle that must be established in these nations and protected at all costs. The principle is the separation of church and state which must be instituted especially in the regions where religious influence has been the dominating factor in governing the civil institutions. This principle was not only essential in the birth of our liberties but an essential arm for the establishment of democracy. The importance of this can be witnessed in the consequences of entire nations and cultures that are literally governed by religious dictates that lack such a separation of the religious from the secular domain. We have seen the horrific results in the dire poverty of their countries and most recently in our own back yard on September 11th.

The Historical Reason for this War

What is the origin of our current conflict with Iraq? Why was America attacked Is it biblical? Cultural? Or is it just about oil, money and power? Is the United States just one of many morally equivalent players in this melodrama, acting cynically in its own quest for world domination? To witness the behavior of many of our supposed allies, one might believe this to be the case. The European Union bobs up and down on the waves of indecision. Some of our NATO partners retreat as the nations of tyranny and terror advance. Peace demonstrators hold hands with dictators, joining with them to accuse America of causing the poverty and terror born of tyranny's bosom. Reporters dash madly around the globe in a never-ending (and seemingly futile) quest for the significance of every event. And many latter-day Neville Chamberlains remain in denial, ready to let evil rule the world. 

It's time to put an end to this hysteria. This conflict points directly to the dawn of liberty's rising where the tide that launched our odyssey of freedom is now coming in. We are the defenders of liberty, democracy and the rule of law in the world, and must not be deterred from our just purpose and destiny. 

When we fired the original shot that arrested the advancement of tyranny in our war for Independence. the line was drawn with our victory. The conflict future conflict between the nations of tyranny and our nation of liberty was set in motion. Being at cross-purposes, neither force could long coexist with the other. How could it be otherwise? One system sustains freedom, and the other, submission. One supports an open market of ideas, the other persecution and murder for dissent. One achieves peace and unity through a democratic and constitutional balance of power, while the other accomplishes a mockery of these virtues through the absolute subjugation of the individual human spirit to the will of the most ruthless contender for power. Only one of these forces can ultimately survive, and history has validated our destiny. A civilization incompatible with slavery purged itself of this evil in the Civil War. In the twentieth century, we were repeatedly drawn into the world's great conflicts, called according to our nature to defend liberty and oppose tyranny and have triumph The malfunction of Secular Tyrannies in Germany, Japan and the downfall of Russia's in the decades after World War 11, was highlighted by the collapse of their social and economic infrastructures and fully exposed with their failure in their war democracy With the subsequent establishment of democratic institutions in these counties, the full potential of liberties mercy was exhibited This effectively sounded the death knoll to majority of remaining secular tyrannies who are now disengaging in their own process of despotism to off set any further internal and economic collapse But only halve the battle has been won. 

Now some 200 years later the final history of all people long sufferings under tyrannies reigns, is about to come to an abrupt halt After the attacks on our country on September 11th we knew the appearance of a conglomeration of Religious Tyrannies was no mirage we realized that moment had arrived, because the line separating the last form of tyranny from democracy had and completely vanished A critical mass had been reached Now the pledge our founding fathers made on over 200 years ago on their eternal war against tyranny had now again merged and fused with the present. With the emergence of Nations of Religious Tyrannies of the mid-east appearing on our radar screens, there is no doubt the final struggle against liberty begins With the continuance of theses nations economic and social woes like the oppressed nations before them, their defeat in their war on democracy is eminent
Now the validity of their proclamation of liberties mandate on our eternal war on all tyrannies was proven by those tyrannical nations that supported the attack us because we chose to honor democratic systems of governance to protect us against the advancement of religious or secular Tyrannies that would usurp our fundamental rights in their name We realized the time to bring this proclamation up to date was now. Now their vision acts in order to identify the real emery we face and reveal our true purpose as a nation to reveal to the world how to defend and protect our fundamental rights against the forces of suppression forever 

This piece was the basis for the Zir Doctrine established in 2002


Spreading liberty is not colonization or imperialism. It is the antidote for cancer in its most virulent form called Religious tyranny, restoring the individual rights taken away from the people. Even though we did not spread it by force in the Middle East or even attempt to vigorously promote democracy in the region, we were attacked nevertheless. It is those who sensed the end of their rule was approaching, who attacked us. They think they must destroy us before democracy destroys them and their religious suffocation of the people. This is not a war of us against the Muslim world. It is a war of the nations who embrace religious tyranny that we are at war with democracy



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