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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct"    
Victorious America

The Constitution

"Who breathed life into this document and put fire into its soul?  Our Founding Fathers, who's hatred for tyranny was only surpassed by their passion for Fundamental Rights"
                                      Stan Zir, Victorious America


President Bush is perfectly correct, the world did change after September 11. As we spread the doctrine of liberty to the rest of the world our Pledge of Allegiance now represents more than our own citizens pledge to honor our Constitution, the foundation for our freedom. 

In the simplicity of its decree, The Pledge of Allegiance carries with in it the power to communicate with only a few words to all the people of the world the only blueprint for hope and justice that can forever free the world from terrorism and tyranny. Thus it becomes the common man's reference point to understand what standards must be embraced and adhered to maintain liberty's treasures in order to secure a world free from terrorism and tyranny.

When you hear the word Big Mac you immediately think of McDonald's. Here we can understand the immense impact of this form of communication called branding. In this case the word "Big Mac" was used to represent then name of the company McDonald's because when people hear the word Big Mac the craving begins and off they go to Mc Donald's to eat, thus the end result is achieved.

The Pledge of Allegiance works on the same principle. Here the power of this decree acts to communicate in a few words the essence of our doctrine of liberty. That is why we must never underestimate the vast the impact it has on imprinting the ideas of liberty in the minds of our youth in their formative years. What about the goods that liberty produces? In short our Pledge of Allegiance must act as the Big Mac for Liberty with one difference that the craving for freedom that is created in all that hear and use it becomes satisfied not insatiable. 

That is why the choice of words we use to represent in our Pledge of Allegiance is so crucial; especially the words in that part of our pledge that establishes under what auspices the dictates of liberty are to be carried out. In essence that part of our pledge is the key ingredient that makes liberty not only palatable but available to all 

Now consider this: 

"One Nation Under Allah with Liberty and Justice for All"
Sound right to you?

"One Nation Free From Tyranny with Liberty and Justice for All"
Sounds correct!

"One nation under God with liberty and justice for all", thus using a biblical standard for executing our civil obligations and protecting our fundamental rights or "One nation free of tyranny with liberty and justice for all" using our Constitution with its amendments as the only standard for executing its civil obligations and protecting our fundamental rights. Our founding father founding fathers opted for the later as the only recipe for freedom so the taste of our Big Mac of Liberty would not become rancor from the ingredients of Religious Tyranny's cupboard.
So there is no confusion among those who now live in the nations of Religious Tyrannies in the Middle East and other parts of the world what they must accomplish in order to be qualified as legitimate democracies, so there is no confusion what our flag, our country and way of life represents as we move forward as the beacon for liberty in the world, and so their is no confusion from within own ranks what we must protect and defend against to preserve Liberty's Mandates at home and abroad, we must now make sure our Pledge of Allegiance adheres to pillars on which our Constitution rests, or take the necessary steps to make sure that it does, as we take our position as the stalwarts of liberty in a world where the security of our own nation and the defeat terrorism now lays in the balance.

March 20 2004

The Power of Allegiance

Don't underestimate the power of allegiance. 
People in the Religious Tyrannies in the Middle East do not. 

Nothing has a more powerful impact on the foundation of the social structure of humans then what people gives their allegiance to and nothing less than the instinct for survival is so pivotal in molding and testing its resolve That is why we must make sure at an early age that a pledge to fight against those injustices inflicted by any of their peers among themselves which is powerful enough to rise above their instincts of self preservation in the face insurmountable odds is reflected in the words of the pledge they give to their flag and our country so the principles of liberty will be preserved in their generation. 

In society your choice of allegiance can literally determine whether you will be praised or condemned as an outcast by your peers In trouble times it will challenge your own sense of worthiness and honor and the question whether it is better to barter away your dignity then become an outcast will come into play Thus a persons allegiance reveals their commitment to the principles that will determines there own integrity and reveal what they honor above all in their approach to life 

No nation can continue to exist without some form of oath of allegiance that identifies their protocol Why does this oath have such a powerful impact on a nation, because it provides the simplest most concise format for capturing the essence of a nations convictions that all of its citizens can rally around That is why ones oath of allegiance is such a powerful agent in determining the history of a nation and their impact on the world

Through observing the pledge of allegiance of each nation one can observe what is behind the forces that drives the currents of history Thought peoples pledge of allegiance we can determine what conflicts between nations will arise, now and in the future Why? Because the pledge that each nation makes identifies and distinguishes her existence from each other though what they wish to honor and what they will defend against In a sense the pledge of allegiance of all different nations are their fingerprints where one can trace the standards that that all under its dominion are held accountable Therefore if you want to know what polices and actions a nation will choose to embrace on an international level you can now trace back such decision directly to its source Their pledge of allegiance 

What we give our allegiance to as a people defines what we stand for and what we will defend against as a people and as nation. It represents what the individuals of our nation have decide to cast their lot their lives and their fortunes in our case even to the extent of risking their live in war to defend its principles Therefore we must not let our own oath of allegiance betray there sacred trust

The essence of this allegiance is revealed in its simplest form by the pledge that the citizens give to their country and flag This pledge leaves no doubt to what position each nation takes among the world concerning the type of governance they embrace concerning the protection of their citizens rights or lack their of. 

The individuals of our nation have decide to cast their lot their lives and their fortunes defending democracy even to the extent of risking their live in war to defend its principles s Therefore we must not let our oath of allegiance betray there sacred trust What we give our allegiance to defines what we stand for and what we will defend against as a people and as nation. And the essence of this allegiance is revealed in its simplest form by the pledge that the citizens give to their country and flag This pledge leaves no doubt to what position each nation takes among the world concerning the type of governance they embrace and their declaration in the world to secure peace and prosperity for their people 

"Our own pledge of allegiance must now perfectly reflect what is written in our Constitution and the Principles on which it stands so there can be no confusion by any nation after the attack on September 11 what our democracy stands for and what actions we will now take to defend it If our pledge of allegiance is an oath that no longer honors and represents liberty Mandate now is the time to abandoned such a decree and change it to an oath that does or by definition honor its mandate or we are embracing a governance of religious tyranny" 

Since it became our mission to spread liberty in the world after September 11, to secure a world free from terrorism and tyranny our pledge of allegiance will now be the defining factor that will now determine the road that humanity will go down now and in the future because our pledge of allegiance reveals in its simplest form the commitment to the principles that the people of the nations of tyranny must make that will determine whether they will there in the future of the civilized world.
Again I must stress any deviation from liberties mandate found in our pledge or in our governmental institutions that support that oath must be corrected now, for if the star that we chose to guides us leads us one degree off course now, then in ten years how far will have strayed from liberties home when the world finds itself eternally encased in the winds of tyranny? 

That is why I say the issue about the Constitutionality our Pledge of Allegiance is now is the single most critical issue facing not only America at this time in history but all of humanity for in its decree lies the summation of the only blueprint for hope and justice that can drape the world in liberty that is freed from the fear of terrorism and tyranny 

For those who say I am making too much of a fuss that the issue of allegiance in this country and how it only has a minimal effect on our future economic issues I must remind them that that people who attacked us don't did not think so. They bet on the fact that peoples overwhelming drive for acceptance and social survival would unite them as a nation and eliminate minimal objections of the minority in their outlandish decrees that support a faith first governance It you want to see the eventual results of that kind of rule just look at the condition of their economies after 20 centuries and the loss of loss all fundamental rights in all areas of their civil political and social institution They closed the door on an open market of ideas and as a result have become the Do Do birds of modern civilization

Now the Bush administration is betting on power of allegiance betting on the overwhelming drive for acceptance and social survival of the individuals of the majority, not to question their allegiance to a religious dogma to determine our oath to liberty because it would make them an outcast to in their communities he has managed squelch the minimal objections of the minority to achieve the objective for Religious Rule. This is now the most important issue that all Americans must face and take issue an issue whether we will decided to preserve liberty or install tyranny for all future generations


The decision if our Pledge of Allegiance is now Constitutional will soon be debated in the Supreme Court will clarify the most critical issue facing all not only Americans but all of humanity. Its outcome will determine if we as a country have declared war on terrorism based on a Constitutional mandate or a Religious Mandate to gain victory and secure a world free from terror in the name of liberty If we chose the latter we will put liberty a Constitutional decree in a secondary position, under the Sovereignty of Religious Mandate 

By Redefining liberty as a Religious mandate to protect us against the advances of religious tyrannies around the world we remove the Constitution as the first line of defense to protect us from the fiends of hell who now not only attack liberty from abroad in Gods name but at home to. Who would dare turn tyrannies whip upon the backs of liberties souls I think the Church of England was first and King George was second if my memory serves me rights 

There is a saying a little horse manure in a sumptuous soup makes everything taste vile.  President Bush creating Religious Democracies around the world was not the plan of our forefathers had to secure us from the chains of suppressions. They did not want to fly a picture of the Bible over the white house Creating democracies free from religious tyranny was there mandate. Maybe your time would have been better spent championing democratic reforms in religious institutions like the Catholic Church before you decided allegiance to the Constitution was an affront to God

My dear president no matter what your political agenda you cannot claim autonomy over liberties domain and abandon her soul for she is a force unto herself who's path is unmovable and who intent is made perfectly clear in her mandate, "freedom from all forms of tyranny" and herein lies the basis's for our allegiance contained in our pledge to our nation for if we now violate this mandate now we will have turned their backs on liberty and in essence embraced enemies mandate ""Tyranny

Remember what is held to be true today may not be true tomorrow Proud Republicans may look like today's broken Democrats tomorrow, if they continue to violate liberties mandate here at home 

The good name of God can only be protected under the sovereignty of the Constitution. Under the name of God there is no end of mans use of his name to promote the horrors of tyranny that the Constitution could curtail

Thus if we are going to preserve democracy and eternally spread its doctrines overseas we must not let a persons faith in God become the standard under which we pledge our allegiance to certify democracy We are not in the business using our pledge of allegiance to certify that only peoples allegiance to a faith first sovereignty is the only way to certify their allegiance to our county and their duty to protect its constitution

For those who can no longer stand the unbearable Stench of Suppression and lies arising form the countries of the Mid- East and from the chambers of justice here at home that now threatens to suffocate us all in the dogma of ignorance, defending our nation against any doctrine of Religious Tyranny from within and disarming such groups and nations abroad that embrace such a doctrine must be our major focus if we as a people will survive

Using the name of God or denying his worship to promote allegiance to one nation must be finally put to an end Those who continue to do this make God and those nations that deny his worship the last obstacle to peace Under the domain of democracy the only sovereign is our own allegiances to the universal ideal to protect fundamental rights of all Our allegiance must be to freedom from tyranny period 

Only with allegiance to liberty first can insure a world draped in liberty free fear and terrorism and such an oath by us must be secured here at home before the golden wings of the eagles spreads world wide 


New Pledge of Allegiance

Honoring Our Forefather's Mandate, 
Their "Eternal War on Tyranny": 

 I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag
 of the United States of America
 and to the Constitution on which it stands
 One Nation Free of Tyranny 
Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All


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