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June 1, 2003

This is a four part article which was published in 
Arutz Sheva 

The "Voice of Liberty, with Bush, Blair and Sharon in Absentia"

By Stan Zir and Phil Orenstein

Part 1: "Who is Tony Blair"

Everyone would love to be the recipient of a one million dollar check until they find out it is a forgery. Such is the nature of the present negotiations where Israel is making concessions for fool's gold. First Tony Blair and now Bush and Sharon are telling the whole world to invest in security bonds that will be worthless in 2005. Until that time Abu Mazen, the new Palestinian Prime Minister and his cohorts know that keeping any promises for just a couple of months is only a minor inconvenience, for soon they will be free to act with impunity. 

You haven't heard too much from Tony Blair these days, but recently he popped up in Iraq right after the road map agreement was reached by President Bush and Prime Minister Sharon. Why is this significant?

It started almost two months before the war against Iraq. Now here was Israel thinking they are in the clear, the United Nations and the majority of its supporters had finally been exposed as an organization for appeasing evil. What went unnoticed was Tony Blair standing in front of his parliament crying out about the suffering of the Palestinians, over and over, with no reference to their endless sponsorship of terrorist bombers and their support of Saddam Hussein. He talked about their poverty but not about their tyrannical governments that led them into it. Little or nothing was said about the suffering of the Israeli citizens enduring continuous terrorists attacks by the Palestinians year after year. Then Blair, slammed down his hand, reminiscent of Khrushchev's shoe slamming exhibition 40 years ago and said "We will have a Palestinian state installed in less than two years, I promise you this". 

Suddenly his parliament stood up cheering wildly, thinking that this was the solution, and that its absence was the cause of the conflict between the Moslem nations and the West and even the cause for the war with Iraq. Now they felt all these issues were going to be resolved even if it means giving up Israel in the process into the hands of the enemy. He then mentioned the ongoing meetings with Arafat, using it as a testimony to convince parliament that progress was being made for peace in the Mid-east, even against the wishes of the United States who had cut off relations with Arafat in June 2002. Nevertheless, the British foreign ministers continued in discussions with Arafat about a Palestinian state to be created in less than two years.

This was the fait accompli, for Blair was now assuring them that by giving Arafat his way, this would also solve any issues with the Moslem populations in their own nation and shore up future relationships with the EU, thus giving them protection they would need against terrorism and assure their economic prosperity. 

There it was, as plain as day, Tony Blair insisting he alone would fulfill this promise. Nothing was ever mentioned coming from the United States on their own position about the same issue at that time. Surprisingly, four months later, after the victory was declared over Iraq, we hear President Bush espousing this same extreme agenda to the American public and the world at large over the airways. 

Equally important, it became Blair-ingly apparent in the British Prime ministers' speech, that there would be no stipulations for the actions the British government would take if any further terrorist attacks were made against the State of Israel or even after a Palestinian state was established. Thus, any commitment of the use of British troops, if Israel were attacked again, to put an end to the Palestinian organizations of terror and rebuild their society from within was strikingly absent from his speech, as it is now from the speeches of President Bush, four months later.

Thus in essence Blaire took it upon himself, without the approval of Israel, to force her to enter into negotiations that would help form a Palestinian nation born from terror, and now immunized from such acts, or face his wrath. All this because he had a promise to keep to his parliament. 

By making such a speech in front of the world, he had in essence declared that the Bush doctrine was null and void. He showed his ultimate contempt not only for Israel, but for liberty as well, by not even affording Israel the most the most basic consideration given to all allies who embrace democracy, full protection against terrorists attacks, and full support for any counter attacks until they are totally out of harms way. 

Instead Tony Blair abandoned this doctrine and embraced a doctrine that gives approval for offering up the people of Israel and their sovereignty as ransom to extortionists, who promised peace and economic security in the world in return. To Blair this was obviously a small price to pay considering the size of Israel and the size of the populations and nations that oppose her. 

Here Blair has made the ultimate mistake, because he bet on tyranny, and their lies, and now has put us all in harms way, by abandoning the use of the forces of liberty against the actions of terrorists and the tyrannies that support them as the only barging chip to bring about true peace in this conflict and in that region. Now for the second time since World War II, the representatives of the Britain government have offered up Israel as the sacrificial lamb to the forces of tyranny. 

Thus, the security of Israel became a tradeoff for Blair to gain the support of parliament for the war in Iraq. This put the United States in a very vulnerable position, for now they had to back Blair's commitment to Arafat after the war in Iraq in order to get full support from Blair's parliament before the war started.

This is why you did not hear too much from Tony Blair when the discussions for the road map started right after our victory in Iraq. That's the reason he did not appear on the scene until the road map was accepted. He also did not want to appear in the spotlight until the clamor of the recent French meeting with Arafat died down in the press, and the dust cleared for obvious reasons. But now he is back and people are even thinking of offering him a Nobel Peace Prize. 

This was how Tony Blair got his support for the war in Iraq on Israel's back and kept it a secret. With this tradeoff, Blair opened the door to hell and now Bush is fanning the flames by repaying the debt for Blair's support in the war.

Now five months later, here is President Bush banging the same shoe as Blair did before him, but this time it is on Ariel Sharon's desk and now Sharon is surrendering in fear of losing the Bush administration's support. 

What is Sharon afraid of? Is he afraid of disagreeing with the policies the United States has imposed on Israel in confronting Palestinian terror, because she might offend or lose America's support? Can this be possible? It is outrageous that Israel, a nation of democracy that had honored the Bush doctrine not to negotiate with terrorists, would now fear the seat of liberty itself, if she does not. Now Israel alone may face a three strikes policy including sanctions and suspension of economic aid if she does not abide by this mandate, since a Palestinian state must be achieved by 2005 no matter what.

Being the commander and chief of the forces of liberty carries a grave responsibility, because after the war with Iraq the influence the Untied States has on the world is truly unlimited. President Bush went to war against Iraq because he felt America was in harms way. He dared to stand against the world, based upon the principles of liberty, claiming the defeat of Iraq was the only way to "peace and world security." The fact that he now supports a road map that is based on the consensus of the very same nations that opposed us in our war against the tyranny and terror of the Iraqi regime only signifies that we have now have adopted a policy which dictates that appeasement to terrorists is the only way to "peace and world security". This is not only outrageous, but puts Israel in imminent danger. 

Now because of Sharon's acceptance of the road map, the Bush administration will take actions to declare that any voice denouncing the road map as a map of suicide for Israel, is a voice of obstruction embraced by the people who are against "peace and world security".

In the eyes of the free world, this would be tantamount to putting those who stand up for liberty and the security of Israel in the same category with those who marched against the war with Iraq and blamed the Untied States for the suffering of the Iraqi people. Now conversely, this classifies all those who marched in peace demonstrations around the world as America's newest allies. 

Part 2: "Voice of Liberty Speech"

Because all common sense, reason and moral clarity has now been abandoned, we will now write the speeches that have to be given to bring Israel and the Untied States back from the brink of disaster. We will write this to the citizens of the United States and Israel using the name, "Voice of Liberty" with Bush, Blair and Sharon in absentia". 

This approach is now absolutely essential, for it will provide the glaring contrast that is needed to expose the void of liberty left in their wake. This speech will leave little doubt as to the only true road map to peace in that region. Then, all people of liberty must relentlessly put pressure on both administrations, until the current road map is abandoned and the necessary changes and actions are taken to lead to real peace and security. Since there is no time to waste, today, June 1, 2003 we give our first speech:

Dear Citizens of United States and Israel,

In the conflict between the Palestinian community and the nation of Israel, legitimacy is the only question, not the legitimacy of a Palestinian state but the legitimacy of conducting any negotiations without the proper foundation being established first.

A road map to peace must be anchored in the only principle that can secure peace, or we will provide a road map for an assault on the very pillars that anchor the foundation of liberty itself and define our freedoms: The Eternal Pledge of War Against Tyranny's Advancement, Liberty's Irrevocable Creed! We must never forget that liberty, bathed in American blood and sacrifice, was born out of its unconditional victory against the forces of tyranny. 

Thus the basis to achieve a permanent peace can only be accomplished when it is established that the only acceptable standard of all governments must be to honor the freedom of their own citizens first and guarantee their protection in exercising their liberties. That is the only road map. How can anyone effectively negotiate with people who are at war with these very principles in their own governments?

Prime Minister Abu Mazen, whether it takes two years or a hundred years, until every vestige of tyranny and terror is eradicated from your civil institutions and the minds of your people, the very thought of any negotiations with you is out of the question. Simply put, tyrannies are the parents of terror. Poverty and hunger are their only offspring. Abu Mazen, we will not let your homegrown cancer spread to the shores of liberty. It must be contained, even if this means only a few of your citizens will be left standing to rebuild Palestinian society. In light of this, temporarily halting terrorist attacks or removing Arafat from the picture would be like putting a band aid on a crack in the wall of the Hoover Dam to prevent a cataclysmic disaster.

Abu Mazen, don't be ridiculous, we are not tyranny's fools. Unlike those before us we will not let you get away with murder.

Abu Mazen, we are going to meet with a new coalition of the willing and give you a timetable to turn over all the terrorists and their weapons to us. Secondly, we will monitor the immediate dismantling of your tyrannical government and civil institutions. Your progress will be re-assessed within the same one-year timetable that we applied in Iraq after our victory over tyranny there. 

In conclusion, Abu Mazen, if you do not comply, we will take the same actions we took against those tyrannical governments who chose to ignore us. 

America's eternal mandate is her war against terror and tyranny - the only standard that can determine who is our ally, and who is not. This is the soul of liberty's doctrine, and without it America has no credentials to lead the free world. What would make you think that we would ever sacrifice this for a handful of fool's gold?

America will never abandon its own kind to the salivating wolves of deception, and their cronies of appeasement, by making liberty an albatross that Israel has to wear around her neck. This will never be tolerated by us.

"Voice of Liberty" with Bush, Blair and Sharon in absentia.

This is the speech that the American people are waiting for President Bush to make so we can breath a fresh breath of liberty again, to relieve the pain of betrayal that now has begun to consume us.

PS: Please distribute this speech to everyone you know. American and Israeli citizens, you must now do everything in your power, short of violence, to alter the destination this map is trying to take us to.

Part 3: "The Light to all Nations"

The Bush Doctrine must never alter the content of its original source if we are to accomplish the destiny of liberty. If it does, then we as American citizens must challenge and reassesses such a doctrine, lest we fall short of and dishonor the mandate of liberty itself, by becoming a partner to tyranny in Israel's destruction. Sharon, you must now declare in words no less in content and no more in length than that of Nathan Hale: "I will no longer support a road map that only postpones Israel's doom" and Bush must follow suit: "I will no longer support a road map that puts the existence of Israel and the credibility of freedom in harms way"

Israel is anointed as the light to all nations because she holds up the mirror of liberty in the heartland of tyranny's domain exposing to the world the true picture of the assembly lines of terror that are turning out a workforce of fanatical suicide bombers supported throughout the Mideast.
That is why Israel makes the international community so uncomfortable, because she forces them to face the inevitable: that war on terror is not a "Nation-less War" merely carried out by notorious terrorist networks and fringe religious clerics. Rather it bears the support of the governments of Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan etc, embraced by the majority of their populations. Israel alerts us that these are the nations we will have to face in this last great war of deception and unlike Iraq and Iran where 80 % of the people now cry out for democracy, in these nations they don't! That is why they pose the greatest threat. 
The idea that any moderates exist in nations where free speech and freedom of press is outlawed by the consent of the people is not only ludicrous but also deceptive and dangerous and such notions must finally be dropped by the media at large. The reality of the Arab Street is the same mentality we found during WWII in the Japanese and German people and their governments, but here, Al-jezeera makes Tokyo Rose look like Mother Teresa. This is the seriousness of the problem we are facing. The major occupation in the Mideast is the career-building and support of the suicide bombers. This is the end result of the poverty and despair elicited by the road of tyranny traveled for centuries by the nations of the Mideast.
Here, popular opinions and governmental policies are confirmed in their state run newspapers that have justified terrorist bombing and are constantly denouncing the actions of the United States at the same time as their foreign ministers praise America in English. The next time you think of moderate nations, think of the rampant violations of human rights, especially in the case of women's rights. Think of Americas so-called ally, Jordan, where it is against the law to voice any dissenting options about the policies of the Kingdom. Let's look at Egypt, another ally considered to be a moderate nation by most Americans, and compare their policy regarding the peace process and their commitment to it with their recent deeds concerning Israel and her future. 

ANTI SEMITIC SERIES TO AIR - New York Post, December 2002

"Washington -Egypt has rejected a U.S. request that it cancel plans to broadcast a 30 part television series based on the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" an infamous Anti-Semitic tract, during the first half of Ramadan, Islam's holiest month, a state department official said yesterday. The protocols were used notably in Nazi Germany as a pretext for the Holocaust"
The request by the Untied States to cancel this program was also rejected by the other nations of the Arab League. Sounds like a familiar voice from the past! So much for Egypt's proposal for peace based on Hitler's agenda.
President Bush's three-monkey-policy of hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil in dealing with the Palestinian population must go. We must stop kidding ourselves into thinking there are moderate nations in the Arab League. The proof is in the pudding. 
The recent terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia, whose government is now claiming that such attacks have led them to changing their policy on terror is misleading. In reality these attacks are just from a more fanatical branch of the same tree feeding from the roots of the ruling regime's tyranny. It is the internal conflict in this country for control that is the cause of the attacks, and they have nothing to do with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They equally harbor and support the same populations that foment terror against the west. Now Saudi Arabia will play on the sympathies of the Untied States by taking action against these groups, and even attempt to stage a show of public support. But buying this deception is a no-win situation for America for at the end of the day, you are left with the same evil whether the present tyranny remains or falls.

Part 4: "Liberty's Lost Voice in the Mideast"

Speaking of the lost voice of liberty in the Mideast, we only need to look at the deception that's going on there. No sooner than Sharon had met with Abu Mazen, the folly began. Mazen insisted on the right of return for Palestinians and that Arafat, the confirmed terrorist should be free to travel to spread his poison in the world. Next, Mazen was saying that terror will stop after the "occupation" stops. This is already being accepted by Sharon, who slipped by saying that Israel will now give up the lands that are needed for her protection, because Hamas will call a temporary truce on homicide bombing. How gracious of them. Now even the United States is going along with this folly, because this poor man Mazen has too much pressure on him from evil forces that he faces from within. Then if the United States does not capitulate to Mazen, we face the blame-Bush syndrome in the Arab World because they will claim that we are abandoning the road map. 
Thus the folly continues. One concession leads to the next, and on and on. If for some reason Israel does not agree, suddenly she might be facing the guns of liberty herself and the wrath of the citizens of the Untied States. Furthermore she will be blamed throughout the world as the instigator of terror in this world. 

No person, not even the President of the United States stands above liberty's dictates. Such is the grave responsibility of being democracy's commander and chief. Unfortunately, now President Bush is championing this road map and says it must be completed by 2005 no matter what. Now this road map will be moving at such a furious pace to keep his mandate on track, that the incessant cries of "Road Map!", "You Promised!", will continue to make his position irreversible. By the time everyone realizes that President Bush has put his credibility and that of the United States into the hands of those who only honor tyranny and deception, the road map will have already served its true purpose: to finish the job the suicide bombers started. 

Israel, you have no choice, you have come to the crossroads, and someone among you has to have courage to end the real cause of your economic woes, terrorist attacks, for they are not of your making. Take courage. Last week when you attacked a Palestinian village following a terrorist mission originating from there, for first time the Palestinians in that village stood up and protested the presence of the terrorists in their midst. Obviously, in making this proclamation, they did not seek the approval of either Arafat or Mazen, who we are under the false impression that we have to negotiate with, to achieve this same result. 

Israel, herein lies your answer. Now you must forever end the defensive stance against terror which Sharon has now disgracefully joined Arafat to call "the occupation". By taking the offensive, by declaring all out war against the entire Palestinian population, the next terrorist attack against you will lead to the final victory for democracy. Finally, peace and security will be achieved between both peoples. 

Otherwise Israel is destined to suffer not only a slow economic death, but also the demise of her citizens through occupation and infiltration by those who only intend to massacre her. You must never again walk in resignation, and march to your death as in World War II. As we stated in January in our article "An Open Letter to the Citizens of Israel from America", the only doctrine that Sharon must embrace is "Victory for Democracy, Unconditional Surrender, Terrorism is No Longer an Option", or resign. 

For Americans, it became obvious after September 11 that there was only a one-way ticket issued to all the people of democracy. From that moment any vacillation through compromise with any nations that harbor and support movements of terror, could only mean liberty's vacancy from the only battlefield where unconditional victory now must be achieved, in the very lands of these religious totalitarian nations themselves. If we continue to avoid this fact then America and Israel will become a clearing-house for the entire stable of the Arab League Trojan Horses. Then the threat of the world becoming an endless composite of infertile civilizations, housing the hope-shattered and dreamless could be only be a quick step away. Israel, by accepting this road map has taken the first step to this nightmare. 

If my beloved country turns against Israel when she acts, it will only be temporary because if America does not support Israel, then liberty would be forever lost to the world and that is not America's destiny. Don't be afraid to act. Now is the last chance to fight. Israel your mandate is now bigger than the survival of your own sovereignty. It has now become the very embodiment of liberty's lost voice in that region. This has always been Israel's legacy and now it will become the fulfillment of her true destiny. 


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