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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct"    
Victorious America


October 11, 2002

(Due to the urgency of this message we have decided to publish while still in the editing stages. Please bear with us as we continue to edit and update this message. Webmaster, Nov 23, 2002)

See related Press Release: "An Open Letter to the Citizens of Israel from America"

The primary function of Victorious America is to clarify world conflicts and major upheavals leaving no room for confusion or doubt in the minds of the citizens of the free world. In this regard, the Israeli Palestinian conflict is perfectly clear and the solution is obvious. 

As American citizens we favor neither the Palestinian people nor the people of Israel nor any other people. We only use one standard to certify the reality of conflicts in order to choose which side we would support: Do their leaders and people embrace tyranny or democracy?

From the staff of Victorious America   

The current Israeli Palestinian issue is governed by the perception that this conflict alone is the underlying cause for the ever increasing tensions between Arab nations and the United States and that its resolution will bring peace and security to the Middle East. The current perception is that resolving this issue will end this mounting conflict between United States and the Arab world thus averting the strong possibility of a world war. 

The problem we are raising lies in the unequivocal acceptance by the international media of this assumption that this conflict is the single most important issue that is now forming world polices in that region. It's now time to pull the plug on the defective power source from which this assessment has gained its credibility, because of the dangerous position it puts people in who cherish democracy. This present evaluation will only deliver them into the hands of tyranny and annihilation. That is why it is time to re-route this misconception and send it back to its origin, so all can see the source from where this river of deception emanates.

By revealing the hand the sovereign nations of the Middle East are trying to play in using this conflict to influence world opinion, we can get to the truth and dispel this myth that has infected the legitimate media and has descended upon us like a plague. Presently these nations are using this conflict to extort concessions from the West in order to force us to abandon the only democracy in that region, by insisting that the choice between world security or world war lay in the balance. 

Through exposing the hand of deception these nations in the Middle East are currently playing, we can clearly see their resolution to use this conflict to relegate their own institutions of tyranny to a secondary status on the world stage. When we finally put an end to the faulty reasoning that has been perpetrated by this deception, we realize that it has only served to neutralize and handcuff the efforts of those who defend their citizens against terror and tyranny by branding them as the evil aggressors and through labeling this as a conflict in which both sides are equally culpable. The mischaracterization of this as a conflict of equal culpability only furthers to legitimize the thinking that negotiations with nations that support terror are the only option to prevent world war. By calling the bluff on these nations who hide behind such deceptions, we will expose once and for all the empty hand of threats they are holding and finally take the necessary actions to secure real peace in the world. 

By using the compass of liberty, we will know what's evil and righteous in this world. Then one can finally recognize that in the growing conflict between the United States and the Middle Eastern Nations, the Israeli Palestine issue is being used as a distraction to deflect attention away from the real issue. The action of the majority of the sovereign nations whose populations openly embrace Religious Tyrannies in that region, fear that the spread of democracy will threaten their control over the civil institutions through the shift towards an open market of ideas in the establishments of the secular arena. This is the defining issue of their agenda for the war against the democracies of the West.

Tyranny in that region is the real threat to world security not the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

It is the so-called moderate sovereign nations of tyranny combined with the nations of a more overtly aggressive stance in supporting terrorism in this region that are actively pursuing the destruction of democratic institutions in the modern world. 

The proof is in the pudding even in the so-called moderate nations in that area, the absence of basic fundamental rights is apparent. Remember that tyranny cuts out the eyes so the freedom of the press, the watchdog of our liberties, is blinded. It cuts out the tongue so freedom of expression is silenced. Can those in the news media who are committed to honest reporting ever certify what facts are being issued by these nations? 

Presently, if you take a different position on this assessment by the media, you run the risk of being pigeonholed as being misinformed or taking a stance that is oversimplified. This kind of response is a reaction to their current position that has established their viewpoint as the only standard in evaluating the present conflict between these two nations.
This currently accepted analysis of the larger effect of the Israeli Palestinian conflict on securing peace in the world could eventually justify sacrificing the people of the only sovereign nation of democracy in that region. Why? This analysis would naturally lead to the approval of diplomacy with tyrannical and terror infested nations, through pressure from the international community, thinking that this is a small price to pay for preventing world war. This would be the recipe for disaster for us all, and lead eventually to our own demise. 

It is the legitimate press that has unlimited resources at their disposal with access to every form of communications. With this comes the grave responsibility to present a clear assessment of the events that occur around us. Their assessment of world events undoubtedly carries such a grave responsibility with it, because of the powerful impact they have on the minds of our citizens concerning the formation of their own opinions on world events gained through watching the media. Luckily we live in a democracy.

Now it is time we must fully challenge the erroneous position of this accepted analysis that is based upon the larger effect of the Israeli Palestinian conflict on the world order because so much is at stake. This can only be accomplished by extracting the source of this conflict at its root. Only then we can view the authentic picture of the events that are unfolding in front of us. Then we can find a standard of analysis anchored in reality.

If the reporting and interpretation of the unfolding events by the mainstream media on this issue continues to be colored by the presently accepted wisdom that is limited to such a small field of vision, then the ambiguity and confusion that is now in the eyes of the public will eventually be ingrained and impossible to uproot. This will lead to the precedent for negotiations with terrorist groups, tyrannical nations and those that support such actions. This will result in the commencement of an era where terror becomes a viable strategy for nations attempting to institute world tyranny with a religious agenda. 

"Tyranny is absolute power based on deception and the absence of accountability. Since lies are the mandate of tyrannical regimes and nations, nothing can be certified as fact. Any statements issued from these governments, their supporters, and their populace can never be believed or validated. The only thing that can be substantiated is the total absence of fundamental human rights. 

"Once we recognize that in a tyranny the truth is not relevant, then we can appreciate the fact that you cannot make peace or negotiate with nations and people that honor these principles of governance. Here one finds the true enemies of mankind and the lands where the soulless are cultivated and housed in the bastions of evil "
                                                             Victorious America

Those who embrace tyranny as their governments, are the real cause of the conflict, because they will use any means necessary to achieve absolute power. Tyranny is the parent of terror. It is like a car driven out of control by a madman whose only purpose is to run you down. 

Since the attack on America on September 11th the connection between infestation of religious tyranny in the sovereign nations of the Middle East and the absence of balance between the religious and secular institutions that govern their civil and social establishments is self-evident. This alone is the leading factor for their support of terrorism in that region and throughout the world. Such governance puts the stamp of approval for replacing people's fundamental rights through allegiance to religious dogma exclusively.

This is the root cause of the Israeli Palestinian conflict and why there can be no peace. Until the plague of Tyranny that is now embraced by the majority of nations in that region is lifted nothing can be achieved 

Because of the seriousness of this matter, and its effect on the security of people of liberty, we have made a choice to proceed with the indomitable task of shifting the premise now adopted by the media through adopting a new standard of analysis. This new standard is based on the validation of the credibility and accountability of the states from which these events are originating. In this way we feel assured that this new assessment will shed light on what is all too obvious and can no longer be ignored. 

To end the confusion regarding this issue, the understanding of the Middle East crisis from a premise of exposing deceptions must now be secured. This is the function of Victorious America. Access to uncensored and unbiased information in our country is one of the benefits of being a free people because we can exercise our fundamental rights. In this regard nations embracing religious and quasi-secular tyrannies of the Middle East are no match for the eternal blueprint that the compass of liberty distinctly provides to expose the cracks and faults in these crumbling facades.

Again we would like to reiterate that such an understanding is now abruptly dismissed by the mainstream media, as well as accredited international peace organizations, human rights organizations and college campuses that have been invaded by the influence of nations of religious and secular tyranny. These nations use the face of their poverty as a weapon to cloak their actions of terror and suppression of their own people. The people's poverty are now used to gain empathy and support in their effort to place the blame on Western democracies for their economic and social plight. 

Now is the time to set the record straight: 

Poverty, and terrorism are the result of sovereign nations based on Religious Tyranny in that region and nothing more.

As we stated in the Introduction: 
"The mission of Victorious America is to end any confusion in the minds of our fellow citizens by presenting the indisputable line between democracy and tyranny so that there will be no doubt about what we are fighting for and whom we are fighting against. With this principle firmly established as our focus the essence of our conflict with the religious and secular tyrannies rooted in the Middle East and other parts of the world will no longer be able to pass undetected by the radar of democracy" 

This has been the true purpose of the Victorious America Web Site since its inception. Our quest has been to reveal the perfect blueprint to provide a beacon so the mechanism of deception and abuses of power can be recognized and instantly uncloaked in their many disguises in order to end any confusion in the minds of our fellow citizens.

Our purpose has been to expose any groups, institutions or nations that carry these strands of tyranny in their governing structure. No ground is too sacred. As this cancer has continued to spread we have maintained that Victorious America would provide the eternal beacon to give sight to all people who have been blinded by the lies and deception of tyrannical institutions. 

The writers of Victorious America were unanimous in agreement to raise the issue of deception here so as to expose how the business of misleading the public is achieved, thus keeping the fundamental mission of this site intact. 

The basic premise of achieving peace with nations of religious tyranny is an oxymoron. No useful outcome can be achieved through dialogue and diplomacy with tyrannical nations and regimes whose ideology is rooted in the destruction of liberties and fundamental rights based on a religious standard. Such a dialogue would only lead to us compromising our values in order to achieve peace through embracing tyranny as a viable partner. Those who would argue in favor of sincere dialogue for peace with tyrannical states need to look no further than the recent news about North Korea's disclosure of nuclear weapon capabilities in contrast with their reassurances of disarmament and non-aggression in past diplomatic ventures. 

The basis to achieve a permanent peace can only be accomplished when it is established that the only acceptable standard of all sovereign nations must be to honor the liberty and freedom of their own citizens first and foremost. How can anyone effectively deal with a tyrant like Saddam Hussein who would wantonly murder his own people for his own power and glory? 

The Victorious America Web Site is based upon the indisputable premises that have been stated in this article and throughout the documents on the site. The rest of this essay will show the potential of the application of these principles to present an indisputable picture of clarity in dealing with the present conflict in the Middle East. 

Now that this is established, let us address this insidious subscription to deception that is being honored by the international media as well as our college campuses originating from the tyrannies of the Middle East and their supporting cast from around the world. This scenario must now be exposed before the minds of our youths to whom we have entrusted that the future will not become waylaid by deception lest we be driven into chains of tyranny. For it was our parent's and grandparent's generations who gave their blood to honor the simple dignity and decency which has laid the foundation for the soul of democracy in the world today to guarantee the children of the next generation a better life. 

Now is the time for this generation of our youth to return the favor and prepare for a world free from tyranny. We must finally put an end to the pain and frustration of knowingly letting sovereign nations of religious tyranny get away with lying to our face again. 

The perpetual prom party must now come to an end for there is work to be done that will fill your life with an endless joy never known to you before. Now the real party is about to begin, so grab history by its tail and hang on. The ride to liberty is filled with an ecstasy that is immeasurable and lasts for eternity for those who endure.

Now let us begin by putting an end to 40 years of deceit and lies in this conflict between Israel and the Palestinian people by using the self-evident truths we have elucidated. They are the lifeblood of Victorious America. This will overturn the myth that peace can be achieved through dialogue and diplomacy with tyrannical nations and regimes whose ideology is rooted in the destruction of liberties and fundamental rights based on a religious dogma. 


A year ago we mentioned that the State of Israel could never live in peaceful accord in such close proximity to tyrannical regimes and attempt to achieve peace with the Palestinians, a people who embrace tyranny and are infested with international terrorist movements dedicated to Israel's destruction. With the consent of the United Nations and the international community in conjunction with the leading Arab nations, the Israeli people for over 50 years have been under continual attack with impunity. 

As we had mentioned in our 2002 New Years Message, that it would only be a matter of time before suicide attacks on innocent citizens would be justified, as has now come to pass. This is now verified by statements issued from the United Nations and various international media and statements from the Arab nations. 

Recently the King of Jordan, representing the Arab League, said there has to be a timetable of three years for a Palestine state with both the Arab world and the United States playing a major part in making this happen. But if there is any violation by either party he asserted that we should allow only the United Nations to handle it. Jordan, being a nation of tyranny has no credibility in making demands by setting the conditions of peace between Israel and the Palestinian people with the Untied Nations as the only enforcer of any violations of such agreements reached.

The very idea of leaving any violations of contracts made with the Arab League in the hands of the United Nations without the intervention of the United States, would only mean annihilation of the people of Israel. It is foolhardy and reckless to put the fate of their democracy and nation in the hands of people who will inevitably sabotage documents committed to peace and engage in dialogues of lies cloaked in armistice. Israel should always remember this before they make any promise to the Arab nations with the United Nation in control. As we have stated, nothing coming from tyrannies can be certified. Israel can never put the fate of their nation in the hands of nations of tyranny and in the hands of those that are committed to capitulating to these nations by trading in her fundamental rights in order to achieve pace.

This would be instant suicide for Israel. Ever since the UN failed to enforce its charter and hold the Arab nations accountable for multiple invasions of Israel, in reality it has become a defunct institution. When Egypt was amassing troops on Israel's borders in preparation to invade Israel in 1967, the UN forces protecting the border packed their bags and were sent home. 

The best solution is that the United States should demand that all the Arab Nations dismantle their tyrannies within two years and grant fundamental rights to their own populations. Then we can all start talking about the Palestinian issue.

The United Nations has embraced the premise that you can negotiate with evil and through compromise with evil you can achieve peace and security in the world. Thus to the United Nations and its supporting cast, any acts of the United States to eradicate terror from nations that support terror and tyranny is seen as the cause for further threatening the chance for peace and security in the world. 

Therefore it is self-evident that the Untied States cannot be a broker of peace with a conglomeration of religious and quasi-secular tyrannies as their partners and agree to allow the United Nations to step in if either side commits any violations of the deal. 

Instead of protecting the peace and security of sovereign nations of the world the United Nations has placed such terrorist havens as Syria, Sudan on its Human Rights Commission. Next year the United Nations will name one of the greatest violators of human rights, Libya to head the commission while dismissing the United States from that commission. 


Today, the UN position of compromising with evil to achieve peace has become clear and puts the whole world in danger. This is evident in their lack of enforcing the resolution for UN inspectors to monitor Iraq for weapons of mass destruction while breaking the UN resolutions for eleven years. Now we are seeing continuous opposition to the intervention of the United States taking the lead to end this evil. Since Saddam Hussein's regime has been dictating world policy for the UN and its member nations to follow, the world has succumbed to the violent and ruthless domain of tyranny. 

The United Nations is now governed by an ideology that blames the poverty in the world on the United States and its allies. We cannot stress enough that you cannot secure peace by negotiating with tyrannies. The bleak face of poverty in these counties is being used as a weapon to gain empathy for their cause by blaming their poverty on the thriving countries of the West. Their poverty is caused by tyranny, period.

How powerful is this poison of oppression? Remember when the ingredient of tyranny is added, even the most sumptuous meal will turn to fodder. This actuality is mirrored in their spiritual and economical institutions. They have chosen the cycle of death and oppression over the cycle of life and freedom. They will use our freedom of our press but deny us and their own people the same access. Since it is now their policy to negotiate with these ruthless terrorist regimes, it now makes the United States look like the aggressor because she refuses to capitulate. 

Numerous cases illustrate this point that the UN has lost sight of its peacekeeping function. In April of 2002 the UN passed a resolution condemning Israel for the "'massacre" of 500 people in Jenin without even certifying the facts first (which they later retracted as an erroneous report). 

The Untied Nations does not recognize that the root cause of poverty and war is the direct result of tyranny. As we said, an absolute resolution declaring war against tyranny is not embraced as the fundamental mission of the United Nations at this time.

It is therefore no longer a viable organization for solving world conflicts and securing peace. It has always been denouncing the Untied States for its adamant determination and its aggressive stance to rid the world of terror and tyranny. 

Humanity would be best served by severing the UN and its amalgamation of NGO's from their moorings in Manhattan and floating it down the East River and out into the Atlantic ocean, floating listlessly amidst the waves thus reflecting the actual state of their current affairs. 

Israel is a sovereign nation whose citizens are governed under a democratic system. It is time for her to put to rest once and for all the notion that she can be used as a pawn by the Arab League to broker a peace between them and the United States through our acquiescence to tyranny and terror. Once we make it a policy to favor nations of tyranny that support and harbor terrorists at the expense of nations of democracy, for whatever economic or political reasons, then at that moment we no longer can carry the banner of liberty, and honor our pledge to rid humanity of their evils of oppression. A democracy must cease to have nations of tyranny as its allies. The Arab League must finally recognize that the people of the United States are quickly coming to the realization that you cannot broker a peace with nations that harbor, embrace and support the objectives of tyranny and terror. 

The people of Israel must also realize that the people in the United States will eventual sour on Israel's lack of action to finalize this conflict. The reaction to  Israel's half-measured responses to terrorist attacks on their own citizens, is now greeted by the American media as old hat and is portrayed as an insufferable unending wound that refuses to go away. Israel's restraint in hopes for peace has not only led to this "here we go again" phenomena in response to terrorist attacks on her citizens, but incredulously, not even one major power even condemns the attackers any more. Rather, they only ask both parties to exercise restraint. If the people of Israel do not unite and take the Palestinian people fully to task with an all-out attack, with the purpose of finally defeating the Palestinian objective once and for all, then the insidious description of the "cycle of violence" will gain legitimacy in the minds of Americans and spell the end of Israel's democracy in that region.

It is becoming increasingly clear to the citizens of our country that the state of Israel is facing a people who are in full support of terror and the destruction of your nation under any conditions. It is also apparent that they are not seriously seeking democratic reform or peace. Unfortunately all-out war is the only solution to end this terror or step by step, economically and socially, you will be destroyed. The majority of citizens of our country will not lose any sleep if you act decisively to eliminate this hornets nest of terror, especially after watching their people celebrate in the streets after the attacks on our country on 9/11 and their undivided support of Saddam Hussein.
One only has to recall the actions of President Truman to realize Israel's appropriate response if she is ever attacked again by her neighbors, in order to finally put an end to the terror attacks from her neighbors for good. A new resolution has to be made by a block of sovereign nations that are governed by democracy, that not one more drop of their citizen's blood should be spilled by attacks from these sovereign nations of Religious Tyranny.
Acting on this resolution will not lead to world war because not only are we prepared for a war of expedience in the modern era but because we have learned the nature of this evil that is causing this conflict just like that which afflicted the nations of Germany and Japan in World War II. They only made the transformation to civilized behavior through force and total victory. Unfortunately they too worshiped and respected only what proved to be more powerful than they judged themselves and their beliefs. A total victory for democracy would mean a total defeat over their oppressive institutions, and only then would this give them the proof they need to discard their erroneous beliefs. This alone would open up the door for the possibility of a world draped in liberty and security free form the fear of tyranny and terror.

Thus, just as America responded to the armed attacks of Japan and Germany,
it is now time for Israel to respond to the 40 year determination of the Palestinian movement, who are now a people who have become infested and married to international terrorist groups united by one purpose: the total elimination of the people of Israel. By declaring total war on them, it will stop the incessant terrorist attacks for good. Why? Just like America put an end to the cycle of violence by defeating Japan and Germany and eventually transforming them into democracies and are presently taking on Iraq with or without UN approval, the only real solution becomes apparent. 

Israel must now also stand alone and exert its right of self protection as a sovereign nation in order to achieve total victory. The United States can no longer in good conscience ask Israel for restraint in dealing with terrorist attacks against her, as we now prepare to empty the bastions of evil in Iraq that support such acts against the United States and our allies. This is now becoming all too apparent.

Remember, Israel stood alone against the protests of all the nations including ours when she destroyed Iraq's nuclear power plant in 1981. If she had not done so, then what would we be facing today? Enough is enough. She should get our full support if she attacks, in honoring our pledge of zero tolerance for terror and for those nations that harbor and support their cause. This one action will finally put an end to the demeaning description of this conflict represented by the slogan,  the cycle  of violence by ending what is in reality the cycle of tyranny that has been long embraced by the Palestinian people and her surrounding neighbors. 

This will end, once and for all, the violence in that region and the endless postulations from the Yin Yang Gang for Global Tyranny we now call the United Nations who embrace and negotiate with evil thinking this will create harmony and secure peace in the world. Someone needs to remind them we are fighting terror not looking for a cure for the common cold. I think it would be appropriate in lieu of the actions of the United Nations finally agreeing on sending inspectors into Iraq, that they should now give full permission to the United States and Israel to send inspectors into the United Nations to investigate the manufacture of fraudulent proposals by the majority nations on its security council that have been honoring the objectives of tyrannical nations to serve their self interests.

To be continued...

Coming shortly.....more on the United Nations, the ICC, the Myth of the "Cycle of Violence", the Winning Strategy, ....and More

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