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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct"    
Victorious America


September 10, 2002

See Press Release: "Iraq: A Tyranny's Last Breath"

We can never put the fate of liberty in the hands of tyranny. Let's make it perfectly clear: the final battle to vanquish all groups, organizations, institutions and nations of tyranny in all their forms has already begun. We must never again be sabotaged by their forged documents and fraudulent dialogues cloaked in the diplomacy of lies in the name of peace. 

What I have written here is adapted from Victorious America 2002 Message which was completed on December 31, 2001. This particular essay shows how applications of the principles of Victorious America, when applied, acts to illuminate the minds of our citizens form the vantage point of the highest peak, to view the events of humanity with the utmost clarity.

By reading the Introduction, and especially the 2002 Message Part Two, you will understand why we have no choice in this matter with Iraq, if peace is to become a reality. The first statement I would like to make is that America is not on trial here. We will not be put under house arrest by a population of thugs or be put on death row just waiting to be executed by some maniacs. The game is over. 

Should we attack? Yes, with no hesitation. This man is a monster. His record speaks for itself. If you ask yourself this question, basically there is nothing more to say. Would Hitler use weapons of mass destruction to initiate an attack on us if he had the chance? Hell, yes! Saddam Hussein is a secularist who has subjugated his people to gain their allegiance through fear. However, Iraq is only the tip of the iceberg because the rest of the Middle East nations are tyrannies supported by a conglomeration of massive populations whose allegiance to religious tyranny is absolute.  

Recently the president of Egypt said an attack on Iraq would open the gates of hell. The gates of hell have been opened already by the nations of religious tyranny and oppression in the Middle East. We, the people of liberty are now going to close those gates forever before this disease continues to spread in the world. He is demanding from us to back down from such a country that only has the agenda to dominate the entire region and destroy America. Mubarak's true agenda now appears The unanimous support for Saddam Hussein, by the majority of the populations in that region shows the whole free world their allegiance to tyranny and religious faith as partners for oppression first and foremost. 

The time for Middle Eastern countries to dictate to us their demands while their tyrannical regimes are out to destroy democratic civilization is over. It's time to tell Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Middle East counties your reign of tyranny has ended. We will deal with Iraq as well as their threats. If you attack us or our allies, we will respond swiftly, but completely not sacrificing one drop of American blood and leaving no trace of tyranny behind. 

After the attack on September 11th, the majority of the leaders of the countries of the Muslim world condemned the attack, but somehow the majority of their citizens from all walks of life from their intellectuals to the moderates found justification for the attacks on us and even rejoiced. We saw this in interviews and demonstrations on TV of Muslim people dancing and reveling in death and destruction. I think at the time we were too much in shock to even register this outrageous behavior that we were seeing. They even tried to have the world believe that we were on trial for transgressions against them and this was backed up by their daily barrage of radio and newspaper reports all throughout the Muslim world. 

The people of the United States were in disbelief, hearing that so many people form all walks of life in another part of the world hated us do much. We still cannot understand why, even today as reports from the Muslim nation get worse in this respect. My inquiry into the subject lead me to one common denominator embodied in the meaning of one word, allegiance, and the one fundamental question of allegiance to whom and to what.

1. To what religious or secular principles do the people give their allegiance in governing their nations?

2. What are theses governing principles? What effect do these principles have on the behavior, and the mindset of the people and the leaders of their public institutions of that nation

Answer these two questions and you can understand the essence of this whole conflict.

A new history is now being written and a new mythology and symbolism is emerging from deep within the human spirit. Since September 11th, the sacred canopy of freedom has emerged from the ashes of terror as the ultimate unifying force to protect all institutions that serve and protect the people from the evils of terror and tyranny. This quest reaches beyond all the boundaries of secular and religious institutions, because it is the canopy that can equally embrace and unify both in a perfect balance to sustain democracy. It is limitless and eternal because it addresses what is universal and fundamental to the dignity of humanity. Its reality is expressed enduringly in our founding documents, the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights drafted over 200 years ago, in order to achieve one purpose: liberty and the freedom from all forms of tyranny. 

The building of an eternal fortress of democracy will be permanently achieved when the principles of liberty are first and foremost in the people's minds and hearts. One should consider that even into the early part of the 20th century our women were denied the basic rights to vote and get an education based on a biblical standard even though our country was over 150 years old with a Constitution. The women challenged this injustice under the jurisdiction of the Constitution of the United States of America and again we rose above our own indignities through our primary allegiance to this document of freedom embodying the separation of church and state. 

Why are we are being attacked at this time in history? Because, like a golden mirror, those who oppose freedom and wish to destroy liberty, are being exposed through the advancement of the free press, free markets and uncensored media communications throughout the free world. The dragon of tyranny is breathing his last fiery breath before his final extinction. 

Evil is easily identifiable when it appears in a secular form. It is a cut and dry matter when talking about our just war against tyrannical governments based on Fascism and Nazism in World War II. Our hindsight is 20-20 when we examine the righteousness of our fight for freedom from world domination by totalitarian regimes that have deprived the people of their freedoms and their lives. Such secular institutions have been in the spotlight in our struggle against tyranny throughout history especially in the 20th century and it continues in some parts of the world even today.

Now we are facing the same type of evil with a new face. The new face of this enemy are the sovereign nations who are in reality are religious ruling regimes are even more barbaric than the secular totalitarian regimes in depriving the people of their lives, liberties and fundamental rights. 

Iraq is the tip of the iceberg. We are dealing with nations who have in essence violated the fundamental principle of people's individual rights under their banner of religious tyranny. The concept of individual rights was born out of our struggle against religious persecution and led to the birth of a universal declaration of liberty given to us by our forefathers. This document, born out of religious persecution, evolved into vast universal canopy embodying fundamental rights, that protects the rights of people of all religious faiths and citizens of non-religious beliefs equally. 

The misleading idea that terrorists are a nation-less group must cease. They are all welcome and supported in the homes of many nations. Iraq is just the tip of the iceberg. It is one quasi-religious tyranny among a vast conglomeration of nations that support terrorism and embrace religious tyranny. 

In essence the Arab nations are in violation of an essential property of liberty to sustain democracy and freedom. This is the principle of Separation of Church and State. Without it the doors are open for the growth of religious tyrannies. The aberration they commit clearly supports a systematic violation of human rights and dignity. This state of affairs definitively determines our objective and our mission to dismantle these religious tyrannies who are determined to eradicate freedom and democracy from the face of the earth. 

This ageless cycle of religious tyranny that keeps greasing the wheels of poverty and violence in that region must now be stopped in its tracks. Its mechanisms and institutions of destruction must be uprooted and dismantled for good for the safety of humankind. Throughout history, those who sought peace with these kinds of people were summarily exterminated. 

Those who proposed diplomacy and intelligent dialogue provided these tyrants with the necessary extensions of time to cover their depraved agendas in order for us to drop our defenses and undermine our resolve thus putting us in harm's way and in eminent danger of escalating their pre-emptive attack on liberty.

The result of the imbalance between the secular and religious institutions in these countries can be seen by the exclusion of democratic principles. This is mirrored by a consistent flat line in their economic development resulting in the extreme poverty and desperation of the people. Thus because of the suppression of rights and the establishment of a ruling religious institution that maintains the status quo for public legislation grounded in their scriptures, the results are inevitable. We are not to blame for this condition, as those purporting an agenda blaming the U.S. as the aggressors and the ones responsible for the birth of terror would have us think. It is the result of their own choice for tyranny over freedom. It's that simple. 

As we said in the 2002 Message:
The greatness of democracy is where the fundamental principles maintain protection against secular or religious tyranny. In addition they also provide the framework and the balance where the two can work in harmony, enhancing each other, while protecting the people's integrity through freedom of choice in religious beliefs or no religious beliefs equally. Thus the people can freely can exercise theses rights free form fear of subjugation oppression and persecution, provided for them under the auspices of our Constitution with the full support of our democratic institutions

These bullies we are fighting are the true molesters of life. and honor no such principles only, disenfranchising of their citizens, torture and death await those who among them dare act in decent The only place they can hide their true cowardly identity and survive is by finding refuge in our minds through intimidation and fear. We can never rid ourselves from their poison until they are confronted and defeated. There is no choice in this matter.

These nations are in fact, bullies. Once we defeat one or two of them decisively, then as Japan and Germany surrendered after World War II and became exemplary democracies, one by one the others will follow suit and turn to democracy themselves.

There are times for nonviolent resistance and there are times when you are facing an enemy plotting your extermination based on an absolutist agenda. There can be no dialogue here. If you delay, you will be destroyed. It is like trying to talk with sharks in a feeding frenzy or trying to have a dialogue with Hitler. You have no choice but to stand up and fight. If you hesitate you will be annihilated. Prior to World War II Chamberlain tried to appease Hitler though dialogue and diplomacy as the Nazis were making aggressive moves against other sovereign nations. It did not work to prevent global war with Germany. His conciliation to tyranny only acted as a sign of weakness to strengthen Germany's resolve to dominate Europe. Millions of lives could have been spared if he had stood up steadfastly early on.

Even the very language of reason and decency has been hijacked and corrupted by this most virulent strain of tyranny. The use of words like dialogue, peace and even democracy are now used as weapons to buy time and draw us closer into the nest of destruction and the house of tyranny by portraying us as the aggressors and they the peace loving victims of our acts of aggression. 

Some of the Middle Eastern states are even asserting their fervor for democracy with no intentions of changing the institutions of tyranny within their borders. Without a Constitution and Bill of Rights incorporating the separation of church and state and the process of checks and balances operational within their public institutions, they deceive the world and their own people of their real agenda. It is patently obvious that they are exploiting the word democracy and claiming they are instituting free elections in order to further mask their tyrannical regimes.

These nations where the populations where are under the control of dominating tyrannies are there with their blessings. 

It is their own allegiance to a religious governance in their secular affairs for centuries on end, that moves them to support tyranny and aid suspending their fellow citizen's fundamental rights. It is a disease that spans the gamut of moderate to the most extreme, both sharing the common convictions that democracy would put the vision of Allah's plan for their governance in a secondary position, thus an enemy to Islam.

Therefore the same outcome continues: the constant appearance of leaders who uphold religious tyranny with the continued support of religious clerics to justify the suppression of fundamental rights in order to preserve their control in the ultimate position of unchecked authority. Thus the ideology of allegiance to faith superceding the prime allegiance to fundamental rights (as mandated in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights) would have to be uprooted for a real democracy to take shape.

The Constitution of the United States of America is the archetypal document for the universal establishment of liberty and without its fundamental principles firmly in place, true democratic credibility cannot be certified.

People who have been tricked into believing that they can achieve peace with serial killers or hold a humanistic dialogue with them are people who would compromise their freedom with tyranny would only lead us to enslavement. This utopian thinking of those that think we can make peace in the end with these nations that support and promote terror, only makes them into pawns for championing the agenda of tyranny under the guise of world peace. I know. I spent 30 years active in such an organization for world peace that actively champions such an agenda.

When talking about eradication of our freedom based on religious dogma we are speaking of the very principle that is the foundation of our freedom. This principle is essential to democracy and is embedded deep within our hearts. In one of his letters, Thomas Jefferson remarked that in matters of religion "the maxim of civil government" should be reversed "divided we stand united we fall". In this remark Jefferson was laying down the principle that has become the root of what is fundamentally American: the separation of church and state. But in keeping with our cherished tradition of religious freedom and tolerance, the passing of any judgment about people's religious beliefs or their manner of worshipping God has always been considered a taboo.

Just remember it was not a taboo for the Puritans to open this forbidden door when dealing with the tyranny of the Church of England towards them. They dealt with it. It is the nature of a taboo to keep the door closed. Those who have the courage to open the forbidden door in the name of the truth may face the wrath of all, especially when entering the realm of the sacred. But if there is a place that evil can hide undetected it is under the roof of a taboo. It is when a taboo is protected under the name of the divine is when we must summon up the courage to open the door and protect what is truly hallowed. 

As we said in the Introduction, lies and deception are the protocol of tyrannical agendas. In a tyranny, truth is not relevant. Any statements issued from these governments and their supporters can never be believed or certified. The only thing that can be substantiated is the total absence of fundamental human rights. This is the agenda of tyranny, the parent of terror. Here one finds the workings of the true enemies of mankind and the lands where the soulless are cultivated and housed in the bastions of evil. We have no choice here but to act, stand up or be totally annihilated. 

Tyranny cuts out the eyes so the freedom of press, the watchdog of our liberties, is blinded. It cuts out the tongue so freedom of expression is silenced and all become mute in the face of indignity. It paralyzes the mind with deception, gaining allegiance through fear so that freedom of thought and conscience is replaced by the rigid rules and dictates of the oppressor. You cannot make peace or negotiate with tyranny. It is a car driven out of control by mad men whose only purpose is to dominate you and strip you of your freedom, then run you down.

Spreading liberty is not colonization or imperialism. It is de-tyrannization; the strongest form of de-lousing of evil. It is the antidote for tyranny, restoring the individual rights embezzled from the people. Even though we did not attempt to promote democracy in the Middle East by force or coercion or in any other manner, we were attacked nevertheless. The nations of the Muslim world have never experienced true democracy or liberty in their entire history. You can see this in their state run news media, the suppression of free speech and severe punishment for opposition to authority and for conversion to non-Islamic faiths. The reality is that the majority of the so-called moderates, not the fundamentalist fanatics, have the strong hold on every part of their society that has been cultivated over more than a millennium. They control their country's public institutions and their governance under their interpretation of principles and obligations revealed in the Qur'an to live according to the will of Allah. They fear that democracy must be destroyed before it liberates their populations from the shroud of religious suffocation and oppression they have imposed on the people in the name of God. This is not a war that we declared against the Muslim world. It is a war of the greater multitudes of the people and nations of the Muslim world who have condemned the tenets of freedom as a betrayal of their allegiance to Allah.

The Middle East region is basically composed of a conglomeration of religious states were people for century after century have give their total allegiance to the rule of religious law. Thus all secular affairs truly came under religious jurisdiction. Here the religious clerics still run the show. Thus they control the population and govern their society by remaining unaccountable to anyone but God in their interpretation of their holy scriptures as the strict focus of the people's undivided allegiance. 

This is in total contrast to our society where people can fully exercise their fundamental rights and freedom in pursuit of their happiness and prosperity. Thus the just balance between the secular and religious world that is needed to secure economic prosperity and the enrichment of daily life supported by spiritual ideals is absent in the Muslim world.

Although intending to provide spiritual and social relief they cannot fill the void of hopelessness and despair caused by the poverty that has existed for centuries under the burden of religious tyranny that is endemic in their system. Unfortunately these religious states do not perceive the end of the cycle of poverty. Their ideology of tyranny spurs this cycle on, by additionally increasing their hatred for the successes of the West, thus further constricting their spiritual and economic progress. By depriving the people of the true freedom to evolve and explore new intellectual and economic vistas in the secular world, it solidifies the religious authoritarian control over the people's lives. 

Eventually death and heavenly paradise start to look pretty good in the mist of all the duties and obligations, the oppressive rules, restraints and perpetual poverty they have to endure. The religious clerics compel the people to focus on anything other than their own oppressive legislation and corruption as the target of evil. Thus they turn the focus of the people to unite against any other ideology or free thinking people who could sway the people from total allegiance to their religious doctrine or become a threat to rigid obedience to their faith in God. They accomplish this through the suspension of the peoples fundamental rights. To them the establishment of freedom of choice and fundamental rights is the one principle that could lead the people to challenge their authority and absolutist rule. Such a challenge would be interpreted as not living in accordance with the will of Allah or defying the dictates of Islamic law instituted in order to maintain cohesion and unity within their societies. 

To use God to unite people in such a way is an absolute evil commonplace in the Muslim countries. So powerful is the effect of the use of such an agenda and the manner in which they maintain allegiance to the state, that many came to believe that committing horrific acts of homicidal suicide to murder innocent men, women and children to achieve their goals is their great honor that brings the greatest rewards in eternity. Why is this influence so powerful? Because it is a mindset that deals with the absolute and with the eternity of existence in terms of reward and punishment. While the secular world deals only with reward and punishment within a limited life span, these religious nations utilize eternity and the afterlife to exploit the people in the depths of their souls. This is the manner in which absolute allegiance to the state is established through fear of eternal punishment by not living in accordance with the will of Allah.

This is not a war over religion or about whose God is right, but a war that has been declared against our allegiance to freedom of choice and the freedom of worship. It is a war against our allegiance to the Constitution of the United States America which as a document is the archetype for liberty to secure democracy and peace among the family of man. This is a war being waged by a conglomeration of nations whose populations are under religious tyranny. They are fearful of the power of democracy that would equally embrace all faiths and ethnic origins and protect the liberty of their citizens under its canopy. Defending our nation against tyranny and threats to liberty emerging from amongst such groups and nations is a must, because they consider democracy as the enemy challenging their societies who for centuries have followed in some in form the dictates of religious dogma to govern their civil and social institutions, thus by extension, democracy becomes the enemy to Gods commands and plan
plan for them

Thus any secular governments based on a Western model that are set up as a front to represent these countries will inevitably revert back to religious control in times of conflict. You cannot dress up a religious tyranny in a business suit with briefcases full of proposals for peace and expect them to become a democracy. They have one initiative based on the singular objective in their minds and that is to neutralize democracy before it destroys their people. It is quite unfathomable but the objective is clear. In this region replete with monarchies and dictatorships, it is no coincidence that there are no democratic forms of government. 

Do I expound hate against the Muslim countries? No! I am responding to their hatred of us which they themselves declare and is the reason why we are facing this impending danger. Do I think what Milosevic did to the Muslims in Bosnia is justifiable? He is a murderer who raped and slaughtered innocent people. His behavior was inexcusable acting as a devil incarnate.

Do I have a problem with people having allegiance to their faith? Absolutely not. But I do have a problem when ruling regimes and authorities, who for the sake of a religious allegiance, persecute and even murder innocent people because they dare to speak out for freedom or dare to criticize their religion or convert? Do I have a problem with this? Yes, indeed. This is nothing other than using religious doctrines to support tyranny. While many hide in religious robes or business suits to cover up their objectives, Saddam Hussein flaunts an army uniform and thus he is easier to spot. Remember liberty gives you the x-ray vision to see what is the real uniform underneath these robes. Thus allegiance in the Muslim world is predominately to the Muslim communities and states anywhere, first and foremost to fight on behalf of all Muslim brethren. This is true except for the case of Turkey which has become a shining example of democracy and separation of church and state in the Muslim world. But even here the government stands on shaky ground as they are being challenged by a religious anti-democratic agenda.

The majority of Muslim nations claim to follow what is written in their scriptures as the advisory laws for governing their institutions. When we talk about allegiance in the world of Islam we talk about pledging allegiance to their faith. This pledge is above the allegiance to the countries where they live. It is considered blasphemous in Islam to give ones allegiance to a country or to any national doctrine and its constitution that does not put as the prime obligation to sustain the state allegiance to Allah. 

Then if any single nation with a Muslim population declares war on a non-Muslim nation then all Muslims of the world have an obligation of faith to unite in jihad against those infidel nations. Suddenly there is the appearance of one nation unified under the name of Allah made up of populations from all countries of the world including our own, which is known as the "Greater Islamic State".

This complete alliance in faith crosses all boundaries and borders when any countries comes into conflict with any Muslim nation for any reason, legitimate or not. The leaders and clerics tie all issues together and call it an attack on Allah, when anyone will not submit to their agenda whether legitimate or not. Thus in the end everything is turned into an attack on Islam if it is from any non-Muslim nation or from any non-believer. Thus they are able to arouse their citizens into a frenzy and demand absolute obedience calling any disagreement an attack on God. 

In the Introduction the mission of Victorious America was stated as the objective to end any confusion in the minds of our fellow citizens about our present conflict by revealing the indisputable line between democracy and tyranny so that there will be no doubt about what we are fighting for and whom we are fighting against.

We must put an end the cycle of death that tyranny champions. It is the ageless plague we are facing now and these tyrannies are proving to be the conduit for the greatest cancer that has ever faced humankind. Unlike the Black Plague that killed the body alone, this deadly plague leaves us with huge populations of enraged living corpses who are dedicated to the destruction of the treasure within our life that defines us as human and civilized. This cancer that destroys the soul before it kills the body, must be destroyed first. It must be ripped out by its roots, and its vast populations vaccinated against this eternal cancer by the sweet nectar of liberty. 

In actuality the parade of tyrants in the middle East nations is like watching a Macy's day parade except this is the parade of bullies and tyrants. Like any other balloon, big or small, all you need to do is prick it with a pin and you can see all the hot air come rushing out. Then the Big Bully Balloons become deflated lying on the ground like scattered pieces of shrived up rubber with nothing inside. All you need is the courage to overcome the false image that they have presented to intimidate you. 

Therefore the allegiance of their average citizens is given completely to the revelation of Allah as transmitted to the prophet Muhammad which is interpreted for them to strictly follow and obey by their clerics and scholars who are not accountable to anyone but Allah. Any deviation by their citizens to exercise the right of free choice or to exercise their right to be critical of any aspect of the religious law would in actuality be considered blasphemous and subject to severe punishment. Furthermore nations governed by ideologies other than Islamic Law would be considered a threat to the direct word of God thus not worthy of respect and only a satanic function to destroy their plan for the ultimate submission of all populations of the world to the will of Allah, until Islamic law becomes the law of the land.

We keep hearing about all the moderates living in the region. How come we never see them, marching for freedom? Rather, massive demonstrations of hatred toward America, marching and burning the American flag are legion. Maybe it's time for the moderates to march and burn their own flags shouting freedom from tyranny and terrorism in their own nations. 

Regarding the creation of new governments based on democratic ideals to end the tyranny in the Middle East and bring security and peace to the region and ultimately the whole world, there is one principle that must be established in these nations and protected at all cost. The principle is the separation of church and state which must be instituted especially in this region where religious influence has been the dominating factor in governing their civil institutions. This principle was not only fundamental to the birth of our liberties but an essential component for the establishment of democracy. The importance of this can be witnessed in the consequences of entire nations and cultures that are governed by religious agendas that deny liberty to their people. With the omission of the fundamental principles of the separation of religious agenda from the secular domain we have seen the horrific results in the dire poverty of their countries and most recently the war they declared on liberty in our own backyard on September 11th. As we move forward in our struggle we face governments that outlaw diverse religious beliefs and fundamental rights. These governments share the common theme of absolute power and the suppression of the individual's inalienable rights. 

Since we have been attacked by terrorists supported by the religious tyrannies in the Middle East and other parts of the world we must now end this myth. Break the taboo and clearly draw the boundaries that cannot be crossed by these nations. If any group professing a religious belief or their institutions and their people crosses this line and acts to destroy and replace the very tenets of religious tolerance and fundamental rights with tyranny, it must be dealt with if we are to survive. 

This present upheaval is not an issue of whether we will honor the ideal of religious tolerance. It is an issue of an enemy that has sworn allegiance to religious tyranny. Like a thief they have entered our country and abused the sacred offering of religious tolerance given to all who come here from abroad. We welcomed them with open hearts into our gates of liberty but they have stolen the jewels of tolerance and used it against us. We cannot turn our backs on this reality and hope to survive. Sentimentality in the face of this evil will only cripple us. 

Now we are seeing war in the name of God that crosses all oceans and national borders including our own. Although we are a society grounded in religious tolerance we can no longer ignore the facts because it offends our sensibilities because of our compassion and our tolerance for those who are of a different religious belief. Tolerance for evil no matter how it is dressed up in religious or secular grab is not compassion but compliance. Our enemies do not consider our compassion respect worthy but rather a weakness of infidels to be exploited. To them, democracy is at odds with God's ultimate plan to rule the world in the name of Allah. We must now learn a new lesson in order to survive and preserve our core beliefs and way of life. Religious tyranny is just another form of secular tyranny. They are interchangeable. The loss of your freedom happens in the name of either type of ruling regime where a democratic constitutional foundation is absent.

As we stated in Victorious America it's time for the leaders and members of the Muslim movements in the Untied States to gather in front of the Lincoln Memorial and denounce all forms of terrorism as well as all suicide bombing, denounce the oppressive regimes in the Middle East and pledge their allegiance to the United States and the Constitution as Americans first over their religious or national origins. They should pledge that if necessary they would fight overseas as Americans first against the countries of their origins that embrace tyranny and harbor terrorists. They should fight for freedom as Italian, German and Japanese Americans fought in World War II against their own relatives and brethren in faith in the countries of their origins that embraced and supported tyranny. They fought as Americas first putting aside any residual allegiance to their nationality or their faith. This action of standing up as American citizens first, will convince the American public at this time to be proud to treat you with dignity and protect you as our precious citizens of liberty and gain total support against any suspicions that the Muslim communities would support terrorism. You should be the first to enlist and fight on the front lines against Iraq and all other tyrannies in the Middle East that are a threat to peace and freedom. 

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