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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct" 
                                                   Victorious America



It is my conviction that never in the history of man have such eloquent writings as our founding documents been composed. They embrace all faiths and all people under their canopy. They have taken the best of religious and secular ideals, morals and ethics and condensed their essence under one umbrella, outlining and respecting all fundamental human rights. Therefore, I consider these documents sacred and eternal. They function to take us through the last threshold where liberty is the only passport issued to preserve what is most noble in man.....

I think it is time for all Americans to rediscover the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and read them over and over again. I believe that America is in possession of the greatest treasures ever written for the governance of all humanity. They provide the world with a prototype that will keep us all eternally free from the forces of tyranny.

Victorious America was originally established on July 4 2000, in order to prevent future persecutions that we and others had experienced after 30 years of faith. We used our site to showcase the essay "Victorious America", a dissertation on religious freedom that explains why the governing structures inside major religious institutions must now be reformed.

As we moved forward a change occurred that we never expected. It redefined and expanded the scope of our Web Site way beyond what we could have ever imagined. The day we realized our religious organization mirrored the same governing structure as that of the nations of Religious Tyranny, our lives changed and so did the web site of Victorious America. 

This one realization was the perfect segue to reconnect us to the founding principles of our country whose ideals were born from the affront of religious persecution suffered by its first settlers who fled from the countries of their origin. It gave us an unparalleled understanding of the events which were to come.

For us, the conglomeration of nations of Religious Tyranny that loomed ominously on the horizon after the attacks on September 11th, was no mirage. We were not fooled in the least. They could no longer hide their true identity. It was the same old horse with a different jockey, but on its final ride. Now our connection with liberty's grand design was finally made and the conflict that was about to be played out would lead us directly to the dawn of liberty's rising where the origins of this conflict began.

In our War of Independence we demonstrated that democracy could only be defined in relentless response to tyranny's suppression. We were fighting a nation that had denied their own citizen's fundamental rights as well as ours. Through our victory we eventually ended up liberating both, a precedent was established and the conflict between these two opposing forces, democracy and tyranny,  was set in motion from that point. Being at cross purposes with each other, neither force could ever co-exist with the other. Only one would survive. The line had been drawn and like the ice age, the long history of people's sufferings under the age of tyranny's reign was about to come to an abrupt halt.
After September 11 we realized that moment had arrived, because the barrier that had previously protected us from the implosion  of these two opposing forces had completely vanished. A critical mass had been reached and with this, the pledge our founding fathers made on their eternal war against tyranny in the past had now merged with the present. Now their vision acts to identify the real emery we face and reveal our true purpose as a nation.

In order to facilitate this understanding for the public, we realized the time to bring the proclamations of our founding fathers up to date was now. To respond, we removed the dust that is presently clouding the real reason behind this conflict, by putting the word "tyranny" where it belongs, back into the spotlight as it was 200 years ago. We knew this would provide the only clear perspective to expose those nations that are now attacking the institutions of democracy and why they are doing so.

Securing the Global Initiative for World Peace

Using this "Cornerstone" as our base, Victorious America isolated the essential principles that sustain our freedom in order to accomplish this initiative. Using these principles as our passwords, we were able to gain unlimited access to the scepter of wisdom that our founding fathers forged.

By doing this, we were able to put this scepter directly into the hands of the American people so all could act with one purpose of mind in facing an enemy that is presently determined to destroy us and take away our freedom. 

Now the inheritance that was left for us over 200 years ago could be fully utilized to seize this moment and fulfill the destiny of our nation that was established at its onset: the final victory for democracy over the nations of tyranny who would put all of humanity in the chains of their oppression. Only when this is achieved will the Global Initiative for World Peace in this world become a reality.

The essays of Victorious America stand alone, for the message found here is universal and easily understood by all. Victorious America contains an endless repository, a reference unique in its approach and unrivaled in insight, so all can discern the glorious foundation that we have inherited. 

Let the eternal pilgrimage for liberty begin. 


December 31, 2001

The events that will shape the eternal face of humanity are now in progress. In the aftermath of the horrific events of September 11th situations are now arising that are so erratic that the boundaries that separate reason from irrationality and democracy from tyranny, are threatening to be erased and be replaced by the forces of oppression and terror in all arenas of the human endeavor. 

In the past few years people have become so complacent we ignored where tyranny begins and democracy ends thus creating an after-the-fact society in our response to evil. This is the era that demands our total sobriety - a time when our hands must always be on the pulse of this anomaly that has assailed us, without missing a single beat.

Tyranny cuts out the eyes so the freedom of press, the watchdog of our liberties, is blinded. It cuts out the tongue so freedom of expression is silenced and all become mute in the face of indignity. It paralyzes the mind through fear and deception so any personal allegiance to freedom of thought and conscience is replaced by the rigid rules and dictates of the oppressor. Here one finds the workings of the true enemies of mankind and their lands where the soulless are cultivated and housed in the bastions of evil.  

We can no longer silently witness the endless forging of the people's integrity through deception, and hope to preserve our own humanity. The choice to advance a global initiative anchored in liberty, is the only alternative to protect our shores and secure our freedom. We must now have a clear picture to guide us so that we can all proceed with unshakable resolve until true victory is claimed. 

In order to fulfill this mandate, we have returned to the vision of our founding fathers who branded this evil, "Tyranny" so all could forever recognize its face and name. Those who would divert our focus away from discovering the true seat of the forces that would destroy us, would now have no place to hide among us.

With that accomplished, they launched the greatest experiment in the history of civilization: the quest to secure liberty as the foundation to eternally insure the protection of people's fundamental rights, thus forever locking the door of tyranny to any who would release its deadly venom into the hearts of humankind.

What is the Cornerstone?

The mission of Victorious America is to end any confusion in the minds of our fellow citizens, by presenting the indisputable line between democracy and tyranny, so that there will be no doubt about what we are fighting for and whom we are fighting against. When this is established as our national focus, the essence of our conflict with religious and secular tyrannies, rooted in the Middle East and other parts of the world, will no longer be able to pass undetected by the radar of democracy. This will enable each one of us to pinpoint the true identity of the enemy that is trying to destroy us. Only then will we prevail over the obfuscation of the truth coming from within and outside our borders and avoid proceeding down the wrong road leading to the annihilation of our democracy.

Victorious America provides us with the ultimate strategy that removes the curtain of deception, so all can see who is hiding on the other side that wish to destroy our union of liberty.

This strategy is derived from the realization that the greatness of democracy stems from the fact that the fundamental principle that protects her very existence, is found in her eternal declaration of war to protect us from the advancement of secular or religious tyranny from within her shores and abroad. It is also this same principle that gave birth to a balanced framework, where these two institutions can work in harmony, each enhancing the other while protecting the people's integrity through freedom of choice in religious and secular matters.

In essence it is the wisdom and compassion that our founding fathers provided to eternally protect us from the deception and betrayal of our sacred covenant of freedom, begat by the forces and many faces of tyranny. For them, liberty was the only sacred trust: all that stands between us and tyranny, is indicated on a signpost that clearly marks the boundaries that must be maintained to protect our rights. We refer to this signpost, The Constitution of the United States of America, as The Cornerstone. This Cornerstone is the foundation for our freedom. We refer to the Bill of Rights as its heart, for it functions to display the characteristics that are to be embraced by those who have chosen to honor and protect liberty and call themselves her patriots. 

This war we are facing is the inevitable reminder that our allegiance must always be to liberty first before anything else. We learned that lesson over two hundred years ago which began with the persecution of people for their beliefs through the religious tyranny of the British Empire. This single event is what triggered a chain reaction that released the flow of individual rights that saturated the American psyche from its inception. Ultimately this lead to a universal proclamation against all forms of tyranny to insure the protection of these very basic rights.

It is the pledge to forever protect the constitutional balance between secular and religious institutions at home that secures the high ground for liberty and preserves the beacon of hope for all people around the world.

It is obvious that when this balance is violated in any nation, the twisted face of tyranny is displayed in the social and economic impoverishment of their people. With this understanding in place the cloud of deception that protects the hiding places those of ill intent will be lifted, and the true enemies of mankind will be laid at our feet.

Lies and deception are the protocol of tyrannical agendas. In a tyranny truth is not relevant. Any statements issued from these governments and their supporters can never be believed or certified. The only thing that can be substantiated is the total absence of fundamental human rights in order to maintain absolute power through the sabotage of the truth. Submission and dominance is achieved through intimidation. This is the agenda of tyranny, the parent of terror. 

As citizens of America, we at Victorious America are proud to be part of an historical continuum which is eternally pledged to protecting the fundamental rights of all people against tyranny. As an advocacy forum for such ideals, we realize the great honor and responsibility we are committed to. We will do our best to represent the true heritage of democracy for the purpose of revitalizing the hearts and souls of people throughout the world.

What is this Cornerstone?
It is simple.
It is our true inheritance as Americans.


Democracy, when unearthed, displays its profound simplicity in the fact, that even the most uneducated among us can understand its principles and put them to work.

That is what the rest of the world could not fathom about us from our inception and still cannot truly understand even today. The truth is that we render the common man's wisdom and integrity equal to and even surpassing the wisdom of Solomon, as the foundation of that which governs us.

The people's right to uphold this liberty in their name is the key that ignited this Cornerstone and released the great surge freedom that has our made our land so prolific. This one power reserved exclusively for the people is the backbone from which our nation derives its true character. This one action we call, Activating the Cornerstone. 

Thus the Constitution provides the foundation for giving the people the right of direct accountability from their leaders, who are chosen by them to govern, protect, and uphold the institutions of liberty with the utmost dignity and integrity. This single act of accountability insures that the leaders honor and consecrate that to which the people have given their full allegiance. 

"The total empowerment of the people, articulated in the by-laws, to oversee the actions of their leaders and to hold them directly accountable to the people, without fear of retribution must be implemented in order for the citizens to have legitimacy." 
                                                         Victorious America

Remarkably this one provision is the irrefutable source that powers the great institutions of liberty, without which democracy would be rendered useless. Why? Without this right, the marriage of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution to the people could not have possibly been consummated. Without this union, all the fundamental rights: freedom of press, of speech, and the freedom of religious expression would cease to exist, because those in the positions of authority would not able to be held accountable to the people by law thus leading to a reign of tyranny. 

The appearance of the true face and the exact address of the enemies of the dignity of mankind whom we are now fighting is revealed through the absence of this marriage of the Cornerstone in the hearts and minds of the people in these nations of tyranny. There, prisons of ignorance are established through their allegiance to oppression. That is why we cherish our democratic institutions first and foremost, because here we can exercise our fundamental rights, free form fear and persecution. 

It is the agenda of all tyrannical institutions and nations to crush the rights and liberties of all people as well as other nations that honor the dignity and wisdom of the people to govern themselves. This is the way these nations operate because of the benighted view of the rulers that people are simply not capable of governing themselves. Therefore, their rights must be restrained to keep order in society. 

Under democracy, the greatness of its principles are displayed in its undaunted stand that honors the individual's inalienable rights never to be infringed upon or subject to coercion by the majority or state rule. It is remarkable that protecting the minority against the tyranny of the majority was showcased as our first order of business in dealing with the problem of protecting citizen's individual rights from the onslaught of religious tyranny that the Puritans had faced from the onset. 

By means of relentlessly transmitting the great founding principles of America that protect the liberties of all her citizens from all forms of tyranny, we will advance undaunted by those whose intention it is to silence freedom. We will never stop unmasking and attacking this evil until the majestic gates of liberty are forced open for all those who are suffering under the siege of oppression.

Victorious America exists to present the picture of greatness that can be achieved when the function of people's fundamental rights is activated through our documents of liberty. Throughout our writings you will find a self-evident common denominator: our total allegiance in the eternal war on tyranny.


So there is no confusion in understanding our comments this is not an attack on religious faith, but it is a call for people to take action to implement the necessary changes that are now missing in most major religious institutions that are necessary to protect their faith from corruption. As a reference to certify our credibility, we have to mention here that it was our involvement with the SGI, a worldwide Buddhist lay organization with over 12 million members that presently serves as an NGO member of the United Nations, where our experience with tyranny occurred. This is now replicated by any of a number of major religious institutions at the present time, which is what makes this message so universal in its appeal to people of faith who cherish liberty.


Extreme circumstances will always challenge you to the very core of your existence. If one is to endure, the need for new discoveries and solutions must be accelerated. It is by virtue of the force to survive that emerging from such a struggle, new answers are always found that far exceed the greatest of your expectations.

In the end we found that people's sincere thirst for peace was only used by the hierarchy of this organization to serve notice for their own oppression by creating a unity based on absolute power. In such a scenario the only thing that was created was the loss of their fundamental rights and the only thing that was left was the shackles of denial chained to the pillars of tyranny. Such a unity only serves in the appeasement of evil because the people have become passive in the face of treachery in the name of peace, thus ending up serving tyranny rather than securing peace. Such is the state of affairs in the SGI today


Once we became aware of our roots as citizens of a nation that has secured freedom based on fundamental rights, we would not accept trading our liberty for peace, no matter how noble such an objective was. As the divide between these two untenable positions widened, we could no longer stand in the middle and survive. We were facing tyranny secured by absolute power of the leadership. In such an extreme situation we discovered the essential factor that must be instituted in any organization to protect the people's rights and their integrity. This principle was revealed in our proposal to protect the members and the leaders from succumbing to evil:

"The direct accountability of the clergy or leadership to the parishioners or members so as to insure the people's fundamental freedom by keeping the leaders aware not only of the effects of their actions which they will face in the spiritual world, but also facing the power that the parishioners are entrusted with if their leaders ever dishonor the integrity of the people they chose to serve. We felt that this would instantly expose the encroachment of tyranny so that the people could not be deceived and can be alerted to defend and preserve their liberty when such encroachments take place.

Finally it was our reaction to the leader's dereliction of duty in a major religious institution to protect the people of good will from the actions of those who would destroy their integrity and the integrity of the religious teaching, is what gave birth to Victorious America. What was written in the original essay "Victorious America" was done to lay the ground work that would provide the blueprints that could once again give them back their credibility and restore honor to their faith and protect the organization. In the end it expanded to became a work to clarify the principles that would dignify all institutions whether secular or religious, that serve to honor the integrity of humankind.

Regrettably, the SGI has been supporting nations and movements that have embraced tyranny as their protocol and has remained ominously silent regarding their agenda to undermine democracy and in many cases they are condoning such efforts.

Unfortunately, even though the President of the SGI, Daisaku Ikeda, continuously lectures on justice, world peace, dialogue and democratic ideals, no such cornerstone exits within the SGI-USA organization. Thus such eloquent speeches no matter how noble and impressive, only resonate with hollowness. In truth, direct accountability of the leadership to the members is considered a threat to the organization by its top leaders, as we discovered when we spoke out for this change. With the omission of this one principle, the substance needed for the fulfillment of the true democratic ideal in an organization is absent The result is that the SGI is an organization where fundamental rights are suppressed and where people of character are constantly being undermined.

In the end now matter how many stately edifices are built in the name of peace and democracy by the SGI President, with this one omission, we are only left with an imperious judge seated in a vacant courthouse lacking a jury. This deception amounts to nothing more than eternal treason against those who gave their lives to protect the foundation of our freedom in our great country, through embracing tyranny. This can be verified by the essays and links on their affiliate web site, Boston Research Center that in essence promotes appeasement to evil to achieve world peace and like so many other pro-Marists institutions which blame the United States of America's refusal to honor such an agenda as the cause for war and poverty in the world.
I hope that the SGI President reads Victorious America so he can reflect on the fundamental principles it represents, thus changing the direction he is leading the organization for the sake of his members.

At present we have moved far beyond an endless remonstration with this organization that does not wish to reflect on itself. We have a greater obligation as citizens of America first and foremost, to share a principle that will have the greatest impact in preserving our freedom. The members of that organization must now determine whether they will be left standing or perish. SGI members, either you choose freedom or bondage will chose you.


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