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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct"    
Victorious America



September 24, 2003

On December 31 2001 I wrote an article on our site called, "The Scepter of Liberty" in response to the September 11 attack on our country. There I talked about the eternal significance that this attack would have on world history and why Americans now had no choice as free people to secure the completion of Liberty's mandate by finally ridding the world of Tyranny and its offspring, terrorism which is the true cause of war and poverty. 

That day in December I wrote: 

"The Bell of Liberty is ringing again as it did some two hundred yeas ago. This time it will eternally silence the shrill sounds of terror, and pierce the deafening silence of tyranny that has plagued humanity throughout the ages. The restless sleep that has been thrust upon us will now come to an end as we empty all the corridors of evil that would afflict us. The eternal pilgrimage for liberty has begun.

The final episode will now be written in the archives of world history. A final exodus from evil will occur from everywhere. People will take a permanent vacation from this malfeasance of tyranny and terrorism and leave their institutions of darkness behind, to bath amid the sunlight of democracy. It is the establishment of a world draped in liberty that is the final step that humanity must take to secure the protection and survival of the human race from the darkness of the many faces of tyranny. Only then can we take our proper place in this creation."

Today we start with Cuba.

"Let the final pilgrimage to Liberty begin" 

On Wednesday September 26, 2003, I had the great honor of attending a meeting at the Rayburn Building in our nation's capital, called "Prisoners of Castro's Jails" sponsored by "Americans for a Democratic Cuba." I was invited to this meeting by Rolando Rios of Americans for a Democratic Cuba and Cesar Alarcon of M.C.U.D who was kind enough to attend our rally "Support our Troops and Honor their Families" held in front of the Lincoln Memorial on August 17 2003 (You can read the speech Cesar Alarcon made at our rally in the section Washington rally on our site).

I arrived at the building at 12:00 pm and was warmly greeted by all in attendance, even though most people did not know who I was. Just before the meeting started, I saw my friends from our rally in Washington D.C., who welcomed me with great enthusiasm. The first speaker Sylvia Iriondo, a human rights activist, talked about one lady named, Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello, who is now dying in prison in Cuba, because she cannot get proper medical attention and needs international support to save her life. She then mentioned the organization of "Woman against Oppression" who are fiercely trying to save her life and others who are under Castro's' Tyranny.

Soon after that five speakers who were congressmen and women took the platform to speak about Castro's Tyranny, and his support for other nations that championed tyranny and terrorism. What two of them said really left an impression on my mind. 

One Congressman said, "Castro is a manic-depressive, he is insane, what kind of man talks for 6 hours straight without a break and demands his audience listen to it all." I think he summed up the situation in Cuba perfectly with that statement, It then made me think, what kind of torture our ambassador to the United Nations must endure listening to endless speeches of delegates from tyrannical nations in the name of fairness and world peace.

The other congressman who's family is still in Cuba told of how every time he speaks up against Castro in congress, his family is persecuted in Cuba. He also mentioned how he is presently in a fight in congress not to give Cuba any aid, and how the Europeans go there in droves sit on the beaches smoke Cuban cigars, with no conscience about supporting a regime where the people rot in jails and have no liberty. He mentioned we can not put economies before liberty. I hope this becomes his mantra, because in this new post 9/11 world, this will become the key issue if liberty is to survive against tyrannical regimes and their terrorist counterparts.

During the meeting I could not help notice many men with white buttons and large black numbers on their lapels some with the number 28, some 20, and so on. It was not until the last speaker that I realized the kind of company I was in. The numbers represented the number of years of imprisonment and torture these gentlemen endured in the prisons of Cuba for the sake of liberty. Here I was among the "George Washingtons" of Cuba - its future leaders, who will now wrestle away the steel grip of tyranny from under Castro's rule and replace it with the eternal mandate of Liberty so all Cuban people can live their lives in freedom and prosperity, free from the fear of unending suppression. 

The last speaker was the most engaging, his name was Pedro Fuentes Cid. I sat on his every word (Although I cannot give you every detail here I will give you a synopses of his incredible story). I have asked him and other gentleman and the woman against repression to send their stories to Victorious America and they have agreed, this way we can show our American youth the true story of tyranny so they will not be fooled by its deception.

Pedro Fuentes Cid stared his talk by giving a brief background; he had fought for the liberation of Cuba to free its people from under the corrupted hands of the dictator Batista. Soon he had realized that Castro had betrayed the revolution and was a tyrant. One day while getting arms from a friends house to fight Castro he was stopped by the army but would not surrender. The army fired over a hundred shoots into his car as he returned fire. In the end he said he could not believe he lived because there were over 140 bullet holes in the car. He said he is convinced he survived because of his faith in God. 

When he was brought to court he was sure he was to be executed but somehow he got 30 years in jail. He said people who know him he felt sorry and sad for him, but said he was happy because they did not execute him. Then he came to the part about his stay in prison where many nights he heard his friends being taken from their cells and brought to a firing range that the Cuban army put in ear shot of the window of his cell. 

Then he said each of theses men yelled out before their death, "Long Live Cuba!" "Long Live Jesus Christ!". He stoped there because we were out of time. Again I remind you that I will have the full stories of three of these brave men on our site with their pictures and pictures from the event. I want you to read them and find out how they survived 20-30 years of prison and torture. You will be quite amazed, inspired and even moved to tears at their stores. I am and quite pleased to report to you how wonderful they look today, still retaining their gracious manner even after such an unspeakable ordeal. What I found that was most incredible is that when you watch and listen to these men speak, you will find the same fire for liberty in their eyes and the same passion in their words today as they had in their youth. 

At the end of the meeting I was treated to some incredible Cuban food. "Long Live a Free Cuba" is the best way to describe that meal. I took some pictures with theses heroic people and I an putting them on display on our site please go to their site for further information on their struggle for liberty of Cuba and continue to join with us here at Victorious America as we eternally continue our assault on tyranny, the sacred pilgrimage for a world draped in liberty free from fear and terror. 

Stanley Zir, Victorious America 


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