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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct"    
Victorious America


MARCH 1, 2007 .

Written by Stanley Zir

Message of Congratulations:

“History abounds with examples of oppression by religious or secular authority over those who advocated a new way of thinking or tried to empower ordinary people. Many new traditions sprang from the courage of those ordinary individuals who overcame such oppression Congratulations on your historic undertaking



In 1962 I wrote in my diary “The voice of Liberty like the voice of God is a call to justice once heard it cannot go unanswered”

Now at the age of 62 and some forty-five years later I have converged on that moment where the actions I now take will define my existence either I will now tie together all loose ends and finalize my mission, or become a soul defined by lessons lost packaged in meaningless images

Am I crazy? No just a high roller who wagered his life worth in the war against tyranny and depiction In the end it will be the success or failure this endeavor that will determine my salvation

I am not a white tower student of history, nor the traditional academic scholar offering solutions and theories based on the ideological works of other scholars.  Rather, it is my thirty years' experience of oppression and subjugation of my fundamental rights in a religious institution that revealed to me the great parallels to the major conflicts and turmoil appearing on the international scene today.

Note: Fortunately, after 9 years I have finally found someone who is willing to edit the essays on my site so get ready for some ruff reading if you come to my site even though the ideas presented there and made very clear

As a leader in a prominent religious institution, I traveled in the most dangerous ghettos in New York , visiting troubled members in their homes and giving faith encouragement.  I traveled all hours of the night, every day after work, and on the weekends, coming home many times at 3 or 4 AM.  I had no break for twenty years.  I traveled unarmed and used the subways as my only mode of transportation.

I was accosted several times and once was stabbed. Now, when I look back, I can't imagine how I stayed alive in such circumstances. I am sure that it was my sense of mission and faith that kept me blind to the dangers that continually surrounded me and kept me protected.

It was my experience with thousands of members whom I had encouraged, turning their back on me that led to my understanding about the evils of absolute power when it takes the form of religious tyranny. For what had my crime been?  I had merely tried to hold the leadership accountable for their sexual and mental abuses of the membership.  For this "crime" I was ostracized and shunned.

I established the Victorious America site on July 4, 2000, in order to prevent future persecutions of others who would stand up to religious elitists I used this site to showcase the essay, "Victorious America", a dissertation on religious freedom that explains why the governing structures inside major religious institutions must now be reformed.

As I moved forward, a change occurred that I never expected. That change redefined and expanded the scope of my website far beyond what I could have ever imagined. The day I realized our religious organization mirrored the same governing structure as that of the nations of religious totalitarianism in the Middle East my life changed and so did the website of Victorious America.

This one realization was the perfect segue to reconnect me to America's founding father's Whose democratic ideals were born from the affront of religious persecution that our countries first settlers had experienced under British Rule . This gave me an unparalleled understanding of the events, which were to come.

"For me, the conglomeration of nations of religious tyranny that loomed ominously on the horizon after the attacks on September 11th was no mirage. I was not fooled in the least. They could no longer hide their true identity.  It was the same old horse with a different jockey, but this time on its final ride.  Now my connection with liberty's grand design was finally made and the conflict that was about to be played out would lead me directly to the dawn of liberty's rising where the origins of this conflict began."

Introduction Victorious America October 2001 Stan Zir


As a new emerging empirical scholar, I could no longer silently witness the endless attacks on the people's integrity and hope to preserve my own humanity I must speak out.  For me, after 9/11 the choice to advance a global initiative anchored in liberty's name Securing our freedom from those who would use God's name to promote a governance of tyranny in this world became the only alternative to protect and honor my own integrity dignity 

Nov. 2, 2004 I wrote in Alerts on my site: Victorious America announces the commencement of the Victorious America Initiative.. The two most important strategies needed to gain a victory over terrorism: the active religious de-terrorization of the sovereign nations of the Arab leagues, and the establishment of Separation of Mosque and State governances to achieve that end were both put into opposing camps by the presidential candidates in this 2004 election. 

This has not only put our victory over terrorism in jeopardy, it also left our nation both divided and blind as to the size of the enemy we really face

Because of the Republicans conviction that the Iraq people's belief in God is the bond that will unite that county in the fight against terrorism, they declared Separation of Mosque and State an obstruction to that process. In doing so they ended up condemning the political initiative that our Americas founding father designed that could end the sectarian violence in Iraq

Mean while the democrats continue to look for Osama Bin Laden while ignoring the fact that we are at odds with over a billion ordinary people around the world are looking to breech the constitutional fire that separation of church and state represents in order to enter our fortress of freedom and eliminate the existence of liberty itself in Gods name

For over 5 years, I have talked with thousands of people about the part that Separation of Mosque and State plays in securing a victory in the war on terrorism. They just looked at me and laughed, saying I was too naive, that the Islamic world would never accept this principle.

The Republican stance that the principle of Separation of Church and State was taboo was shocking to me, so was their labeling of me as a Communist, trying to promote a Godless nation, because of my views on this subject, even though I was a Republican and a religious man

Since the Democrats had no political agenda to confront tyrannies advancement they labeled me a warmonger for my stance about Iraq, obviously I had no home there either, effectively I had became a homeless patriot  

However, in the interim, I was still able to publish many articles on my site and op-ed in small newspapers around the world.  A few of my articles/essays are: "Checkmating Evil”;” Liberty's Last Call"; "Separation of Church and State, Liberty's Neutron Bomb"; "God Tyranny and Liberty: 2002 Elections" Israel Arabs and the United Nations “ One World One Pledge”; "Religious Tyranny the Black Plague of the 21st Century"; "Specter of Liberty" .ect

You can understand my excitement when I came across this conference on the web where people from the Islamic world be speaking on the subject of the enlightenment of Separation of Mosque and State.  To my joy, Nonie Darwish a great friend and colleague, whom I have shared my thoughts about separation of Mosque and State and Religious Tyranny in the Middle East for over the years, was a featured speaker at your conference

Unfortunately I could not be there for this historic occasion That is why I asked Mrs. Darwish to be my go-between and introduce me through this letter /essay so I might have a chance to collaborate and share the ideas of the work I have been doing for over 10 years with someone who is well versed on this subject since I am either a writer nor a scholar by profession

While there are now many people finally writing about the need for Democracy in the Arab world, and some talk about the disease of tyranny as the cause of all the conflict, none has yet mentioned the prescription Americans Founding Fathers wrote that would eliminate the brand of tyranny that has given rise to this plague of terrorism.

A doctor is trained to spot a disease and treat it before it spreads. He can reliably predict the outcome of the patient's condition. America's Founding Fathers were also doctors. They were excellent physicians who could fully detect the disease of tyranny in all its forms. They left the Constitution as a preventive and as a vaccine to eliminate this cancer.

The Arab world is facing a piranha. Religious Tyranny the cancerous beast that they embraced in their war against the west has mutated and descended on them like a locust, honing in on their own misguided faith they are eating the very fabric that binds them to their own humanity. The result, Sectarian Violence Mutual Murder Among their own Brethren

Now finally, heroic dissenting Islamic scholars are trying to alert the Islamic world that it would be in their best interest to look beyond declarations of war against western civilization and avail themselves of the vaccine that liberty proffers.

The only question is will Iraq adapted the political ideology who's tools and strategy must to be applied to end sectarian slaughter in their country by redirecting the Iraq people's determination from giving their allegiance to God over giving their allegiance to protecting each other inalienable rights

It is this form of allegiance that has not only lead to the sectarian violence in Iraq but because it mirrors the same overall commitment of the great majority of the people in the nations of the Arab League who like the Iraqis who also serve a God that they have enshrined in the alter of religious tyranny now put Iraq at the epée center on the war against terrorism around the world

At the end of the day it is religious tyranny that is the operative word here, this is the cancer that gave birth to religious totalitarian nations of the Arab league today who like the Secular Communists in the west also people their inalienable rights, but in Gods name instead of the state

It has been religious tyranny that as been the staple for the diet of even the most moderate peoples in the nations of the Arab League that has been quietly feeding a terrorist beast in that region for over the centuries and who incubation period ended on 9/11 with attack on the world trade center This is the cancer that we need to destroy to be freed from the plague of terrorism

Now, the fortress that liberty provides, that is the frontline of defense against the rise of religious totalitarianism must be built by the Iraq people

Since the war in Iraq demands the release of the Iraq people form the grip of plague of Religious Tyranny we can now turn to Americas Founding Father weapon of choice to complete this mission The principle of separation of church and state established by them over 200 years ago to forever protect God name form being used by humankind to deny people their inalienable rights in god name now fits the bill

Only this serum injected directly into the heart of Iraq's governing structures can cure the culture of hate that is now responsible for terrorizing their own population and now threats to destroys ours

It has been Americas pledge to forever protect this Constitutional Balance between the Religious and Secular institutions, that has secured the high ground for liberty and preserved the beacon of hope for all people around the world for over 200 years It is this constitutional balance alone that now provides the Iraq people with the only solution for overcoming their own ethic and religious dispute a dispute that now threatens to destroy their county and return them into the hands of tyrannies grip

This formula for governance has proved its worth time and time again in the history of our own county, as we have been able to continuously rise from the ashes of own inequities by using our constitutions-unrelenting mirror of justice as our only staff

From America's civil war throughout the twentieth century this constitutional mandate continues to gather momentum, drawing into its vortex all manner of movements; women's rights civil right workers right the list goes on and on the roar get louder The strength of the people to rise to the occasion when justice is thwarted continues because refuse to be silent in the face of tyrannies indignities

Now the same seed planted over two hundred years ago honoring the freedom of all by protecting against the tyranny of any must now be the same seed planted by the people in Iraq in order to sustain an invincible fortress of liberty that is eternally protects their people from the advancement of the full menu of tyranny evils in their future

Trying to spread the Doctrine of Democracy without first Mandating the Principles that a Constitution in a Democracy must embody in Iraq would be as foolish as giving a flashlight to a blind man to help them find there way out of the dark

It is only a constitution that supports the principles of Mosque and State can eliminate the scourge of religious tyranny and terrorism in that region This is the solution that liberty provides that will create the bond to unite the Arab world with the west in the war against terrorism for it function is to transform the Religious Totalitarian Nations of the Arab League form tyrannies greatest supporter, into freedoms greatest defenders.

Separation of Mosque and State

”Liberty's Vaccine for Eliminating the Spread of Religious Tyranny and Terrorism in this World"

“Observations: Written for Conference by Stan Zir, Victorious America

"We are witnessing war in the name of Allah that crosses all oceans and national borders, including our own although we are a society grounded in religious tolerance, tolerance of evil, whether in religious or secular garb, is not tolerance but compliance. Our enemies do not consider our broad-mindedness to be respect worthy they consider it to be the weakness of infidels, a weakness which is to be exploited. To them, Democracy is at odds with Allah's ultimate plan to rule the world.

We must now learn a new lesson in order to survive and preserve our core beliefs Religious tyranny is just another form of tyranny, like secular tyranny. These two are interchangeable.  The loss of one's freedom is guaranteed in both types of regimes. One is in the name of Allah; one is in the name of the State.  That is the only difference”

Victorious America, Stanley Zir", The Scepter of Liberty" 2001

Now six years later I am using this part of the essay to further clarify the importance that the part that Separation of Church and State, (Mosque and State) plays in gaining a victory in our war on terrorism an ending the confusion that a violation of this mandate has created in Iraq.

It has been also been six years since 9/11, yet not one person in the Democratic or Republican parties has ever mentioned this principle as the first line of defense against the attacks of terrorism even though we are witnessing a Holy War being waged against our citadel of justice.

If separation of Church and State was good enough as a principle to stop the advancement of religious Tyranny in our founders time why is it now not enough for the Democrats and the Republicans?  Are not they the ones who are supposed to represent the ideas of the architects who built the foundation on which liberty rests in order to preserve and protect our union?

“Regarding the creation of new governments based on democratic ideals to end the acts of terrorism emanating form the religious Totalitarian Governments in the Middle East and bring security and peace to the whole world, there is one principle that must be established in these nations and protected at all costs. This principle is the principle of separation of church and state (Church and Mosque), which must be instituted especially in these regions where religious influence has been the dominating factor in governing the civil institutions in the Absence of a Balanced Democratic Constitutional Mandate”

The importance of now implementing this application of Separation of Mosque and State as the essential pillar in the construction of the mainframe new constitutions of the nations through out the governments of the Middle East can be substantiated through the consequences of these nations and their cultures that have been swallowed up by the dictates of tyrannical religious mandates in the absence of a Democratic Constitutional Mandate

The horrific results of this omission lead to the creation of culture of people whose worship of God at the Alter of Religious Tyranny produced the by-product of hate that was responsible for the payload of destruction that was delivered in our own back yard on September 11th”

Victorious America, Stanley Zir "The war on demcaory/ Scepter of Liberty" 2001

Now their seems to be some confusion about the meaning of the principle of separation of church and state and the part it plays in sustaining a mandate for democracy that was designed by our founding fathers to thwart the advancement of Religious Tyranny at every turn

Now this confusion must be cleared up if we are to have any chance of understanding the real reasons behind the attack on 9/11 that a violation of this principle reveals Then and only then can we adapt foreign policy that reflects the strategy that our Constitution provides that will guarantee us a victory in the war against terrorism with nations in this world who's citizens have chosen to put their allegiance to God over their allegiance to protect peoples inalienable rights

Separation of Mosque and State

Protecting the Integrity of Gods Name

The good name of God can only be protected under the sovereignty of Democratic Constitutional Governance. Under the name of God there is no end of mans use of his name to promote the horrors of tyranny that only the Constitution could curtail

Roots of Separation of Church and State

In this principle we find the constitutional strategy that Americas Founding Fathers first adapted that would forever prevent all Americans in the future from ever again suffering under the whip of Religious tyranny, the brand of tyranny that they themselves suffered under British Rule in the name of God and State 

The idea here was not to eliminate the influence that a persons faith has in fulfilling their civic and social obligations but not to let these obligations separate them from fulfilling their constitutional obligation to protect against those would use Gods name to deny any of its citizens their inalienable rights, irregardless of their religious or non religious affiliations

The soundness of this concept is confirmed by the fact while belief systems of religious agendas may differ; the ideals and fundamental principles of democracy remain constant. Under Liberties domain protecting the inalienable rights of all is what is held as sacred above all else, because it provides the key to off set all agendas of tyranny, secular or religious

In order to achieve this end our Americas founding fathers installed a kind of constitutional firewall into the mainframe of this sacred document of liberty at its inception, a wall that was designed to act as liberties first line of defense against who would use their religious beliefs to promote a governance of tyranny on liberty's estate

By eliminating the potential negative influence that religious doctrine has when in collusion with the state this constitutional fire wall, that the principle of separation of church represents, would give rise to a new form of governance that was designed to protect the inalienable rights of all, by thwarting the advancement of governance of tyranny in the name of Church and State

Now this sounds very theoretical and idealistic but how can we confirm that this principle served as a bridge to transform the quest of people seeking religious freedom or worship to a nation to embracing a universal doctrine of freedom?

We can confirm this only by referring to historical events in American history 

The Birth of the Universal Doctrine of Governance

The Puritans lived in England they were persecuted for their religious beliefs. The Church of England prohibited them from worshipping God in their own way. There was no debate about the validity of the Puritan's doctrine, they were considered by those who welded absolute power under the authority of the Church and State, which was the Status Quo of the day

The Church of England believed in Christianity. But was it the teaching of their founder to persecute others, lock them up and take away their freedom simply because their religious beliefs about worshiping God were different than theirs. In any case, their own professed beliefs acted as a mirror to expose their hypocrisy 

Having the chance to resettle in America the Puritans acted. If they had stayed England, the Church and the Government would have destroyed them in order to preserve the status quo.

The puritans chance to settle resettle in America set in motion a wave of determination so great it not only became the driving force of the development and character of American society but it also became the impetus for the spreading of human rights and democracy world wide

Why was this force for change so powerful that nothing could stop it The Church of England tried to suppress the individual in their spiritual beliefs, their private domain, and the seat of life where all people inquire about their own existence. It tried to imprison their mind, the seat of judgment, which is the main driving force to discern good from evil. 

The Puritans rebellion against this attempt triggered a chain reaction in the human sprit that was so powerful that the right free choice in all areas of the human endeavors would saturate the American psyche from its inception, and become the driving force that would shape our history and define our national heritage

But unfortunately with the Salem Witch trials the Puritans would now use their hard fought battle for freedom of worship to suppress other people's inalienable rights and like the Church of England before them their own professed religious beliefs acted as a mirror to expose their hypocrisy

With advent of the Constitution in 1776 the transformation from a people perusing the right of religious freedom to a nation embracing a universal doctrine that calls for freedom from religious and secular tyranny, would finally actualize our founding fathers vision of a universal doctrine of governance that was designed to protect the inalienable rights of all against the advancement of a government of tyranny either in the name of God or State or both

It was the Puritans treacherous acts in Gods name that finally confirmed the need for a constitutional firewall, thus removing the last vestige of religious tyranny from the American landscape that was obstructing the process needed to complete the transformation of a people embracing a universal doctrine of freedom

Now the seed was planted From that time on the given right of the individual to stand up and defend himself against any force or system that would subdue his inalienable rights was set in motion. This phenomenon where noble ideals continue to rise up even from the ashes of our own indignities is uniquely American.( women's rights segregation ect ) The fact that we continually champion the cause for individual rights under any circumstances is what makes our struggle so important to the world's social structure and its future

In conclusion, for over 200 years it is this constitutional fire wall that has protected America from the onslaught of the Religious Tyranny, the brand of tyranny that the whole world suffered (Crusades Spanish Inquisition ect ) in the Pre –Constitutional Era, the same brand of tyranny that now drives the forces of terrorism in the Middle East today

In 2001 one month after the attack on 9/11 I wrote:

It is my conviction that never in the history of humankind has such eloquent writing as our founding fathers documents of liberty been composed They embrace people of all beliefs religious and non religious equally under its canopy. They took the best of secular and religious ideals, morals and ethics and condensed their essence under one umbrella, then crowned this enlightenment by outlying a form of governance where the integrity of the individual would emerge to become the only standard that would be adhered to for creating the building blocks to forge a new emerging civilization Form this stage Americas Founding fathers launched the greatest experiment in the history of humankind:

“The quest to secure liberty as the foundation to eternally insure the protection of people's fundamental rights against the advancement of a governance of absolute power in any of its forms in order to forever lock the door on the full menu of tyranny evils to any and all who would release its deadly venom into the hearts of humankind”

Therefore, I consider these documents sacred and eternal. They function to take us through the last threshold where liberty is the only passport issued to preserve what is most noble in man  

That is why we must do everything in our power to protect the principles that sustain Liberties Mandate at home as we promote the establishment for the new democracies in our war to end the spread of terrorism around the world Protecting these principles from subversion cohesion at home must now become Americans new mandate irregardless of any political allegiances if we are to preserve Liberties Trust fund from being bankrupt in the future For if the star that we chose to guides us is one degree off course now, then in ten years how far will have strayed from liberties home when the world finds itself eternally encased in the winds of tyranny?

This war we are facing is the inevitable reminder that our allegiance must always be to our constitution first before anything else. We learned that lesson over two hundred years ago, which began with the persecution of people for their beliefs through the religious tyranny of the British Empire

Thus attack on 9/11 brings with it a warning, a warning on what principles must never be violated by us if our union of liberty is to remain standing in the future. The attack on September 11 gave us the severest of warning never to violate the principles of separation of church and state.

While the bible and the Koran are documents of faith that embraces a convent of principles for those who have chosen to believe in God for their salvation neither of theses two scripture can protect against a governance of tyranny by men in the name of God

The Constitution in a Democracy is a document of governance that save guards the inalienable rights of all by preventing against a governance of tyranny either in the name of God or State or Both period!

While religious faith can flourish under the sovereignty of our Constitution liberty cannot flourish under the sovereignty the bible, Koran or any other religious dogma other than the principles on which our freedom rests which are enshrined in Constitution the United States of America

For those in the present administration who say that it will take time for democracy to grow in Iraq or that the Iraqis will develop their own brand of democracy because of cultural differences I ask what democracy are they are talking about not the one America founding fathers established 200 years for it was theses different cultural alliances that bounded our ancestors to governances of religious and secular tyranny in the post constitutional era and are now the cause of sectarian violence in Iraq

There is only one brand of democracy and only one culture under its domain- the culture of freedom



In the wake of 9/11America must now present the Constitution and Bill of Rights as her calling card, challenging the world community to honor the sanctity of liberty's governance, where the sovereignty of free choice and fundamental rights becomes the foundation for spiritual and economic advancement in every nation in order to defeat the plague of tyranny and terrorism

The Constitution of the Untied States of America is the cornerstone of Democracy Contained within this sacred document is the wisdom and compassion that America's founding fathers provided to eternally protect us from the deception and betrayal of our sacred covenant of freedom, begat by the many faces of tyranny at home and aboard. For them, liberty was the only sacred trust: all that stands between us and tyranny is indicated on the signposts of this document, signposts that clearly mark the boundaries that must never be violated in order to protect our fundamental rights from the advancement of a governance of absolute power

The proclamations, struggles and sacrifices of our young America patriots to free themselves from those who championed of the full gambit of tyranny evils, set the stage for the delivery of a universal document of governance under who's sovereignty would not only protect the American people from the assault of absolute power but provide the prototype for a governance that is destined to bring peace to all mankind

It was this document written shortly after the establishment of our independence form England that would became Liberties Watchtower and Humanities Eternal Light by providing the treasure chest of guidance that is essential to keep all nations free from the brutally of reigns of absolute power.



In our Americas War of Independence we demonstrated that democracy could only be defined in relentless response to tyranny's suppression. We were fighting a nation whose government had denied their own citizen's fundamental rights as well as ours. Through our victory we eventually ended up liberating both, a precedent was established and the conflict between a new nation of demcaory and nations of tyranny in this world was set in motion, a conflict that would define America's true purpose and mission in this world

America not only overcame the forces of secular and religious tyrannies in our war of independences with England but produced a Constitution whose principles and provisions for governance would eternally keep the forces of tyranny in check

Because it was the very forces of tyranny that we defeated that gave birth to our doctrine of liberty monitoring the advancement of secular and religious tyranny and keeping them in check is the only legitimate platform that we must use to interrupt the principles on which the foundation of our Constitution rests,

Finally because the Constitution of the United States of America represents liberty's first and last defense against the advancement of Tyranny it provides the perfect vehicle for developing the strategy to pinpoint, defeat and transform the tyrannical governments that are the hosts for the disease of terrorism in the world today

While our Founding fathers proclamation “Americas Eternal War on Tyranny” underscores the essence of the doctrine of democracy, the Constitution acts as the vessel that embraces their mandate because it embodied the principles for the laws that are to be executed to sustain our freedom and protect us against the advancement of absolute power all its forms. Without the establishment of our Constitution our founding fathers proclamation against tyranny and the Bill of Rights would have been rendered useless

The greatness of democracy stems from the fact that the fundamental principle that protects her very existence found in our founding fathers eternal declaration of War Against Tyranny is also this same principle that gave birth to a balanced framework that our Constitution embodies where these two institutions the secular and the religious could work in harmony with each other enhancing and sustaining the integrity of both by keeping both free from the infringement of absolute power from each and upon each other, alerts us to the fact:

When this balance is violated, in any nation not only is the twisted face of tyranny is displayed in the social and economic impoverishment of their people but the face of the tyrannical institutions that are at war with peoples inalienable rights is revealed on liberty's radar screen

There can no longer be any doubt that the leading cause for the incubation of terror that has progressed to infest the sovereign nations of Middle East, has one root cause, the loss of fundamental rights and freedom. This has been sustained through the absence of balance between religious and secular establishments in their ruling governmental institutions.

In the nations of the Arab League this imbalance has lead to a prolonged history of peoples allegiance to faith first governance over their allegiance to protect peoples inalienable rights t have cultivated the dominance of religious totalitarian system of governance in that region over the centuries

As a result in the face of advancing civilizations, we are now facing vast populations who are mistakenly driven to think they must defend their faith from destruction, against the very thing that would liberate them from their oppressive beliefs not destroy it: Freedom, Democracy and the Rule of Law.  

On September 11, the greatest war to undermine the advancement of democracy was set in motion. The attack on the World Trade Center was launched initially to destroy our faith in the safety of a competitive market that is essential in securing a higher standard of living for all our citizens. But there was a greater assault on America that day; a Declaration of War was made on the very pillar of our Constitution (the principle of Separation of Church and State) that protects our citizens from the advancement of Religious Tyranny.

It is this form of governance, embraced by the Arab League, which has shut down Arab economies for centuries by eliminating the very source that triggers national prosperity and secures its integrity - free choice and fundamental rights, that now threatens to drag the world into its vortex of madness

In a region where free speech could lead to the questioning or disobedience of a state-approved religious mandate, the principles of democracy can only be considered a threat to the very foundation on which their social order rests a foundation that was built exclusively on the teaching of Allah. Since such inquires would be considered an insult to Allah so would the doctrine that opened the door to such inquires

When viewed in the course of human history it becomes perfectly clear that the loss of people inalienable rights is a direct result of their allegiance to a standard of governance that claims that allegiance to achieving their goals is more important than preserving and protecting their inalienable rights It is the allegiance of people to theses defective systems of secular and religious ideologies that greases the wheel of ignorance which is the real cause of major conflicts through out world history



Nothing has a more powerful impact on the foundation of the social structure of humans then what they give their allegiance to

No nation can continue to exist without some form of oath of allegiance that identifies their protocol Why does this oath have such a powerful impact on a nation, because it provides the simplest most concise format for capturing the essence of a nations convictions that all of its citizens can rally around That is why ones oath of allegiance is such a powerful agent in determining the history of a nation and their impact on the world

Through observing the pledge of allegiance of each nation one can observe what is behind the forces that drives the currents of history Thought peoples pledge of allegiance we can determine what conflicts between nations will arise, now and in the future Why? Because the pledge that each nation makes identifies and distinguishes her existence from each other though what they wish to honor and what they will defend against In a sense the pledge of allegiance of all different nations are the fingerprints they leave where one can trace the standards that that all under its dominion are held accountable

Therefore if you want to know what polices and actions a nation will choose to embrace on an international level you can now trace back such decision directly to its source their pledge of allegiance

What we give our allegiance to as a people defines what we stand for and what we will defend against as a people and as nation. It represents what the individuals of our nation have decide to cast their lot their lives and their fortunes in our case even to the extent of risking their live in war to defend its principles Therefore we must not let our own oath of allegiance betray there sacred trust

The essence of this allegiance is revealed in its simplest form by the pledge that the citizens give to their country and flag This pledge leaves no doubt to what position each nation takes among the world concerning the type of governance they embrace concerning the protection of their citizens rights or lack their of.

After September 11th, the people of the United States were in disbelief in hearing that so many people from all walks of life in another parts of the world hated us so much. Even today some five years later reports from the Muslim world get worse in this regard. What's the deal here? We must find the answer to this question for in it a lies the answer to true nature of the enemy in this world conflict we about to face, for once we know the enemy if we know what we must stand against there will no confusion in the minds of any American what we are fighting for

But if we chose to underestimate the enormity of this negative condition because it offends our sensibilities, then we will fall into denial syndrome and put ourselves at great risk losing the very foundation on which liberty rests.

To find out why this condition exists we must go through a process of inquiry. Through this process, questions are asked in order weeded out and eliminate any irrelevant information, so crucial facts remain that can identity the root of the problem and what actions must be taken for its resolution.

A doctor trying to cure a patient with a deadly disease uses the same procedure. First he looks at the symptoms; then he asks the questions based on the information at hand to come up with a diagnosis, if he does not use this procedure, he will not come up with the wrong diagnoses then the e patient chance of dying form the disease is more than 99%

My inquiry into this subject of why we are hated by the majority of the Muslim world and why we were attacked lead me to one common denominator, embodied in the meaning of one word, ALLEGIANCE, allegiance to whom and to what.

What principles, do the people give their allegiance to, in governing their nations a State Religious Totalitarian Mandate, State Secular Totalitarian Mandate or a State Democratic Constitutional Mandate?

What effects do the principles of governance have on the behavior and mindset of these nations their leaders the people their culture and the judicial civil and financial institutions of that nation?

Answer these two questions and you can understand the essence of this world conflict we now face why we are hated by the majority of the people of Moslem nations in this world, and the reasons their majority continues to justified terrorists attacks on America

But most important these questions identifies the brand of tyranny that we now face in our war against terrorism that violates our Democratic Constitutional Mandate by demanding people give their allegiance to a Religious/ State mandate over allegiance to protect people inalienable rights

It is only a Pledge of Allegiance to the people of Iraq, to their flag, and to a Constitution that honors their citizen's allegiance to protect people's inalienable rights above all else that will remedy this distortion and undermine a pledge that has rubber-stamped the movements of oppression, terrorism, and hate in that region for over 5000 years. 

What shall the pledge of allegiance of the people of Iraq to their flag in their new democracy be: “One Nation under Allah” or One Nation Free of Tyranny with Liberty and Justice for all?



By uniting the people of Iraq under the principles of a democratic Constitutional form of governance the cloud of deception that now protects the hiding places those of ill intent will be lifted, and liberty's intruders, the real enemies of the people of Iraq will be laid at their feet.

Excluding the principle of separation of church and state (mosque and state) in the formation of a new democracy in Iraq would remove the pillar of liberty that was established at our country's outset to protect its citizens against the abuse of religious dogma.

Not only will the Constitutional balance between the religious and state institutions that is needed to reflect back a clear image of all that upholds liberty's decrees will be distorted but hand of justice that is the essential element for Iraq' overcoming their own inequities in their future will be missing thus leaving a governance of tyranny waiting in the wings at every turn We cannot permit this to happen

In the end with this one omission, the constitutional framework that is needed to maintain an open market of ideas in Iraq will falter. When the dust settles, only another form of tyranny will emerge in their future: "A new age forgery conceived in the womb of ignorance and bathed in the sacrifice of our soldiers' blood." Then what would be the reward for their sacrifice - a time bomb waiting to explode in our children's future? We must not permit this to happen.

At this juncture, I may not have any influence on the Bush administration's plan of action in Iraq and for the Middle East. Still, it is my obligation as a citizen to alert the people of America that any violation of this Mandate in US policy for Iraq will be a victory for those who are intent on destroying the implementation of a democratic form of governance in that region. If we go down that path, we will fall short in containing the darkest deeds of terror, presently approved by people who show undaunted allegiance to their nations through their own sacred dogma - a dogma who's exclusion of inalienable rights has become an official mantra.

You cannot treat cancer with aspirin you cannot build the foundation for freedom in Iraq on forged documents and then call it a fledgling democracy you cannot secure a victory for democracy in Iraq unless all the remnants of tyranny are severed.

While you can temporarily hide the stripes of a Zebra by painting their black stripes white in a storm their white their stripes will always reappear to reveal their true identity time and time again

In the end our own stance against tyranny here and abroad is what liberty is all about To be the sworn and unrelenting enemy of tyranny no door must be left unopened no corner must be left unexplored here or aboard not even in the realm of the sacred- especially in the Middle East where evil displays its greatest power to corrupt and hide We must never let tyranny escape our gaze lest we ourselves unknowingly embrace its deception and lose the privileged to spread liberty throughout the world

For the sake of Liberty, for the sake of the Arab people and for the cause of peace we must wake up and demand the Implementation of the Principle of Separation of Mosque and State in the Iraq's new constitution We cannot afford to engage in a cut and run from the only mandate that will save humanity from terrorism and sustain the principles of liberty in Iraq in their future


Stanley Zir




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