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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct"    
Victorious America
    PART 1

June 18, 2008


By Stanley Zir



Part one in the chapter eleventh commandment of Final Exodus

As an American of Jewish decent I have inherited the better of two worlds. In the opinions that I have penned in my assessment of Israeli Palestinian conflict I have taken into consideration the greatness of my Jewish heritage, a culture whose influence that paved the foundation for the ethical and moral advancement of Western civilization, without which the consummation of liberty documents could never have been actualized

From my Founding Fathers side and as a direct inheritor of liberty's decrees I incorporated their documents of freedom in my articles my guide to gage our progress in the war on terrorism and the Israel Palestinian conflict

Because their documents are connected to the ultimate will of humankind life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, such stated principles on which the foundation of these documents rests acts as a mirror reflecting back a clear image of all that uphold such decrees and a distorted one of those that does not
Therefore I have been able to chronicle the outcome of America and Israel action in this conflict and their eventual victory whether they honor this recipe for freedom or not.

Knowing you cannot disconnect the biblical point of view when discussing the credibility of an the Israeli state and the viability of a Palestinian state

I also knew there would have to be historical overview other than just that of a biblical accounting but inclusive of it whose parallel history would shed light on the legit claim the Jews have to the lands that the nation of Israel presently occupy that prior assessments have failed to substantiate in the minds of many Americans beyond biblical claims but in the secular world
To achieve this end I traced the footprints that Americas founding fathers odyssey of freedom left on history's landscape,

In their determination to fashion a new world cultural ethic from one that had been left in ruins by the assault on peoples rights by those using Gods name and the State to achieve their Machiavellian devises, our founders abandoned those tyrannical enclaves crossed the bridge to freedom and entered liberty's universe where a new constitution would replace heresy as the sovereign of a the state From that moment the conflict between a new of demcaory and nations who embraced religious and Secular Totalitarian governments was set in motions

How could it have been any different Being at cross-purposes, neither force can long coexist with the other. How could it be otherwise? One system sustains freedom, and the other, submission. One supports an open market of ideas, the other persecution and murder for dissent. One achieves peace and unity through a democratic and constitutional balance of power, while the other accomplishes a mockery of these virtues through the absolute subjugation of the individual human spirit to the will of the most ruthless contender for power.



Tyranny cuts off all avenues of regress so the freedom of press, the watchdog of our liberties, is blinded. It cuts out the tongue of its dissidents so the freedom of expression is silenced and all become mute in the face of their own humiliation. It paralyzes the mind through fear and intimidation so any personal allegiance to freedom of thought and conscience is replaced by the rigid rules and dictates of the oppressor. Here one finds the workings of leaders of nations who are the true enemies of humankind and their lands where the soulless are cultivated and housed You cannot negotiate in good faith with such regimes it is nothing less that giving the fight of way to a car driven by mad people who are late in attending a meeting for those who are planning your demise.

The question no one is willing to ask is why does Olmernt and President Bush think they could get a good nights sleep if they could only get a promise form Hamas that they will recognize the existence of the Nation of Israel, when they can't even get Mahmound Abbas ho heads Fatah the other Palestinian pro terrorist organization to agree on this.

Am I missing something here but who in their right mind would let a convicted murder out of jail just because he gave you his word he would not kill the rest of your children. Then how is it possible that Israel the house that King David built is more than willing to make kiddy pinky clenched agreements with a people who freely elected terrorists as their leaders, thinking they would guarantee the sovereignty of Israel based on their promises of a peace agreements signed on worthless pieces of paper. But this is the reality that Jews around the world have refused to face for more than 20 years and running.

The Christens say Jesus came to save all humans form their sins The people in Dockow waited for the Christians in Europe and America to intervene did not happen until it was to late and it will happen again as before as the as the nations of the world will turn on Israel blaming the rise of oil prices form the oil producers of the Middle east because of their lack of support in backing their resolutions for a new Palestine state.

I am an American of Jewish ancestry a descendant form one of the 12 tribes of the nation of Israel. I love America for guaranteeing the freedom I enjoy today, freedoms that were denied to my people thought world history and most recently in the camps of Auschwitz under the reign of a maniac in a country whose people called Adolph Hitler their Savior. Now its 2008 and there seems to be no end to the Nazi Saviors that are being resurrected in the Mosque and State oil producing Cooperatives in the Middle East whom are waiting in line fulfill Lenin promise and Hitler's unfinished bossiness and (Their totalitarian affiliates) all of whom are anxiously waiting to fulfill Lenin promise that will be taken up in part two of this chapter.

While I am not a rabbi I cannot speak on the Talmud but as an American an the direct inheritor of liberty's decrees today I am more than qualified to speak on the evils of tyranny here on earth especially those that are now embrace by the religious leaders in the world today who have invaded the sacred in order to gains praise from the G-d they chosen to worship by sacrificing the lives of Jews on their alters of hate and Religious tyranny



For the past 20 years I have been chronicling a series of events in the Middle East whose effect on the peace process has been responsible for eating away at the lifelines that are needed to keep Jerusalem under Israel's sovereignty and the results have been all too predictable. At the height of the Holocaust Ann Frank wrote in her diary that she still believed in the essential goodness of people. In Ann Franks life we find the moral clarity that exemplas Jewish Law: the proof that faith in Yahwahs existence is what keeps the light of humanity lit in a world that ha turned its back on their own humanity Thus being of Jewish heritage choosing to go to war has always presented a moral dilemma for me. But when it comes to those who have chosen to praise G-d through acts of treachery and oppression one finds the recipe for hatred that is all consuming. Ultimately this cancer must be exhumed if the righteous is to prevail and the guilty redeemed

Yet for some reason the leaders of Israel have continually failed to diagnose the presence of this cancer in the lives of those sitting directly across the tables form them in their negations for peace The problem is I do not think Israelis could fathom that after what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany they would be in negotiations with a people who would again chose to abandon their own humanity rather than live in peace with the Jews in Israel

Unfortunately it is this oversight that had Israel believing in the credibility of Arafat the Oslo accords and now believing in a road map to peace with Mahmound Abbas, has given a free pass to the devolvement of Iran's' nuclear plant facilitates, President looking for economic relief in Saudi Arabia, and Olmert now looking for fools gold in Syria. The list goes on and the noose around Israel's neck tightens

But it is the threat Israel faces from crude oil prices reaching unpredictable levels combined with America and the European Unions reliance on oil producers of the Middle East that compels me as a Jew to issue this alert to Israel you are entering a death zone Rising oil prices due to escalation in tensions between Israel Iran and the Arab League is the ticking time bomb whose fuse must now be deactivate, or the security of the sovereignty of the nation of Israel could be in the offering by those who think such a trade off could again establish economic stability to the west

But the seriousness of this matter is being glossed over by the Disneyland express that both political parties in America are now asking all its citizens to board. They ignore the fact that Americas don't need a degree in economics to calculate that even 5 years is way to long for them to wait to realize the residual monitorial effete that alternate forms of energy will yield that will lower the price at the gas pumps. How high will gas prices go the results could be astronomical That is the conversation Americans are having during their break times at work and around the water coolers What are we to do until then, how can we survive How do we put a stop to this insanity?

Long before that Israel the threat of skyrocketing oil prices that has already put you directly in the cites of Americas short hairs will increase exponentially unless you can expose those who those brokering worthless Municipal Palestinians State bonds who's dividends they claim will bring peace to the Middle East and economic security to the world

The danger Israel faces is as high gas prices continue to bring Americas economy to its knees knew this could easily lure the America people into accepting the solution that the Arab World could provide in turning on Saudi Arabia and OPECS spigots on in exchange for support of their resolutions for the ending the Israeli conflict

This year Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul-Gheit addressed the Arab League about the terms of such an agreement and its ramification "If Israel decides to end the occupation. We will have the two state solutions. [Promised by President Bush] He added "Let them end the occupation tomorrow and we will have peace tomorrow. If we fail to take the necessary steps to resolve the core problem of the region, it will becomes significantly harder for counties of the Middle East to work in partnership with America in the future

The problem is Egypt is a quazi-religious totalitarian state whose government run newspapers are notorious for their Anti Semitic rants Therefore any statements form Abul Gheit about ending an Israeli occupations to bring peace can never be believed because ending the occupations of being a terrorist in Gaza and dismantling Egypt's repressive totalitarian regime and their hatred for the hews has been left out of the equation. If you are looking for further proof

In December of 2002 Anti Semitic Series to Air New York post

Egypt has rejected a U.S. request that is can cancel plans to broadcast a 30 part series based on the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and infamous Anti-Semitic tract during the first half of Ramadan Islam's holiest month a state department official said yesterday The Protocols were used notably in Nazi Germany as a pretext for the Holocaust' The request by the Untied States to cancel this program was also rejected by the nations of the Arab League Sound like a familiar voice form the past much for Egypt's proposal for peace worth Israel based on Hitters imperative

In October 2007 in an investigative article written by Ama Nassar published in Egypt revealed that a popular Koran commentary for children published in Egypt contains virulent incitement against Christina and Jews, and call on both children and adults to fight them Nassur's critical article presents excerpts form the book and comments form Muslim scholars who participated in its writing and from a senior Al- Azgar figures Need I say more

Yet when we returned to Abul Gheit statement "That is will become significantly harder for countries in the Middle East to work in partnership with America in the future f we fail to take the necessary take the necessary steps to resolve the core problem of the region this statement can be believed and validated

The following essay I wrote on October 11 2002 Israel Palestine and the Untied Nations was used as reference material for the 19th Annual meeting of the Association for Israel Studies San Diego California April 28 2003 by Radka Havilova PhD professor of economies Prague University

"By accepting the erroneous premise that the Israeli Palestinian conflict is the underlying cause for the ever increasing tensions between the Arab nations and the United States, that its resolution will bring the reconciliation with the Islamic world that is needed to insure our economic security America and her allies has continued to turn a blind eye to the prospect that peace can be achieved with populations who openly give their allegiance to tyrannical religious decrees The truth is Religious Tyranny is the real threat to world security not the Israeli Palatinate conflict"

Its now 2008 and everything has come full circle those terrorist chickens have come home to roost

Believing that a Palestinian State agreement is a must to bring peace and economic stability to the west, President Bush turned a blind eye to the fact that his business parterres in Saudi Arabia were using skyrocketing oil prices as leverage in order to broker a agreement for the establishment of a pro terrorists elected Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as there capitol and Israel withdrawal form Palestine territories 1967

President Bush's folly has finally put Israel in an untenable position If Israel fails to treat his favorite Palestinian son Mahmound Abbas, as a credible partner in bilateral negotiations, the chances of Americans souring on Israel becomes a real possibility, especially if on take into account that oil is vital interest to Americas economy and Saudi Arabic and Opec control the flow

But Mahmound Abbas still insists that Hamas like himself is not required to recognize the sovereign nations of Israelis what is Israel to do?

Unfortunately the lack of foresight in the Jewish community that this set of circumstances could again lead to the same denial of Jews in Nazi Germany who believed that actions were taking place behind the scenes to protect against such a travesty that produced the holocaust and now the myth that the Jews in wall street are diving up the price of oil They were wrong them and Condalizza Rice will prove they are wrong again now.



Two weeks before the Annapolis conference she visited a Bethlehem church and spoke with the Greek Patriarch in Jerusalem, and received support form leaders of the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic faiths for the planned Annapolis Maryland conference on the Middle East She went on to say:

"Theses same Muslim sheiks, church officials and the chief rabbis in Jerusalem issued a joint statement that recognized the Israeli presence in Judea and Samaria as "occupation" while the Pulsations were committing acts if terrorism and treachery against the Jews in God name"

At that time I pondered, since securing the sovereignty of Israel was no longer on President Bush plate, would it not have been better for Israel to have petitioned America to becomes her fifty second state at least her common wealth, since she already Israel was taking her marching orders form President Bush. That would have put an immediate end to Iran's nuclear threat against Israel Since this is not going to happened I felt the time had arrived for Israel to make a final exodus from the political insane asylums of the west who leaders have continuingly brokered Jewish blood in exchange in to maintain peace with the oil rich Mosque and State Terrorist prototypes of the Arabs League

I hoped the Middle East Peace Conference in Annapolis would have presented a chance to launch such an initiative. That conference represented nothing other than a long line of love facts between Americas Presidents and the Palestinian leaders that have resulted in the security of Israel being continually marginalized for over 20 years

Those who have been proposing diplomacy and dialogues with terrorist and their supports have provided them with the necessary extension of time to cover up their depraved agendas and regroup and has continuously put Israel in harms way

It is the foolishness of theses leaders hat have been responsible for restring Israel form taking the necessary steps that she need to take in order to finally put an end to such attack against her

By taking advantage of the nave nations of the leaders in the free world whose belief that peace can be achieved with Totalitarian governments who control 37 percent of the worlds oil supply time and time again theses peace conferences have provided terrorist was a safe haven form which to launch their ac attacks on Israel and gain a stronger foothold in the region

As a result the politics of deception and terrorism gained the political high ground in Annapolis and the Middle East, and is threatening to drag Israel and the rest of the world into the vortex of this madness

Now like in the past, if Israel responds with a full out offensive to any terrorist attacks on her especially form Gaza at any time drying that conference of after it concludes, I Israel will again be citied for their lack of restrain and compassion, sighting she has failed to understand the internal politics tha Palestinian people now need to overcome that will enable them to create a legitimate peace between Israel and themselves

But this time the fallout form a full scale offensive on Gaza by Israel will be disastrous With Condalizza Rice downgrading Israel Status in the west bank as a illegal squatter on Palestinian lands Israel's actions in Gaza can now only be viewed as one oaf an aggressor a slap in the face to the Arab world and at the very least a betrayal to the west.

Thus the chances of the whole international community uniting together with Condalizza Rise to condemn Israel for squandering the last chance to gain peace in he region and economic stability in the world is no longer mere speculation Thus the onus here is on Israel to make peace not on the Palestinians to denounce terrorism So while President Bush said having this conference was better than nothing I say having this conference Israel had everything

The reality is while this farce continued to be played out in Annapolis and beyond Israel continues to be held hostage by its decrees thus ends up being paralyzed to act just at a time when Israel has come face to face with an enemy in Iran, who's nuclear and military potential to deal Israel a lethal blow is no longer in question

Presidents Bush's ignorance of the true nature Islamic culture is no less disturbing as the road map bargaining chip he is no offering to the nations of the Moslem world. In a region where it is religions not family is where blood is thicker than water what will prevent the Shiite Marjory in Iraq in the future from merging together under the umbrella of religious autocracy?
Certainty not there new convoluted Democratic Islamic constitution that President Bush left behind

Yet in exchange for stability in Iraq and the stabilization of the American economy President Bush is now assuring the resolution with their new road map peace certificate of state ownership in Unfortunately for Israel and the Bush legacy Israel will find the peace that they been seeking with the Palestinians but not is a two state solution but in the cemeteries that Abbas is not planning to bury them in on Israeli soil, as soon as the ink on the road map document that President Bush and Olmernt intends to sign at Annapolis dries.

Israel you can no longer push the hand on the clock of peace forward and hold the hand of hate back thinking you can gain time to secure your future by negotiation with terrorists and liars that are determined to murder you.

Unfortunately that clock is broken and so are the minds of the people that have been keeping time by it Now after all theses years the hand of hate is now rushing forward like a runaway train and is on a direct collision cause to destroy the state of Israel

At the control of this train is none other that a freely elected Placation Islamic Terrorist Engineered Mahmud Abbas who has the audacity to now demand the full right of return with a Palestinian Jihad population who intends to deposit his passengers directly into the heart of Jerusalem Why Because he has became embolden by Iran nuclear bombs unchallenged threats to destroy Israel Russian and Chinas support for Iran and a shifting of Americas support for Israel on the horizon

Incredibly sitting in first class giving a green light to his tyrannical machinations is none other than Israel's protector Condoleezza Rice an Tony Blair with his washed up Roadmap Puppeteers. In adjoining seats Iran Iraq Jimmy Carter South Africa Saudi Arabia Venezuela Egypt Opec Hamas Hezbollah to name a few.

Taking up the remaining seats, with the rest of the Islamic world and weighing in on the slaughter is the United Nation the Palestinians Terrorist favored son

Now what are the odds on stopping this runway train does the Oslo accords or Israelis decision to work with the terrorist Arafat for a peaceful solution with the Palestinians over 10 years ring bells?

There are hundreds of other examples but the road map deal that will now be put on the table in Annapolis is a blunder that Israel will never recover form if she acquiesces to any of its decrees

What you see is what you get are going to get if you do not take counter measure to protect Israel now

In betrayal of Annapolis I wrote " Israel you are literally stand at deaths door At present the citizens of Israel are now being fitted for a noose to be put around their necks in preparation for the Middle East Peace conference

At the conclusion of this affair if you comply, the executioners that will be responsible for opening the gallows trap doors where the Israelites will swing by their necks in the future will be none other than Condoleezza Rick who in her madness is providing Abbas the rope to hang the Israelites with.

How could I ever make such an outrageous statement? Where did Condoleezza Rice ever get the Idea she could talk to Abbas about establishing a Palestinian State if he was not willing to recognize the state of Israel first and was not willing to publicly denounce Iran ambition to destroy the state of Israel with a nuclear boob.

At the same time where did she get the never to warn Israel not to disrupt negations with the Palestine's' because the time right to establish a Palestine state/

Ask Haim Ramon the key cabinet ally of Prime minister Olmernt who said in October 2007 "Olmernet wants a peace deal with Palestinians before Bush leaves office in 2009. The following week Condoleezza Rice said " If we do not act now to show the Palestinians way forward then others will show them a way forward Rice continues " Failure is simply not an option. Condoleezza Rice has already forgotten the Palestinians already chose another way forward when in their recently held free elections they overwhelm chose elect terrorist as their leaders

To my friends in the Jewish community who still think action are taking place behind the scenes to protect against such a travesty that produced the holocaust
I ask you why should Israel be confident that Condalizza Rice is fully committed to her security when it has taken her six years to realize maybe Israel should have bombed Ian's nuclear facility. I say six years is way to long to keep trusting the assessment of those who have been wrong time and time again on the Palestinians true intention, and worse about a cancerous tyrannical beast in Iran who threats to Israel has grown in proportion to her lack capacity to analyze the determination of a schizophrenic Religious fanatic armed with an atomic bomb

Yet Condoleeza Rice was insisting that the stars in the constellation of peace in the Middle East were in perfect aliment, because the French Germans and the Brits all lined up to support the road map at Annapolis. Unfortunately this had nothing to do with the fact the French Germans and Brits were all looking out for the best interests of Israel

The truth is President Bush thought he could no longer squander his last chance to use the European nation to exert pressure on Israel to acquiesce to his wishes so he could have a carrot to offer to the Moslem world that would release America form the blackmail she faces form OPEC

But none of this changes the fact that those were promoting peace with the Palestinians in Annapolis are Israel's greatest distracters. They say the road map will mean the absence of war between the Palestinians and the Israeli I say at what price? It is the absence of those who would stand against and fight any who would promote tyranny and terrorism in this world that is the greatest threat to peace and peoples freedoms

George Watsontown Americas s first president knew his when hoe defeated the British, Lincoln when he burned down the south in America civil war to end there attachment to slavery, and Truman knew it when he ended the war with Japan

Unlike Condoleezza Rice they had no respect or patience for cultures of tyranny and terrorism after they were attacked When has America ever allowed the terms of peace agreements based on threats form tyrannies domains and ever reached an everlasting peace It did not happen with Germany and Japan after they were attacked then whys is Olmert allowing President Bush to make Israel the exception to the rule

Someone better remind Condalizza Rice that that the Japanese and the Nazi both only respected what proved to be more powerful than the false idles they worshipped At the end they only made the transformation to civilized behavior through the initiation of a force that would prove to be more powerful than the misguided ideologies that had consumed them. The force of rightness and mercy that converted them from liberties greatest distracters into her most fervent supports

Leaders of Israel you must make it perfectly clear to Miss Rice and President bush or any other president in the future that Israel will never again put their fate into the hands of people who will negotiate away your future thinking that can create peace with people who embrace terrorism and tyranny in their heart no matter what the cost to Israel is

Then time for Middle Eastern countries to demands to dictate their demands to Israel while there emerging Mosque and State Empire are out to destroy the very principles on which the foundation of Amerces freedom rests, the protection of peoples inalienable rights must cease

Israel Its time to tell Saudi Arabia Iraq Jordan Egypt and the rest of the and the rest of the Arab League reign of tyranny has out lived its use and that Israel like any other sovereign nation in this world has an obligation to its citizens to deal with and Iran and there's threats and the Palestinian continuous attacks on her nations her nations with a full frontal assault Therefore if you attack us for implementing this right we will respond swiftly and completely not sacrifice on more drop of our blood and leaving no traces of those Jew hating tyrannical pig pens behind



On the political form Israel is now confronting those who are trying to destroy Israel form within, In October of 2007 the Jewish States' first Arab minister, Raleb Jajadle, declared that " As far as Jerusalem's. Temple Mount is concerned Israeli sovereignty is nonexistent" Eldad reminded him that in answering parliamentary questions he speaks for the entire government, but Majadle was unfazed: "I will say my opinion. Before I am a government minister I am first and Fremont a person a citizen and a Muslim. With all due respect for the law, the law was meant to respect the religion the person and the citizen and protect him not the other way around enslave him" Therefore I say clearly: Al-Aksa AL-Haram al- sharif [as the Temple Mount is called by Muslims-ed], cannot be under the authority of Israeli law " Eldad interrupted him repeatedly, reminding him that he had sworn allegiance to the State of Israel he responded "I may be a minister for one two or ten years, was born a Muslim, and a Muslim I shall die, I respect Israelis law if there is a contradiction between the law and my deep faith as a Muslim I announce that I will know what I will chooses" .

Maybe its time to offer Arab minister, Raleb Majdle that is complaining that Israel's democratic constitutional congress is in conflict with his religious believes the same penalty the Jews would receive in the Islamic world for not adhering to their nations Islamic laws

As far as people's rights concerned remember demcaory has tolerance for those who cherish and protect and protect our freedoms but has no obligation to extend these same rights to those who wish who put their allegiance to their religious beliefs over protecting the rights of all peoples inalienable rights



It is now obvious with Israel being assaulted on all fronts and that someone in Israel must now step up to the plate and take counter measures to off set the effects of a failed stately that has kept the Olmert Bush boat afloat. Regrettably because neither had mapped our a winning strategy that could would have brought true peace to the region, Israel is only steps away from being vanquished via a Jerusalem Oil Peace Settlement

This is a peace settlement that would bring legitimacy to a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as the capitol the Temple Mount would become the focal point for an unrepentant Palestinian population to launch there holy war holy war against Israel armed with modern weapons they could now buy legitimately on the international markets

Then again like in Nazi Germany the Palestinians attempt to cordoned off the Jews into a Ghetto Settlement in order to prevent Israel form escaping endless attacks launched against them an unrepentant terrorist Palestine population and their terrorist affiliates of Iran and Syria who martyr's would not hesitate o denote a dirty nuclear derive in Israel in Allah name

While I am not a neo-con, I am also not a fool that ha been conned by left wing politics, I firmly believe that no amount of moral jostling can any longer produce the ethical argument that could justify vacating the battlefield and that Iran and the Arab World have chosen to launch their war against Israel and survive While the threat of a nuclear strike form Iran looms ominously on Israelis it is the skyrocketing price of oil from this treat that are the missiles that are lit and tracking its targets in both Israel and America

Now there are theses whom might think I am an alarmist and have overstated this threat because its supply and demand and speculation that is driving the oil market not Opec bad intentions They say the devil is in the detains and this case is a perfect example.

While it is true that Saudi Arabia Opec and Iran control a fair share of the oil market it is also true they can limit the supply of crude when the demand is high. This combined with the fact that crude oil producing nations and state own oil companies can sell their oil products well below market values, devalues Americas currency that is why Americans are now going to Mexico to buy gas at 2.35 a gallon.

But it is the nuclear threat form Iran and the demand on Israel to accept trumpet up peace agreements form the Arab League, and Israelis refusal to capitulate, that brings instability to the Middles East and adds to the volatility to the oil futures markets that drives up the price of oil This is what reeking havoc on America economy and puts the Arab League and Iran in the catbirds seat

America and Israel both found this out when Shaul Mofaz, Israel transportation minister threatened Iran and the price of crude oil rose 10 dollars a barrel in on day

As the of oil continues to rise in the short term Americas economy will soon reach a tipping point, either she must diffuse the ticking time bomb in the middle east who's volatility is diminishing the market values of Americas currency or face the possibility the America will bleed to death form the cost of high priced crude

President Bush visit to Saudi Arabia in January was obviously the first such attempt in this initiative but after seeing his results, the promise form the Kingdom to production by 300,000 barrels a day It is apparent that skyrocketing crude oil prices had already weakened his status, the rejection of his Palestinian State carrot peace offering was proof of this fact

Two month later at the meeting of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) 14 March 2008 the validity that observation would come to light

"The Arab states reiterated they their will to recognize Israel and to establish full peace and normal relations with it if Israel accepts to withdraw form the Palestinian territories occulted in 1967, along side the state of Israel and Arab East Jerusalem as its capital, and seeks an agreed-upon solution to the Palestinian refugee problem Unfortunately this offer form 22 Arab states failed to elicit the expected reception and acceptance on the part of Israel or the U,S administration

The reality is when President Bush visited his fiends from Saudi Arabia in January they had already been emboldened by Iran success with the west After all Saudi Arabia is producing about 9.4 million barrels a day and experts say unlike most oil producers their ability to increase production by about 2 million barrels a day would have no threat to their vast supply



Last week Olmernt and Rice told AIPAC it's the worlds fault for not imposing successful sanctions I beg to differ the EU China Russian and most the nations in the Untied nations protecting Israel was never high on their political agenda When it comes to protecting the sovereignty of Israel or protecting their business relationships with Iran and Opec economics still rues the roost So what new?

It is those who keep proposing negations or leveling sanctions against Iran that are at fault here for they have provided Iran with the necessary extensions of time to develop and launch their depraved tyrannical agendas that have now embolden the Israeli world, When it comes to the religious fanatics and terrorist of the world believing the sanctions are workable is tantamount to believe in that Ahmadinejads conversions to Judaism is eminent.

Thus waiting for world consensus form paper tigers is nothing other than playing Russian roulette with Israelis life. This week Present Bush headed off on his last European tour to prove his is willing to go the extra mile in order to gain credibility fore the international community that he exhausted every avenue for peaceful solution with Iran. Going the extra mile is not the moral imperative when Israelis experts project that Iran will be Nuclear Capable in 09

Ending the threat to Israel right now is In a political climate where Israel is being held hostage by threats of a nuclear strike by Iran because of the shenanigans of Middle East oil producers and their totalitarian affiliates where senator Obama Americas next presumptive Americas president who pledged at APCE that Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel and rescinded his pledge the nest day because of pressure form the Arab world This year Israel is your last chance to eliminate the apparatus that is driving the price of cured oil up, threatening to tip the balance of power in the Middle that will end in Israel's destruction and turn America into a second rate power

Therefore it behooves all Jews across the globe and Americans of all creeds to unit and uses every possible resource to make sure direct action it taken against Iran by Mid November at the latest

There is only one-way to stop the oil hemorrhaging and eliminate the cancer that threatens to consume us all

There is a saying cut off the head of the beast the beast of the body will expire Only an emergency procedure that delivers a payload of destruction directly into the heart of Iran's Nuclear facilities can you eliminate the hub in the wheel of an emerging Nuclear Terrorist Empire, whose temporary success against the west has embolden the Opec nations to now do its bidding

The attack on Iran s nuclear infrastructure by Israel will send the clearest message to those what ions in the region who would consider following in Iran's footsteps that deterrence is not an empty threat form Israel when it comes to any who are actively plotting to exterminate the Jews thought blackmail and extortion

Ultimately the psychological fallout that comes form this attack that undermines the perceived invincibility of an Iran Opec cooperative who's over the top demands has enabled them to manipulate the price of crude with impunity This will make it clear that speculating in the oil extortion and nuclear blackmail business is a risky business that will begin the price of oil down after the after the dust settles form the serge in oil form the attack This will set the stage for real pace negations in the Middle East

For theses who fear of an uprising of the Islamic world against the west after the attack one must only recall Americas in every generation pledge their lives and fortunes to protect and defend their way of life against such a threat, It was this same pledge that enabled American to make the scarifies they need to stand down the economic burden they faced that was levied upon them from an endless parade of saber waving fascists in both World War It was Americas stance against tyranny that was responsible for the development the free market of competitive ideas that has continued to sustain Americas hope of economic prosperity in her future through the best and worst of times It is Americans headfast commitment to maintain a free market enterprise that has given rise to the ingenuity in people to adapt and overcome economic adversity that has proven time and time again that the starving horse called tyranny has always finished last in its race to overtake liberty's decrees.

Thus when it comes to freedom Iran and the Arab League and those beyond will learn like Japan and Germany before them Americans so not take kindly to being blackmailed or threatened by nations who are addict to any of tyrannies decrees.

On October 17 1973 the Arab states placed an embargo on oil as punishment for U.S. support for Israel in the Yom Kippur War, OPEC members agreed to use their leverage over the world price setting mechanism for oil in order to raise world oil prices. Today extortionists are using oil and nuclear blackmail to hold Israel and America hostage to their demands it did not work then and it will not work now and not after Israel destroys Iran nuclear faculties



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