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Victorious America
  Final Exodus  
November 23 , 2007

By Stanley Zir
Dedicated to my Parents



Filing November 26 2007




EUROPEAN UNION                                     




APPLICATION/ 5,415,000 Jews 
INDICTMENT/ Non-Compliance:
Violation of the “Post 9/11 Allied International Security Act,” that specifically states. “No democratic nation who’s population is more than 70% Jewish is permitted to declare war on any population or nation that continually launch terrorist attacks on herm or threatens her with nuclear annihilation if this is not in the best interests of the Untied States of America and the European Union.


  • Knowingly putting the security of the nation of Israel ahead of protecting the free world against an economic catastrophe by not approving a terrorist Palestine State  
  • Knowingly putting the security of the nation of Israel ahead of preventing a world wide nuclear war between the West and the Moslem world by not approving a terrorist Palestine State  
  • Knowingly putting the security of Israel nation ahead of protecting the free world by becoming an economic liability to the United a States and the European Union by not approving a terrorist Palestine State  
  • Knowingly putting the security of the nation of Israel over protecting the free world ahead of becoming a direct threat to destroy President Bush’s demcaory initiative in Iraq and in the Islamic world by not approving a terrorist Palestine State  
  • Knowingly putting the security of the nation of Israel nation over protecting the free world by giving Iran a free pass to blackmail the United States on the oil market along with their OPEK brethren by not approving a terrorist Palestine State  
  • Knowingly putting the security of the nation of Israel nation over protecting the free world that was responsible for America not receiving the full support of the European Union in the war against terrorism by not approving a terrorist Palestine State  
  • Knowingly putting the security of the nation of Israel over protecting the free world that has resulted in Iran’s capacity to provide Russian and China the economic incentives they need too put America and its civilization out of business by not approving a terrorist Palestine State  
  • Knowingly putting the security of the nation of Israel nation over protecting the free world by setting the stage for potential conflict between the nations of the free and remaining secular totalitarian nation in the world over oil revenues by not approving a terrorist Palestine State  
  • Knowingly putting the security of the nation of Israel ahead of protecting the nations of the free world validating Iran reasons for developing a nuclear bomb in the Islamic world by not approving a terrorist Palestine State  



Who has turned the Lions of Israel into sheep being lead to the slaughter? Israel you need only ask yourself: who removed the Star of David from Jerusalem when you gave your support to President Bush to broker a peace agreement in Annapolis for you, with a population that freely elected terrorists officials, believing that this was absolutely necessary to bring peace to the region?

Dr Condoleeza Rice Americas Secretary of State, has now declared Israel as an occupying force. She has also left the impression that the peace conference in Annapolis had the stamp of approval from G-d. Two weeks before the conference she visited a Bethlehem church and spoke with the Greek Patriarch in Jerusalem, and now has received support from leaders of the Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths for the planned Annapolis, Maryland conference on the Middle East.
She went on to say:

These same muslim sheiks, church officials and the chief rabbis in Jerusalem issued a joint statement that recognized the Israeli presence in Judea and Samaria as "occupation," stating, "Palestinians yearn for the end to occupation and what they see as their inalienable rights, Israelis long for the day when they can live in personal and national security. Together we must find ways of reaching these goals.

Ask yourself what church officials and chief Rabbis in Jerusalem who are worth there weight in gold, would seriously think there can be peace between Israel and the Palestinians while their Muslim brethren continue to worship G-d at the alter of Tyranny and Terrorism?

Recently I have been pondering since securing the sovereignty of Israel is no longer in the best interests of the Bush administration, would it not have been better for Israel to have petitioned America to become her fifty first state, or at least her commonwealth since she already takes her marching orders form President Bush.

That would have certainly been the last of the attacks on Israel by the Palestinians and would have put an immediate end to the Iraq nuclear threat. Since this is not going to happen the time has arrived for you to make a final exodus from the political insane asylums of the west who leaders have continuously brokered your Jewish blood in exchange for peace with the Mosque and State Tyrannical Cooperatives of the Arab League.
The Middle East Peace Conference in Annapolis presents a chance to launch such an initiative. This conference represents nothing other than a long line of love fests between Americas Presidents and the Palestinian leaders that have resulted in the security of Israel being continuously marginalized for over 20 years.

Those who propose diplomacy and dialogue with terrorists and their supports have provided them with the necessary extensions of time to cover up their depraved agendas use and regroup have continuously put Israel in harm's way

It is the foolishness of these leaders that have been responsible for restraining Israel from taking the necessary steps that she needs to take in order to finally put an end to such attacks on Israel.

By taking advantage of the naïve notions of the leaders in the free world who's belief that peace can be achieved with populations who openly support the employ of religious tyrannical decrees, time and time again these peace conferences have provided the terrorists with a safe haven form which to launch their attacks on Israel, and gain a stronger foothold in the region,

As a result the politics of deception and terrorism have now gained the political high ground in Annapolis and the Middle East and is now threatening to drag Israel and the rest of the world into the vortex of its madness.

Now like in the past, if Israel responds with a full out offensive to any terrorists attracts on her especially from Gaza at any time during the conference or after it concludes, Israel will again be citied for their lack of restraint, and compassion, sighting she has failed to understand the internal politics that Palestinian people now need to overcome that will enable them to create a legitimate peace between Israel and themselves.

But this time the fall out from a full-scale offensive on Gaza by Israel will be disastrous. With Condalizza Rice downgrading Israel's new status in the west as a occupying force Israel's actions in Gaza can now only be viewed as one of an aggressor, a slap in the face in the Arab world and at the very least viewed as a betrayal to the west.

Thus the chances of the whole international community uniting together with Condolizza Rice to blame Israel for squandering the last chance to gain peace in the region and economic stability to the world is no longer mere speculation The onus here is on Israel to make peace not on the Palestinians to denounce terrorism.

So while President Bush says having this Conference is better than nothing I am willing to take a chance what do we have to lose, I say by having this conference Israel has everything to lose.

The reality is, while this farce continues to be played out in Annapolis and beyond, Israel will continue to be held hostage by its decrees and end up being paralyze to act just at a time when Israel has come face to with enemy in Iran, who's nuclear and military potential to deal Israel a lethal blow is no longer mere speculation.

Under the present conditions no agreements between the Palestinians and the nation of Israel based on the establishment of a Palestinian state will produce a blinding peace between both parties, because that is not the issue that must first be addressed to achieve such ends, Religious Tyranny is.

The current Israeli Palestinian issue is governed by the perception that this conflict alone is the underlying cause for the ever increasing tensions between Arab nations and the United States, and that its resolution will bring peace and security to the Middle East. Thus resolving this issue is of the utmost importance for it will put an end to the mounting tensions between United States and the Arab world, thus averting the strong possibility of a world war. The truth is Tyranny in that region is the real threat to world security not the Israeli- Palestinian conflict.

This is why the Jewish community in America, must not hesitate to use the conference in Annapolis to launch media blitz in the west to finally put to rest all the ill-conceived notions that has been by the Arab league that long ago has drawn the nations of liberty into the their web of depict and has now put the existence of Israel

The following quote is from an essay I wrote on October 11 2002: "Israel, Palestine and the United Nations It was used as reference material for 19th Annual Meeting of the Association for Israel Studies San Diego, California April 28,2003 by Radka Havlova Phd, from the Czech Republic She was the main speaker at that conference: United Nations and Its Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Israel-UN Relations. speaks directly to this matter

"The problem for the state of Israel that this analysis represents, lies in the unequivocal acceptance by the international media of the assumption that this conflict is the single most important issue that is now forming world polices in that region. It's now time to pull the plug on the defective power source from which this assessment has gained its credibility, because of the dangerous position it puts people in that region who cherish democracy. The present evaluation will only deliver Israel into the hands of tyranny and annihilation.

That is why it is time to re-route this misconception and send it back to its origin, so all can see the source from where this river of deception emanates.
Now is the time to set the record straight: These nations use the face of their poverty as a weapon to cloak their actions of terror. Their poverty is used as a weapon to gain empathy and support for their cause by placing the blame for their economic and social plight on the west

The truth is poverty, and terrorism are the result of the rise of Religious Tyranny in that region and nothing more It is the spread of religious tyranny, the black plague of the 21 first centuries; that we must treat and cure or this plague of death and repression will consume us all.   

If we are to win the war on terrorism it is time that both America and Israel finally face the fact that Religious totalitarian nations do not host moderate populations, the reality is in the middle- east both fundamentalists and moderate populations alike worship G-d at the alter of Religious Tyranny"

Last year I wrote in the Jewish Magazine "Bush Doctrine Israel Here Today Gone Tomorrow"

"Israel if it is the final victory over a criminal terrorist enterprise, you are seeking you had better make damn sure that the strategy and ideology that you have signed off on will achieve victory If either the strategy or the ideology is incorrect here the results will be predictable and tragic. Therefore, it would be preposterous to discuss the future status of Israel without including the examination of Bush's strategy in the war against terrorism."

Now its one-year later since I have written that article, and in the interim  Israel has become Bush's Banana Republic and is now about to be sacrificed at the alter of its servitude How did this happen?   President Bush believes that by demanding the creation of a Palestinian state in Annapolis the Moslem world will think he is looking out for their best interests. He is betting the bank that this would result in the end the Moslems dispute with America a dispute he thinks will restore economic stability to America and protect his democracy project in Iraq.

How did can I be so sure that this is the strategy he is perusing As I recall, it was President Bush who was not willing to sacrifice America influence in Iraq by denouncing Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani the great friend of the west who was urging all Muslims to stand by Lebanon as it faces repeated attacks from Israel. In the same breath Sistani also mentioned what's happening in Lebanon is "outrageous injustice." He says the world should stop what he says is Israel's "flagrant aggression

If Israel is to preserve the sovereignty of her nation, now must be the time to take a closer look at Bush's strategy to win the war against terrorism and consider and what steps Israel must to take if President Bush's strategy, after careful analysis turns out to be a disaster in the making".

Let's take a look. 

In June of 2001 President Bush meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in a meeting at the White house to discuses the threat they both now face from the groups that embrace radical religious beliefs in the Moslem world It was at that meeting that President Bush looking directly into Putins soul then announced this is a man that can be trusted.

He said this all the while knowing this liberty make over charlatan was selling Iran a full arsenal of long and short-range missiles, and helping Iran build a nuclear faculty that could be used to build a nuclear bomb in the future.  He could have made a deal with his newest favored son then, that they would both stand against being blackmailed by Iraq and Iran's oil reverses that was essential to both there nations economies but he chose not to

Last month Olmert met with hat in hand with President Putin in Moscow. It was obvious he was there to ask permission form Putin to defend his nation form Iran's nuclear threat without fear of retaliation from Russia He probably promised Putin he would not attack Iraq oil faculties that the Russia economies relies upon and probably tried to offered him some economic incentives to sure up the deal.  The question is why Olmernt would trust a man who thinks he can get a price break on oil from Iran if he is willing to buy gasoline extracted from Jewish blood.

Late in 2003 he launched his democracy project in Iraq.

This was a project that was put under the auspices of the state department where under their guidance, the people of Iraq's freely elected officials, under a national mandate, adapted Islamic law as their constitutional mandate to unify the Iraqi people in liberty's name.

Article 14 of Iraq's new constitution approved in a nationwide referendum held on October 15 2005, states that Iraqis are equal before the law "without discrimination because of sex". 'Yet the constitution also states that no law can be passed that contradicts the "established ruling" of Islam. Islamic Law! Does discrimination against woman ring a bell here?

What's even worse, which version of Islamic Law are they talking about that all can agree on that can establish a constitutional mandate that will unify the people of Iraqi in liberty's name?

Shall it be the Sunni Kurd Or Shia? Which Imam will sit on the Supreme Court to interrupt their constitutional law? It has been their sole reliance on Islamic religious law in that region in the absence of liberty's decrees that has been the cause of the sectarian violence in Iraq and the spread of terrorism thought out the world.

In as country that is already divided by sectarian violence what lies in their Iraq's future after the serge restores stability there and the Iraq people realize that Al Qaeda is the enemy of the people of Iraq not America?

What will America do after they leave only to find out that all the people in Iraq are equally determined to fight to the death to defend their claim that only their sects interpretation of Islamic law can only bring honor to Allah's name.

In a region where it is religion not family that blood is thicker than water, what will prevent the Shite majority in Iraq from merging together with Iran under the umbrella of religious autocracy? Certainly not there new convoluted Democratic Islamic Constitution that President Bush will leave behind

The Arab world is facing a piranha. Religious Tyranny (Oppression) the cancerous beast that they embraced in their war against the Israel and the west has mutated and descended on them like a locust, honing in on their own misguided faith they are eating away at the very fabric that binds them to their own humanity the result, Sectarian Violence Mutual Murder Among their Brethren. This is the plague is threatening to drag the whole world into the vortex of its madness.

The question is does the Bush doctrine contain political ideology to end the sectarian slaughter in their country by redirecting the Iraq people's determination from giving their allegiance Allah to the exclusion of protecting each other inalienable rights Unfortunately for Israel's security the answer is no.

President Bush's flawed strategy has arisen from his misconception that Moslems and Christian's belief in God is the bond that will unite both people in their fight against terrorism. Nothing can be further form the truth when dealing with the Arab world The crux of the matter is President Bush has forgotten the glue that blinds nations to liberty's decrees does not accommodate those who choose to worship God at the alter of religious tyranny.

The validity of my claim is mirrored in the politics of the Arab world, In a region where free speech could lead to the questioning or disobedience of a state-approved religious mandate, the principles of democracy can only be considered a threat to the very foundation on which their social order rests, a foundation that was built exclusively on the teachings of Allah. Since such inquires would be considered an insult to Allah, so would the doctrine that opened the door to such inquires

It is this political ideology embraced by the sovereign nations of Arab League, which has shut down the Arab economies for centuries on end by eliminating the very source that triggers national prosperity and secures its integrity - free choice and fundamental rights. The reality is in the Arab world people are seeking freedom but freedom form democracy

Yet President Bush says:

As we watch and encourage reforms in the region, we are mindful that modernization is not the same as Westernization. Representative governments in the Middle East will reflect their own cultures. They will not, and should not, look like us. Democratic nations may be constitutional monarchies, federal republics, or parliamentary systems."

I ask what kind of representative governances do these new Islamic democratic constitutional monarchies, federal republics, or parliamentary systems that would embody a culture where the absolute authority of Islamic law is the sovereign of their constitutional mandate is a fledging demcaory, America's founding fathers called them tyrannies

Just as a small piece of fatter turns a sumptuous soup into a vile concoction, when the principles on which the foundation of our freedom rests are altered, violated, or vacated in order to accommodate peoples' cultural and religious differences only a doctrine of tyranny will remain. There is only one brand of democracy and only one culture under its domain- the culture of freedom a universal culture, a one world free of tyranny with liberty and justice for all culture, no other type of democracy exists.

In the Arab world the good name of God can only be protected under the sovereignty of Democratic Constitutional Governance. Presently under their Mosque and State totalitarian enclaves there is no end of mans use of Gods name to promote the horrors of tyranny that only a democratic Constitution could curtail. Thus these Mosque and State terrorist cooperatives in the Arab League must be dismantled if the threat of terrorism in this world is to come to an end.

Therefore it is only Liberty's bond based on the principles of Separation of Mosque and State that will sever the Moslems ties to their heretical religious beliefs in that region Only this political initiative can l finally deliver them into the bosom of democracies blessings, ultimately transforming the nations of the Arab League, like Japans religious empire before them from liberty's greatest enemy into its her greatest defender. The truth of this postulation is bared out by the fact that:

While the Koran is a document of faith that embrace a covenant of principles for those who have chosen to believe in God for their salvation theses documents cannot protect against a government of tyranny by man in the name of G-d .

The constitution in a real democracy however is document of governance that embraces covenant of principles those safe guards the rights of all by preventing against the advancement of tyranny by man in the name of G-d or State.

President Bush seems to have forgotten the Germans and Japanese are now reaping the benefit of liberty's blessings because America insisted that they first establish a constitution of our choice to end their cultures of tyranny and terrorism at the end of World War 2. Iraq, Iran and the rest of the Arab world can be the exception to this rule.

At days end trying to spread the doctrine of democracy in Iraq without first mandating the principles that a Constitution in a democracy must embody first is the equivalent as giving a flashlight to a blind man to help him finding his way out of the dark Unfortunately the Bush administration has no plans to do this nor does he even possess the understand the principles on which America Constitution rests to achieve such ends.

Now why is all this information so important, simply because Israel can no longer afford to be sabotaged by fraudulent documents, and dialogues cloaked in the diplomacy of lies in the name of peace and hope to survive Unfortunately for Israel the Middle Eastern conference in Annapolis will produce such a fraudulent document and the reason is obvious:

Tyranny is the ultimate form of absolute power; deception and the absence of accountability are its greatest allies. Since lies are the mandate of tyrannical regimes and nations, nothing can be certified as fact. Any statements issued from these governments, their supporters, and their populace can never be believed or validated.

Once we recognize that in a tyranny the since truth is not relevant, then we can appreciate the fact that you cannot make peace or negotiate with nations and people that honor these principles of governance. The only thing that can be substantiated is the total absence of fundamental human rights. Here one finds the true enemies of mankind and the bastions of evil where the soulless are cultivated and housed.

President Bush's incomprehensible application of democratic principles in Iraq and his complete ignorance of the true nature of the Islamic culture is no less disturbing as the road map bargaining chip he is now offering to the nations of the Moslem world.

In exchange for stability in Iraq and the stabilization of the American economy, President Bush is now assuring the Moslem world the Palestinians will now finally obtain a justice and binding resolution with their new road map peace certificate of state ownership in Jerusalem.

Unfortunately for Israel, and the Bush legacy, Israel will find the peace that they have been seeking with the Palestinians but not in a two state solution, but in the cemeteries that Abbas is now planning to bury them in on Israeli soil, as soon as the ink on road map document that President Bush and Omenrt intends to sign at Annapolis dries.

Israel you can't keep pushing one hand of a clock forward and hold the other hand of time back thinking you can gain time to secure your future by negotiating with terrorists and liars that are determine to murder you. Unfortunately that clock is broken and so are the minds of the people that keep time by it

Now after all theses years the hand of hate on that clock that was held back by you all these years is now rushing forward like a runaway freight train, and is on direct collision cause to destroy the state Israel. 

At the control of this train, is none other than a freely elected Palestinian Islamic Terrorist Engineer Mahmud Abbas, who has the audacity to now demand the right of return with a Palestinian jihads population, that his train will deposit directly into the heart Jerusalem Why? Because he has become embolden by Iran's nuclear bomb ambitions to destroy Israel with Russian support and a shifting of Americans support for Israel on the horizon. 

Incredibly sitting in first class giving a green light to his tyrannical machinations is none other than Condalizza Rice, and Tony Blair with his washed up Roadmap Puppeteers. In adjoining isles Iran Iraq Jimmy Carter South Africa Saudi Arabia China Russian Venezuela to name a few Taking up the remaining seats with the rest of the Islamic world and weighing in on the slaughter is the United Nations the Palestinians terrorist State greatest admirer

I the say the odds of stopping this runaway train is 10-1 that it won't happen. How did I arrive at theses odds?

It is has been said the definition of a fool is trusting a person who takes the same foolish actions time and time again and each time expecting a different result

Does the Oslo accords, or Israel's decision to work with the terrorist Arafat for a peaceful solution with the Palestinians for over 10 years ring any bells
Their are hundreds other examples but the road map deal that is will now be put on the table in Annapolis is blunder that Israel will never recover from if she acquiesces to any of its decrees

Israel what you see is what you are going to get if you do not act to protect Israel now.

Israel you are literally standing at deaths door. At the present, citizens of Israel are now being fitted for a noose to be put around their necks in preparation for the Middle East peace conference at Annapolis. At the conclusion of this affair if you comply, the executioners that will be responsible for opening the gallows trap door where the Israelites will swing by their necks in the future will be none other than Olmert and his partner in this madness Condalizza Rice, both of whom have provided Abbas the rope to hang the Israelites with.

How could I ever make such and an outrageous statement?

Where did Condalizza Rice ever get the idea to she could talk to Abbas about establishing a Palestinian State if he was not first willing to publicly denounce Iran's ambition to get a nuclear bomb and destroy the state of Israel. At the same time where did she get the nerve to warn Israel not to disrupt the negations with the Palestinians because the time is right to establish a Palestine state?

Ask Haim Ramon, key cabinet ally of Prime Minister of Olmert who said, on October 2007: "Olmert wants a peace deal with the Palestinians before Bush leaves office in 2009".

On October 4 Condalizza Rice Rise said: " If we do not act now to show the Palestinians a way forward, others will show them a way forward," Rice continues, "Failure is simply not an option." Condalizza Rice has already forgotten the Palestine's have already chose another way forward when they recently held free elections and chose to elected terrorists as their leaders.

Why should Israel be confident that America is fully committed to her security when it taken America five years to realize maybe they have to bomb Iran's nuclear facility. I say five years its way to long to keep trusting the assessment of those who have been wrong time and time again on the Palestinians true intentions, and worse about a cancerous beast in Iran who threat to Israel has grown in proportion to their lack of capacity to analyze future events.

Yet Condoleeza Rice insists that the stars in the constellation of peace in the Middle East are in perfect aliment, because the French, Germans and the Brits all lined up to support to support the road map at Annapolis.

Unfortunately this has nothing to do with the fact that the French the Germans and the Brits are looking out for the best interests of Israel. The truth is this has everything to do with the fact that this was President Bush thinks he can no longer afford to lose this chance to use the European nations to exert pressure on Israel to acquiesce to his wishes so they can have a carrot to offer to the Moslem world that will release them from the blackmail there countries face form OPEQ in the short haul with the guarantee of a Palestinian state

They are also under the illusion this will also provided the west the chance to isolate Iran' form the moderate Moslems population in the Arab league and the international community by exposing them as an outlaw nation who thirst for Jewish and America blood overrides the establishment of a Palestinian State

Lets put all the cards on the table Israel if your future is constantly being threaten to be taken away from you though unending violence either you stand and fight or eventually you will be slaughtered no matter who promises to protect you. Your reliance on Papa Bush to now secure a lasting peace now, because of your fears of a democratic getting into the white house in 09 is inconsequential.

None of this changes the fact that those who are now promoting peace with the Palestinians in Annapolis are Israelis greatest distracters. They say this road map will mean the absence of war I say at what price. It is the absence of those who would stand against and fight any who would promote tyranny and terrorism in this world that is the greatest threat to peace and peoples freedom

George Washington, America's first president knew this when he defeated the British, Lincoln when he burned down the south in America's civil war to end America's attachment to slavery, and Truman knew it when he ended the war with Japan. Unlike Condoleezza Rice they had no respect or patience for cultures of tyranny and terrorism after they were attacked.

When has democracies ever allowed the terms of peace agreements to be reached based on threats from tyrannies domains and ever reached an everlasting peace. It did not happen with the German and Japanese after America was attacked than Then why is Olmert allowing President Bush to make Israel the exception to the rule. 

Some one better remind President Bush that it became apparent that the Japanese and the Nazis would only respected what proved to be more powerful than what they worshiped At the end they only made the transformation to civilized behavior though the initiation of a force that would prove to be more powerful than the misguided faith that had consumed them; look at their nations now The proof is in the pudding.

Leaders of Israel you must make it perfectly clear to Miss Rice not for President Bush nor any other President in the future will Israel ever put their fate into the hands of people who will negotiate away their future thinking they can create peace with a people who embrace terrorism and tyranny in their hearts, no matter what the cost.

The time for Middle Eastern countries to dictate their demands to Israel while their tyrannical regimes are out to destroy democratic civilization must cease.

Israel its time to tell Saudi Arabia Iraq Jordan Egypt and the rest of the Middle East counties your reign of tyranny has ended, and that Israel like any other sovereign nation in this world has an obligation to its people to deal with Iran and their threats and the Palestinians continuous attacks on their nation. Therefore if you attack us for implementing this right we will respond swiftly, and completely not sacrifice one more drop of our blood and leaving no trace of your tyrannical pig- pens behind.

Israel if you are to make your final exodus form the holocausts of hate that have been leveled against our people thought out history, destroy Iran Nuclear facility now before Russia announces an attack by you on Iran is an attack on them.

Make your escape from the politics of insanity that imposes a two state solution on you with a terrorist state, in exchange for President Bush's promise that he will leverage that agreement into securing a promise from the Moslem world and the west to protect the state of Israel after he leaves office, how about that for a laugh. 

Now there are those who will say if Israel strikes Iran first, the fallout from such an event will cause an political and economic catastrophe for America and her allies and world war three will commence. In response I would like to point out world war three has already started and if Israel does not strike now it's a matter of time before Israel and America is attacked by a dirty nuclear devise or worse

Israel attacking Iran's Nuclear power plant will not provoke a nuclear strike against you but will put and end to Iran's threat and their power to retaliate, thus ending a major outlet for the proliferation of nuclear material in the middle east. This will send the clearest of messages to the Islamic world that no one in the west will any longer put up with their shenanigans

On the economic front the war with the Moslem world will continue into the 21 century. Whether Israel attacks Iran or not will not change the fact that America and her allies must be prepared to face the same severe economic circumstances or worse than the British faced in World War 11. America can sail thought such a storm only if she continues to believe that defending Liberty is their greatest asset because their freedoms lead to an economy who's prosperity was secured though an open market of ideas.

The problem that Israel faces is, as the nations of OPEC continue to bring America to her knees in the oil market, this along with the rising expense that is necessary to fight the war against terrorism could tempt the American public into voting with their there wallets instead of voting with there conscience. As the cost of the war and oil continues to rise it will become easy for Americans to start believing that the Islamic Israel solution for dismantling the nations of Israel will end their economic strife Thus Israel will become the focus of the cause of Americas economic troubles.

That is why Israel must attack Iran and not sign any mid-east peace agreements at the present time, because if she hesitates and signs on to the peace agreement at Annapolis, long after Israel is attacked or destroyed by the Mosque and State gangs of Arab world the people in the United States will finally wake up and realize they are still being blackmailed by the OEPC nations and their secular totalitarian cronies. By the time they realize that it is the attack on their freedoms that is the greatest threat they must face form the Islamic world not the existence of Israel it will be to late for Israel 

On the political front the real war against democracy will be conducted within the confines of the constitutional democracies of the west and in Israel and it has already commenced.

In October of this years the Jewish State's first Arab minister, Raleb Majadle, declared that "As far as Jerusalem's Temple Mount is concerned, Israeli sovereignty is nonexistent and Islam rules"

Eldad reminded him that in answering parliamentary questions he speaks for the entire government, but Majadle was unfazed: "I will say my opinion. Before I am a government minister I am first and foremost a person and a citizen and a Muslim. With all due respect for the law, the law was meant to respect the religion, the person and the citizen and protect him, and not the other way around, enslave him," he explained. "Therefore I say clearly: Al-Aksa, Al-Haram al-Sharif [as the Temple Mount is called by Muslims - ed.], cannot be under the authority of Israeli law

Eldad interrupted him repeatedly, reminding him that he had sworn allegiance to the State of Israel"I may be a minister for one, two or ten years but I was born a Muslim and a Muslim I shall die."and its laws, but Majadle insisted: "I hereby inform you, esteemed MK Eldad, that I may be a minister for one, two or ten years but I was born a Muslim, and a Muslim I shall die.  I respect Israeli law...  but if there is a contradiction between the law and my deep faith as a Muslim, I announce that I will know what to choose."

In America earlier this year citing their religious beliefs, Moslem tax drivers are refusing to transport costumers at the Minneapolis St Paul public airport carrying or suspect of carrying alcohol. It started with driver a few years ago but the average number of fare refusal has grown to about three a day.

What part of the equation does the leaders of America and Israel fail to understand that is revealed by Raleb Majadle,in Isreal and the Muslim taxi drivers in America both of whom give their allegiance to their religious beliefs over their allegiance to protect the peoples democratic constitutional rights. Is this not the same mindset that is has lead to the sectarian violence in Iraq and the acts of terrorists who think democracy is the greatest threat to their religious beliefs

As far as people's rights are concerned remember democracy has tolerance for those who cherish and protect our freedoms but has no obligation to extend these same rights to those who wish to destroy freedom and deny us our birthrights. Maybe its time to offer theses new Moslem immigrants in the western world, that are complaining that our democratic constitutions are in conflict with their religious beliefs, the same penalty they are accustomed to administering to the people in Islamic world for not adhering to their nations Islamic laws.

American has never apologized for their freedom to anyone. When attacked, we are relentless in defending our liberties against tyranny and terrorism as history has shown

There is only one-way to lose this war and the enemy is counting on it They view our compassion and tolerance as a weakness to be exploited. Tolerance for evil has nothing to do with compassion or freedom. Those that do not understand this will not only lose their freedom but also betray Liberty's decrees. Welcome to the Mid East Conference at Annapolis and beyond.

Stanley Zir



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