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Victorious America

Iraq's Future Bush Doctrine Here Today Gone Tomorrow

September 12, 2007

On January 1/20/2005 I posted” Bush Doctrine or Zir Doctrine. On the site of Free Republic I wrote:

“If you can't wait to hear the President Bush inaugural speech AT 12.00 PM today here it is I wrote four years ago on December 30 2001 I want to thank the President and his writers for paying a tribute to what I wrote on this historic day and for over the last four years Confused maybe this will help These are the dates for the establishment of the Bush Doctrine Pre Emptive strike is being worked up central tenet of the United States' strategic posture – as a "Bush doctrine". The President in a speech at West Point gave the fullest exposition on June 1 2002.”

Free Republic is one of the most conservative sites in America I did not get one negative comment about this post only praise

Now its 2007 one day before President Bush is going to address the American people on National Television on Iraq 's progress. You can turn off your Television sets off Thursday; this is what the President is going to report to us

Besides bringing some troop's home, which we all know about, what we don't now know is that he will launch his new Bush Initiative On Thursday. He will talk about the rise of a new revolutionary movement in Iraq similar to that was waged by our own young revolutionary patriots 200 ago when they set out to secure their freedom from tyrannies grip

He will base this on the fact that the serge has secured pockets of stability and security in Iraq and in doing so has created enough quality up- time to expose the true agenda of the Alikda objectives: Divide the Iraq people through fear murder and intimidation in order to reach their objectives: ending Americas presence in Iraq Now finally experiencing some peace and security they have had had enough of the Alkia They are staring to trust our troops and have now have driven Alikda out of the area and are protecting their own enclave with the own security force

Now he will claim there is finally light at the end of the tunnel and we are turning the corner People in the serge zones have united against alkida and starting to defend themselves This is the beginning of a revolutionary movement from the bottom for the Iraq people to rid themselves from the grip of alkida terrorists act murder A movement of the people by the people that will cross sectarian lines thus spearheading the drive to create a new Untied Iraq government to end the violence there and set the stage to spread democracy into every corner of the Middle East

Like President Ronald Ragen use to say to Jimmy Carter I say to present Bush Here you go again George !


In 2004 I wrote an article Iraq 's Future “Bush Doctrine Here Today Gone Tomorrow”

It is no coincidence that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad President of Iran announced earlier this year that he would not interfere in the forming of a new Iraq government. Considering both Iraq and Iran have a Shiite majority why would Mahmoud Ahmadinejad upset the apple cart when President Bush is now helping to lay the foundation for a constitution in Iraq that will lay the ground work for the construction of a Mid East Islamic Twin Towers

It was obvious that way before Musab al-Zarqwai death the Iraqi government officials were already insisting that America leave on their timetable, claiming that America 's presence can no longer be considered an army of liberation because their presence would now be challenging the legitimacy of their own rule

Even if Secretary of State Rumsfeild were to now say he cannot accept their demand for a time table, because it is not in the best interest of the Untied States, in the end he will have to agree because “The Bush doctrine is a not Democracy or Else proposition it must be the will of the Iraqi people”.

President Bush understanding this and knew this was would be the perfect time to bring some troops home and gain renewed support for the Republican party at home

Now with the Democratic Party demand of an immediate withdraw form Iraq starting by the end of the year, President Bush could now effectively ambush their mandate by reducing troop's levels before the elections and also claim we are on our way a victory for democracy in Iraq Thus killing two birds with one stone

You can be sure as a significant amount of American troops start to leave Iraq just before the November elections the President will declare, “The Iraq troops in Iraq has made greater strides towards in forming a security force than we ever could have expected Now the brunt of the responsibility for Iraq future could begin to rest squarely on their shoulders In reality he started to make such statements before the elections but then came the sectarian violence in Iraq and the reality that the Iraqi army did not have the will or desire to stand up to this new enemy because they were also divided along sectarian lines

Now President Bush is at it again trying to assure the American public that unity government can be established in Iraq , and a new milestone democracy will have been reached

President Bush Article 14 of Iraq 's new constitution approved in a nationwide referendum held on October 15, states that Iraqis are equal before the law “without discrimination because of sex”. ‘Yet the constitution also states that no law can be passed that contradicts the “established ruling” of Islam. Islamic Law Which version Suni Kurd Shia which Imam will sit on the supreme court This constitution is a tyrannical mandate that wil function to divide the Iraq people along sectarian line Is this the fledgling democracy you are always talking about

Let's get back to reality. The only question here is what policy must President Bush must secure in Iraq whose political ideology will provide the tools that will redirect their people determination their from giving their allegiance to establish the superiority of their religious sects over giving their allegiance to protecting each other rights in God name

It is this form of allegiance that has not only lead to the sectarian violence in Iraq but because it mirrors the same overall commitment of the greater majority of the people in the nations of the Arab League who like the Iraqis also serve a God that they have enshrined in the alter of religious tyranny This what puts Iraq at the epee center on the war against terrorism in the middle east and around the world

Spreading democracy in Iraq ? .President Bush its time for you to consult our founding fathers in this matter it seems you they were left out of the lope when you approved of Iraq's new constitution

Stanley Zir, Victorious America 


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