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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct"    
Victorious America
    PART 4         


This article is presented in 4 parts:
Part 1:   The War Against Democracy
Part 2:  
Reasons for the Attacks on September 11
Part 3:   Our Origins
Part 4:   Crossing the Bridge to Freedom


Crossing the Bridge to Freedom
Appreciation for Those Who Died for Our Rights
Conclusion Part Four
Underestimating the Power of the Underdog in American Mythology

Due to the vast number of new visitors to our site who are not SGI members (Religious Buddhist Organization of 12 million people world-wide to whom this site was originally addressed before our expanded focus) it is necessary to give a small overview to facilitate understanding of what is being written here. Before joining our expedition into a new emerging mythology that is redefining all of human civilization in terms of liberty, we need to shed light on our own specific case so that the general public can familiarize themselves with our unique experience with tyranny, thus giving credence to what is revealed on our site. The genesis of the essay Victorious America is rooted in an examination of one organization whose established procedures clearly omit the essential agenda of protecting the dignity of its members. The following section "Crossing the Bridge to Freedom" is where we will be addressing the membership of the SGI directly.

What we are addressing in the section is anchored in our detection and isolation of the one fundamental principle that acts to legitimize the principles of civil and fundamental rights and protect the dignity of the individual. This discovery of this one principle became evident to us through our own involvement in the SGI organization and our subsequent battle to enable its membership to exercise such rights freely without retribution.

Moreover this effort became all the more significant when we discovered the newest tool of deception adopted by nations of oppression and terror "using the ideal of achieving peace to deceive people into embracing tyranny ", as one commentator has aptly put it.

In this scenario, as you proceed from the specific to the general, a glossary is provided to clarify a few of the unfamiliar words that appear in some of the essays related to our remonstration with the SGI. I would suggest you keep a print-out handy at first. Remember they are relatively few new words compared to the many pages written. Thus it will prove to be effortless reading, and its contents universal and patently obvious to anyone no matter what belief or faith.

(This section is written specially to the SGI members regarding the dilemma they are facing after September 11th. It also provides a unique reference to the general public as a mirror reflecting the causes of our conflict in the Middle East where allegiance to religious institutions and their clerics overrides and powerfully suppresses people's most basic rights and freedoms through fear and persecution thorough the misuse of religious dogma.) 

Since that cowardly attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, I spent the last three months in shock and anger. I pondered what is the significance to my life to what had happened and how can I respond as an American citizen and a man of faith. One day I decided to go back and read everything that was written on the site of Victorious America to see if it would provided me with any insight and consolation to what happened on that day of infamy. I determined I would not proceed any father with this project if I could not find any answers there.

As I read through the section on "America", in the essay Victorious America, the statements about individual rights jumped off the page. Again I started to feel the unbearable pain I experienced when my friends and I found ourselves violated at the hands of leaders who tried to erase and desecrate our names and pervert the history of our long years of selfless service to the members in the religious organization of the SGI. Why were we treated so unkindly? Because we resolved to hold some leaders accountable and to put an end to their shameful behavior. Their irresponsibility had caused so much anguish and the pain to the people over the years, and we spoke out for accountability of the leadership in order to end this madness. Regrettably, to protect themselves, we were demonized and silenced as lies continued to spread by an unchecked leadership.

We soon realized that there were no guidelines in place in the organization that would equitably represent us and protect the rights of our fellow members. In situation after situation where any member that tried to hold the actions of their leaders accountable they were not only flatly denied but were persecuted outright.

On the contrary the leadership was protected from such inquires from the membership and dismissed them all in the name of unity and supporting the central figure in order to achieve our noble objective. This process was cemented into the organizational structure and written in the bylaws, that responsibility for decisions in such matters was relegated to the leadership exclusively.

In essence the leadership acted with impunity and justified it through a misguided interpretation of faith. They twisted the faith to establish that any person trying to hold the leaders accountable was pointing out their faults and as a believer in Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism, that is considered slander. Thus they could justify their position by pointing out that the leaders are people who practice faith.

Thus the leadership was able to gain the full support of the members to turn against and oppose any other member who would try to hold them accountable because they had established this distortion as an axiom of faith. They reinforced their position through guidance and media (organizational newspaper, official memoranda, lectures etc.) delivered to the members on such matters of this kind.

Unfortunately the same accommodation was not given to the members they decided to discredit. Therefore character assassination continued under the banner of protecting the unity with the full support, ironically, of the very members we stood to protect and served over the years. This vile scenario utilizing the noble principles of our faith doctrine by the leaders to protect themselves is thoroughly revealed on the Page of Courage. In addition, The SGI Reference Desk fully discusses the effects of organizational structures devoid of accountability and democratic ideals. 

We then realized that, regrettably this can only happen in an organization that is run by absolute power which by definition the leadership retains absolute control through the suspension of the most essential fundamental liberties, and the essential right of the people to hold the leadership directly accountable to them. Then sole objective to silence any or all actions or speech (the key point being whether justified or not) of anyone that the leaders considered disrupting unity even among their own leadership, as the only acceptable standard. Thus the decision making process and all procedures for making inquires which were originally established by the leadership, were only in the hands of the leaders.

Pondering this situation further we realized that this whole procedure actually finds its roots in suppression which is supported with the unchecked control of leaders by the people. Now the essential ingredient of the right of the people to put them in check, has been omitted by the leaders themselves. Unfortunately this formula fuels a bloating sense of their self importance of the leadership because through this omission, the people, their judgment and wisdom has been deemed inferior in understanding to the achieving the greater picture.

The function of this agenda was totally exposed by the leaders treatment of us and others before us, when we tried to talk up to protect the faith and the organization that we served with great pride for over 30 years.

It's funny, that in America we put our whole trust in the people's wisdom and capacity and decency as the basis for democracy. It was those people who did not honor this ideal and tried to suppress it in the history of our country that gave rise to the War of Independence and the Civil War. Those that withhold the peoples fundamental freedoms, despise liberty. Those governments and organizations that exclude these basic rights from their governing by-laws or charter not only despise the people and the Law, but eventually corrupt the faith.

Such a process shares a common agenda which the priesthood used to attack President Ikeda and our membership with impunity. The history of this persecution can be found in Victorious America in the section Priesthood. Both systems now unfortunately share this common root in their suppression of the rights of the membership. That is why the SGI must immediately amend its by-laws to fully empower the people.

The effects of such systems in the secular and religious world has been confirmed historically by the heinous effects it has had on the populace. Thus if we are to honor the statement we made that True Buddhism is in perfect alliance with democratic ideals then we are obliged and bound to produce an organization that reflects its noble ideals.

In recent past history a statement was issued in Japan by the great religious revolutionary and first Soka Gakkai president Makiguchi at a time when Japan was at the height of repression and control by the brutal military regime and dreaded thought police and you would be literally risking your life by speaking out.

It was a time that the worship of Shinto, the state religion was mandatory and gave rise to the insanity of kamikaze suicide bombers along with some of the worst state mandated violations of human life and human rights in world history. Along with the Third Reich, they believed in the ideology of racial supremacy, that all other peoples and their faiths were inferior and were thus unworthy of being treated as humans. They sustained this agenda through totalitarian oppression and brutal atrocities in their own lands and throughout Asia and other parts of the world. Without the mirror of democracy to put a crack in there dams of arrogance and hatred they continued their blind march to their ultimate defeat. 

Unlike America, a country pledged to an eternal struggle against such inhuman beliefs and utopian ideologies that gives rise to inequality, terror and the suppression of rights. We fought a civil war to end slavery, marched to end injustice and bigotry, and the struggle for freedom and rights continues forward today steadfastly under the watchful eye of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. To Japan and Germany, the dictum that "All men are created equal" meant nothing. Because of this, you would think that since the SGI originated in Japan, especially when it started to grow in the United States, would be particularly sure to establish the total empowerment of the people as the first order of business at its onset. 

Makiguchi well understood the consequences of a system where the people are not fully empowered to put the leaders in check. He had lost his freedom because he opposed the war and refused to denounce his faith during the mobilization of Japanese society for war. For that he was tortured and killed in prison during World War II. He was a true patriot for democracy and fundamental rights and died as a hero worthy of the highest honors that we would bestow on any of our own heroes. 

The Japanese government took advantage of the people using the cultural trait of honor that was cherished among its people to gain the peoples full support without question trusting their sense of honor. The authorities then betrayed the people and used, there power to replaced the peoples inherent rights of free inquire to subdue and eliminate those who became aware of their evil agenda Thus unchallenged trust and became obedience to the state Coupled with the absolute power of faith of the state religion to support such an agenda the authorities were able to achieve absolute obedience over there citizens This was truly a deadly cocktail

Either you followed the dictates of the state and the priesthood at that time or you were considered a traitor Makiguchi guidance for the members to over see the actions of the leaders was obviously as a direct mandate for the structure of our organization that the people are to be trusted and empowered based on his own experience with unchecked authority His experience with his own leader was no less distasteful They betrayed him while he was imprisoned and deserted him in his death.

It was at this time that Makiguchi issued his statement not only in opposition to the war but at the repression that was at the heart of the religious institutions in his own faith and the religious institutions in his country who cowered under the pressure from the authorities Without following Makiguchi lead we in the SGI are left carrying old baggage from a repressive era that robbed him of his rights and life

Now fundamental rights and the empowerment of the people to oversea the actions of the leaders as expounded by the revolutionary statement by Makiguchi's to reform religious institutions comes to the forefront where the omission of accountability of the leaders of the church to the people have end up in years of cover ups.. The suppression and persecution with those who would dare to talk up in the Church the past and are now presently occurring in the SGI undetected by the public at large through the spiritual subjugation of its membership

Unfortunately if by holding leaders personally accountable for their actions is considered as a bases for breaking unity and destroying the credibility of the organization then this is nothing other than fundamental promotion for the foundation of tyranny under the guise of the True Buddha. If breaking unity is defined in this way then Makiguchi's' guidance that "the constituent members of the organization must direct the actions of the leaders" would be considered breaking unity in our present organization and he would be dismissed form his position and ostracized by the leaders and members alike today in the very organization he founded.

Now I understood why I must keep fighting because I have experienced the pain of being denied my most fundamental rights when I was an active member in the SGI. Being denied my rights was the loss of my birthright and this threat to my freedom and the struggle to defend it was my defining moment throwing me at times into the greatest abyss of despair and at others the greatest moments of clarity. This experience ended up as the inspiration for writing Victorious America but the stigma to what happened to me and others still remained. Then in one instance all the pieces fit and came together after September 11th. I realized the battle for the establishment of fundamental rights and freedom in the world to replace tyranny is now raging. Only then was my stigma with my experience with the SGI dissolved. I had followed my reasoning and instincts and now found myself on the true path to my enlightenment and understanding my faith.

Fortunately it was my faith that led me to realize the value of my freedom it was my faith that made me understand that religious freedom was the catalyst for the birth of liberty and individual rights in our country as I wrote in the essay Victorious America It was the ultimately the denial of my fundamental rights in the SGI and my fight to protect theses freedoms and demand accountability of the leaders in the organization that awoke my passion and gave birth inside of me to gratitude for privileges that I have inherited in this greatest of lands of liberty.

To me the greatness of America is found in the county that gave birth to the freedom and the universal recognition of individual rights as the cornerstone of the dignity of man. It is a land that produced the greatest of all hollowed documents consecrated in the blood of those who gave their lives so all humanity can be free from the greatest threat of violence against the human spirit - the loss of fundamental rights.

Now that I have been rejuvenated, the fight is not only that the SGI reform itself, but the fight is against any organization, religious or secular, that suspends the fundamental rights of people in the name of their quest. Now it's time to act to sweep away tyranny from the minds of the people who have succumbed to it's treachery through terror or intimidation and give them the courage to fight and free themselves as quickly as possible, for there is grave danger ahead for them if they do not take action immediately.

This site will act to educate the people and will eventually put the healthy fear of justice and retribution into the hearts of those that continue to promote, support and carry out the tenants of tyranny, because as they continue on such a path they will vanish without out a trace by the hands of those they have oppressed and threatened. Their existence will be erased from the records of the living, disappearing like the sands in the desert that are scattered by the wind. They will be evicted from the house of rest reserved in their death, only to continue to wonder aimlessly without hope for they have abandoned the warmth and compassion that resides in the heart of all humanity Such is the extent of their evil.

I am among the fortunate, for I have touched by the eternal monolith of liberty, through which I have again experienced the birth freedom in the depths of my soul I so innocently embraced as a child. Our nation, its purpose and its mission is simple - protecting liberty. On September 11th the first successful attempt in the new millennium to secure tyranny in the world was launched through the random of murder and slaughter of the innocent people under the banner of hate and slander against the sanctity of life. For civilization it was the greatest threat against the fundamental rights of freedom of religion and the full expression of the democratic ideal to ever appear on our horizon.

America has declared war against those who have done these evil deeds and rightfully so for our own survival as a nation is at stake. We have also declared these people to be evil because of their actions. We always must keep in mind the parent of terror is tyranny and their actions and intent are very clear: The destruction of our freedoms.

Now I know that some might say that I am equating the SGI with religious terrorist groups in order to discredit me. Did I ever accuse the SGI of killing innocent people? No! At least not physically. What I am saying is in the present system in the SGI organization, they are destroying the foundation of democracy and the sprit of our faith by denying the members their empowerment and their right of accountability, thus eventually toppling their own dignity and betraying their own humanity. This is nothing more than violence against the human sprit. 

The SGI can never be an organization for enlightenment as it stands now. It transforms pure hearted people into those who would betray their true selves. By denying their empowerment in the organization, the good nature of the members is unsuspectingly being exploited. The willingness of the members to achieve unity by trading in their fundamental rights is apparent. By displaying an unending allegiance and obedience to obtain such an objective they have have even relinquished their judgment of good and evil. This leaves them as nothing but witness to evil that has excused them from the very tenants that would protect us all from tyranny and puts them squarely behind all that would promote such oppression.
Let it be understood that there is no such witness protection program under the realm of civility that promotes peace in the name of evil.

What you are seeing in essence in the SGI-USA supports the destruction of our fundamental rights - the foundation democracy in the minds of the members under a religious agenda. Using the slogans of freedom to portray our organization carrying out a noble quest for peace based on the democratic ideals is an outrage and a defamation against all those that sacrificed their lives for our fundamental rights. The anti-violence campaigns and the public relations promotion for pacifism and human rights, while you commit the ultimate violent act against the human spirit by denying the members in the organization their fundamental rights, is a disgrace against our faith. These acts eventually become the ultimate cause for violence and spiritual castration.


Remember SGI members, that the freedom you have in this country and throughout the free world to propagate True Buddhism was secured by young American lives of all origins and beliefs who readily sacrificed their lives, the warmth of family and the fruits of liberty themselves, to preserve, protect and defend the free world against tyranny and totalitarianism from enslaving us and our future generations under oppression.

Did they give there lives willingly? Did they have a death wish to meet God? No. They put their lives on the line because they knew without freedom and individual rights they would be slaves to despotism as would be their children and families into the future.

They gave their lives because they had faith in the eternal cause of democracy and their innate connection with the heart of all mankind's quest for human rights. This was their compassion, their faith and what makes their existence eternal as the great heroes who will have all their wishes fulfilled. These are the people who you must honor and never forget. Those who have no appreciation for the men and women who gave their lives to protect our freedoms are freeloaders on the voyage of liberty living off the blood and sacrifice of our fallen heroes to further their own self interests.

As I have stated before I believe the final battle for democracy in the world against the suppression of human rights has commenced and as the dust settles the people of the world will take notice of all institutions religious or secular, that have denied their citizens or members their fundamental rights. I accuse you in the SGI-USA of doing just that. Even President Ikeda has suggested to you to change the top-down structure and you have ignored him. You are not only missing the true battle for enlightenment but you but you are supporting a structure that would deny your participation in it as members. 

Why you have already stopped celebrating the birth of Nichiren Daishonin on a national level is incoherent. Furthermore you use the Gosho, the writings of Nichimen Daishonin, to denounce anyone who would try to hold the leaders accountable for their actions, as slanderers. In this way you have misrepresented the Gosho and Nichiren Daishonin as a religious doctrine that denies democratic ideals and suppresses peoples fundamental rights. In addition you label those who would protest as evil and breaking unity. This can only be described as insidious. Your actions are now on par with the evil of the temple and the High Priest that has deprived us of the Dai-Gohonzon and our fundamental rights of accountability as well. 

I have waited for over two years since we implemented a practicable grassroots proposal for reform, to see any changes in the policies of the leadership and none has occurred. The time has arrived for you to take action now to empower the people as we proposed and to clear the names of the people that stood up for change. Unless these changes are forthcoming, there will be a statement issued from this site on how to proceed from that point. Protecting the dignity of the Law now becomes essential.

You may try discredit me with ad hominem attacks on my character. You might excommunicate me thinking you can discredit the essay Victorious America and other essays on this site when they start to became widely read. You can try all these cover-ups but what you cannot do is excommunicate Victorious America and keep it hidden forever. Truth and common sense will prevail. You cannot hide from the people forever.

I would like to wish all people who uphold freedom and champion the fundamental rights and liberties of the people everywhere, the happiest of New Years and especially the families who lost their loved ones this year in the World Trade Center collapse. May you receive the support of all Americans until your tears are dried by the fiery passion of justice and the spread of democracy throughout the world to secure peace and prevent such an event from ever happening again. We will do our best here at our Web site - the home of Victorious America, to make sure this is achieved.


"We cannot become partners to peace and at the same time be blinded to decency"

If one betrays the most common act of decency by turning the other way when their fellow members are being falsely discredited by the leadership to avoid conflict in the name of maintaining peace, this is truly frightening. Peace is not a drug just to be used in order to feel its glory without the commitment to justice. We must never allow ourselves to use the brilliant light of peace in this manner to blind ourselves to the actions of inequities, and to consider the angry response of people who have felt the pain of its whip, as evil. Branding them as bitter misfits and trouble makers who are causing conflict and undermining the harmony, is vile, sadistic and unforgivable behavior. Victims must never be treated as aggressors. This is not harmony. It's the silent worship of death. 

Covering up abuse and punishing victims in such a way is evil. Former Presidents Toda and Makiguchi were at the least ill-tempered in the face of evil. They did not avoid conflict in the name of peace. They tackled it in the name of justice. Makiguchi did not go "quietly into the night". 

Use your reason again. Use your instincts. Don't be afraid to think critically. Without the use of these attributes you are only a prisoner to fear. Remember the guideline of President Toda who said that ideas should be so clear that it would even make sense to a little child. Is telling a child to turn his back on his classmates when they are abused the best way to protect them?

Considering what is happening in the church today with the sexual abuse scandal and cover-ups, the SGI has now put themselves in an awkward position. By utilizing the slogans of "victory after victory" in terms of the SGI invincibility, the leadership maintains a caviler attitude toward the very people who experienced their destructive behavior. 

Thinking themselves invincible from accountability, they have escaped detection for their actions for years by using their legitimacy as leaders in faith to protect themselves. Alas, for them, the times have changed and now accountability has come into the forefront of American social life. Slogans of 'victory after victory' will no longer be acceptable to astute people who perceive this as the formula for incessant 'cover-up after cover-up' and 'persecution after persecution' to preserve the status quo of the authorities of a religious faith. 

The slogans of victory will return to their original intent of the true victory of the of the people and their empowerment through the practice of their faith and beliefs. Now the church is finding this out and making great strides in empowering the laity. In that sense they are more advanced than the SGI. This is truly shameful. You are disgracing the life of our first President who said that "the constituent members of a body or organization must direct the actions of the leaders" over 60 years ago.


Fortunately we are in a democracy in America and much to the surprise of those who wish to hide themselves from the exposure of the media, outside the comfortable womb of the SGI or other insular hierarchy, freedom of the press exists in a democracy. It is through the channel of investigative reporting that gives the small guy access to the free press. Here he is on an equal playing field with the big guys and has the opportunity to start the process of holding large organizations accountable which would be impossible in a tyranny. 

That's what just happened to the church which swept it's abuses under the rug for years and were foolish enough to think they were above reproach of the ordinary person because of their status. The one thing they did not count on is that America is always rooting for the little guy. There are no bluebloods here. This is an in-your-face nation, an equal opportunity employer who's fundamental documents demand accountability from all the people, to all the people. There are no exemptions for kings, queens, clerics and aristocrats here.

Large institutions traditionally use their power and influence over whistleblowers to discredit them through the press to undermine their character and influence. While this sometimes works in their favor, it cannot last forever, because once the news is out in the public domain, the legitimate press starts its inquiry to uncover the true nature and actions of any given group to see what they may be covering up, then all that is hidden can hide no more.

The SGI has for many years implicated democracies and the free nations of the West, as the root cause for the poverty and suffering in the world due to their intrinsic agenda of greed, racism and materialism. According to the worldview ubiquitous within the SGI, the violent and ruthless tyrannies of the world are exonerated from culpability. They are viewed as the hapless victims of Western militarism and exploitation.

Fortunately, the global shift toward democratic movements and popular uprisings against tyrannical rule are now becoming mainstream. Public acceptance of nonjudgmental values of tolerance toward cultures that maintain tyrannical regimes are rapidly fading in conjunction with the timely recognition that poverty, war and genocide are in fact caused by nations of tyranny. Now, widespread support is in favor of the spread of American democratic ideology and institutions of freedom to end poverty and prevent war and to allow the people to enjoy the fundamental rights they deserve.

Therefore I am mentioning this on the date of this message in order to verify that any present and future claims by the SGI as initiators of any worldwide movement against nations of tyranny or posturing as the eternal defenders of democracy are specious, so that such deception will be duly noted to protect all from the spreading of treachery within our land of liberty. This would be the most insidious attempt to rewrite their history so they will appear as noble upholders of democracy as the majority inexorably embraces this worldview.

SGI members should go to the Boston Research Center and the Soka Gakkai International sites and see how you have been represented to the world over the last ten years. Read the numerous articles and news releases by apologists for terror and tyrannical regimes. Conspicuously absent is any mention of America's shared values of freedom, liberty and democracy. Instead the consistent theme running throughout these public relations sites support a new world order based on equal distribution of the wealth of affluent nations to even nations of tyranny. Falsely representing populations of extreme poverty, they express a revulsion and rejection of Western civilization and American democratic values, the very antidote that would prevent such sufferings of these people, alas leading them deeper into the cycle of poverty. 

You will even see articles that shamelessly dispense euphemisms and moral justifications for terrorism and suicide bombing legitimized as 'national wars of liberation'. At the same time they are condemning America's just War on Terror in response to terrorist attacks on September 11th as 'state-sanctioned terrorism' having no moral legitimacy. Do you agree with this representation? If you dispute this prescribed worldview, ubiquitous in the SGI and its public relations media outlets, where would you go to speak out uncensored by the controlling elite amidst the dovish clamor?

Out of my deepest concern to protect the Law and the organization of the SGI, I have implored you to change the procedures in our organization concerning your closed-door policy and your treatment of independent thinking people who challenge your authority, dispute your judgment or inquire into your unethical conduct. I pleaded with you to provide a system of oversight and direct accountability of the leaders to the members. Regrettably, you labeled me and others as malcontents in order to discredit us and hide your abuses. Because of your lack of reflection you won't be able to cover up any longer.  Instead, I have faith that the members will use this time to empower themselves and make the changes necessary to honor the principle of changing poison into medicine and bring the highest respect to the True Buddha's name, that the high priest Nikken has defaced.



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