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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct"    
Victorious America
    PART 2         


This article is presented in 4 parts:
Part 1:   The War Against Democracy
Part 2:  
Reasons for the Attacks on September 11
Part 3:   Our Origins
Part 4:   Crossing the Bridge to Freedom


Statement of Support
The Courage to Question
 Reasons for the Attacks on September 11
The Power of Individual Rights 
Accountability and Separation of Church and State
Religious States
New Mythology 
Unity Through Tyranny 
The Origin of True Religious Freedom


Victorious America proudly supports our President in the courageous war against terrorism in the world. Our congratulations go out to him as our Commander In Chief and to the brave young American servicemen and women who continue to put themselves in harms way to protect the great privileges of freedom we enjoy in our beloved country. Our prayers continually go out to them and their families for their protection as they carry out their duties.

In response and in deepest appreciation for their actions, Victorious America will continue to play its role in securing the fundamental principles of liberty in the minds of the people in every corner of the world. Using the internet as our main voice for democratic ideals across the globe we will play our part in securing a world without fear and eradicating terror and tyranny from our earth.


When we started writing the essay Victorious America in 1998, we had no idea that it would turn out to be so prophetic. We couldn't image then how its content would shed light on the events occurring today and that our Web site would be used as a beacon for revealing a clear picture of our ultimate struggle against terror and tyranny.

We initially focused on the outcome of our own experience dealing with the absence of accountability of the leaders to the people and the elimination of our fundamental rights in a major religious institution. Our encounter with religious tyranny led us into the deepest abyss of despair. However, this experience ended up as the inspiration for writing Victorious America to prevent further suffering. But the stigma still remained. Then in one instant during the attack on September 11th, everything changed. All the pieces fit together. 

I realized the ultimate battle for the establishment of fundamental rights and freedom in the world against the evil forces of tyranny and terror had commenced. Only then did our experience with tyranny become the stepping stone to an expanded scope of contemporary world issues that all posses a common denominator in human experience. What makes this message so unique and exciting is the manner in which we uncovered the universal decree issued centuries ago by our founding fathers with their documents of liberty, that when applied, operate to present a clear picture of self-evident truths. From this point of departure, a clear understanding is gained into the essence of the major upheavals in the world today: terrorist attacks, strife in the Middle East, the crisis in the church and other major upheavals that will occur in the future. These issues became apparent and the practical options for resolution became obvious in each case. It thereby leads to an astonishing insight into these events and the transformation of the current accepted wisdom.

When we connected the dots, we found that the essays on this site, had a self-evident common denominator leading to the perfect segue toward understanding the unparalleled issues of our time that are challenging humanity. The writings on this site take you into the frontier where the root causes of evil germinate and directly into the nest from which they feed to gain their power. We proceed from the specific case to the general so there is no confusion about our resolve to end these debacles for the security of all those that desire peace and liberty.

When we confronted the vast pandemic of institutions and nations that oppress and cause despair and pain to their people, there is a common thread that runs through the governing structures of all these religious and secular institutions and nations that is too obvious to be overlooked. If you carefully look at this thread that weaves the mosaic of oppression, you can clearly see that all the strands carry the same properties: suppression of fundamental rights and denial of accountability of the leadership to the people. The list spirals on and on and can be traced like DNA, back to its original source, tyranny. It is the mission of Victorious America to expose any group that carries these interweaving strands in their organizational structure. No ground is too sacred. This is a cancer and must be exposed if freedom is to survive. 

Ultimately a wider focus began to emerge from our awareness of the significance of this essential element. The implementation of an essential principle in all areas of human endeavor then became our new point of departure towards a secure world. In the end, this principle is the foundation for the governing structures of religious or secular institutions authorizing the empowerment of the people, that is deemed legitimate by means of the by-laws or charter, to hold the leaders directly accountable to the people themselves. This is the only archetype that can honor such principles that embrace the dignity of the public for whom the authorities are pledged to serve. It is the very foundation of democracy. We call this principle the Cornerstone, and, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the documents that all must abide by, the Compass.

We now understand that the consummation of these two principles lead us to the most significant agenda in defending and protecting our freedom from oppression by nations of Religious Tyranny with whom we are now in conflict. At the same time we cannot afford to be complacent thus promoting an after-the-fact society in our response to evil. We must not miss the opportunity to respond to this evil that now threatens us that would jeopardize the perpetuation of the most significant principle of liberty that defines our democracy within our own nation. 

Because of our early experience originating from Religious Tyranny under English rule, a chain reaction was triggered that released the flow of individual rights that saturated the American psyche. This would be the moving force that shaped our history and set a standard of behavior which has gained global acceptance. This now unveils to us a perfect picture of the present conflict. The essence of this ideal is expressed in the principle of the Separation of Church and State which establishes the Constitution as a document that defines freedom in its stance against tyranny, religious or secular in nature. This is why this one principle of separation of church and state must never be confused or compromised. It is at the heart of the current conflicts in the world today. It takes on global significance in the countries where the people and their governments harbor and support terror. Because of the violation of this principle there are no democracies in the nations of the Middle East, only religious tyrannies. 

Why is the absence of this principle as the major cause for world conflict being overlooked as the single most important issue of this century to protect and establish the sanctity of democracy and freedom as a permanent sanctuary for humanity here and abroad? 

Evil is easily identifiable when it appears in a secular form. It is a cut and dry matter when talking about our just war against tyrannical governments based on Fascism and Nazism in World War II. Our hindsight is 20-20 when we examine the righteousness of our fight for freedom from world domination by totalitarian regimes that have deprived the people of their freedoms and lives. Such secular institutions have been in the spotlight in our struggle against tyranny throughout history and continue even today. Now we are facing the same type of evil with a new face. The new face of this enemy are nations who are in essence religious tyrannies and are just as barbaric and even more virulent that the secular regimes that deprive people of their liberties, fundamental rights and their lives. This lack of recognition of the reality of terror stemming from even moderate religious states in the Middle East and around the world leads to the misleading idea that terrorists are a nation-less group. They are all welcome and supported in the homes of many nations. 

When talking about eradication of our freedoms based on religious principles we are talking about the primary standard that is the foundation of our freedom, religious tolerance. This principle is essential to democracy and is embedded deep within our hearts. Therefore, analyzing and passing judgment on religious institutions and various beliefs about God has always been considered a taboo. Since we have come under attack by terrorists supported by religious regimes and tyrannies we must end this myth and clearly draw the boundaries. If a religious belief is used to cross the line and acts to destroy and replace the very tenets of religious tolerance with tyranny, it must be dealt with if we are to survive.

In the end, by pinpointing precisely where evil displays its greatest power to corrupt and hide which is on the grounds of the sacred we could easily expose its most fundamental applications in all other areas. In institutions where there is absence of accountability of its leadership and unquestioned allegiance of its constituency based on a absolute agenda, they become the most susceptible. Thus governance under this kind of institution and doctrine easily opens the door to tyranny.

Formerly such attributes that were historically obscure have now become highly visible, thus giving us the full capacity to dismantle this evil process once and for all. This gives us the best chance to preserve the canopy of democracy that protects the rights of its citizens to worship as they desire or not, free from oppression as guaranteed in the first amendment. Through this simple process of recognition and exposure, we have in essence totally fingerprinted evil in all its aspects, religious and secular, through activating the wisdom of the cornerstone.

Since its inception, our Web site, Victorious America has been a constant advocate for the establishment of the fundamental principles of democracy within the worlds major institutions, governing and serving the people by securing and protecting their basic rights of free expression, belief and uncensored press. Towards this end, we will continue tirelessly to promote these ideals throughout the world for securing world peace and the dignity of the people. We have also asserted that wherever such fundamental principles are not in place and enforced by an empowered people through a legitimate process, there is nothing left but a vacuum that is filled by the establishment of absolute power, which means to be governed by denying these rights to the people.

The greatness of democracy resides in the fact that its fundamental principles maintain protection against secular or religious tyranny. In addition they also provide the framework where these two realms can work in harmony together enhancing each other while protecting the people's integrity through freedom of choice in religious beliefs and exercising their rights through democratic institutions.

The value of using this site as a repository of this principle is inestimable. It is to explore the unbounded effects of the noble ideals that bind us all as civilized people when this cornerstone is implemented into any governing structure . The comprehensive insight you will gain into the worlds conflicts cannot be stressed enough.


How did we come to such a revelation? We were forced to dig into the deepest caverns of our souls to sweep away our fears and our guilt of possibly offending the sacred, because our investigation was conducted within a religious institution. We mustered our courage on a daily basis to face the great indignities and intimidation of eternal damnation leveled at us by our leaders and priests. However, we persisted and forced open the immoveable door in order to find the truth and to preserve our human dignity and that of others. 

What we found in that room made us weep. What we found there was the parchment documents inscribed with the most sacred declaration of all principles that is the true compass, the true guide to govern all of humanity under the umbrella of inalienable rights. To find these documents in the treasure tower of the sacred was so astonishing and to be able to unlock it only while undergoing the quest to defend common decency is now so obvious. Our faith in humanity was restored through this encounter. 

Now the massive beacon of light that stands in our harbor's doorway, the access to the sacred land of liberty. Is where we turn to find our roots. Lady Liberty stands there majestically undeterred, unbowed as our symbol of what we cherish above all, our freedom.

This present upheaval is not an issue of whether we will honor the ideal of religious tolerance. It is an issue of an enemy that has sworn allegiance to religious tyranny. Like a thief they have entered our country and abused the  sacred offering of religious tolerance given to all who come here from abroad. We welcomed them with open hearts into our gates of liberty but they have stolen the jewels of tolerance and used it against us. We cannot turn our backs on this reality and hope to survive. Sentimentality in the face of this evil will only cripple us. 

Just remember it was not a taboo for the Puritans to open this forbidden door when dealing with the Church of England's tyrannical actions toward them. They dealt with it. It is the nature of a taboo to keep the door closed. Those who have the courage to open the door in the name of truth may face the wrath of all, especially when entering the realm of the sacred. But if there is a place that evil can hide undetected it is under the roof of a taboo. It is when a taboo is protected under the name of the divine is when we must summon up the courage to open the door and protect what is truly hallowed.


It is perfectly clear that the evil events that occurred on September 11 were ultimately due to the exclusion of the principles of freedom and fundamental rights in the governments of the regions where these terrorists came from. It has been that way for millenniums and it is has not changed to this day. The overruling influence their religious institutions and dictatorships have in controlling the political and social outlook of the people is familiar to us now. We know from our own original experience as colonies of England the importance of separation of church and state as the essential ingredient in the foundation of our democracy and the people's rights for insuring its survival. We also know this from America's most sacred doctrines that put forth all individual rights as its first priory in governing the people. The Bill of Rights and the Constitution have their origins in the concept of free choice in the world of religious worship. To be perfectly clear on this point I would next like to quote from the essay "Victorious America" from the section entitled "America".


"What happened to the Puritans and their choice to settle in America set in motion a wave of determination so great it not only became the driving force of the development and character of American society but it also became the impetus for the spreading of Human Rights and democracy worldwide.

Why is this force so powerful that nothing and no one can stop it from gaining its own resolve in the human spirit? The Church of England at that time tried to suppress the freedom of the individual of his spiritual beliefs, a person's private domain, and the seat of life where all people inquire about their own existence. It tried to imprison his mind the seat of judgment, which is the main driving force to discern good from evil. This one act triggered a chain reaction that released the flow of individual rights that saturated the American psyche. This would become the moving force that shaped our history and set a standard of behavior, which has gained global acceptance"

Victorious America


The writers and editors of Victorious America believe fully in the principle of freedom of worship and the separation of church and state. What we don't accept is using this principle to mean the separation of the lay people from the process of accountability of the leader's actions inside religious institutions. Accountability is not exclusively confined to secularism which is perceived as the separation of church and state as the religious hierarchies vehemently insist. This has nothing to do with the separation of church and state but everything to do with cover-ups, depravity and corruption.

This one principle, the separation of church and state must never be misunderstood by the people or it can be misinterpreted and used as a protective instrument to cover up abuses in religious institutions. This basic principle must be clearly understood by the people in a democracy. Not only is it the foundation for freedom of choice in one's religious preference but also the means for the protection of people's fundamental rights in a democracy against any one religious group gaining control in the government to impose conformity of all other beliefs to a one-faith doctrine. This would not only eliminate the people's religious freedom but also lead to the control and restriction of the fundamental right of individual choices of our own people, by religious authorities who have usurped the power of our own Constitution. 

In many countries, especially in the Middle East, the peoples minds and souls are held hostage in the prisons of a religious tyranny lead by an authoritative clergy that controls the secular institutions where fundamental rights and freedom is suppressed. In these countries, secular tyrannies are just fronts for a greater Islamic state. The one nation that is the exception to the rule, is Iraq, a country ruled by a maniacal secular dictator, who also suppresses fundamental rights by terror and uses the influence of religious beliefs as a perfect cover to gain compliance and support of his actions by other Islamic countries. He can thereby hide his real agenda to seize control of the region to implement his own political program through submission and dominance over the Muslin world.

This sends the clearest message showing us why this one principle of separation of church and state must be preserved and upheld by us at all costs by our society. It shows us the need to protect our freedom and the freedom of choice against the establishment of any tyranny of a religious or secular nature. They both function to cover up the truth by suspending people's fundamental rights and prohibiting the institutions that would give them these rights. After September 11th we have been forced to become fully aware and a witness to what happens to people in other parts of the world where democracy does not exist. We have learned how religious states have arisen where fundamental rights have been replaced by religious doctrine. 


Religious states are traditional societies where people for century after century have given their total allegiance to the rule of religious law. All secular affairs came under religious jurisdiction. This is in total contrast to societies where people exercise their fundamental rights and freedom in pursuit of their happiness. This would be government by the will of God, not man. Here the leader is considered divinely appointed and thus unaccountable to anyone but God. Thus, the just balance between the secular and religious world that is needed to secure economic prosperity and supported by spiritual ideals is absent.

The result of this imbalance can be seen in these countries by the exclusion of such democratic principles. This is mirrored by a consistent flat line in their economic development resulting in the extreme poverty and desperation of the people. Thus, because of the establishment of a ruling religious institution whose public laws are grounded in their scriptures and suppression of rights, the results are inevitable. Although intending to provide spiritual and social relief, they cannot fill the void of hopelessness and despair caused by poverty that has existed for centuries and is supported by a process that is endemic in their system. Unfortunately these religious states do not end the cycle of poverty afflicting their people but further constrict progress due to a fear of modernity. By depriving the people the freedom to evolve and explore new mental and physical arenas of development in the secular world, it solidifies the clerics control over the people. Eventually, death and heavenly paradise start to look pretty good in the midst of all the oppressive rules, restraints and poverty they have to endure. 

To stay in power and to justify their corrupt regimes and their failure to maintain the people's welfare, these religious clerics have the people focus on anything other than themselves as the target of evil. They inevitably use a scapegoat that is causing their suffering. They turn the focus of the people to unite against any other ideology or free-thinking people who could influence their religious institutions or become a threat to rigid obedience to their faith and God. 

Having been traditionally elevated to the status of the only true representatives of God and the prophet, these highest ranking religious leaders, known in certain Islamic societies as Imam and Ayatollah, have achieved absolute power and the blind allegiance and unflagging support of the majority of their populations. The use of God to unite people in such a way is an absolute evil. It abuses the power of the ultimate to gain absolute obedience by preying on the people's supreme fear of forsaking God to ensure that this end is achieved. So powerful is the use of such an agenda that people come to believe that committing suicide and murdering innocent men, women and children to achieve their goals is the greatest honor and brings the greatest rewards in eternity. Why is this influence so powerful? Because it is a mindset that deals with the absolute - with the eternity of existence in terms of reward and punishment. While the secular world deals only with reward and punishment in a limited life span, these religious rulers utilize eternity and the infinite realm of the divine and have therefore taken total advantage of the people in the depths of their souls.

This is the manner in which they maintain absolute power through the fear of eternal punishment if the people disobey them. They view democracy and the Western emphasis on the dignity of the individual as the enemy intent on destroying their faith because of the principles of free choice and fundamental rights that would loosen their control over the people. This is the saddest state of affairs, for it is the implementation of democratic ideals that would bring them out of such an abyss of social and economic poverty and intolerance of all other faiths.

If we carefully look at the thread that weaves the mosaic of suppression we can clearly see that all the strands carry the same properties: inequality, suppression of fundamental rights, no accountability of the leadership to the people, control of the press and so forth. The list goes on and on like the intertwining strands of DNA and can be traced back to its source, tyranny. It is the mission of Victorious America to unmask and expose to the people, any organizational structure that carries these intertwining strands to sustain control and attain their objectives. No ground is too sacred for this investigation, for it is a cancer and if it goes unchecked and undetected it will destroy humanity. Victorious America will be used to expose such fiendish operations especially in the different social structures that affect people the most in the nations where they live. This site will be utilized to educate and promote understanding for the dignity of all people based on the individuals right to assert and demand their fundamental liberties when denied.


A new history is now being written and a new mythology and symbolism is emerging from deep within the human spirit. Since September 11th, the sacred canopy of freedom has emerged from the ashes of terror as the ultimate unifying force to protect all institutions that serve and protect the people from the evils of terror and tyranny. This quest reaches beyond all the boundaries of secular and religious institutions. This in itself is limitless and eternal, because it addresses what is universal, fundamental and essential to the dignity of humanity: Liberty!

We received the ultimate shock when a group of people justified their terrorist attack on America in the name of God. Even more incredible were the vigorous condemnations of the attacks by the leaders of the countries from where these terrorists originated, while their heinous crimes were supported and justified by the religious clergy and the majority of their citizens and vast populations of their brethren among most all the nations of the world.

Now we are seeing war in the name of God that crosses all oceans and national borders including our own. Although we are a society grounded in religious tolerance, we can no longer ignore the facts because it offends our sensibility, because of our compassion and our tolerance for those who are of a different religious belief. Tolerance for evil no matter how it is dressed up in religious or secular garb, is not compassion but compliance. Our enemies do not consider our compassion respect worthy but a weakness of fools and infidels to be exploited. To them democracy is at odds with God's ultimate plan to rule the world. We must now learn a new lesson in order to survive and preserve our core beliefs. Religious tyranny is just another name for secular tyranny. They are interchangeable. The loses of your freedom are the same in both types of ruling regimes.

Since all non-believers are considered apostates, fabrication of the truth is permissible to achieve their goals because we are the true enemies of God. That is why we are constantly astounded by what we hear form their side. 

That is why we must be clear about what we are fighting against so our sensibilities do not betray us. Evil has many faces and when dressed up as a religion it can easily hide tyranny under its garments and can easily be used destroy our very foundation of religious tolerance by abusing such privileges to gain the advantage and destroy democracy. This will be especially true when our media is invaded by public relations drones, terrorists disguised in business suits posing as victims to hide their agenda and divide our house from the inside. Listen carefully as attacks are leveled against our integrity and that of our closest allies. This will become totally clear when we deal with Iraq, Syria, the Palestinian regime and other countries that support militant Islamic terrorists and embrace systems of tyranny.

Giving credence to the practice of absolute power under the name of preserving the order and protecting the greater glory of the teaching in the only organization sanctioned to uphold the tenets of True Buddhism is nothing less then presenting the True Buddha as a tyrant. What greater glory exists that would serve to deny and suspend such freedoms and democratic ideals to reach its goal No such greater glory exits not even for God, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Allah, or even in the name of achieving World Peace. What you are talking about is oppression not glory.


Then it struck me that these militant Islamic terrorists put their quest for glory above freedom and considered freedom and all those that embrace freedom a threat and an enemy to the success of their glorious quest in the name of Allah.  They consider the Islamic faith absolute and superior to all others. It is not to be questioned, criticized or analyzed by anyone. The one objective is to subjugate all other teachings and ideas in order to rule in the name of Allah as the only way to attain peace and a just society.

Thus the formula controlling the people to achieve unquestioned unity was put into place once again by omitting the peoples fundamental rights of accountability through demanding obedience to protect the name of the greater glory and Allah thus giving unquestioned obedience to the religious authorities.

This same process was used once again. Questioning the accountably of their religious leaders and their objectives was translated as a slander to Allah and justified with the claim it would cast doubt on the divine teachings which they alone represented. The quest for ultimate control and the elimination of freedom progressed to include punishment by death to those who would criticize the authorities of the religion or even argue the validity of the teaching. Such action by any person was considered blasphemous to Allah and disgracing Islam in the eyes of the infidels. This is the ultimate insult, the unforgivable sin punishable by death at the hands of the believers. I would say this is pretty aggressive and a little over the top with respect to religious tolerance and free speech!

Thus by omitting the tenants of freedom and liberty in the name of the faith they could avoid accountability and responsibility. Thus they condemn freedom as the practice of infidels because it was conceived by mere mortals and thus inferior to the divine revelation of the Qur'an, an affront to the word of Allah, the absolute word of God that governs all.  Now they could totally eliminate the concept of freedom by asserting that democracy is in conflict with Allah's instructions in governing the affairs of state and behavior, thus democracy became the enemy of God. Unfortunately this thinking appears to be in the majority in the minds and governments of the  people in the Middle East. If this is not so, why are there are so many monarchies, authoritarian dictatorships and tyrannies in the Arab world. We are waiting for the moderates and liberal thinkers to conduct protests in the streets of their capitols in opposition to their dictatorships, militant Islamic groups, suicide bombing and religious oppression. So far we only have seen the burning of American flags in huge hateful demonstrations over the past 30 years. Where are all the moderates speaking out for democracy? They must be in the minority or hiding in their homes.

The terrorists and their sponsors took suppression to the ultimate plateau. Not only did they violate the human spirit by denying people their rights but they took it one step further beyond demonization and defamation of character to mass annihilation of human lives, of those who dare oppose their objectives and faith.

Now their actions were easy to understand. I had finally learned the greatest lesson in this world. If you want to see what is evil and what is good in the behavior of people or in any institution, use liberty as your compass to measure what direction the needle is pointing, to freedom or tyranny. When there are no fundamental rights in place there is no respect for the dignity of life and what we have left is tyranny.

Now there was no confusion to me how these terrorists justified to themselves the attacks on innocent people in the World Trade Center and in other parts of the world.


The fact is that the founding principles of our country came from our quest for freedom from religious persecution, thus opening the way for a government secured though the protection of fundamental rights against all forms of tyranny as expressed in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution now emerges as the defining factor and prime focus to understand our conflict, is of no surprise. It is these universal rights expressed so eloquently in those documents that guarantee our protection against any secular or religious group trying to impose their ideas on the American people thought force or suspension of our liberties. It is the blanket that covers and protects our freedom. Therefore I consider the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States of America sacred documents. These are not the documents of infidels.

We even instituted the separation of church and state so people would forever be able to have a choice in their own religious beliefs unlike in England at the time when all people were forced to believe in the state religion. What makes our founding documents of freedom so eternal and universal is self-evident and needs no further elaboration, but there is one point I wish to stress. While the principles and belief systems of many secular or religious agendas may differ, the ideals and fundamental principles of democracy remain constant. These fundamental principles consist of the protection of people's freedom and their fundamental rights against all agendas of tyranny that would deny the people their rights though any sort of force, coercion, intimidation or persecution in order to establish absolute power. The subsequent outcome of such agendas would be the undermining of our constitution. 



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