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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct"    
Victorious America
    PART 1


This article is presented in 4 parts:
Part 1:   The War Against Democracy
Part 2:  
Reasons for the Attacks on September 11
Part 3:   Our Origins
Part 4:   Crossing the Bridge to Freedom



 The Endgame: A World Draped in Liberty
The War Against Democracy

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December 31, 2001


The mission of Victorious America is to end any confusion in the minds of our fellow citizens by presenting the indisputable line between democracy and tyranny so that there will be no doubt about what we are fighting for and whom we are fighting against. With this principle firmly established as our focus, the essence of our conflict with religious and secular tyrannies, rooted in the Middle East and other parts of the world, will no longer be able to pass undetected by the radar of democracy. This will enable each one of us to pinpoint the true identity of the enemy that is trying to destroy us. Only then will we prevail over the obfuscation of the truth coming from within and outside our borders and avoid proceeding down the wrong road leading to the annihilation of our democracy.

Lies and deception are the protocol of tyrannical agendas. In a tyranny truth is not relevant. Any statements issued from these governments and their supporters can never be believed or certified. The only thing that can be substantiated is the total absence of fundamental human rights in order to maintain absolute power through the sabotage of the truth. Submission and dominance is achieved through intimidation. This is the agenda of tyranny, the parent of terror. 


During World War II, many people, including world leaders, who were witness to the evils of the Nazi Holocaust, looked the other way. Some said more dialogue and diplomacy was needed and others said let us just pray for peace. Soon after the war they all gave their apologies for their complicity in their silence and the utter absence of condemnation of the atrocities. 

 From America, people put their different personal beliefs and faiths aside to give their allegiance to the principles of freedom from oppression first in displaying their loyalty and allegiance to our flag. Remember many young men of all faiths and nationalities gave their lives to fight for freedom to bring a final victory against tyranny and totalitarianism. They joined in the battle overseas to honor their pledge to protect our freedom against those who would annihilate a people for their faith, their ethnic group and their belief in Liberty. Also, remember we never stopped praying for peace while our soldiers in the trenches prayed fervently for courage in battle to defend our Liberty. But they never found glory in war - only honor in defending freedom.

There are times for nonviolent resistance and there are times when you are facing an enemy plotting your extermination based on an absolutist agenda. There can be no dialogue here. It is like trying to talk with sharks in a feeding frenzy or to try to hold a dialogue with Hitler. You have no choice but to stand up and fight or be annihilated.

What I have written here has nothing to do with a right wing or left wing agenda. What I consider most sacred is our right of free choice. I despise tyranny and those who promote it, for it would eliminate all our fundamental rights.

Regarding the creation of new governments based on democratic ideals to end the tyranny in the Middle East and bring security and peace to the whole world, there is one principle that must be established in these nations and protected at all costs. The principle is the separation of church and state which must be instituted especially in the regions where religious influence has been the dominating factor in governing the civil institutions. This principle was not only essential in the birth of our liberties but an essential arm for the establishment of democracy. The importance of this can be witnessed in the consequences of entire nations and cultures that are literally governed by religious dictates that lack such a separation of the religious from the secular domain. We have seen the horrific results in the dire poverty of their countries and most recently in our own back yard on September 11th.

As we move forward in our struggle, we will also face governments who outlaw diverse religious beliefs, and fundamental rights. These governments share a common theme of absolute power and suppression of the individuals inalienable rights.


On September 11 the manifestation of a fiendish nightmare came to pass. Erupting like a volcanic inferno, it descended upon all humanity leaving an endless nightmare in it's wake. The unthinkable came to pass. In response, a timeless promise emerged and is now being honored by heroic men and women born in liberty. A familiar sound again resonates through the spheres. The Bell of Liberty is ringing again as it did some two hundred yeas ago. This time forever silencing the shrill sounds of terror, and piercing the deafening silence of oppression, the real cause of terrorism that has plagued all of humanity throughout the ages. The restless sleep that has been thrust upon us will now come to an end as we empty all the corridors of evil that would afflict us. The eternal pilgrimage for liberty has begun.

The final episode is now being written in the archives of world history. A final exodus from evil will be occurring everywhere. People will finally be taking a permanent vacation from this malfeasance leaving these institutions of darkness behind and bathing amid the sunlight of democracy. It is the establishment of a world draped in liberty that is the final step that humanity must take to secure the protection and survival of the human race from the darkness of the many faces of tyranny. Only then can we take our proper place in this creation.

America opened the door over two hundred years ago to freedom and is now opening doors everywhere especially those closed shut for centuries by all forms of tyranny opposing freedom. 

A quote from Victorious America, the section America reads:

"When we penetrate and grasp the heart and soul of our country we are swept up in a vision that is so majestic that it drives us with an endless desire to pioneer its true destiny. We have carried this sublime blueprint for justice across the plains of time. We are the timeless current, endlessly surging forward to complete and consummate this historical continuum

Like giant turbines we submerge ourselves in the raging currents of deception and injustice and reroute this polluted river into the fertile banks of justice and harmony. It is here our lives soar, carried ashore with fulfilled spirits and songs of glory. It is here each day we can catch the breath of hope and courage, continually renewing our spirit, ridding ourselves of the source of disease that would destroy us all: tyranny!

We are the ancient warriors married to justice who have waged the unceasing battle against any individual, group or authority that would undermine the people's integrity.

America is the forerunner, inhabited by the pathfinders for justice from all the lands from which we have ascended, carrying the mission to brave hardships of all kinds. We have the mission to clear the road for enlightenment and harmony for the rest of the world. This is the meaning of a true American patriot, one who is overjoyed to have the opportunity to fulfill the dream of this timeless promise. One who has grasped this concept can truly love and fight to fulfill the commitment this country made from its outset" 

Victorious America


As a people born of Liberty, we will never let those of tyranny into our homes or allow them to undermine our institutions of freedom. For those who have decided to rob us of our freedom and deceive us, our hospitality ceases to exist. The silverware comes off the table, and our doors are shut tight to those of such evil intent. We will not give up our liberty, and we will not hesitate to take it away from those who threaten to destroy it. If we do not, it will destroy all we have suffered for and sacrificed in our work to achieve Liberty.

America is a boiling caldron immersed in a state of perpetual renaissance containing people of all races and backgrounds that have been historically separated through fear and ignorance yet embodying all that yearns for freedom and equality. The history of the American people has been forged by the fire and struggle for liberty for all, both from inside and outside of our own shores.

Once freedom, established over 200 years ago was secured, it became a work in progress, challenging all humanity to honor their own integrity by honoring the fundamental rights of others first and foremost. Our progress towards liberty continues because of those who would not just remain witness to evil but who would stand up for change in order to honor and preserve our sacred documents so they would not be destroyed. Do you seriously think we are about to give up this time-honored mission for liberty, and dishonor all those who have fought for her preservation to let her be put in the chains of tyranny?

We will never let those who come to rob us of our freedom, put us under house arrest and terrorize us. Losing to terror is not an option, because terror is the offspring of tyranny which is relentless in the single-minded resolve to destroy all our liberties. As allies of terror and fear, these tyrannies have betrayed the trust of humanity and overstayed their visit in our country and the rest of the world.

They count on the ignorance of those citizens among us who are ashamed and apologize for our success in contrast with their impoverished societies and who would acquiesce and join together with them to blame us for their own failures and transgressions. They will find out that the use of such citizens in our country to achieve their objective will ultimately work against them and they will be exposed. Americans value their freedom and will not be deceived into diverting attention or blaming other parties for any attack on us. We are open hearted but not foolish once we have been betrayed. These tyrannies have chosen poverty as their mate. This is mirrored in their spiritual and economical institutions. They have chosen the cycle of death and oppression over the cycle of life and freedom. They will use our freedom of press but deny us and their own people the same access. What we will be witnessing is various incarnations of Tokyo Rose invading our media. 

As far as rights are concerned remember democracy has tolerance for those who cherish and protect freedoms but has no obligation to extend these same rights to those who wish to destroy freedom and deny us our birthrights.

American has never apologized for their freedom to anyone. When attacked, we are relentless in defending our liberties against tyranny and terror as history has shown. Maybe those who attacked us should have sat down with Nathan Hale before they acted.


There can be no dialogue or appeasement with such people for they infect and destroy life with lies as maggots in dead bodies. Their existence only represents disdain for the value of life through their misguided faith. They don't fear death not because they have courage but because they have been rabid in their violation of human rights and their determination to destroy the fundamental rights of all people.

They have cut off any avenue to question their actions and authority not only by their own people but by anyone else. Thus, they have no culpability and are not only capable of mass destruction but are intent on it driven by hatred and directed by absolute blind faith in their God. We have no choice in this matter but to hunt them down before they spread this disease to mankind. They are counting on compassion and tolerance to desert the ship. They consider such attributes as a weakness to be exploited. 

They strangle their own people by relegating them to the darkest caverns of stagnation and fear through the suppression of their fundamental rights. They have the same in store for us. The conformity of people unified into one mind without freedom of expression is nothing more than an expression of totalitarianism and tyranny. It is nothing more than reducing human beings to mindless entities, worker ants devoid of reason and critical thinking. This is a very dangerous threat to the survival of civilized human beings, for these people are controlled by leaders whose sole objective is domination and submission of all the people in the world in the name of their God. They are turning their people into human bombs to achieve this objective.

What they are doing is robbing the mind of vital oxygen needed for critical thinking and imagination. This is the ultimate act of terror because it not only strips people of the institutions of freedom that are needed to protect them from such abuse from tyrants and maniacs but strips from them all means to express their true humanity and compassion. It is the conduit for the greatest cancer that has faced mankind. Unlike the Black Plague that killed the body alone, this deadly plague leaves us with huge populations of enraged living corpses who are dedicated to the destruction of the treasures within our life that define us as human and civilized.

We are the only hope for the establishment of freedom and the respect for fundamental rights in the world. We might be a little naive as a people as it is still inconceivable for us that, at this time in human history, billions of people in this world are denied the privilege of freedom. Yet because of our love for liberty, we have kept our door open with the lighted torch of liberty as a beacon so all can land safely at our shores. Now there are those who will use this beacon as a landmark to enter our shores and try to destroy us. This is literally a crime against all the oppressed. Now we must take action to protect our shores as that beacon has grown dimmer and our Lady of Liberty weeps. We will never let this continue. The beacon of liberty will never be extinguished. You can count on this.

We have been richly rewarded for such ideals and actions with a continued renaissance in each generation despite the tyrannical naysayers around the world with predictions of our impending doom and accusations of our greed and decadence. We continue to honor the great crest of liberty displayed on our shield. This crest displays the great surge of diversity forged through the trials of freedom. Millions of unknown heroes of selfless dedication resolved to preserve this eternal mosaic at any cost. We have built such a society and we shall endure.


These Bullies we are fighting are the true molesters of life. Now the only place they can hide their true cowardly identity and survive is by finding refuge in our minds through intimidation and fear. We can never rid ourselves from their poison until they are confronted. There is no choice in this matter.

Bullies always have the same image to scare the people. They manage to blow themselves up like balloons, in all ways and manners. They appear bigger than life, looking unbeatable and using any disguise to quench their thirst for absolute control over others. At times they pose as benevolent dictators, tricking people and putting them off guard with visions of peace and compassion. In actuality, they are chaining them to the heel of tyranny, with the very peace the people seek. We must always be vigilant and be able to measure the actions and ideas of those that are in powerful positions. Remember liberty is your compass to judge what is authentic.

In actuality they are just like the big character balloons you see in the Macy's Day Parade except this parade is the parade of Bullies and Tyrants. Remember like any other balloon, big or small, all you need to do is to prick it with a pin and you can let all see the hot air rushing out. The Big Bully Balloon becomes deflated lying on the ground like a little piece of rubber all shrived up with nothing inside. All you need is the courage to overcome the false image that they have presented to scare you. Don't worry - they are nothing but recycled deflated rubber. 

There has always been the ultimate showdown between good and evil. It inevitably manifests itself in confronting bullies and thugs who wish to rob you of your freedom through threats, violence, intimidation and fear. If you are to survive, you must stand up to them if you want to live in a world free from fear and harm. There is nothing to be afraid of. Sharpen your pin. Bullies lose their power as they are defeated and change sides along with all the other people they have tricked. We just have to keep moving forward. Then the people will taste the sweet nectar of freedom. This is the only way to win. We lose if we give them an inch. Once they know we will stand firm, they will fall one by one. If we give an inch, they will try to extort us and even start to threaten us with world disorder if we don't acquiesce to them and their terrorist agenda. The vast country of China is watching our resolve and the commitment of our allies. They are looking for our weakness in this conflict. We must never forget they are a tyranny waiting in the wings. Standing up to and defeating bullies is the only action that a man of peace can take to protect his family. Bullies are always the same - they never stop harassing men of peace until you lick them. 

Nathan Hale showed us that liberty can never be compromised or bought by threats from scoundrels. He reminded the British of that when he said "My only regret is that I have but one life to give to my country." Liberty is our self interest. It is our greatest asset. It is the soul of our nation. Prior to World War II, Chamberlain tried to appease Hitler through dialogue and diplomacy as he was making aggressive moves against free nations. It did not work to prevent global war with Germany. His conciliation to tyrants only strengthened their resolve to dominate Europe. Could World War II have been prevented if he stood up resolutely to tyranny? Not entirely, but Germany could have been defeated much sooner saving perhaps millions of lives of soldiers and civilians alike.

What the enemies of democracy are looking for is a crack in the armor. I am sure that the President will get the support of all citizens in fighting evil. Anyone threatening the United States of America and trying to extort us to change our resolve through pressure and to acquiesce to terror will make a huge blunder. They will continue to expose themselves and their agenda. 

We as citizens must never mistakenly turn our backs on the fundamental principle of liberty that is being threatened by our enemies. Our enemies are all those who undermine our freedom through religious oppression in the name of the divine. If we do we would be guilty of joining the ranks of those who condemn our right of self protection against terrorism by embracing the very banner we chose to defend ourselves against. While it is true we may have to tighten up on some of the fundamental civil liberties to protect ourselves and our democracy, but we must never switch our allegiance to anything other than that of liberty and fight against all agendas that would call allegiance to any other principles other than that which is stated in our constitution.

The nations supporting terror we are at war with have sworn their allegiance to their holy scriptures above all, thus putting fundamental human rights in a secondary position that is dispensable, transitory and worldly as opposed to the divine. 

We must never allow that to happen in America no matter how wonderful our religious heritage is. This war is the inevitable reminder of our allegiance to liberty first, before allegiance to anything else. We learned that lesson over two hundred years ago which all began with the religious persecution of the Puritans. Do you want to be under the sovereignty of King George again? 


If we are truly going to be able to stay the course in this war, we must be able to clearly see and understand what we are fighting for at all times no matter how it might offended our sensibilities. We cannot win if we are not clear what is in the mind of the enemy and what is our final objective. If you are afraid to see the truth because it offends your sensibilities then you will be deceived. Believe me, this is the greatest war of deception that we have ever faced.

There is only one way we could lose this war and the enemy is counting on it. Our very compassion and tolerance will betray us and we will turn into supporting their cause. They view compassion as a weakness that can be exploited. Tolerance for evil has nothing to do with compassion or freedom. Those that take such a position will not only lose their freedom but betray our Liberty.

Finally the reality is that we are at war. Be prepared to eventually sacrifice economically if necessary. You can't fight a war if you don't think your in one. Car pooling might become a necessity as might be finding new sources of energy. Don't just ask the soldiers to do the dirty work of war. Our President has said go out to the communities and become active. This war is not a movie that is produced in Hollywood, a thriller for your enjoyment or a production of national news for your dinner time enjoyment. This is a war of participation and a re-education for ourselves, our parents and our children about the sacredness of Liberty.


On America: 
"This glorious dream takes the form of our activities as citizens to uphold the law of this land and fulfill our eternal promise. Whether we are citizens of African decent, citizens of Spanish decent, citizens of Jewish decent etc.... the prime point is that we are all citizens first. Therefore any discrimination towards any people whether it is racial or otherwise would be traitorous and spell spiritual death for our land. It is our duty to stand together as citizens with any group that would suffer such indignities."
                                                              Victorious America

Dealing with this principle and sustaining it, presents a great dilemma that we, as citizens, are forced to face and reconcile because honoring these principles is essential to democracy. But the resolution of such a dilemma is apparent. We must root out among us those who have sworn allegiance to the enemy and those who are trying to destroy us by putting us at odds with ourselves using our core beliefs. 

A very courageous person and a true freedom fighter once gave me tremendous insight into evil. It was so clear and brilliant that I must relay it to you. She said, according to the author, Bram Stoker, the real meaning of the story of Dracula is that no one would believe he existed. It seemed so unbelievable that when he drank your blood, you turned into a vampire and became one who lived by night immersed in evil. She then said, in reality, it was a metaphor that evil can go undetected and gain power because people refuse to believe that it exists and because it offends their sensibilities. Drinking your blood and turning you into a vampire is nothing other than stealing your life force and denying your freedom and thus turning you into a slave of tyranny. You then become nothing more than an empty shell devoid of compassion and, as part of the army of the walking dead, answering only to the commands of maniacs who fill you with an unquenchable thirst for human sacrifice and blood. Doesn't this sound like the work of those monsters who attacked us on September 11th?

After the attack in September the majority of the leaders in the countries of the Muslim world condemned the attack. But, somehow the majority of their citizens from all walks of life, even from the moderate countries, found justification for the attacks on us and even rejoiced as we saw in interviews on TV. I think, at the time, we were too much in shock to even register this outrageous behavior that we were seeing. They even tried to have the world believe that we were on trial for their transgressions and this was backed up by their daily news media which are state controlled.

After September 11th, the people of the United States were in disbelief in hearing that so many people from all walks of life in another parts of the world hated us so much. We still truly cannot understand why even today as reports from the Muslim world get worse in this regard. What's the deal here? We must truly know the answer to this question for in it lies what we are truly fighting for. If we do underestimate the enormity of this negative condition because it offends our sensibilities, then we will fall into denial syndrome and put ourselves at great risk.

To find out why this condition exists we must go through a process of inquiry. Through a process of elimination, irrelevant information is weeded out to reveal the crucial questions asking what is the root of the problem and what are the actions that must be taken for resolution.

A doctor trying to cure a patient with a deadly disease uses the same procedure. First he looks at the symptoms; then he asks the right questions based on the information at hand to come up with a diagnosis or the patient will die. My inquiry into this subject of why we are hated by the majority of the Muslim world leads me to one common denominator embodied in the meaning of one word, ALLEGIANCE and the answer to the fundamental question of allegiance to whom and to what.

1. To what principles, religious, state controlled or constitutional, do the people give their allegiance, in governing their nations? 

2. What are these governing principles and what effect do they have on the behavior and mindset of the people and leaders of the public institutions of that nation?

Answer these two questions and you can understand the essence of the whole conflict.


Quoting from Victorious America:

"The principles of liberty given to us by our founding fathers for the first time considered human imperfection, not as a negative attribute, but honored and celebrated this imperfection with the highest objectives in protecting the liberties of man. What is amazing is that this viewpoint paved the way for the creation of the greatest documents on universal rights ever written. A person's individual beliefs and freedom of choice are now deemed sacred and absolute. It is the only absolute principle to follow for the process of protecting the people's fundamental rights. Now the fundamental principle that people could live by was to honor an individual's freedom of choice and expression as long as it did not trample on the rights of others to hold different beliefs that would also not trample on the rights of others."

Of course, this would have far-reaching effects on religious thinking. No longer could a person, in the context of his own religion, claim salvation while ignoring the fundamental right of others to choose. If this were not the case, the representatives of the kingdom of God would be tyrannical. Of course I am not advocating that a person cannot find his salvation in his own personal religious beliefs. What I am saying is that the respect and protection for the principle of free choice is essential to the dignity of the individual and, therefore, sacred.

Secondly, the founding fathers were men of faith, and it was said that God inspired such documents. If this is true, then the highest act of respect we can pay is to honor their faith and protect people's individual rights and religious freedom without interference with regards to national policies of allegiance to the state. Now this absolute universal principle of tolerance for any human being, no matter what their belief, as long it did not infringe on anyone else's fundamental rights, is now the law of our land.

That is why separation of church and state was such a significant incorporation into our governing documents. Major religious doctrines are based on the absolute dictates of what is evil and what actions are offensive to God. They may claim that their way is the only way to salvation, and it might be so. The problem is, if any one religion gained domination over the state, all people would be subjected to the dictates of the state religion, and obedience would be mandatory. Then all sorts of possibilities could arise. Divorce could be ruled illegal. Music and entertainment could be banned. Criticizing a particular religion or cleric could be punishable by death as in present-day Islamic states. Homosexuals, non-believers, apostates and all women accused of adultery could be stoned to death without due process.

Women's rights could be denied again in our country in the future, if we are controlled by religious dictates. Their right to vote, to work and to get an education could be repealed and again they could be reduced to mere property based on interpretations of religious law. One must remember that even into the early part of the 20th century, women were denied their basic rights to an education and voting based on a biblical standard even though our country was over a hundred years old with a constitution in place. The women gained courage and challenged this injustice under the jurisdiction of the Constitution of the United States of America not through a biblical mandate . The building of an eternal fortress of democracy will be permanently achieved when the principles of liberty are first and foremost in the peoples minds and hearts. This is the true essence of instituting the principle of separation of church, and state whose absence in the nations of the Middle East, is apparent and the support for religious tyranny is pervasive.

In other words, an individual could lose all their fundamental freedoms of self-expression, freedom of speech, and freedom of choice of religious faith. All  major religions have numerous interpretations of God and their holy books, which are deemed absolute and necessary to be implemented for salvation of mankind and peace on earth. This would be no different from a totalitarian secular agenda that eliminates people's fundamental rights and through absolute power, demands obedience.

The idea of separation of church and state is not intended to diminish the belief in God but to respect an individual's inalienable right to choose different beliefs. Our deepest reverence and  oath of allegiance is given to these principles in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. These documents preserve and protect the rights of the individual in order to preserve and protect the union. 

Remember, the doctrines of democracy are considered secular, conceived by man and thus from a religious perspective, are secondary in significance and imperfect. Furthermore, these doctrines do not limit people's rights to freely express their life style or their ideas. No wonder certain religious leaders are scared because they could lose the absolute control they have been asserting in the name of God. They greatly fear people might start living in ways that are not under the rules they have issued in the name of God. Again, their people might start to exercise their fundamental rights and freedoms that are now restricted by their beliefs. They must come to understand God is not opposed to freedom but opposed to suppression. This illustrates the greatness of democracy and the need for separation of church and state. This is not a cultural conflict between two civilizations. It is the final surge of democratic ideals to free the world of religious and secular oppression. That is why the opposition is so fierce because the world has been held hostage by such devilish forces for so long that it has made its home here. But once it is defeated, it only has one place to go and it is not heaven. 

It is my conviction that never in the history of man have such eloquent writings as our founding documents been composed. They embrace all faiths and all people under their canopy. They have taken the best of religious and secular ideals, morals and ethics and condensed the essence under one umbrella, outlining and respecting all fundamental human rights. Therefore, I consider these documents sacred and eternal. They function to take us through the last threshold of world history into the ultimate realm where liberty is the only passport issued to preserve what is most noble in man. I think it is time for all Americans to rediscover the Bill of Rights and the Constitution and read them over and over again. I believe that America is in possession of the greatest treasures ever written for the governance of all humanity.

Why are we are being attacked at this time in history? Because, like a golden mirror, those who oppose freedom and wish to destroy liberty are being exposed through the advancement of the free press and media communications in the free world. Thus it compels all those involved in such a demonic venture to rise up and destroy liberty before they are hunted down for the criminals they are. Freedom exists because it is based on compassion and is embraced by those that have the privilege to taste its sweet nectar. It cannot be stopped. It spreads like a hot potato that never gets cold, passing from hand to hand and is never dropped. We can never turn our backs on those who have been denied their freedom and are imprisoned by tyranny. Our compassion compels us. Our joy becomes our duty until the dark cloud of tyranny is lifted from this world. We must honor our privilege to spread the gift that was given to us by our forefathers. 

Spreading liberty is not colonization or imperialism. It is the antidote for tyranny, restoring the individual rights taken away from the people. Even though we did not spread it by force in the Middle East or even attempt to vigorously promote democracy in the region, we were attacked nevertheless. It is those who sensed the end of their rule was approaching, who attacked us. They think they must destroy us before democracy destroys them and their religious suffocation of the people. This is not a war of us against the Muslim world. It is a war of the greater majority of the nations and people of the Muslim world who have condemned the tenets of freedom in allegiance to their religious faith.


Do I have a problem with people having allegiance to their faith? Absolutely not. But I do have a problem when civilians, because of a religious allegiance, are suppressed, persecuted and murdered because they dare to speak out for freedom or dare to criticize their religion. Do I have a problem with this? Yes, this is nothing more than using religious doctrines to support tyranny. While many hide in religious robes, Saddam Hussein uses an army uniform and thus, he is easier to spot. Remember liberty gives you X-ray vision to see what is underneath no matter who they are. Why are we having a hard time accepting this? Because the scenario is so frightening and insane. 

The allegiance in predominantly Muslim nations, first and foremost, is to faith. This is true except for Turkey which has become the lone shining example of democracy and separation of church and state in the Muslim world. But even here the government stands on shaky ground as they are being challenged by a religious agenda.

The Muslim nations claim to follow what is written in their scriptures as the advisory laws of the governing institutions. The only acceptable standard of behavior for the citizens of a Muslim state is what is interpreted from the holy books and dictated by the clerics. These rules and obligations from the holy books are subject to the interpretation of the clerics who have elevated themselves to be the only qualified representatives of God and their credibility remains unchallenged because their words are considered inspired by God. Thus questioning their accountability is considered treason by both the people and by themselves. Often these clerics have alternate viewpoints in different countries but the foundation of their uncontested control and influence over practitioners in both Muslim and non-Muslim nations stays the same. 

When we talk about allegiance in the world of Islam, we talk about pledging allegiance to their faith. This pledge is above the allegiance to the countries where they live. It is considered blasphemous in Islam to give ones allegiance to the state and its constitution. The doctrine of governmental institutions and their constitutions do not put allegiance to their faith first as an obligation to sustain the state.

Then, if any Muslim nation or Muslim believers declares war on another nation that is not Muslim, all Muslims of the world have an obligation of faith to unite in allegiance in Jihad against those countries who are not of Islamic governance to join the fight against these so called infidels. Suddenly there is the appearance of one nation, unified under the name of Islam, made up of all populations from all countries of the world, including ours. To look at this squarely is truly ominous. This is the reality and the difficulty of the task ahead. We must understand and face what we must do to protect ourselves and to preserve our basic beliefs.

This complete allegiance to faith crosses all boundaries when any country comes into conflict with any Muslim nation for any reason. Then all their practitioners from every nation in the world are obliged to come together under one banner nation and under one doctrine as children of Allah. The leaders and clerics clump together all issues and call it an attack on Allah when anyone will not submit to their wishes whether legitimate or not. Thus, in the end, everything is turned into an attack on Islam if it is from any nation that is not Islamic. Thus they are able to arouse their citizens into a frenzy and demand absolute obedience and calling any disagreement an attack on God. This is nothing other than misuse of absolute power. Religious fervor can incite death by suicide in the name of God.

The Muslim world has not experienced freedom. You can see this in their state run papers and in the suppression of free speech and thought. We keep hearing about all the moderate Arabs. How come we never see them marching for freedom or against terror in their own nations. Any conflict with any one of the Muslin nations is a conflict with all Muslims in the world because it is considered an attack on God. That is why I have said that, when democracy comes to these Muslim nations, the separation of church and state must be established. Until then the name of God will continue to be used as a tool to bypass reason with fanaticism and bypass individual rights with absolute power. This is enforced through the fear of death and is nothing other than religious tyranny. The leaders of Muslim states are now supporting and defining suicide bombers as martyrs. I am sure they also feel that those who crashed into the World Trade Center were martyrs as well.

Therefore, their allegiance is completely to the absolute word and will of their God, Allah. Any deviation by their citizens to exercise the right of free choice would in actuality be considered the act of an infidel. Furthermore, nations governed by doctrines other than that of Islam would be considered man-inspired and worthy not of respect but only of dismantling in the name of God.

Thus any secular government that is set up to represent these countries will always revert back to religious control in times of conflict. You cannot dress up a religious state in a suit with a briefcase full of proposals of peace. They have only one initiative based on one objective in their minds and that is to neutralize democracy before it destroys their people. It is quite unfathomable but the objective is clear. In those countries it is no coincidence that they have no democracies. There only monarchs or dictatorships control the press. The citizens do not move without directions from the state. 

Do I expound hate against the Muslim world? No. I am responding to their hatred of us which they themselves declare and is the reason why we are facing this impending danger. Do I think what Milosevic did to the Muslims in Bosnia is justifiable? He was a murderer who raped and murdered innocent people. His acts are inexcusable. 


In our country, there are many second generation Muslims who pledge allegiance to our democracy and are opposed to suicide bombing and the tyranny that is in the Muslim world. They even serve in our armies. As we find ourselves more and more in opposition to these tyrannies of the Muslim world, I think that it is time for those moderate groups to set the record straight so there is no confusion in the minds of American citizens and to prevent any actions of extremists groups that would disgrace our nation. After all, people came here to become citizens because they were persecuted for their beliefs, both religious and secular, in their own nations. I would suggest that all Muslims and all moderates of Arab descent come to Washington and together with all citizens, declare publicly their support on these issues. It must be remembered that in World War II, many people of Italian and Japanese descent fought against their own relatives and fought together with other American citizens of African, Spanish, and Jewish descent. I would suggest their banner be Muslims for Democracy in the Middle East.

As far as the groups now representing the Muslim population in the United States, I found it interesting that not one organization was willing to visit the country of their origin as citizens of the United States of America, to talk about the principles of freedom as well as the necessary changes to end the reign of tyranny in the countries of their origin. I have not heard of such actions from these groups here in the United States. I hear it from Cubans, Haitians, Italians, Germans, Japanese and many others. It is time to fight and unite together with us by speaking out to establish the principles of democracy and fundamental rights around the world especially in the Muslim countries of the Middle East. 

Where will you stand when we find ourselves in conflict with most of the Muslim nations when their true agenda is revealed? Will you speak out against the majority of the populations of those nations that now justify terror and tyranny? Will you join the battlefield as Americans first, putting aside your faith and nationality as American soldiers of every background had to do in two world wars? Italian, German and Japanese Americans who fought against the tyranny and totalitarian regimes of their own brethren and those that supported such evil.  It is time for you to declare your allegiance to what we are fighting against without reservation. It's time to stop covering up and protecting your apparent allegiance to nations of tyranny and terror through dishonoring the privileges of your citizenship that embraces the ongoing battle against tyranny. It's time you totally condemn the homicide bombing against civilians around the world without reservation and condemn the lies of the nations of tyranny that justify such an agenda.
In the last gathering of Muslims in Washington earlier this year leaders of Muslim American associations that appeared on the news have conveyed no such commitment.  It's time the so-called moderate Muslim majority population make their appearance and meet in Washington with Jews, Christians and Americans of all faiths and beliefs to condemn Muslim nations of tyranny.  They must protest and denounce the Arab mobs supporting tyranny and religious oppression in the  Muslim world and the censored press in the lands of their origins. They must speak out and lead the fight to establish democracy in the lands from which they fled to pursue the American dream. This one action is the greatest act of patriotism that the Muslim citizens can make in America to show their allegiance to democracy and our constitution first. This will generate support from all people in the world in our effort to help the people in Muslim nations to stand up and make the change from religious controlled tyrannies to nations of democracy. This is how great their mission as Americans and children of liberty are at this time. 


In America, we pledge allegiance to protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights to protect freedom. We even have gone to war with people with whom we shared religious beliefs and nationality to fight for freedom. We did this during the Civil War as well as WW I and II. We went to war not in the name of God but in the name of liberty to protect our constitution. But those who now are provoking us further into war are using the name of God. Let me remind them that this is not a war between your God and our God. It is a war using the name of God to fight against freedom. When we go to war we find no glory in the act of killing. We don't kill civilians and say "God is great." That is why we are saying this is a battle to preserve civilization. No one religion can represent our Constitution because it represents all beliefs.

Recently a man called Farrakhan who claims to represent the Nation of Islam in the name of Black Muslims, came on television to preach his message. He started by saying; "Don't you dare harass me." He was referring to the officials of the United States for putting him under arrest. He went on and on with his threats just like Noriega used to do when he was President of Panama. He then said, "Don't you dare try to arrest me. I know many sports celebrities and film stars." I guess he was using this threat to put himself above the law and protect himself when the United States starts to investigate him and his organization because of money donated to him by Arabic nations that support terror.

Then he went on to praise Saddam Hussein saying he is our friend and there is no proof he is involved in terror even though Saddam Hussein gassed his own people and attacked his own countrymen and fellow Muslims. He said it is us who are the enemy.

But we must be reminded that no other nation on this earth has pitted white man against white man in a civil war under President Lincoln where millions gave their lives to end slavery. Do I hear a proposal for statues for their sacrifice? Maybe many of these men that fought to end slavery were themselves racists, but they gave their lives to what they knew was a higher principle. Deep in their hearts they held the belief that slavery was evil. I think its time to quote Lincoln. In the Gettysburg Address, he sought to inspire and to get his troops to end this scourge of slavery and to honor our forefathers' dream.

"Fourscore and seven years ago our forefathers brought forth on this continent a new Nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal."

He went on to say:
"It is us for the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who have fought here have thus far so nobly advanced…. a new birth of freedom and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

l must mention Arab Muslims are still involved in slavery in Africa. Do I see the Muslim world doing anything about that some 150 years after our Civil War? Where is the Lincoln of the Arab world to rise up against these people? While there is still racism in our country, it is continually and openly being contested and thus changing. Because the Bill of Rights and the Constitution are still the law of the land and the mirror of our conscience, the fight still continues today to close the gap. Had these documents not existed and not been the foundation for our social order, the odds of a mass extermination of the Black Man in America would have been a high probability a long time ago. I must point out that Farrakhan's program to help youth, while it is noble and has helped many youths, only becomes an agenda to indoctrinate these young people to eventually befriend Muslim countries that support militant Islamic terrorism and eventually oppose democracy. We must remember, however, many people have been helped without giving their allegiance to agendas of hate and repression in return. 

But there was one statement that Farrakhan made that let me know what his ultimate agenda was. He said he read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and said in a very matter of fact manner, "These are very interesting documents." Well that gave it away to me. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are not just very interesting documents. Rather they are the foundation on which our country rests and lives to protect our freedom against any group that would try to dominate. This attitude showed me his lack of appreciation and understanding of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. His allegiance is only to the Islamic State.

The same can be said of any overzealous religious groups within our country that have the agenda to replace the principles of separation of church and state with a nation that is controlled by a religious agenda. Also, the bombing and killing of innocent people in Oklahoma City finds the same roots of deception, hatred and oppression.


I find the leaders of Americans of the Muslim faith suspect. I think they should come out and condemn not only terror but also religious tyranny in Muslim countries. They should not only be the ones who must speak out the loudest but also be the first who are willing to fight to end the tyranny in that part of the world. Those that have courageously embraced ideals outlined in the Constitution should brush aside old allegiances and come to the forefront to lead the Muslim communities in the United States. With a pledge of allegiance as citizens of America, they could stage a big rally in Washington to support democracy and renounce totalitarianism throughout the Muslim world especially in the Middle East. This is the way they could gain the full support of American people as we find ourselves more and more at odds with Muslim countries in the Middle East and in other parts of the world.

By taking this one action America will achieve the unconditional support of the whole world in our fight against terror and at the same time shift the focus of the prayers of all nations of the Muslim world to open the doors of liberty, freeing themselves from  tyranny forever. This would be the greatest action of patriotism they could perform thus ushering in a worldwide era of democracy and security free from terror.

In conclusion, from this point forward Victorious America will extend its participation in the process of protecting and defending people's fundamental rights based on the foundation of democratic principles. We will fearlessly challenge and uncover any group, institutions, governments and nations in both the secular and religious world that would desecrate these ideals to promote tyranny and oppression in order to achieve absolute power. 

In order to stay on track, we have embraced three fundamental principles that will reveal any deviations from the process to ensure freedom.

Principle 1: Total empowerment of the people to oversee the actions of their leaders and to hold the leaders directly accountable to them for the protection of their fundamental rights. This principle is to be formally written into the by-laws and charter of any institution.

Principle 2:  If you want to know what is evil and what is righteous in the world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct.

Principle 3:  If we carefully look at the thread that weaves the mosaic of oppression, we can clearly see that all the strands carry the same properties: suppression of fundamental rights and denial of accountability of the leadership to the people. The list spirals on and on and can be traced like DNA, back to its original source, tyranny.

It is the mission of Victorious America to expose any group that carries these interweaving strands in their organizational structure. No ground is too sacred. This is a cancer and it must be exposed if freedom is to survive.

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