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"If you want to know what's evil and what's righteous in this world use the compass of liberty and you will know if your judgment, direction and faith is correct"
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Contained within these pages is the struggle of one person to keep free from the death that tyranny brings when its evil is left unchallenged. As an American, my passion for liberty and hatred for tyranny is the force that drives my soul and defines my life. When the forces of tyranny from within attack the very foundation on which our liberties rest, The Constitution of United States of America, it's time to stand and fight. Victory is the only option here, for failure is a one way ticket to hell!

 TODAY'S ALERTS.............

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Those that read what is written in these books will find themselves cleansed from the confusions that has been clouding the conflicts in the Mid East and the struggles between the two major parties of the electorate at home.

Victorious America is the result of an unrelenting struggle to put the source of liberty's dictates into its simplest form and we have succeeded. Now all can unite in one purpose when faced with the threat of Tyranny.

Books listed below are available for delivery by Mid June. Check our victory store on May 19th to place your orders.

Bullet June 18 2008 (10:00 AM EST): Alert Important ….... I mention in the article Never Again Now there is no doubt that King Abdullah will say he is not to blame for soaring oil prices on Sunday....

Bullet May 15 2008 (10:00 AM EST): President Bush heads toward Saudi Arabia... Read the essay 'Israel Enters the Danger Zone' now feature on the site of Victorious America......

Bullet April 24 2008 (10:00 AM EST):  WAKE UP AMERICA!.... While the democrats are still blaming the rise of oil prices on the greed of American oil companies neither party has stated…. WE ARE BEING BLACKMAILED BY OUR GOD FEARING FRIENDS FROM OPEC… America’s refusal to recognize the growth of the Islamic Mosque and State Religious Totalitarian Cooperatives in the Middle East and around the world and their control of oil prices prevents us from seeing the double headed beast that is determined to bring Americas economy to her knees. Supply and demand you say? Russia and China are both negotiating oil agreements with OPCE countries. How about America?????...

Bullet March 26 2008 (10:00 AM EST):  March 26 2008: 10:00 AM est…. America is a Post Racial Nation its no longer about being a Black or White Candidate, it is where you stand as a Presidential Candidate either you stand up for America or stand down... Obama had his chance and he made his choice Now America its time to make yours…”The White House or Reverend Wrights House”…... I have one concern that Reverend Wright may take his life to save Obamas Campaign and this cause of action could result in blame America race, Unfortunately if this happens we could elect a president based on guilt not on judgment, platform and character....

Bullet March 17 2008:  Three weeks before the Pennsylvania primary Senator distancing himself from the racial debate announced today 'I am not an Afro American but the son of a poor out of work white steel worker from Bethlehem Pa' In order to show you how a Presidential nominee can escape unscaved for 20 years of unending support of a white hating minister and his idol Minister Farrakhan Hitler Jr. Obama will give an award winning 'Sweept Under the Rug Speech' in Philadelphia tomorrow. There he will ask all Americans to join together with him to claim the moral high ground in ending the politics of deviceness in order to overcome the hurt and anger that has caused this racial divide in our country that we need to heal in order to unite country. Then he will say the world is waiting for this change. The problem is Obama is selling us wolf tickets he did not stand up to the hate in his own church and put himself on the line then to end the hate whitey speech that that was destroying the poeple in his church and community. No excuses Obama! I guess he will say white Americans do not understand why the people in the Islamic world world hate us when he becomes president Oh what a tangle web we weave when we first practice to deceive...

January 7 2008:  Read Betrayal at Annapolis, Annapolis and Beyond on the site of Victorious America and see what President Bush is up to in his visit to the
Israel and the Middle East...

September 24 2007:  Columbia University Iraq’s President Ahmadinejad declared today that gay people are a disease in his society and they must be eliminated. Remember the Nazis? It's time for all politicians to start standing up for gay peoples rights in America and around the world to show what democracy really stands for...

September 13 2007:  Hear the text of President Bush's report on Iraq before he address the nation tonight here frist on this site posted [Iraq: A Bush Bum Rush]....

September 11, 2007:  We can never bring honor to the lives of the fallen on that day with retreat. We can only consecrate the nobility of their sacrifice with a complete and unconditional victory for democracy in Iraq anything less is unconscionable.

March 5, 2007:  Victorious America congratulates you
at your historal meeting of the intelligence summit at St. Petersberg Florida.

Jan 10, 2007:  A question to ask yourself, What does President Bush have in common with our founding fathers? Nothing! Tonight he will establish this as the 43rd President, as he proposes his new way forward in Iraq. There is only one way forward in Iraq. Read the Only One Solution by Stanley Zir on this page.

Nov 8, 2006:  Opening Remarks of the 109 Congress.....'Let us all welcome Nancy Pelosi the New Speaker of the House.. In order to make a fresh start and finally Unite our Nation in our War against Terrorism, to serve that end Lets all Pitch In and Accommodate Her New Third World Mandate with a European Congressional Makeover ... all in favor ... the I's have it ... motion passed'... So much for the Bush Legacy

Mar 1, 2005:  Now 60 years after the liberation of Auschwitz, the Jewish People must now raise the banner of 'Never Again' in every part of the globe to insure their victory over hatred.

Jan 14, 2005:  Because of the great signifance of this work everything currently has been put into an editting mode.. Thanks for you patience, meanwhile please enjoy.

] Jan 1, 2005:  On this first day of this new year 2005, Victorious America offers our eternal gratitude to our troops in Iraq and around the world who have put themselves in harms way so we may enjoy liberty's blessings with our families in the safety of our homes... Happy New Year, Stan Zir

Dec 6, 2004:  Victorious America announces the Commencement of the .... Victorious America Initiative..... The two most important weapons needed to gain a victory over terrorism, separation of church and state, and the active de-tyranization of the nations of the arab leagues were put into opposing camps by the presidential candidates of this 2004 election. This not only puts our victory over terrorism in jeopardy but has left our nation devided. The time to hack a new path out of this jungle of deception and put liberty back on her rightful throne starts on this site today.

Nov 6, 2004:  Congratulations America!... with the Election of President Bush we will at least have a country left where we can continue the fight to protect our Constitution from being declared Unconstitutional... Now is the time to designate Separation of Church and Mosque as our only banner of freedom in defeating the disease of terrorism in the Mid-East and around the world.

Nov 2, 2004:  Victorious America announces the Commencement of the .... Victorious America Initiative..... The two most important weapons needed to gain a victory over terrorism, separation of church and state, and the active de-tyranization of the nations of the arab leagues were put into opposing camps by the presidential candidates of this 2004 election. This not only puts our victory over terrorism in jeopardy but has left our nation devided. The time to hack a new path out of this jungle of deception and put liberty back on her rightful throne starts on this site today, November 2nd, irregardless of whom is elected president.

Oct 22, 2004:  Citizen's of Iran and Syria congratulate Tokyo Rose Kerry on his election as the 43 president of the United States of America. Vote or Die!.

Oct 12, 2004:  Victorious America honors the True Buddha Nichiren Diashonin who on the day of October 12th, 1279 inscribed The Diai-Gohonzon for the happiness of mankind.

Sept 26, 2004:  What is the result of a debate and election without a worthy opponent? Bush by a landslide.

Sept 1, 2004:  Congratulations Victorious America on the one year anniversary of our 'Support our Troops Rally' in Washington D.C.. This year we will commence our fight for the Victory over Tyranny and Terrorism by attending the meeting of The Cuban Movement for Democracy in Washington DC on February 22, 2004

June 31, 2004:  Coming soon to the Victorious America book store, the new book 'Emails from a cult'.

May 31, 2004:  It is time to end the confusion amongst all our citizens and Victorious America has connected the last dot.

"We are at war with the Nations of the Middle East and all other Religious Totalitarian Tyrannies who's people worship this form of governance in the world including Iraq if they also choose this form of Governance over democracy....."

May 11, 2004:  It is time to end the confusion amongst all our citizens and Victorious America has connected the last dot.

"We are at war with the nations of the middle east and all other religious totalitarian tyrannies who's people worship this form of governance in the world including Iraq."

There are no moderates here, we need not apologize to anyones citizens but our own for the actions of any renegade soldiers, generals or political leaders. We would never apologize to the Japanese or Germans in World War II. Unconditional surrender and the implantation of governance with separation of the church and state is the only answer to de-tyranization of these nations.

May 5, 2004: 

April 30, 2004:  Victorious America proposes the new Pledge of Allegiance:

I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag
 of the United States of America
 and to the Constitution on which it stands
 One Nation Free of Tyranny 
Indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All

Read The New Pledge of Allegiance..... 

April 24, 2004:  Victorious America honors the life of PAT TILLMAN.
Our prayers will always be with him and his grieving family and those of all the undecorated heroes who gave their lives fighting for Liberty. We will never forget their sacrifice.

April 23, 2004: The idea that Separation of Church and State has now been claimed by the democrats is especially disgusting, being the party of appeasement. As a proud republican and supporter of the war myself, I must remind my party that Church and State is the foundation of our freedom from Religious Tyranny. Will we now claim that it is a leftist ideal? 

April 18, 2004:  There is only one exit strategy in Iraq that must occur now and not a second sooner, before we leave: The establishment of the principle of Separation of Church and State, Liberty's Neutron Bomb for dismantling the Religious Tyrannies of the world and establishing legitimate democracies in their place.

March 27, 2004:  Protect the name of God from those who would use his name for the purposes of Tyranny, that only under the sovereignty of the Constitution would be curtailed. The new Pledge of Allegiance must now be the voice of our Constitution, especially after September 11th. See The New Pledge of Allegiance..... 

March 17, 2004:  Spain, by abandoning your faith in liberty, in the face of terrorist attacks, the only thing you have secured is the loss of your freedom, not freedom from future terrorists assaults..... In response to Spain's surrender to terrorism we are now featuring the article 'Standing Firm' on our site........America we must never falter if the terrorists attack us again, but we also must not let our economy become our 'Achilles Heal' ...... By keeping our economy strong if attacked, we will completely demoralize our enemy.

March 7, 2004: The Cuban Movement for an Unified Democracy (M.C.U.D.) fulfilling its international agenda, to end the reign of the most bloody repressive regime of the West and the prolonged suffering of the Cuban people, was received last Friday by the Committee on Foreign Relations of the United States Senate. Read article.....

March 4, 2004:  UCSB Islamic Group Rejects Sheikh Palazzi's Anti-Terrorist Message. Nonie Darwish, a writer and an American of Arab/Moslem background, spoke at this event and reports on the aberrations and deceptions born from the bosom of religious tyranny which she witnessed that are now spilling over into our country. See article......

February 29, 2004: Congratulations on your efforts to make the world aware of Fidel Castro's treachery on Cuban Memorial Day.

The first installment of God, Tyranny and Liberty, the article that will change world politics, is now appearing on the site. More......

February 7, 2004:  In October 2002, I wrote an article called "November 5th Elections" on the defining issue that will challenge the very foundation of our democracy and world security which now is slipping away. The enormity of this issue is no less than that of slavery, which turned into the defining factor as the cause for our own Civil War.

Coming later this month.... an article will be published that will initiate a new political renaissance that will forever change the course of history here in America and around the world. 


Victims of Fidel Castro's Regime     


Reserve a religious service in your community for the victims of the Cuban Genocide TODAY!  (Click here for more information)
The Cuban Memorial will take place in Miami on February 20, 21, 22, and 23. More than ten thousand crosses will be displayed at Tamiami Park in Coral Way and 107 Avenue. Each cross will bear the name of a person who has died as a direct result of Fidel Castro and his regime.....more....



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